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I hired them to ship my car gave them a deposit. They had my credit card info. I paid with a bank cashiers check upon delivery. Then after 2 months turned around and charged me another $650.00 I called them immediately and John M said they would refund. After 8 weeks nothing except promises. DO NOT USE! Feel free to contact me....[More]
By Dan Fox on No Limits Logistics Inc. about 1 Hour Ago
This is my second time using this company. The first time I used this company to transport my car, I was pleased with their service. This time they kept pushing the day that it would be delivered. I understand that there were certain weather conditions that slowed them down, so I was okay with it. I was not okay when they were literally 5 mins away from me but decided to skip me and go to the next person because the driver couldn't figure out how to get to me. I told the lady that they could have called me so I could have at least met up with him where he was, but she told me her driver already turned around to go to the next person. Because of this experience, I do not see myself using this company again!...[More]
By Zahra on Direct Express Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
I contacted this comany as 'famous and reliable' carrier, in fact teir price was way above the average, people who spoke with me were very rude. Besides after i arranged the pick up wth them , on the very next day they called me asking to pay extra $200 fee in rather demanding manner. That sound like financial scam, so i used the carrier my sister knew (* important fact is that haulmatch are brokers who works with transporter websites and do not own thir own trucks!!! So we are overpaing just for the estimate and phone call!!!! Besides, i spoke with the driver who got my car delivered on time and he told me that Haulmatch is not paying carriers afterards making financial scam schemes!!! People, be aware of these scammers and do not intrust them your money and vehicles!!!...[More]
By mary held on Haul Match on Dec 16 2014 10:03PM
Corporate auto transport was good to work with however the company they hired speedpro was kind of a disaster. They took a week and 1/2 to get my truck to me from pickup time. I realize there is nothing corporate auto transport could do about it except maybe taking them off their call list....[More]
By Chris on Corporate Auto Transport on Dec 16 2014 7:00PM
The broker couldn't tell me enough to start with , that I needed to use them, because every other transporter would charge me up front and they wouldn't until delivered. The minute the car was loaded on the truck I was charged ! That was fine, but don't say you won't then ! The driver arrived two days early, I couldn't meet him within a 2 hour time frame, so he dropped the car off 45 miles away, had to have my son drive me 45 miles one way to get it . If he would have arrived when he said he would, I would have been able to meet him instantly. Once these guys had my money, never heard from them again.. very poor customer service, my driver spoke very poor English, he would not give me a name or a phone number of where to go to get the car, all we had was an address, and drove 45 miles hoping we were going to find the car.........would never use these people again !...[More]
By JoAnn on South Beach Transport on Dec 16 2014 6:51PM
I hired Fast Motion Auto Transport on 11-19-14 to bring my vehicle from NY To California the communication was good they answered my emails in a timely manner, however almost a month later and my vehicle was not picked up. I finally cancelled the order on 12-15-14 and hired another company, they were able to assign a carrier THE VERY NEXT DAY. Almost one month and Fast Motion could not get this vehicle shipped unhappy and disappointed in California...[More]
By Al on Fast Motion Auto Transport LLC on Dec 16 2014 4:33PM
Dealer arranged to have my 2006 Aston Martin Vantage picked up in TX and delivered to CT. In turn I was to have his 2009 Aston Martin DB9 delivered from CT to TX. My car was picked up and delivered to CT. I went to his web site to see my old car on line and discovered that it was posted as having 15,495 miles. The car left here with 14,984. I asked the dealer if he had taken a road trip and his answer was no, it came off the truck and right into the showroom. It appears that someone did take a road trip while the car was in custody of Kwik Transport Inc. The delivery of the car from CT was the usual banter of lies everyday of why delivery couldn't be made as promised the day before, day after day....[More]
By Jeff smith on Kwik Trans Inc. on Dec 16 2014 4:14PM
Overall Customer service was poor and very disorganized. The driver never contacted me for pick up even after being informed by email and phone call from the call center that someone would be in touch to arrange a pick up the day before the supposed schedule pick up. I still did not hear back and the next day by noon, no one had called so I had to call and harass the call center again. By the time a driver got in touch with me, the window I was available to be present to pass my vehicle to a driver had closed so I had to arrange for a pick up a day later. Also, the customer service girl I spoke with sounded as if she didn't understand English very well and seemed somewhat incompetent in taking my message and had to push my call to a supervisor. This supervisor was yelling at the driver for not calling me while I was still on the line. When the car was ready for delivery, they kept calling my phone when in the paperwork, I specified for them to get in touch with a sibling in California as I am located in NY. They then made an excuse to say that there was a digit missing from the number provided and that's why they called me instead of my sibling. This is an example of poor listening skills and poor organization on their end as I speciifically provided 2 different numbers on the receiving end of the vehicle in the case they couldn't get a hold of the first sibling. They obviously didn't even try the 2nd number or didn't bother taking it diown when provided the info. in general, it seems like the customer service team answering the phones are not communicating well with the drivers/shipping company and the driver/shipping company is very disorganized and sloppy. ...[More]
By Jenny on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 16 2014 2:55PM
I called PREMIER AUTO SHIPPERS almost a month ago. They stated that I would have my car picked up on the 22nd of November going from New Mexico to Georgia. Needless to say my car was never picked up and they kept telling me that it was going to. They also told me that it would cost 600.00 cash on arrival and on the national shipping board it was listed for 850.00 according to the company that shipped my car properly. I called to cancel my order and they were extremely and I mean extremely unprofessional and very disrespectful. The guy kept on stating that I was refusing to listen to him and understand what he was saying when clearly and I Mean clearly I was trying to get my initial payment refunded. I would not recommend anyone to use this shipping company. The guy that was in charge of the shipment is Michael Forest so please don't let them scam you....[More]
By Kevin on Premier Auto Shippers on Dec 16 2014 2:52PM
Understanding that there are delays with pick-ups/deliveries, my pick-up was 4 days late and my delivery was 2 days late. The issue I have is the fact that the company/driver failed to inform me of the delays. I had to reach out to the company to try and figure out when/if my vehicle was going to get picked up as well as when/if it would be delivered. A simple phone call to me would have been convenient. I am in the military and had to delay travel because of failure to pick up my vehicle on time. I am very disappointed with the lack of communication to the customers informing them of any delays with their vehicles. Customers would be so much more understanding if they were informed about the pick-up/delivery delays that are happening. It's as simple as a phone call!!!!!!!...[More]
By Angie on Motion Auto Carriers LLC on Dec 16 2014 8:14AM
Do not use Ship A Car Direct. This company uses FALSE ADVERTISING!!! They say on their website and in the email video they send to you that your shipment is 100% guaranteed to be damage free or they will pay. That’s a total lie! Ship A Car Direct contracted a shipping company in Business less than a year. The carrier picked up my car 2 days late and delivered my car with damage to it. I reported the damage to my car right away and filed a claim with the transport company’s insurance. The transport company refuses to cover the $1,000 deductible, so I contacted Ship A Car Direct. Tom Miller told me they could not help me with this. So no one is paying for the damage to my car. Also Ship A Car Direct FORCES YOU LEAVE A POSITIVE REVIEW OR THEY DO NOT REFUND YOUR DEPOSIT. I had to go through MY credit card company to get back credit for my deposit AFTER I FILLED OUT THEIR SURVEY and they promised my deposit back. They never issued a credit back for my deposit till this day. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE LIARS AND THEIVES....[More]
By Michelle on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 15 2014 2:21PM
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland on Dec 15 2014 8:53PM
As the owner, I can assure anyone reading this that we are none of these things. I am sorry that Michelle is having a tough time, and I share her frus...[More]
big nightmare, Mexican driver didn't speak English, co driver understood some English. Both got lost,Never showed up prearranged meeting place. Trucking company not reliable trucking co but dispatched by reliable. conformation with owner at pickup point dispacther of carrier truck arguementive, had to go find car location so car could be loaded on flatbed truck at 130.00 per hour causing extra time, paid reliable 1500.00 as agreed {200.00 deposit, then later another 200.00} paid driver 1150. to equal estimate of 1550. paid flatbed driver 280.00 making 1750. total Realiable dispatcher suggested I use AAA to pay the flat bed driver.THIS IS DISHONEST> ...[More]
By owen hatcher on Reliable Auto Transport on Dec 15 2014 1:51PM
The company promised pickup of my 1997 Acura and a 2011 Hyundai Sonata between 11/24/2014 and 11/26/2014. They did not make that window despite many promises that they had a driver but just needed a call back from them. Even as late as Wednesday at 4 PM they still said could be picked up yet that evening. Called again Friday morning and received assurances that the cars would go out on Friday or Saturday. The cars were not picked up until Monday. They said shipment should be 4-5 days but ended up 6 days. I will give the hauler the benefit since there was bad weather. Every time I called I always received the same promises and nothing happened. It was one of the most frustrating experiences I have had. I did not pick a low cost hauler but a company in the middle of the shipping costs....[More]
By bob on Fidelity Auto Shipping on Dec 14 2014 7:38PM
Sun Auto's service was just OK. Ultimately our car made it from CA to VA without any damage but communication throughout the process was not great. I was told that the car would be picked up directly from my house. However, on the day of pick up, the driver called and asked me to drive to him (nearly 40 miles away). Ultimately, I got him to come to within 10 miles of my house since he claimed he was unable to pick up in the city of San Francisco. I wish Albert had been straightforward about this. Also, the car was delivered around midnight in Virginia and communication about the car's arrival date and time throughout the transport of the car was spotty. Sun Auto quoted me a competitive price but the uncertainty throughout the process was probably not worth the cost savings....[More]
By Tim on Sun Auto Transport on Dec 14 2014 2:40PM
I have shipped my car many times with different companies and never had any issues, but this time my car was shipped by Us Auto transport and it was the worst experience. my back bumper was totally damaged when I received it and obviously they are not taking any responsibility. What they do is at the time of pick up when they are checking the car condition, there is a very small drawing of the car that is not very visible on the paper and they leave bunch of mark on it so if anything happen to the car they can easily deny it. make sure to look at that sheet and take some pictures of your car before letting them pick up your car. Stay away from this company. ...[More]
By Jeffry on US Auto Transport LLC on Dec 14 2014 12:51PM
I was nervous about my first ever auto transport (Delaware to Arizona) but Ashley with Direct Express explained the process in detail and helped ease my worries. However, the carrier assigned Ace Auto Transport took away any positive feelings I had from the minute they arrived. First, they went to an address that was not even on my order. Then when I called their dispatch the representative just said that she didn't know where the driver was and she couldn't call him. I had to ask her to try harder so she did and called me back well after the driver realized he had gone to a wrong address initially. Problem number 2, no one ever called me again to provide any kind of status or delivery update which I think was warranted given the initial problems with pickup. I would have called them myself but my mom passed away the day of the pickup so I had other things to handle directly, but a status update at sometime during the 5 days they had my vehicle would have been nice. Finally, I've noticed a problem with my driver front tire...I thought my emergency brake was stuck but it wasn't. After a little research it looks like the caliper froze. Now I don't really know what that means or how that could have happened, but I do know that I wasn't having that problem, seeing any smoke or smelling any burning smells when the car was picked up. (New brakes for 2 months before pickup) Bottom confidence at all in the assigned carrier Ace Auto Transport. You really shouldn't need repairs when u unload your vehicle if you didn't have problems when you loaded it....[More]
By Michelle Bolton on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 14 2014 6:51AM
I recently posted a bid on to ship a vehicle across Canada. Henry from HJM Transportation offered a great price with early pick-up and delivery than originally requested. I requested Henry (aka HJM Transportation) send me details of his insurance, specifically cargo insurance. The result? Henry immediately cancelled his bid on Why? No return cargo from delivery address was provided, understandable?. That said this information was being monitored by other vehicle shipping companies on I received the following response from a other vehicle shipper: I note that you have this listed on Uship. As you see the minute you ask about Cargo & Liability insurance, they cancel their bid. Also ask for their NSC#, copy of their Commercial Licensing and Insurance for truck and trailer. If someone provides you with insurance papers, make sure you call their agent to make sure it is valid as many carriers purchase insurance, then when they receive the copy of the insurance they cancel, yet still have a copy stating they have insurance. If their truck and trailer are not commercially licensed and insured, they cannot legally haul your vehicle “for pay”. Buyer beware? Beware Henry? Beware HJM Shipping? Your decision and due dilligence. Breaking News!!! I just visited and HJM Transportation (aka Henry) has been suspended! Say no more? ...[More]
By Bill on HJM Shipping on Dec 13 2014 9:42PM
The passenger side handle which I personally used moments before transport was almost certainly broken during transport. After contacting the CEO, he just contrived unlikely explanations and failed to guarantee delivery. I'm not arguing that it is not impossible that a kid could have kicked the handle the night it was delivered before I inspected it or that the handle just happened to break just when I opened it. However, after thinking about this issue further I think these scenarios are extremely unlikely. Even though the cost of repair was inconsequential, I believe that a business should focus on repairing an error and delivering a quality service with some level of guarantee. Unfortunately, I don't think this company is concerned with this level of service by compensating a customer for errors made. In my opinion it is obvious that the focus of this company is to do no more than to cover all ends from a legal perspective....[More]
By Phillip Boone on Ground Force One on Dec 13 2014 8:04PM
The subject line says it all. We need to continue to spread the word about UNETHICAL business practices. I placed the transport order on a Saturday a.m. and had to cancel on Monday a.m., when I cancelled the transaction with the out of state dealer. (Found the car locally) Ms Odalys assured me it would be no problem to refund my deposit as they had not secured a driver AND in my opinion had done NO work to keep my $145 deposit. They finally sent me the cancellation form to fill out after 3 days. Odalys confirmed receipt. After I continued to email them about my refund status, I get this message from Odalys: "I did forward your cancellation request to customercare@Fidelityautoshipping. com, they will take care of letting you know about your refund, but it does take about 14 business days." They are all FULL OF CRAP! Needless to say, my emails stopped being responded to and 3 MONTHS LATER my refund has not been issued. Imagine that! Save your money and grief. There are honest transporters out there, but you have to search. In-FUNKY-delity is NOT one of them! RUN!! RUN!! RUN!!...[More]
By KIM on Fidelity Auto Shipping on Dec 13 2014 10:02AM
i was notified today that my previous review was being removed because U-First told Transport Reviews that they did not have me listed as a customer. Unfortunately for them i still had the confirmation email from the owner greg dipietro and supplied that to this site. I'm not sure how these people are able to sleep at night? do yourself a favor and find a reputable transporter and stay clear from these guys. Here is my experience again with these guys........ I hired UFirst auto transport to deliver my fully restored antique 1954 chevy truck from Florida to New Jersey. I was quoted $595 for the shipping. UFirst then sub contracted to Next Step Auto, Inc. The vehicle was picked up on October 7, 2014 and delivered to me on October 9, 2014. The truck had been moved in and out during the trip to accommodate the other vehicles. Upon arrival at my home on October 9, 2014, the driver removed the tie down straps that secured the vehicle and drove the vehicle off the enclosed truck. Upon inspection, the roof was found dented and scratched. The driver for Next Step apologized and provided me with a detailed report acknowledging that they damaged the vehicle during the move. The next day I contacted UFirst to advise them of the situation and I drove the truck to a repair shop to get a quote. The paint on the truck is a 3 part diamond pearl white and the repair estimate amounted to $2,440.14. I received 2 other quotes all within the same estimate. When I supplied this estimate to Next Step the owner became agitated and began to dispute the estimate. I told him to call the body shop himself. He never did. U First then gave me his insurance information. I filled out all the necessary claim information and submitted to OOIDA Risk Retention. After one month , my claim was denied because during the interview the driver claimed he was negligent and did not secure the vehicle. There is a loop hole in the insurance that it only covers accidents and fire not driver negligence. Anyhow, I am now stuck with $2,440.14 in repairs and have turned it over to my own insurance who will most likely have to subrogate. Be careful choosing a carrier and ask for a copy of their insurance policy so that you don’t get stuck like me. ...[More]
By joe marazzo on UFirst Auto Transport on Dec 12 2014 10:53PM
This guy is a real ass. The guy Ryan seshser aka Larry Watson is foul mouthed ignorant person. We hired him as Larry watson to build a website for our company as we wanted to get started in auto transport across Canada. He said he could help in this area and he started booking spots immediately. He booked so much we had a hard time keeping up with it. He was booking for imaginary trips and demanding payment. We did a little (not hard to find) research and found the real truth about this scam artist and immediately fired his as*. As we fired him he started slandering our company and telling stories that have no basis in any truth. He called us and started saying some very terrible(not repeatable here) stuff about our family and kids involving the family dog. We are a reputable company with no D.U.I's or insurance claims and have been in the towing and recovery business since 2008. Please folk stay away from. Ryan Sechser aka larry Watson aka Toni leduc and an alli of his Michael Robbins ...[More]
By Will Robinson on Onsite Auto Transport on Dec 12 2014 5:53PM
I spoke with UFirst after talking with a prior company. I spoke with Greg, and he stated "Were not like other companies and I have a driver for you today. To secure your spot, I need a upfront fee of 145.00 to reserve your spot." They were quickly to get that but getting me a driver, they never did. They stated they sent me a contract with the driver's address and pick up date. Turns out the first company came thru first and picked up the vehicle. I called UFirst for a refund and they refused to give me it because they did what they said they were supposed to do by setting me up with a driver; whom never called me, and setting up a pick up date, 12/11/14, but it never got picked up from them. I called Greg on 12/10/14 and asked about the driver. He stated let make a call and I will call you back, he never did, I had to call him. after he charged me my money. I spoke with Christina and told her what happened and stated their is nothing she can do because apparently they gave me a driver, who never called, and a date for pick up, which came and went and I still had the car. She even stated, "Maybe the drivers spoke to each other and that's why her driver never called me." Christina, NEVER ASS U ME!!!! Good luck top all, you have been warned. ...[More]
By Joseph on UFirst Auto Transport on Dec 12 2014 2:21PM
Response from UFirst Auto Transport
Don on Dec 12 2014 4:08PM
Mr Joseph contacted us for help. He had been working with another company which failed to pick up his vehicle and for us to please schedule his order ...[More]
The owner, Chris, promised All Star would pay for damage done to my vehicle. A driver for one of his vehicles rear-ended me. He smashed in the back of my car and now it is un-drivable. He refused to give insurance and has evaded paying....[More]
By John Soden on All Stars Auto Transport on Dec 12 2014 12:22AM
My impression so far is that this is not an ethical company interested in a good customer experience. I paid a $195 deposit on 11/18/2014, and they never arranged transportation and so far have not refunded my deposit. I will update my review if things change. Meanwhile, my car was still sitting in NY. I finally had to move forward and make arrangements with someone else. I booked with another broker on 12/08/2014, and hopefully I will get the car soon. My advice is as follows: There are plenty of other ethical brokers mentioned on this board that will not ask for money until your transport is booked with a carrier. Be wary of prices that are too good to be true or anyone that asks you to sign a contract or pay money up front before transportation is genuinely arranged. ...[More]
By Anthony on All Roads Express Auto Transport Inc on Dec 11 2014 6:43PM
I have booked several cars for transport thru others for cars bought running or not.. But this time, it was nothing short of a NIGHTMARE booking services thru Broker/Owner Mike Newson Who was eager to take my money for booking a spot on a carrier but then was hard to get ahold of just to get an update on when the carrier would show up..Mike did subcontract the job too TD transport and this is where the nightmare gets worse.. The driver didn't show up at the owners house who had plenty of room for the truck to pick up the 1965 Corvair Corsa convertible, but made the owner drive the corvair 6 miles to a Home Depot parking lot late at nite too load the car off.. The driver from TD Transport arrived late to our Texas destination when we were told he be there at noon but didn't arrive till 7 pm that Sunday evening.. Going to worse too unbelievably stupid the driver if the transport company (TD Transport) Rolls my Corvair off the ramp of the top deck of the car trailer with the drivers door open hitting a post on the deck if the trailer flinging the drivers door backwards breaking the drivers door off at the hinges and falling to the ground. Go to the Corvair and search keywords Hellish day for posts and pictures!!!!Mike Newsom was absolutely USELESS Getting the insurance claim going and dealing with TD Transport as equally USELESS.. THE INSURANCE THEY CARRY IS SLANTED TO THIER BENEFIT. THEY CAN CARELESS ABOUT YOUR PROPERTY ONLY ABOUT THE MONEY THEY MAKE OF YOU.. THIS WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER WITH A BROKER AND A CARRIER EVER!!! ***AVOID**USING SAFEWAY CAR TRANSPORT AND TD TRANSPORT!!!!!!!...[More]
By Severn kirchem on Safeway Car Transport LLC on Dec 11 2014 4:40PM
Response from Safeway Car Transport LLC
MIKE on Dec 11 2014 5:49PM
We have a discrepancy with this issue. We were in contact with the carrier and they admit responsibility. They received an estimate to repair of $951....[More]
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