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I paid a deposit of $150 to Gemma last month to ship my car to Ohio in December and I just got notice via email that the company is " switching owners" and my car can not be shipped! Their is so much wrong with this that I do not know where start, being as the 1-888# is NO LONGER IN SERVICE and the company refuses to respond to my emails. Being as I will be graduating college in December with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Management) It stand to reason that I may not be as inclined as some to believe that the negotiations for the business to switch owners were not being discussed around the time I paid the deposit! ...[More]
By Pissed off customerr on Done Right Auto Transport about 2 Hours Ago
Jim is a pathological liar who has refused to pay back the $1500 he owes me after he and his Russian gangster buddies held my vehicle for a $1500 ransom!!! I paid Jim the full fee upfront and he promised he'd refund it to me because he made "a paperwork mix-up". His Russian drivers then refused to deliver my car until I paid an additional $1500!!! He stole $1500 from me and still owes it to me. Don't be a victim of this trap! He is a smooth talker who will sound very convincing. He is probably writing his own positive reviews here to keep pushing my reviews down on the list and make them less visible to viewers. Trust me...He is a crook and needs to be stopped! Do Not pay in advance! Do Not pay cash!! Do not pay until your car is delivered! several items were stolen from my car also!!! When are you going to pay back the $1500 you stole from me you scum!!??!! ...[More]
By cheated in Seattle on Jim Ford Trucking about 3 Hours Ago
Would not return my calls! I asked to get my money back and was told they wouldnt give my money back! Told me they would call back never did! they stold my money never got my car delivered...[More]
By JOAN on Wolfepack Transport about 5 Hours Ago
I looked for shipping my car from chicago to florida and i get a quote from "secure auto shipping" by E-mail the quote was 600$ with no diposit whan i call the company to place my order the representative suddenly say it is 650$ and i need to pay total 750$ i ask why it changed he said its the computer and the price that its give u its not for sure even that its say u can place your order online whit this quote if i was place a order online so after i was surprised second before my car was on the truck im really disappointed beware...[More]
By shiri on Secure Auto Shipping Inc. about 5 Hours Ago
I paid the broker, Jim Ford Trucking, in full when my vehicle was picked up in PA. Then B-Line trucking Roman Netesov and Konstantin Fedik drove it to Portland Oregon and refused to deliver it until I paid them another $1500 cash!!! They actually held my car for ransom and they have done this to others also!!! They refuse to refund my money and no legal authority seems willing to bring them to justice. They are crooks and are extorting money from innocent people who have no recourse. ...[More]
By cheated in Seattle on B-Line Trucking about 13 Hours Ago
The driver didn't communicate with me about delays, EXTRA charges, DIDN'T deliver door to door like I was promised by David Pein the broker from Get It Done Transportation. The car arrived in the Middle of the night and I had to help the driver unload the truck to get my car off because some of his load didn't run. I didn't get paid to help him do his job I was OVERCHARGED from what I was QUOTED. Very poor communication from start to fish and to top it off the driver LIED to me....he said he had to give a kickback to Get It Done Transportation because the broker said he didn't make any money on the deal.....I paid the driver in CASH when I received the car in the middle of the did he give the broker a kickback? I would not do business with these guys again....EVER. Feel free to contact me about either one of these guys. Please do your homework before committing to a deal....[More]
By Daniel Laffoon on tow time and transport about 21 Hours Ago
Was given a competitive quote, too good to be true. Shipping "window" was Nov.21 thru Nov.26, now it's Nov.27.. I'm out of state, vehicle is still there. I emailed, no response. My "dashboard" doesn't even work anymore. Simply left out in the cold. 6 valuable days wasted and I have to start over. Based on what I know now about this business, no carrier accepted the lowball price. I would have gladly paid more but they said guarantee in every other sentence: Easy Car Move - 5 Star Rated Client ID: [hidden] Nissan Titan Crew Cab Short Bed - CA to TN GUARANTEED ALL INCLUDED FINAL PRICE: $732. So they make assumptions and the only gamble is YOUR time and patience and expense. If you take the lowball quotes the carriers basically say kiss it and you're out of luck and easycarmove just pretends they didn't know you. Thanks a pant load. ZERO STARS!...[More]
By Russell on Easy Car Move on Nov 27 2014 11:57AM
Would not honor the signed contract price. Driver threatened to take my car if I did not pay the extra $225. Called the customer service number and was told that the driver was able to add additional cost as he wanted. The driver did not speak English and I had no way of communicating with him. The service department would not help at all!!!! Nothing but a huge headache. ...[More]
By Heather on Reliable Carriers/Reliable Auto on Nov 26 2014 6:56PM
The transport company was late to pick up the vehicle by about an hour and a half. For the most part, my experience with the transport company was hassle free with the exception that I had to meet the driver at a shopping center to drop off and pick up my car. They should of been been able to pick up and drop off at each of my locations. As for the broker, I am not sure what the point was in using them. I thought that they would locate the transport company and handle all the communication. This was not the case. They handled locating a transport company, but all communication with the company was handled by me....[More]
By M. G. on Ship a Car Direct on Nov 26 2014 5:39PM
It is a long story but feel free to contact me this company will never tell you the truth. they quote you for low price than they start increasing the price for a reason could not find a driver for that price. I did not want to give my credit card until they confirm the shipping date in which I have to add another $200 for that date. The shipping date is scheduled for Tuesday pick up and Wednesday delivery. Josh who I was communicated with promise and confirmed that if I add another $200.00 it will be delivered on Wednesday. When I call on Wednesday the driver dispatcher, she inform me that she never told Josh it will be delivered on Wednesday and they scheduled for Monday. When I called Josh he never answer the phone for many times until I have to hide my caller ID and call him. he denied and start find some excuse and they never want to refund my money back. I have to do stop payment on my side and get charged $35.00 ( at least better than $100.00) ...[More]
By Nizar Frigui on All American Transport on Nov 26 2014 2:24PM
AAA Anytime is an extremely deceptive company. They market themselves as if they have their own trucking fleet, yet they contract outside companies. This not only makes AAA not liable for anything but it adds for risk of delays. The first time my car was scheduled the truck driver did not arrive anytime near the 3 hour window that they told us. AAA Anytime then charged me an additional $250 to reschedule while claiming that because I did not clearly state the specific time frame on my contract it was my fault. Not only was their customer service extremely poor but they were holding my $1200 hostage without negation for any type of reimbursement. Please don't fall trap to their deceptive practices....[More]
By Ryan K on AAA Anytime Inc. on Nov 26 2014 1:57PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Nov 26 2014 2:10PM
Dear Ryan K you are not our customer. You do not appear anywhere in our database. Please remove this false review and contact the correct carrier. No...[More]
They are liars. I agreed and signed up on their site wit my CC #. They (Matt) called me back and increases the price from $ 513 to $ 895 and posts on the dispatch. I told him to cancel and he did not. I had to call 5 times to get off the list! DO NOT USE THESE CHEATERS! Shell...[More]
By Shell on RoadRunner Auto Transport on Nov 26 2014 11:01AM
Just an FYI to those consumers out there who are considering shipping their car through a broker, and the broker uses "Quality" Relocation Services. Quality does not have a federal license to operate. See the FMCSA website and type in their DOT number to check their operating status. Their license was revoked in August 2014, which means they should not be in business. All carriers require a federal license from FMCSA in order to engage in interstate travel, and they have no insurance on file as required by 49 CFR § 390.19.. USDOT# MC / MX # 2186571 761775 Quality Relocation was a subsidiary of Auto Star Transport, which drove into a building in NY and killed someone this past summer, leading to the revocation of their license. This means that all reviews occurring after August indicate the company is continuing to operate illegally. Anyone who has had their car damaged by Quality should report this to the BBB, WA Atty General, and file a federal FMCSA complaint. ...[More]
By Anton on Quality Relocation Services Inc. on Nov 26 2014 10:18AM
- Quote: $750 for pickup ($100 deposit/$650 upon delivery) - Paid Deposit - Began getting calls from their competition as to how ALS was showing the quote now higher on the national board (some way trucking companies see what trucks need to be shipped where) and that car was not scheduled for pick up on pickup date I scheduled. - Called ALS to confirm rumor. Denied. Said none of it was accurate - Day of pickup - Truck "broke down" and now total quote (after we signed) is now $900!!!! - Competition was accurate in what they were seeing and contacted me a week in advance to notify me. - Lost deposit/Cancelled transaction with ALS Pay the extra and go elsewhere!!!!!...[More]
By Pierre A on ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC on Nov 26 2014 1:25AM
Submitted the first and lowest bid I received. Asked some clarifying questions, no response for 2 days. Finally called and answered my questions. Placed the order on Saturday giving Monday as 1st available date and told them it must be picked up before Friday afternoon. Did not tell me there would be a problem. When I received the confirmation, I learned that it costs extra to have picked up that quickly. They said 7 days is standard. I finally canceled after 7 days with no pickup scheduled. The price they quoted was so low that no carrier would touch it. The lowest bid is not always the best bid....[More]
By Jim Webb on Stateway Auto Transport on Nov 26 2014 12:22AM
Response from Stateway Auto Transport
Anna on Nov 27 2014 1:58PM
First and foremost, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Our company would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to all the people that helped make Stateway the #1 Rate...[More]
I contacted Fidelity 2 months prior to needing my car moved. I needed the car moved on a certain date because I no longer lived in CA and would be flying in to meet the drive. Jasmine the liar told me no problem, if they couldn't meet me on the day I set up, my deposit would be refunded. Well big surprise, they couldn't set up a driver for that date, but decided to keep my deposit anyway. They told me it was in the fine print. Her boss Eddie was just as bad as jasmine. He said it was up to me to read the fine print and they needed a 15 day window or some bs like that. Bottom line, they are crooks and should be avoided like Ferguson for Christmas window shopping. Terribly disappointed with this company. ...[More]
By brian on Fidelity Auto Shipping on Nov 25 2014 8:54PM
The right front undercarriage was damaged during delivery. The driver acknowledged that the delivery equipment was not adequate. He confessed to scrapping the bottom. He took photos and signed delivery paperwork acknowledging the damage. I was told to get an estimate. This cost $160 and my time. Edgar did not respond to my calls or emails. When I finally spoke with him, he said he would not accept responsibility and tried to blame me. This is minor damage, but it is damage and has cost me time and money. I would not use of recommend this company....[More]
By Kristie on Do It Auto Transport Inc on Nov 25 2014 7:29PM
Once you give them a deposit you will never hear from them again. They steal from people. I had no choice and had to give up the car for near $2,000.00 less than what it's worth. Very strongly recommend you never use them unless you can afford to pay for a service you will never receive....[More]
By Laurie Campbell on Transport King and Logistics LLC on Nov 25 2014 7:13PM
I shipped my car from Texas and it was supposed to be here by November 14. it is now nov 25 and it is still not here. I called to find out where my car was and when it will be here and nobody gave me answers, let alone, would not return my calls. The office ladies said I was not being cordial and all I was doing was asking about when my car will be here or the location. The ladies where rude and the owner was ruder. My daughter had to call to get the answers. She spoke to one of the owners and they told her she was not being cordial because she was inquiring about my car. They told her that it was late due to road conditions and that their trucks broke down. Do not use Campbell Boyz Trucking. They obviously do not know how to run a business. if they did, they would have communicated with me. I will tell everyone i know not to use this company for car transport....[More]
By Susan on Campbell Boyz Trucking LLC on Nov 25 2014 2:30PM
A1A posted this job for a week with no results. Went with another company who immediately picked up car. Was told by Joe at the beginning the credit card would not be charged unless they found a driver and we agreed on a price. After I signed a cancellation the next day I had a $50 debt on my card. Called A1A and during my conversation with Joe he either hung up on me or we were disconnected. Called back and left message to call back which they never did. Beware, once this company has your credit card number, you could be in for trouble. I am disputing the charge and they have nothing in writing which authorizes this fee. Do not give them your credit card number up front. ...[More]
By Tom Steitz on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Nov 24 2014 11:25PM
FastTrack Auto Carriers are not a good company. I hired them to broker a move of my vehicle from Texas to Colorado. Although picked up and delivered on time, I was surprised that my car was damaged in transport. The driver who Fast Track provided turned out to be uninsured, and Fast Track did not provide any assistance. I have not received one bit or remuneration for the damages and had to proceed to court to sue the driver directly (who does not have the money to pay and who I am in the process of garnishing for the cost of damages). Fastback ignored my pleas for help in dealing with " Their" driver that they sent me. Their contract clearly states they will provide an insured driver. When contacted, they sent me to Central Transport saying they were responsible. Central Transport told me the broker must verify the drivers insurance. Long story short, FastTrack is only worried about their money, does not honor their contracts, and tries to redirect people who have an issue to their sub contractors. They also are rude, and I would STRONGLY SUGGEST finding a better, more reliable and honest broker. When I originally posted this review, Fast Track took it down, took my phone number and Email and posted it on the internet. I received 1000 calls and hundreds of emails for products and services I did not want. This is the type of company they are, they go to childish levels. DONT USE FAST TRACK, you will regret it....[More]
By Ahmad Almusaiid on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Nov 24 2014 10:18PM
Response from Fast Track Auto Carriers
Dirk Perdrix on Nov 25 2014 9:05AM
We apologize that your had damage done to you vehicle. WE DO NOT OWN THE TRUCKS. We did in fact email the customer the carriers certificate of insuran...[More]
Not good in keeping customer aware of picking up car and then updating on progress. If I didn't call I would not be aware that carrier broke down and was not going to be delivered as promised. I paid for expidited delivery and it took 9 days to get to the destination. The driver ended up driving my car from one end of Fl to my house. I had to pay someone to be at my house to accept the car. This resulted in me spending extra money. BETTER COMMUNICTAION!!!...[More]
By louise mazzini on Direct Express Auto Transport on Nov 24 2014 6:32PM
By paul pellerin on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Nov 24 2014 3:24PM
On 21October, I spoke with this company and signed a contract to have my wife's 2013 Toyota Prius vehicle dropped off in Honolulu on the October 27th to be shipped to my wife in Connecticut. The booking number was TX3914937. I spoke with Jessica, Customer Service Rep, and then Javier, Supervisor, in order to complete the contract. Speaking to Javier and Alexander, I asked multiple times about the timeline. I was told that if I drop it off by the Thursday the 30th, it will leave Hawaii on October 31,and be delivered no later than November 14. I followed their instructions to prepare the vehicle and when I arrived at the shipping dock, I was told I was too late and the Autotransport360 is wrong. The vehicle cutoff is by the Tuesday of each week October28th). So i called Autotrasport from the dock and told them what was being said and they said "we didnt know that." I then had to rescehdule for the following week and then asked them when my car would arrive. Autotrasport said "it will arrive no later than the 21November. It is a 10 day transit to California on 09-10November, with a one week transit to Connecticut. Being so, I then extended the rental my wife had out to 21November. On 11November, I received an email from HORIZON LINES shipping that my vehicle was in california ready for pick up and the deadline to pick it up was 21November. Autotransport360 workers, to include Javier and "Dave@autotransport360" were included in the email. I began calling to get a status and didnt get any responses. On 16November i saw another email saying the car was still there. So i called and spoke to the Customer Service Manager, who claimed her name was "DeeDee." she was rude and disrespectful the entire time as i asked about my vehicle. She kept saying that it wasnt their fault because they were never called and told the vehicle was there. I told her i received an email and your company workers were cc'ed on the email saying it was there on the 11th of November. She continued to get upset and say it isn't their fault that they didnt know and there is no point to keep talking about it. She then said she is going to hang up on me because all we are doing is going around in circles on the phone.I told her she is a great example of customer service and then she said i will have my car by the 23November and then hung up on me. Since then, no one out of all the members i spoke to at different extentions, would answer my phone calls. I had my wife call from a different number than my own cell phone and sure enough, they answered. The customer service rep was rude to here as well and then told my wife not to ever call their number again. I then called the company in California who had my vehicle last and they called Autotransport360 for me. She said she spoke to Javier and he said he will call me right away. That never happened. I called her back and she said she verified my phone number with him and he said he would call. Today is now the 24th of November and I flew in from Pearl Harbor to be with my wife and kids for Thanskgiving and we have no vehicle. Autotransport360 doesn't care because they already received their money. I now have to find a way to either extend the rental again or rent another vehicle for another week or two in case the vehicle doesnt show up. Their website states they "keep you informed the entire time of your vehicle and the driver who has it so you know where your vehicle is." Not once have I received an email or a phone call from them the entire time. Just disrespectful representatives and horrible customer service....[More]
By L. Baptiste on Auto Transport 360 on Nov 24 2014 3:18PM
I scheduled a pick up of a company vehicle that was needing to be shipped from NC to CA. The only thing we cared about was that it be picked up on a certain day, but it could take as long as needed to get it here to CA. I was told to give them 24-48 hours to get the item assigned to a driver, but I literally had to call everyday after 72 hours had past and I heard nothing. Five days later they still had not assigned a driver. That fifth day was a Friday and the pick up was to be made on Monday and they are closed on the weekends. Come Monday morning still no word from them. These people are lame. The other thing I found out was many agencies wont work with you once they see you paid a deposit to another agency, since it would be a double booking so you are pretty much dependent on them to get the job done...which in my case never happened with no apology or even explanation. So unprofessional, do not even waste your time with these guys. ...[More]
By Ally on RoadRunner Auto Transport on Nov 24 2014 1:29PM
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