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I shipped my corolla 2014 from Sacramento, CA to La mesa,CA.They picked it and shipped it on time, the car is salvage I bought it from copart auction, the hood is damaged every thing else is good, The guy send me a pics for the car when he picked it up, when i receiving it I notice that there is miner hit on the left side of the bumper, I asked the guy what happened? he said it was like that when he picked it up, I showed him the pic that he sent me then he said: "Will you gonna need to fix it any way" !!!!!!! I told him that's correct but now it gonna cost more money !!!!!!. I called Roman the guy who works on Mercury he said " the car was smashed any way" and then he said you need to file a claim, I asked him about the carrier website he never send it....[More]
By Mohammed on Mercury Auto Transport LLC about 5 Hours Ago
Was quoted 950 ( after broker fees of 195.) Paid broker fees, after twelve days, I kept calling and finally was told would need another 150 to pick up and deliver. this after so many days. I told them I would go 100 additional, to get it goin...and once car was picked up, they called a few days into transport to tell me they needed another 25$. Car arrived with a decent carrier, but this Broker Service, is lame, and waits until you have time invested, and down payment...then they jack up the prices! DON'T GO WITH ANY COMPANY WHO REQUESTS A N Y DEPOSIT UP_FRONT!!!!!!...[More]
By Jim on All Roads Express Auto Transport Inc about 8 Hours Ago
Car was delivered on time. Used my credit card for initial required $100, paid driver in cashier check balance of $1200 when car was delivered. They then double charged me by charging my credit card an additional $1200! Spoke and e-mailed John numerous times over next 3 to 4 weeks and he promised multiple times to credit back the money on my card which he never did. Then he said he would send me a check which he never did. Unbelievable. Currently in process of getting my money back from credit card company. These people are criminals. Don't know how they sleep at night....[More]
By Scott on No Limits Logistics Inc. about 14 Hours Ago
Was told my car was going to be picked up on Sunday. Didn't hear anything that Sunday until I called and asked and was told my carrier was caught up somewhere and won't be there til Monday. Monday came around and I didn't hear anything so had to call again. Finally they gave me a call back and said they were coming to pick up my car. I was told my car was going to get to Austin by Thursday. Called Wednesday and thursday to make sure it was still coming Thursday. Called MANY times and texted before I got an answer just to tell me they will contact the driver and call me right back, which they never did, multiple times. I had to keep calling back and texted until they told me the car won't get there until Saturday or Sunday. Sunday rolled around and car still haven't arrived. Called them again, took a couple times as well to get an answer from them, put me on the phone with the driver. Driver said car won't arrive til Tuesday. Tuesday came around, driver said that he has to be in Houston and won't make it to Austin until Wednesday. Told the driver I was going to be at work until 7pm Wednesday so he will have to wait around for me. Obviously he didn't want to wait like I have been doing for him for almost a week, said that he's leaving Houston around 9pm and will be in Austin at 12am. Got my car at 130 am Wednesday morning. HORRIBLE AND FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE. THE WORST SERVICE EVER. DO NOT RECOMMEND. ...[More]
By Hannah on Get it Done Transportation on Oct 30 2014 1:46AM
Response from Get it Done Transportation
David Pein about 18 Hours Ago
The owner is looking into the review. As you can see through out 600 Plus reviews raving about our customer service this is not how clients are treate...[More]
Champion Auto Brokers, Champion Car Carries Inc. is a company with horrible customer service, with dispatchers who will lie to their customers over and over, and ultimately will deliver your car late, possibly at a very inconvenient time, and will refuse to acknowledge any accountability for their inability to deliver as promised. I highly recommend that you select any other car transporter service. Do not use Champion Auto Brokers, Champion Car Carries Inc. Our vehicle was scheduled to arrive on Monday. Over and over on Monday we were told it would arrive that day. We waited until midnight and no car. Tuesday was the same story - we were assured we'd receive it that day. On Wednesday morning we were told the truck had mechanical problems, but it would be there that day. At 5:30pm we are told that the truck is 44 miles away and would be there in an hour so we needed to be at home. At 7:00 we call and they say it's "5, 10, 15 minutes away." At 7:30 we are told he is 30 miles away. I tell the dispatcher that we have to attend an event at my son's school and we will be gone from 8:00-10:00pm, so, I asked that, after we waited 3 days, the driver should wait for us until we return. He tells me that the driver won't wait and they will further delay the delivery until the next day or possibly the day after that or the day after that - that is really what he said. This was upsetting because I didn't want to miss my son's first school event, but I had already waited 3 days and couldn't wait another 3. The driver arrived at 9:00pm on Wednesday night. I had to leave my son's school event halfway through it to go back home to meet an impatient driver. As he put it, "I don't want to wait for you unless I know you're coming here now." I know how he feels. We had dinner plans (a very rare occasion for the parents of two toddlers) that we missed at 6:30pm because we were waiting for him to arrive and now I was missing an important night. In short, this company is unreliable and will consistently mislead their customers. The customer service is poor. The driver couldn't figure out how to get to my house even though he was about 500 yards away on the correct street, and repeating that he wasn't from around here. Overall this is an incompetent operation that should not be in business. Please take this warning seriously - do not use this company. Do not use Champion Auto Brokers, Champion Car Carries Inc. for your car transporting needs. ...[More]
By Chad G on Champion Car Carriers Inc. on Oct 29 2014 10:53PM
Sorry to say United did not deliver, Their website says "The best service in the industry" I disagree, when My vehicle was 8 days late with each day a promise that it was going to be delivered that day. Their website also says "Shipping your car doesn't have to be a headache" Well it was a headache and when it was finally delivered the driver was beyond rude. To top it off my vehicle had over 100 miles driven and 3/4 of the full tank of gas i put in it gone! It was filthy dirty, greasy inside door panels from dirty disgusting hands, empty drink containers in the back seat and my personal belongings I had in there were opened up and gone through. Really Really disappointed. I have other vehicles to transport and unfortunately will not be giving them my business in the future. ...[More]
By Unhappy on United Auto Transportation on Oct 29 2014 7:39PM
When I called to see the status of my order, Alex told me not to worry they had a driver assigned and Nation Auto Transport would call me that afternoon with driver info and phone number. Never heard a word back, left messages and e-mails nobody called back. Several days later got an e-mail there was a delay and car would not be picked up. They were still looking for a transporter. In summary, this company will tell you everything you want to hear and make it sound like the car will be picked up right away which turned out to be lies. I finally went to a different company who had their act together. Some of their staff sound like car salesmen, they can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. Time wasters....[More]
By Tom on Nation Auto Transport on Oct 29 2014 7:17PM
Moved a vehicle for Henry for $4700 and never got paid for it. Told me to get it from the customer and the customer only agreed to pay $3800. Henry is a dumb ass who does know anything about moving freight the honest way. Stay away...[More]
By max on HJM Shipping on Oct 29 2014 6:37PM
Lady that picks up the phone is rude she take massages and they never calls us back. They owe us $ 950...[More]
By Ann on Campbell Boyz Trucking LLC on Oct 29 2014 5:15PM
We had 5 new trucks we bought from a broker. We contacted Joel at Red Carpet Transport Solutions. We have never used them before and thought we would try them after getting a email from them recently. I sent him the info on the trucks we needed picked up with the models and vin numbers. He sent back a quote and told him that would work. He said he would have them picked up in a few days. They were picked up 5 days later and when driver got there he found out there were 5 trucks there and Joel told him only 4. He phoned and told us the situation and only had room for the 4. I called Joel and he assured me he would get the other truck to me. The driver arrived and needed more money he said he did not agree to the price Joel told us. This clown (JOEL B) never did get our other truck to us. We found other transport. I would never do business with Red Carpet Transport Solutions ever again. This guy dropped the ball big time and was not man enough to make it right....[More]
By Craig on Red Carpet Transport Solutions LLC on Oct 29 2014 4:19PM
RELIABLE AUTO TRANSPORT / WWW.UNITED-MOVE.COM "mike" Got a very reasonable quote from " MIKE" which is not his real name @ reliable auto transport of $425.00 to transport a vehicle i purchased from tennesse to florida. Quote stated the total cost to move the vehicle was $425.00 and " MIKE " called and requested a Deposit of $200.00 balance due upon delivery via my visa card, sound familiar!? I gave him the visa number and agreed to a "DEPOSIT " of $200.00 assuming to pay $225.00 when the car arrived in cash. When the car arrived a week later, the driver explained to me that i owed him $425.00 , and i asked what about the deposit of $200.00 on my visa card? He said he had not received any monies and needed the full $425.00 in full before he moved the car off the trailer. I reluctantly paid him the $425.00 in cash as requested and unloaded the car. I immediately called the office and got no answer, then emailed him instead , getting a reply several days later stating the deposit was a " BROKERAGE" fee and it was in a contract i signed when i paid the visa payment voucher?! I stated i planned on disputing this with visa to which he stated he would have his corporate attorney sue me and put me in the " poor house" Really, ...over $200.00 , you must have a very cheap attorney , lol. This company markets itself as a transportation company, but is really a broker! NOTHING on the website states that this is a brokerage firm ,NEVER are you told that there will be additional fees involved ,NEVER IS THIS DISCLOSED UNTIL THE END, poor disclosure, very deceiving business practices, then ask for a deposit, balance due upon delivery. Once you pay the deposit and sign the visa receipt, only later does he explain this is his " fee " to arrange the transportation!? Almost half of the total cost of the shipping to "arrange" the transportation, come on, totally absurd and illegal and fraudulent , bait and switch at its best. Company has operated under several names over the past several years,, reliable auto transport carriers , mayflower auto transport ,and has had many complaints over the same practices!! Company has a New York phone number, but really operates out of a Boca Raton office to throw you off their trail! If you have fallen victim to the same scam, you have several recourses a. call the attorney general in your state and file a complaint against them. b. of course dispute the charge on your visa card , using these reviews as evidence against them. c. file a complaint with fmsca online. d. file a complaint with your local fmsca field office, or in florida #850-942-9338 and speak to Mr. Sanderson , he is very familiar with this company , and is handling the complaints as they come in! e. Lasty call your local police department and inform them of this scam, they will gladly pursue it for you! Visa offers %100 fraud protection, so you will eventually get your money back, just takes a little while to do so. Hopefully you see this review and wont fall victim to this scam like me and the others on this website. Good luck, and god bless !...[More]
By jon perkins on Reliable Auto Transport on Oct 29 2014 1:56PM
I first came into contact with Dan Cabral around the 1st of October 2014. He appeared to be very professional and tried to give me all the information up front. Although one of his selling points for “Auto Shipping Group Inc” was to look at the reviews for his company and I will see the proof of their track record. I did and I was very pleased with what I found, until I actually committed and went through the process with Auto Shipping Group Inc. and the company which actually picked up and transported my vehicle which is Transport Express. The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was to get an update on pivotal times during my move from Ft. Lewis, WA to Ft. Lee, VA. The driver called me about a week before scheduled pick up to inquire if I would be willing for a one day early pick up. I told the driver that would not be possible and he responded that he would call me back with what time he would arrive on the pickup day. I did not receive any calls and when I called back between one and two days to pick up I continued to get the answering machine with no reply to my voice mails. Since the transport company would not pick up I called Dan Cabral and miraculously the transport company picked up for Dan. This was my first indicator of call screening on behalf of the transport company. Since I was not going to receive my car because I was not going to be in Tennessee upon arrival I was going to have a friend receive my car. My friend had some specific questions that could not be answered so I called multiple times to the transportation company and no answer still. I had to call Dan again while I was in Los Angeles and he was somehow able to reach the transport company which is the second sign of call screening. During this time I asked Dan what numbers he used to contact the transportation company and he gave me the numbers but I still did not have any luck in reaching the transportation company. So, I called Dan back and asked him to call the transportation company and ask them to call me so I could communicate directly with the transportation company. Dan was not supportive of my request and refused to assist me. I do not have the time to get a question, call Dan, wait for Dan to call me back to ask question, Dan call the transportation company and ask question, then call me back. The funny thing is though, I can actually say with almost 100% certainty that Transport Express was screening their calls. Over three days of trying to call Transport Express which was in my delivery window I was able to reach them once and get an actual delivery day. Also, on one day before delivery there was a woman that called me and asked if I had payment in order for the driver. There was some miscommunication about the money order my friend got from the bank, because on the actual Bill of Lading it says “Cash, Postal Money Order, Western Union, or Money Gram”. So my friend got a money order from the bank because I didn’t know there is a difference from a money order from the bank or a postal money order. Also what is funny I tried to get this question resolved but Transport Express would never return calls or answer my calls due to call screening. The lady I was talking to began to get frustrated and irate over the phone because I brought up the call screening issues. On top of this the driver arrived in the morning around seven o’clock instead in the afternoon like the irate lady told me which didn’t allow my buddy to get a postal money order. Since the post office is not open at seven o’clock the driver was happy to accept a personal money order. Now back to the reviews for Auto Shipping Group Inc. I have received multiple phone calls and four e-mails about giving a five star rating for Auto Shipping Group Inc. and I would be put in a lottery to win the amount of my shipping fee back. My first question is why am I being reminded of this every time I call and receiving guilt trip type of e-mails to give a five star review? I didn’t think about it much at first but as my experience continued to worsen I realized that this is how Auto Shipping Group Inc. has one of the best ratings. I even doubt that there is a Lottery to win your money back. It sounds good to win your money back, but I just want to let everyone know that you should give an honest review and not base your review on a lottery that may not even be there. The reason I say all of this is because I was on the verge of feeling harassed by Dan with all of his e-mails and pressure from phone calls for a review before my car was delivered. I do understand that there is a difference from the people who contract out the shipping and the shipping company, but the experience is a onetime experience, which I explained to Dan, but he continued to send e-mails and call on multiple occasions about a five star review. In the end, I cannot make up anyone’s minds for them, but I can give an honest review and hope that my review may help out someone else. ...[More]
By Mark Hutson on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 29 2014 11:52AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 29 2014 1:58PM
**AUTO SHIPPING GROUP** DAN CABRAL 360-284-7185 OR DAN@AUTOSHIPPINGGROUP.COM Mark, I would first like to apologize if you were unhappy with my cus...[More]
Elite Cars VA recently transported my vehicle from Texas to North Carolina. Damage occurred to the vehicle in transit, and an insurance claim was made by the company through their insurance provider to have the damage repaired. The company responsible for the repairs was left a check to cover the amount of the repair, less Elite Cars VA policy’s insurance deductible amount, by the insurance adjuster. This deductible amount was paid out of pocket by myself upon completion of the repairs to my vehicle. This deductible amount ($500) is owed to me and was promised by Elite Cars VA via email on September 29th, 2014. I have not received this amount. I have submitted a formal letter to the shipper demanding payment within 14 days, which has lapsed. I have filed a formal complaint with DOT, who will be investigating the shipper. ...[More]
By Trent Russell on Elite Cars VA on Oct 29 2014 10:05AM
Only use the car shipping service if you must. The actual vehicle carrier was professional and courteous, however this company is not to be trusted. First, Tony told us that we could pay the carrier with a credit card, only to find out that it required a cashier's check. This was a minor oversight considering we discovered it prior to the actual pick-up of the car. However, when I called to ask about it; he claimed to have told me otherwise. Then when trying to schedule a time for pick up, Tony can only tell me what day, and instructed me to contact the carrier directly to determine the actual time. We shipped from California to Florida, where Tony informed us that it would take eight days to ship, which is great when we were driving across the country. Four days later when we were in Louisiana, we get a call from the carrier saying he is ready, wondering where we were. We immediately call Tony to find out what is going on. He told us to call the carrier to figure out a solution, and then let him know how it turns out... After talking to the carrier, and the carrier's manager, we worked out a solution until we could arrive in Florida. Several hours later, Tony calls to inform us that he talked to the carrier and "worked out a solution" which is the same that we figured out hours earlier. Finally, we make it to our destination and the car is delivered with no other issues. Periodically throughout the car shipping process, Tony continually brought up leaving a good review on saying that it helps him and his family, it leads to his bonuses, it helps his pay, etc. repeatedly throughout our interaction. Even a week after the car is delivered, he calls me, wondering why I hadn't filled it out yet, and offered to "walk me through" the process as if I'm incapable of figuring it out on my own. To place the final straw on this camel; This is the third time I am writing this review. The reason? Auto Shipping Group has removed the other two reviews claiming that "it is incapable of verifying that I was a client". All this to hide a negative review. In summary, Tony almost refuses to contact the carrier on my behalf (what is the point of a middle-man if I have to contact the carrier directly (i.e. verify pick up time, verify delivery date, reschedule delivery due to early arrival by 4 days)?) however, is willing to go the distance to ensure that his review is completed. And the company isn't trustworthy by trying to censor negative reviews. Perhaps that is how they have been able to maintain their 5-star rating... An afterthought... Carrier Experts for those in the Bay area, the actual shipping company, was very professional and accommodating. I do not know if you can hire them directly, but if you can, I would suggest that rather than deal with Tony. ...[More]
By Nathan on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 29 2014 12:16AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 29 2014 10:35AM
Tony Ferriera 360-464-2582 Nathan, I would first like to apologize if you think the service was not as expected. Howeve...[More]
Was promised to get vehicle picked up on Oct 20th, server phone call to United Auto Logistics before Oct 20th to confirm vehicle will be picked up on Oct 20th; On Oct 20th, I called and was promised again by United Auto that driver will pick up vehicle by 8:30PM at lastest. Of course, no driver showed up, since then, it is very difficult to get hold of live person to pick up the phone call. Vehicle still sits at original location after a week. No update or confirmed pickup, or follow up from United Auto Logistics. This is a company without any reliability. Run away! Just like another review, this company can not be trusted. Horrible experience....[More]
By Bill on United Auto Logistics on Oct 28 2014 11:02PM
Took my deposit. Promised my vehicle would be picked up for agreed price. Agreed price was too low as I later learned so my car wasn't picked up. I was constantly lied to. I was swore at. I disputed the $200 deposit with my credit card company and had no issues. If they were dealing locally they would be out of business. ...[More]
By Dave Carlson on Headquarters Auto Transport LLC on Oct 28 2014 10:55PM
I used Patriot Auto to ship a Honda Civic. They had trouble getting a driver to pick the car up. Which is fine, but instead of being honest with me, Andy kept stringing me along acting like they had a driver. Eventually, after about a week and a half, he found a driver to pick up my car. When I asked Andy how much I would need to give the driver, he told me he'll talk the driver into accepting $600. But when the driver came to drop the car off, he said he never had any talks about that, and the price was $625. Some honesty would have been more appreciated, which I didn't get from Andy. Therefore, I will not be using them again....[More]
By Katsuya on Patriot Auto Transport LLC on Oct 28 2014 10:45PM
Logistics gave me a quote for 850.00. The broker got 100.00, the balance was to be paid to the trucking Co. The vehicle was damaged when delivered and I worked out a deal with the trucking company to get an estimate for repair and we would settle the difference. Meanwhile the brokerage company ( NO LIMITS LOGISTICS INC ), went into my account twice unauthorized and pulled 100.00 the first time and then a week later 750.00. I tried contacting Joseph Coppola several time to ask him why he was committing fraud, but could not get him to answer the phone or return phone calls. *****BEWARE OF THIS CROOK AND THIS CROOKS COMPANY*****...[More]
By Pitbull on No Limits Logistics Inc. on Oct 28 2014 10:17PM
My experience with this company has been very positive up until delivery of the vehicle. Susan was very communicative and was a pleasure to deal with. The vehicle came with major front end damage, due to it being loaded and unloaded on the truck carelessly. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the apologetic driver assured me that I would make 1 call to FHT, fill out the claim form, and all would be ok. That was a month and a half ago. I called to alert them to the damage, and they said they'd be sending a claim form. I immediately wrote a First Notice of Loss letter to FHT. After not hearing back for a few days, I called them. They said they hadn't yet mailed the claim form, but would do it now. A week later, I received the form (I only live 45 miles from them... snail mail is slow, but not that slow). I filled out the form, submitted the estimate along with the original First Notice of Loss, which included extensive photographs of the damage. 38 days later, I still haven't gotten a single call from them, no insurance adjuster has contacted us. My last call to them involved a guy getting a very rude attitude with me, and when I pointed out his attitude- after his company damaged my boyfriend's exotic vehicle, he proceeded to ask "Why can't your boyfriend be A MAN, and call us himself." *mind blown* (My ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY boyfriend was not happy to hear how I was treated on the phone by this person, and after 38 days since the damage to the vehicle, he's currently on the phone with an attorney friend to discuss our next steps.)...[More]
By Tiffany on FHT Auto Transport Inc. on Oct 28 2014 7:52PM
After Superior failed to do what they said they would do (on 8/20 I placed an order for cars to be picked up by Sept 1... on Sept 9, no one had yet picked up the cars), I found another carrier. I asked for a refund of my deposit ($300) which they assured would happen within 10 business days. That was on 9/8. Well, it is 10/28. At first they said "we refunded it to your credit card." I said "no... that didn't happen. Mail me a check, because your refund program obviously isn't working." WITHOUT QUESTION, the guy said "Ok. We'll mail a check out right away." It's as if they KNEW they never sent the refund to begin with. Well, that was 3 weeks ago that they "mailed the check." Charge back? Small Claims? All of the above. These guys suck. Total liars....[More]
By Tiffany on Superior Transportation Inc. on Oct 28 2014 6:32PM
What out for Happy auto transport which office is out of sarasota florida. They picked up my car.. driver damaged it.. Car arrived , I noticed damage.. and driver says already damaged , but doesn't show on the damage report.. he takes the report and then circles it right in front of me! needing the car I took it damaged and that was my mistake.. company owner RINADO would not cover the 450.00 in under carriage to my Porsche. Beware he uses new drivers and you will most surely end up unhappy as I did.....[More]
By anthony paradis on Happy Auto Transport Corp. on Oct 27 2014 7:05PM
Driver needs to learn about customer service. Picked up car a day late and inconvenienced the seller. Was originally promised that the car would be picked up on Monday and delivered by Thursday. I had talked to the driver and was told he would arrive on Saturday I explained to him that I work on Saturday and no one would be available after 1 pm. Dealing with the driver was unpleasant especially when he threatened to leave the car at a storage yard because he wasnt sure if HE could make it before 1. Because he picked up late it became my problem. There are lots of choices to transport cars maybe they should think about that. ...[More]
By Vlasi Poggas on Nation Auto Transport on Oct 27 2014 5:24PM
I spoke with Mike Moss of American Auto Shipping in order to have my car shipped for a new job. Initially he was great to work with as he guaranteed me my car would be shipped in a timely manner. I provided him with my credit card information and was ensured that everything was in place and that my car would be picked up Saturday morning. With that said, I packed up my car and prepared to have it shipped cross country. However, the morning of the delivery, I received a phone call from the driver an hour before my car was supposed to be picked up cancelling the order. Mike then told me he would do his best to have my car shipped out by another driver by the end of the weekend, but was unable to follow through on his word. A few weeks later, that the company went through and charged me for a service that was never completed. I would highly recommend finding another company to work with when shipping a car. ...[More]
By Unhappy Customer on American Auto Shipping (MC# no longer active) on Oct 27 2014 5:08PM
Martha Castillo was my contact person. I was moving overseas when the car is transported, so I know I made sure that if giving my credit card would be sufficient to pay everything. She reassured me that everything will be charged on the credit card automatically, so I did not prepare cash for my sister who is receiving the car in California. My sister informed me when the car arrived in California that she was asked to pay cash, and because she was confused, she contacted Martha for support. She left multiple voice messages but Martha Castillo never called her back. When she reached Martha through her supervisor's number, she hung up the phone call in middle of the conversation - - twice! And Martha never called back my sister. Even though Martha was nice to me when she was managing my case, I was very disappointed to see a two-faced customer service. Once she was paid, she did not care to help after. In addition, she made a mistake of overcharging me and did not bother to tell me about it, nor even apologize to me. I am never using Auto Shipping Group ever again because of this experience. ...[More]
By Amy on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 27 2014 4:30PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 28 2014 6:32PM
This review is incorrect in so many ways. You placed your order 2 months before leaving to Japan and when I had a carrier for you, you were no longer ...[More]
They picked up my vehicle on a transport truck, and then drove to a truck stop, off loaded my vehicle and drove it to its destination. I paid $1300 for there equipment, insurance etc. to be used and they drove MY vehicle putting wear and tear on it. I asked for a discount but no response. Yeah they were on time, but I don't appreciate the roush of sending a truck to appear they were hauling it....[More]
By Joseph willis on RoadRunner Auto Transport on Oct 27 2014 2:43PM
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