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Supposed online tracking is nothing short of fraudulent joke, hiding behind a ruse to have you believe they will tell you where you car is after 2 weeks... Only after informing "Customer service department" that I was advised by local State Patrol Office to file a possible stolen vehicle report, did I get a half assed answer as to where my car could be and when it may be delivered. The actual contractor Transport Express NEVER Replied to phone calls, texts or emails over a 2 week period! Only after 3rd tier contractor had my vehicle on a 3 car trailer being towed behind a pickup truck, did I ever have a call or contact number that worked! Of course AutoTransport123 will always say they have their own network of drivers/trucks, you may be better off dealing with a company that actually has their own Trucks and Drivers. These type of brokers and companies are rampant throughout this industry and NO you don't get the truth in the plausible deniability of them relying on "contractors". I give both of these companies a total F/U and they will never see business form me again! Save yourself a headache and being given "estimates" of your delivery... Find a real company and pay for real service....[More]
By Real Customer3/2015 on Auto Transport 123 about 9 Hours Ago
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY Transporter ENRIQUE/RICO IS A THIEF! Decent transport price comes at a cost! Yeah sure, National quoted best price from NY to FL, I stored my car with personal items I was unable to ship ahead of time. Stolen Items: 2 Cologne bottles -Mont Blanc Legend - $80+ -Estee Lauder Pleasures - $70 Bose Soundlink II Portable Speaker- $300+ Dremel Toolkit - $65 32GB USB Flash Drive with THOUSANDS of music files ASUS Transformer Tablet with Keyboard atatchment - $600+ If you ever choose to ship items in your car, make sure to itemize everything and go over the items with the Transporter...[More]
By Andrew on National Auto Shipping about 10 Hours Ago
I hired National Relocation Solutions to move us from York, Pa to Emerald Isle, NC. We were scheduled for a Saturday 3/27/2015 pick up and confirmed for a 1-4 pm window for pick up. They never showed up. We got a call saying they were running late on the last job and would be at our house by 7. At 730, we still hadnt heard from them and I called the driver and he said they are still at the other job and might not be able to fit us on the truck. I then received a call from a dispatcher who apologized and promised they would be here between 9-11 am on Sunday 3/28/2015. As of right now, 2 pm, I haven't heard from them and no one will return my calls. They have taken our deposit and no showed us twice. I would never recommend this company to anyone. ...[More]
By Eric on National Relocation Solutions about 16 Hours Ago
Without getting into the entire story. Those seeking vehicle trucking should compare shipping costs with other reputable shippers. You will more likely find a better quote....[More]
By TN on Angels Moving Autos on Mar 29 2015 2:26AM
Pick up date passes by. After several weeks they suggest if I pay more it will be picked up faster. (Huh? They quoted me the original number). I request numerous times to have it cancelled and they do not take action telling me it won't matter because it is on a national board and no one else can haul it. So, essentially my car is being held hostage and they are demanding ransom. Gets better. I arrange to have the car picked up and delivered in another manner. Took 3 days to get the vehicle. A week after the car has been in my garage my credit card gets charged State Way Auto's $95 deposit. Avoid these guys! THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT CREDIBLE! Unless it happens to be easy money for them you will wait a long time to see your car! ...[More]
By RF on Stateway Auto Transport on Mar 27 2015 9:26PM
would not answer my calls, wont provide service, take my order off the board, cancel my contract, do not run my credit card. am contracting another carrier today 3/27/2015...[More]
By david vorhies on United Auto Movers on Mar 27 2015 9:11PM
While I don't think the company did a terrible job or was malicious in anyway, it ended up being a waste of my time. I understand things can happen beyond control, but better communication could have resolved it. I booked the transport on3/22/15 to be picked up between 3/23 and 3/27. I received zero communication all week. I tried to ca the number on 3/27 to see if there was an issue and it's just a recording that refers you back to the website. I them submitted a question about the issue online. Several hours later when I logged in again, there was a new message stating the pickup time will be delayed 5-7 days. Was the potential delay unknown prior to the very last day of the pickup window?? So I canceled the transport and will be flying to MS and driving the vehicle back. If I had known it would come to this I would have done so last week rather than waste a week waiting for nothing. Don't send a quote and offer a timeframe if you know it's fairly likely you can't fulfill it....[More]
By Darrell on E Z Auto Carriers on Mar 27 2015 8:40PM
First of all, Let me just say they have extremely poor customer service. When we called they quoted up $600.00 to transport a car and motorcycle from Orlando FL to Louisville KY. We first contacted them on a Thursday, they told us with a $150.00 deposit they would be there Saturday to pick up, needless to say we never received a phone call, never a phone call on Sunday. Then on Monday we called and they said we will get back to you. Tuesday I finally had to call numerous times to finally get an answer. They said " Oh it should be picked up on March 17th". Then at 6:30 at night they finally show up to pick them up. They didn't bring anything to transport the motorcycle. After multiple phone calls, they said they would have someone there within 24 hours to pick up the motorcycle and transport it. We were okay with that. When the car was finally dropped off we paid them $400.00 cash. They I received an email asking if I received a refund for $75.00. I called and emailed Mike repeatedly to let me know I never received a refund. We called a few times to ask when the motorcycle would be picked up, they never answered or returned a phone call. Today I receive a phone call from Mike ( almost 2 weeks later ) asking if we still needed the motorcycle picked up. I informed him due to the lack of communication I would like my full deposit refunded. He then hung up on me and when I tried to call back he ignored all my phone calls. Then I call my Dad who has also been speaking with Mike and he hung up on my dad also. All I asked for was my deposit refund and I would be on my way. But hanging up on someone is absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They were rude! I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone! ...[More]
By Amanda on US Car Transporters LLC on Mar 27 2015 6:03PM
*** WARNING*** ***DO NOT USE EXIT 15 TRUCKING*** ***PLEASE READ*** My corvette was delivered to me with a broke out rear glass. The driver gave me no explanation how this happened and told me the owner Jenny would be contacting me and I had to pay the balance of $500.00 to release the car. I took my time to go and have two body shop estimate on the broke rear glass. The repair would cost about $1500.00. I finally received an email from Jenny stating the damage to my car was an act of God. She stated "We do not honor damages caused by rocks, hail or any other matter that can happen during open transport and that's listed on our terms and conditions" ! WHAT! You got to be joking! I went to the original email I got from Jenny before shipment to fill a claim with their insurance company only to find it had expired. After much research I finally found the current insurance company they were using. After three months of endless emails, being transferred to other insurance claim companies, I finally got a response from their insurance company that Exit 15 trucking was to pay me $629.00 for the broke rear glass. And since it was below the deductible amount, I had to work directly with Jenny at Exit 15 trucking to receive payment. After I sent an email to her, her only response was " I never received any information from her insurance company". After the information was sent to her by her insurance company I still never received any payment or a response from her. After a month of waiting I have not received any payments from Exit 15 Trucking. I have recently been unable to receive any emails from either Jenny or her insurance company. Moral of the story is DO NOT USE EXIT 15 TRUCKING. It is hard to believe businesses like these are still in business. I felt I needed to let the public know how this company treats there customers. ...[More]
By Jeff on Exit 15 Trucking on Mar 27 2015 1:20PM
mr smith told me car could be picked up for the price he quoted. said a week at the most. took 20 days. also increase the price because he couldn't get the car moved for what e quoted. told me the driver wanted 50 dollars more when it was mr smith the broker that took the extra 50 dollars. company didn't stick the price quoted lied about where the 50 dollars was going. posted the move at only 25 dollars less than what he quoted me the total would be and then told me the driver need more money when it was the broker that took the money would not call or response to email don't use this company...[More]
By drew on State-By-State Transporters on Mar 26 2015 9:18PM
Do Not USE!! Very Bad experience. I contracted Anthony Chavez with the company on Feb 6th 2015 to pick up a truck in Arcata, California on Feb 24th 2015 and have it delivered to Iowa. I paid the deposit and signed the DocuSign Document. I was told they would call me the day of pickup or the day before to arrange the final details. The day of pickup came and no one called. I called Anthony and he was extremely rude and said he did not have time to talk to me and said he would have a driver call me. No driver called me so I called him again and he of course did not answer until I blocked my number and called him again. He was still rude and offered no explanation except for that they do not have a driver because of some issue. The next day came and still no call from the company, Anthony or a driver and of course Anthony would not answer my calls so I texted him instead. Anthony turned out to be worthless and was no help. I ended up calling the dispatch and they told me that they had a driver cancel and would have the new driver call me. NO DRIVER ever called me. This went on for a week. In short they had 20 days to get a driver, They never did and they had plenty of excuses. The truck sat for a week before I cancelled the contract with the company. The contract with the company states that if they do not have a driver dispatched to pick up my vehicle I can cancel the contract and get the full deposit back minus $5.99 for processing. I even received a email from Lee Paolino on March 2 stating that they would refund my deposit. Guess again, I had to file a dispute with my bank to get the deposit back. Do NOT TRUST this company!!!! They will lie to you and never get back to you once they have your deposit...[More]
By Bill on Premier Auto Carriers on Mar 26 2015 9:02PM
BEWARE! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY if you are looking for honesty and on time delivery. Ray Sedano tells you they will pick up the car on a certain date and they don't. Mine was 5 days late. It was brokered off to a driver with another company and delivered 8 days late. Ray made excuses for everything. I had to contact the driver of the delivery truck after Ray told me he was unable to get in touch with him. I reached him on the very first call. Mr. George with Global Car Carriers (a different company) told me Ray had brokered the deal for $950 that I had to pay him upon delivery. Our original deal was for $1050.00 (he received $150 deposit and I was to owe the driver $900). When I called Ray back, he admitted he did this and told me he had to give the driver $125.00 of the deposit to get them to come pick up the truck. I called Mr. George with Global Car Carriers and told him this. He said that was not true. He said Ray brokered the deal to him for $950.00. He said Ray most definitely DID NOT pay him the $125.00. ANOTHER LIE! When the truck was delivered late, I still had to pay the driver $950 even though my contract said I owed $900. TOTAL DISHONESTY! If you are looking for a company who will not tell you the whole truth, contract against you, and pick up and deliver LATE, this is the company for you. BEWARE this shipper! ...[More]
By Joe on Anywhere Shipping LLC on Mar 26 2015 8:07PM
Story of my life, I never met a company more unprofessional and repulsive than Economical Auto Transport, Mike who is the owner was very disrespectful and disgusting, I ask to find someone to transport my car in more than a week, Nick who was great try to work with me, at the last 48 hours they change the day to transport my cars and the price, when I ask to cancel my order because they was not delivering Mike told me I was going to be charge  $75 for cancelation , they  never mention that before to me and because never got the contract to sign I never knew that, anyway after I told him not to touch a Dollar from my card he hang up the phone in my face, I call back and he was very Nasty, I can't believe how the owner don't have any respect and expect people to use them for business . Good luck people if you want to use them, at least in my case I did things a head and call my bank and the police and I recorded the whole conversation, maybe you will be not lucky....[More]
By Nathalie on Economical Auto Transport Inc. on Mar 26 2015 8:05PM
Northwest Relocation (set up through Vanguard Relocation Services) picked up my household goods from WA to be delivered to TN. My household goods were delivered minus two (2) boxes. The following day I notified the moving truck driver, via text message on his cell phone, that two (2) of my boxes were missing. I hoped that if they were still on the truck he would put them aside. One of the boxes contained jewelry and the other name brand clothing. I also notified my contact at Vanguard, who I set up my move through, of the missing boxes. I was told they would try to locate the boxes and to file a claim. A few days later, I was informed one (1) of my boxes was found. Upon delivery of what they thought was one of my boxes I discovered that it was not one of my missing boxes but, instead a box of dirty towels! On several occasions I notified the moving company representative that the box was not mine and asked how he would like me to return the box. To date, the moving company has not responded. On numerous occasions and to no avail I have tried to contact them on the status of locating my boxes and returning the box that does not belong to me. The moving company’s lack of effort/communication regarding the return of the box that is not mine, confirms their complete unprofessionalism in the attempt to locate my two missing boxes and general business practices. The representatives no longer respond to my emails regarding what steps they have taken or are taking to locate my two boxes. As referenced earlier the two boxes that were not delivered contained jewelry and expensive clothing. Vanguard states on their website that they are committed to top level customer satisfaction. They clearly have not tried to meet a minimum standard of customer satisfaction. ...[More]
By Laura on Vanguard Relocation Services on Mar 26 2015 2:36PM
I arranged for transportation on Monday with Dierk He said the car could easily be picked up Late Friday or Early Saturday, He would inform me of when for sure. I signed the agreement they took their money and then would not answer the phone when I called from my phone ( or return call from messages left). They only answered after i turned off my caller id. then made up a story that the driver needed to sign off on the pickup they will let me know. when i called back again and left another message Andrew returned the call (claiming to be DISPATCH) and told me the driver hasn't signed off, he is busy...can't sign off now just because i need my car picked up. Most all carriers say pickup in 24-48 hours from first available date. Arranging pick up 5 days in advance shouldn't be too hard to get done. But when you are there just to scam people out of the deposit money i guess it is. Here it is Monday still no call hmm. SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS ...[More]
By Greg on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Mar 25 2015 7:54PM
Response from Fast Track Auto Carriers
Dirk Perdrix on Mar 25 2015 8:33PM
We cannot guarantee specific dates ,(WHICH IS IN THE DOCUMENTS THAT Greg Merner AT (847) 812-6797 1008 MORSE AVE. Schaumburg, IL. 60193) the carrier's...[More]
The following is a transcript of the text messages sent by TD auto transport when told that they would get a negative review: I'm sorry you're miserable fuck. But it's mind over matter, I don't mind because you're mad at you fucking faggot. You can post this on Transport Reviews too. I'm telling the driver to drop your car in the fucking lake. Poor baby oh my gosh ...[More]
By Matt on TD Auto Transport on Mar 25 2015 7:25PM
Response from TD Auto Transport
Dominic Dellagatta on Mar 28 2015 2:01AM
They kept saying they would be booking, never did. After a week, I cancelled, booked with another company, took 15 minutes. Do not call, do not use. ...[More]
By Bob on American Auto Transport (IL) on Mar 25 2015 12:04PM
Company lied from day one .never picked up car never called .then they said they were busy after finally I got someone to answer said they were gonna get car and was gonna call me to confirm pick up .never called .I gave up went with a different carrier .do not recommend using these people ....[More]
By ivan wilcox on United American Auto Transport on Mar 25 2015 3:17AM
this person I swindled, 1700 dlls paid by shipping. hawaii to tucson. This was in November and I can not locate. the car is no longer in its origin. beware, he calls himself scott and number of your company does not answer I lost 1700 and 2000 dlls shipping cost me the car. I feel very sad, very bad person....[More]
By Arthur on Scotts Nationwide Trucking LLC on Mar 25 2015 12:16AM
Not bad. Car guy was nice. Left car in the middle of a busy street..took 8 days of transport.. Was not really happy about that. The car was dirty and it took lo ger than anticipated...[More]
By Samantha on Direct Express Auto Transport on Mar 24 2015 9:41PM
My car (BMW 325i) was certified sound by Maryland mechanic prior to shipment since I was transporting to a new state where I did not have an established mechanic available. I have a 5-speed manual transmission that I offered to drive up onto truck because I do not like people driving my car who are not familiar with manual transmissions. When the car was delivered (late) in Texas, the person signing for it said there was a strong burning smell coming from the car and they were afraid it might catch fire. When I arrived a day later I could smell a burned clutch smell and the transmission was locked up. I had the car towed to a mechanic ($85.) who reported the transmission/clutch had been severely abused. The repair cost was $1,825.00. Starway's insurance refused to cover any mechanical damage to any car they transported. Do not use this service, drive the car yourself or use a reputable company. They severely damaged my vehicle and will not cover any repairs. Stay away from these guys....[More]
By Kurt W. on Starway Logistics LLC on Mar 23 2015 11:15PM
After signing their contract on 3/12/15 for a total cost of $425, they called me a few days later (one week before our move) and upped the price to $500. After carefully reviewing the contract, we found that there is nothing protecting the customer from random price increases, which means that they could demand even more money at delivery and you would have to pay it to get your car. Their contract only protects AutoStar for payment....[More]
By Pamela on AutoStar Transport Express on Mar 23 2015 7:43PM
Response from AutoStar Transport Express
Mike Cannon on Mar 24 2015 1:40PM
We have no record of customer ever signing and returning our contract and thus the reason this customer was never charged anything. Customer placed a...[More]
Wow, never transported a car before. Needless to say what an overwhelming experience. Was bombarded with a million qoutes, emails, called etc. Spoke with a few before settling with Richard. Seemed like a nice straight forward fella. Quoted me a price that was somewhat reasonable compared to the competition so went ahead a booked it. They were able to secure a transport company quicker than expected. I thought, wow the nightmares I've heard weren't true at all. That is is going soooooo smoothly! That's pretty much where the good feelings stopped. Once the transport co was secured it was a nightmare!!! The communication was zero. See, once the transport co is scheduled Richard gets his dough and it goes to a "dispatcher". I got more, hold on let me check and call you back etc. run around was endless with the transport guy and Jennifer. Excuses after excuses on why it was taking so long. Axle broke, winch broke, etc etc. I actually did most of the work coordinating the transport guy and the seller. I felt like once they got the money I wasnt crap to them and they could have cared less if I got my truck or not. I would recommend using USHIP being that it seems that you get qoutes and deal directly with the shipper taking these brokers who don't care or do much of anything out of the equasion. They has to be a better way. If you want to make a fortune start a transport co with solid communication and costumer service, something completely laking in that industry. They tell you what you want to hear and fall WAY short of expectations ...[More]
By Kurt on Nation Auto Transport on Mar 23 2015 3:09PM
We received a quote from AVIS to move our household items from Houston to Atlanta during mid June 2014. Since our final destination was not yet available, we also requested for the free storage service provided by them. On the day of pick up, they said they will require additional charge (which was >1000$ from the initial estimate) to do the delivery. We were 1 day away from our travel date and didnt have another choice; hence we agreed to paying the extra cost. After having moved into the final destination in Atanta (the date and location address was given in prior), it took more than 2 weeks for the final delivery. Even though we repeatedly called them to check for delivery date and time, they did not commit to a time or date. Eventually, they called in when we were out of town, and said they are going to deliver that day. My husband had to fly in to accomodate this and they still didnt deliver on that promised date citing truck breakdown. Despite all these service failures, what upsets us the most is we were missing electronic items such as our flatscreen TV, vaccum cleaner, and musical instruments. The goods that they did deliver was in very bad condition (and we do have photographic proof). It was very obvious that the goods were removed from its original packaging and repackaged. Even worser was that we found goods (extremely personal items such as decorated medals, certificates, photos etc. among other things) including a mattress that did not belong to us in what was delivered. The delivery person did not know what to do with it and left it with us. We tracked down the owners and they have used AVIS as their movers and was unaware that their stuff is delivered to us because they were still waiting on their delivery. We were promised that arrangements will be made to pick up the wrongly delivered stuff and will be adequately reimbursed for our lost goods. AVIS claims our stuff was stolen from storage and they have filed a police complaint. To this date, we are yet to receive a copy of this complaint or any updates on this matter. We have not received any reimbursements at all nor have the wrongly delivered stuff been picked up. It is still sitting in our storage wasting our precious square footage. We are utterly disappointed by the lack of quality and integrity of service of AVIS express and hope other customers are not duped as well....[More]
By Jina on Avis Express on Mar 23 2015 5:05AM
Hired company to move truck. They were the low bid, but after bidding the vehicle did not move. They mis quoted the job and dont return phone calls until i finally called the owner. The owner blames his broker and then me for this mess. I increased price 10% in good faith, but why bid.? I called the company personally with my bid and gave them all the info i could, this was not a computer bid. Beware this company is overrated , owner is rude, and if you get a quote have him stand behind it. No bait and switch pricing. He also suggested that the 900 bid should be $1400. Why did i bid the job if i wanted it requoted at 50% more than first bid. Is that even legal, who mis quotes so bad that theres a $500 difference. Run, you will not get your car picked up and rip offed. Read other reviewed on this company via rip off Report this is an redundant problem. you dont need a broker to move your car, you can list it on the boards yourself and save the headach. I hope this review equals zero business for flat rate as that was the effort put into my transport. Zero. I have also shipped 20 cars , all were picked up and delivered on time, till flat rate. I work for a law firm and have stated facts with emails to validate claim....[More]
By randy on 1Flat-Rate LLC on Mar 22 2015 4:36PM
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