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The Hood of my car broke the windshield while my car was been towed and the company call me and told me that he hood flew off but they never told me that the windshield got broken in the process when I called to make a complained they were very rude I would never used them again they are not honest....[More]
By Annica on Direct Connect Auto Transport about 2 Hours Ago
I reserved my shipping on April 29, 2015 for a pick up on June 29, 2015. Even though their advertising no deposit required, Tony told me due to my price they would require one. I should have backed out right then. I gave him a $200 deposit on that day. I asked if I cancelled what would happen with my deposit, he stated it would be refunded immediately. I emailed Tony on June 17h verifying everything was on plan for our shipment. He assured me it was. On the day of pick up the truck wasn't there in the morning, I called him to get an ETA. He said he would call me back after he spoke with the driver. An hour and half later I called him again, he stated the truck wouldn't get there until the next day between 11 and 1. I said that wasn't going to work for us because of our tight moving schedule. He said he would cancel the reservation. I said what am I supposed to do about getting my truck to Kentucky? He said not his problem. My husband then called him and they worked out another pick up spot and time for the next day. An hour later he called and said the truck broke down but for another $200 he would expedite a truck for us. Needless to say my husband cancelled the reservation. When Tony was questioned about our deposit, he said it would take 7-10 days. I sent an email to the company the next day stating my dissatisfaction with the company. Michael called me, apologized and said he would expedite my refund and I would have it no later than Monday July 6th (due to the holiday) today is July 7th, I still haven't received my refund. I spoke with Michael yesterday, and asked him about the refund he said "you'll get it when you get it" STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY...[More]
By JackieG on Patriot Auto Transport LLC about 3 Hours Ago
The driver delivered my car at 8 in the dark knowing the place closed at 4.He wouldn't leave any paperwork.Fortunatelly, the mechanic stayed and waited for it .The driver didn't load it properly and crushed my exhaust pipe causing 2000.00 in damage to my car. It went from one mechanic in LA to one in Texas. I have 2 expert witnesses on what he did.This happened on April 24th. It is now July 7th. The driver is lying . The insurance company is playing games and stalling. I didn't want to drive this Rolls Royce from LA. to Texas fearing a rock in the window on interstate. Next time I will drive it! 7 Star said it is not there fault. They apparently broker out to idiot drivers. Stay away from this company. I guess I have to get an attorney and sue. What a nightmare. Thanks for the experience 7 Star!!!!I hope you rot in hell for the this !!...[More]
By Robert O"Brien on 7 Star Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
they quoted me at 899 to get the car shipped. Told them I needed the car to be picked up no later than the 10 not after, because I'm trying to buy my plan ticket by the 13th and leave. I put down my 200 dollars and was under the impression I would have a driver by now. I'ts currently the 7th and i still dont have a driver they haven't been keeping up with me on anything Ive been having to call them constantly to ask whats going on and whats the up date. They wait until the last minute to tell you anything and i started calling around to other car shipping companies that informed me that i shouldn't have even paid them the 200 until they had a driver for me. And that i was on the bottom of the list and that i needed to be at atleast 1050 for a driver to even consider picking up my car. I just ended up canceling with them and looking for another company lost my 200 dollars. never again will i go to them or recommend anyone to use this company....[More]
By roshay neil on Professional Moving Solutions about 7 Hours Ago
I read reviews that said the service wasn't door to door, but with us was door to door. Our car was very dirty when arrived, but I believe that considering the long distance and that was open carrier, that would be expected. With a new car we would not recommend open carrier, other than that the service was good. Thank you...[More]
By Lidka on Ship a Car Direct about 7 Hours Ago
Started out nice and friendly, but they took WAY OVER ten days to pick my freaking car up. And then the carrier charged us 200 bucks extra. They could not give me or date or time, they just threw the day for pick up on me randomly. They told us that they would charge us 675 total, and when we tried to call them to ask why we were suddenly being charged 200 bucks extra they never even called me back. They were very rude and unenthusiastic. They put me on hold every time I called multiple times. Never ever use this company....[More]
By Mayra Fabacher on Webster Relocation about 8 Hours Ago
Bottom line up front DONT USE THIS COMPANY. They will try to hook you with a very low cost compare to other transporter. After you lock in the "rate" they will charge a deposit/reservation fee. This $200 fees does not included in your total cost. Also, your transporting cost is not fixed. it is just an estimated. Somehow at delivery you will pay more because they used extra gas.... So here is how it went down for me because of these crooks.... Quoted me at $948 then charged me $200 deposit fee without disclosing that it will not count against the quoted price. When I pick it up I have to pay $1100 because the $948 was just an estimated price. So total I paid $1300 vs the quoted price of $948. By the way, after you paid the $200, they will not answer your phone calls or email or update you with anything. I had to keep calling and emailing. worst customer service ever. Just don't use these crooks....[More]
By Lam Truong on Reliable Elite Auto Carriers about 8 Hours Ago
The broker assured me that the vehicle would be picked up on thursday as I had to leave on Friday...then promised to have it picked up on Friday. .then Saturday. .I was haned off to Mike who told me that it would be picked up on monday no later than Tuesday. was not assigned to a carri[er at the end of that week....the broker still had the vehicle listed under himself a week after i sent him an email canceling the contract...[More]
By James Houston on Premier Auto Shippers about 10 Hours Ago
I wouldn't suggest this carrier. After huge delays my car was delivered with damages. They finally agreed to pay only 50% of the quotation from repair shop but not settling the amount inspite of daily follow-ups and calls. ...[More]
By Nagaraju on Dependable Auto Shippers about 17 Hours Ago
This company sucks. They quote you a good price to reel you in. You accept, pay a deposit, then they tell you a higher price. After refusing and telling them to cancel, I get an idiot telling me I'm losing my $150 deposit. I will NEVER call these morons again, and hope they fold....[More]
By Anthony Kollar on A1A Auto Transport on Jul 7 2015 1:19AM
Starts off great with such a nice "Christian" guy Nick who will take your deposit and dispatch car. Car was dispatched to a rude disrespectful driver named Ash from Quantum Car Transport DOT 2204517. He tied down my Chrysler by the crossbars and severely damaged the undercarriage that totaled $880 in repair and rental costs. I contacted Nick at Webster to help me get damages covered from Quantum and he put his step dad “AKA: the boss” on the phone to give me the run around and they stated they would call Quantum and try to help me. It is over a month and I have never heard from Webster again. I contacted Edgar Torosyan from Quantum Car Transport myself and they state that Webster never contacted them. I am now fighting Quantum as they admit fault but say they can’t afford to pay. Horrible business ethics from a Christian based company. Whoever you decide to dispatch through, make sure they dont dispatch Quantum Car Transport as their driver doesnt know how to tie down car properly, which is really the only job they guy has to do except actually drive. Sad sad experience for me and my car! ...[More]
By Shanda W on Webster Relocation on Jul 6 2015 10:31PM
We first contacted this company at the end of April to get the information before booking our transportation. After several contacts in which we were advised 1 - 5 business days to pick up and 7 - 10 to arrive, based on this and since we needed the car to arrive on the 15th or the 16th of May, we decided to book the transportation on May 4th and we were told that they will get a driver and that the pickup will occur NO LATER than Friday. Friday came and no pick up happened. We got in touch with CS and after several people telling us the pick up was going to occur no later than Friday, we had this bunch of people saying "times are estimated and we are looking still for a driver" they ask us to give them some time until Saturday Morning to Pick up: it did not happen. Finally, on Monday we got a call saying they found an option and that they will pick up on WEDNESDAY (2 days before the car needed to be on the destination) plus that they increased the rate we were quoted when we place the order in $300 (because %#&% us) and said that prices were as well estimates (which was not advised to us ever nor stated on their website or the email we received) At the end we had to cancel the reservation and look for somebody that at least could keep their word....[More]
By CMoreno on Montway Auto Transport on Jul 6 2015 9:26PM
I was looking for a reliable company to ship my car in a short period of time. I needed my car shipped from Mount Joy, PA to Monterey, CA by Sun, 14 Jun 2015. On 11 Jun 2015, I received an e-mail from Plaza Auto Transport about having drivers available in my area. On 13 Jun 2015, at approximately 930 a.m., I called Plaza Auto Transport and spoke with a gentleman named Robert Points. I specifically told him that I needed to ship my car by Sun, 14 Jun 2015. He said that it might be difficult to get a driver but he will try to have my car shipped to San Jose, CA instead of Monterey, CA., (even though I received an e-mail from Plaza Auto Transport that they had drivers in the area.) He also stated that in order to start the process, he would need a credit card because once they assigned a driver, they would at that point charge my credit card $200. I specifically told him that I needed to ship my car by Sun, 14 Jun 2015, because we were leaving on Monday, 15 Jun 2015. I gave him all the required information to include credit card info. I called Saturday, 13 Jun 2015, in the afternoon and spoke with a gentleman named Roger Castro. He stated that there were no drivers assigned (however, they had already charged my credit card). I waited until Sunday night and never got a call that they had a driver available. On Monday, 15 Jun 2015, I called and requested to cancel their services since I did not get a driver by Sunday. After leaving several messages to Robert and also after speaking to Roger Castro, Robert finally called and said that he could get me a driver but I would have to take the car to Morrisville, PA which was out of our way because we were flying out of Dulles International Airport, VA. A lady from Starway Logistics called me and told me that I could drop the car off and they will try to get a driver and they might be able to ship the car on Wed, 17 Jun 2015, and I was not going to get the car until probably the following Wed, 24 Jun 2015 at San Jose, CA. I told her that we were flying back from California on Tuesday and that was not going to work for us. I immediately called Robert and told him that it was not going to work for us and he assured me that my credit card was not going to be charged. He told me to send an e-mail to cancel the reservation. I had already sent the e-mail earlier that morning to cancel the reservation. I called Roger Castro because he has the point of contact for the invoice, and asked him if I sent the e-mail to the right person and he stated that he received the e-mail and that he will forward the e-mail. A few days later I noticed that $200 was still charged to my credit card. I called when I returned back from my trip and I spoke to a gentleman and he told me that a driver was assigned. I tried to explain to him what happened and he was not very helpful at all. I ask for his name and he stated that it did not matter and hang up the phone. I started to wonder what kind of company I was dealing with and was feeling frustrated. I immediately called Roger Castro, since I had spoken to him before and he assured me that everything will be taking care and he said that he will give the message to Robert because he did not deal with that part of the job. I felt that I was not going to get anywhere and felt that this company was a scam. I trusted this company when I first requested their services and now that they have my money no one wants to help me out. I am beginning to wonder about these Transporter Companies that promised to get your car from one point to another as long as they take your money. It is sad that there are people out there that all they want is to take your money no matter what. How do these people sleep at night? First they tell you that everything is going to work out and at the end it turns into a nightmare. Someone needs to do something about this so that these companies stop stealing people’s money, because as far as I am concerned that is exactly what they are doing. According to Plaza Auto Transport advertisement on their website, it states that Plaza Auto Transport was founded by the son of a retired U.S. Marine and father of an active duty US Marine. I retired from the military after 20 years of service and when I saw the advertisement I felt that I could trust this company to assist me in shipping my car. I never thought that it was going to turn into a nightmare. What happened with Plaza Auto Transport motto of being honest, fair, reliable and having integrity? Or “Our refund policy insures that any deposit paid is completely refundable”. I called again on Friday, 3 July 2015, hoping to get this resolved in a professional matter. I spoke with Robert Points and started explaining my problem and he immediately hang up the phone. I called from another phone and Robert called back, but once he realized who was calling he immediately hang up the phone. I could not believe what was happening and the fact that his behavior was childish. This is unbelievable, a company that states “Plaza Auto Transport will not charge a customer prior to assigning the vehicle to a carrier”. My credit card was charged on 13 Jun 2015, the same day that I requested their services and no driver available. How can this be possible? As far as I am concerned this is false advertisement. I also spoke with Starway Logistics, the company that was supposed to ship my car and was told that there were no drivers assigned and that the reservation was canceled. I feel that this company is a scam and I want my money refunded back to me. ...[More]
By Marisol on Plaza Auto Transport on Jul 6 2015 7:09PM
I greed to pay $150 more than the actual quote was $900. I paid $100 in advance Now driver is asking me $1200 and saying that deposit is for Passage transport and he is not working for that company. Where to report this? I did not get my car Yet !!!! Do I need to pay 1200 to driver ? My actual quote plus driver tip 900+150 = 1050 ( 100 advance +50 tip at time of pick up) 950 is the amount I should pay!! Driver asking me 1200 more (100advance +50Tip at pick up) so it will be 1350 Why I have to pay 450$ more than the quote ?? ...[More]
By Rupesh G on Passage Auto Transport on Jul 6 2015 7:07PM
First off, I am not a competitor of Ship your Car now, I was a customer. I dealt with a salesperson name JOHN LANGLEY shipping my personal vehicle across country and I have to say, hands down, this was the worst buying experience, customer serve exp, and interaction with a representative of any organization I've ever dealt with. He is completely unprofessional with his nasty, rude attitude. He told me numerous times, 'I don't care I won't ship your car.' He has hung up on me, played like he is not him when I reached out, and just flat out said one thing and always did the other. He first told me that they are NOT A BROKER at all and all brokers do is delay the process when shipping as it is passed out down the chain until it finally hits the shipping company which they are. In their contract, it clearly states they are a BROKER. He brokered the deal for my car! He told me the car will leave on Tuesday and with a 'team' of drivers the car will get to me in 4 days time. The car did not leave until Friday and did not get to me until 7 days later. He has said, 'I will call you back', 'I will e mail you the info of the driver' - never a call or e mail. Everything he said was a lie from the beginning. I was able to track down the dispatchers cell phone from the dealership where I was shipping the car from … Once I spoke to the dispatch, he was the only honest person who told me the car will arrive to me here in NY in 10 days and he doesn't even have a team of drivers to get the car to me … I then called JOHN back and he told me, 'do you want to listen to him or me who makes the rules?' 'I tell him what to do and he listens to me' 'His paperwork hasn't updated yet' All fabricated lies. - Everything he said was BS. I wrote him numerous e mails asking where my car was, and he hasn't responded at all. Thank god I had the dispatchers number who updated me through the process. AND, the dispatcher did not work for Ship your car now, he worked for the REAL TRANSPORT COMPANY (Rapid Transport). It is total BS, he completely lied to me throughout the entire process making this so stressful and never ever dealing with them or him again. They have this COD or 'Fuel Surcharge' that they say we will not charge you it is just to be kept on file just in case the vehicle is not there for pickup. WELL, it was charged the second the car went on the truck … After later reading and speaking to people, that is their charge! After the car goes on the truck, that's it they want nothing to do with you. The remaining balance has to be paid upon delivery in which the remainder is the trucking fee charge. It is just all a lie in which I fell for his BS and it turned out to be the worst experience of my life. In dealing with a personal item like your vehicle, it should be treated with the utmost care. There were no updates, all lies from him and this company, and I will never ever recommend them to anyone. Their line is, ' WE are A- rating on BBB' - it's all BS … He is nasty, over-zealous, rude, cocky salesperson that needs to be brought down a few pegs. Stay far far away from this company and John himself. I would like to say it is a salesperson issue, but in speaking with another individual about a nightmare he had with a shipping company, it ended up to be Ship Your Car now. It is true, it is a scam as much as I didn't want to believe it. I left another reputable shipping company to deal with them because Joh assured me they are their own shipping company with 64 trucks etc blah blah blah. In the end, I got screwed. I needed the vehicle for a trip, I paid extra for the 'team of drivers,' I was left in the dark and the car got to me in 7 days after being fed so much BS it made me sick. ...[More]
By Joe on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jul 6 2015 6:42PM
By VICTOR on Premier Auto Shippers on Jul 6 2015 4:02PM
I would NOT use this company ever again. They quoted me one price but the driver refused to release my truck unless I paid $75 more which is what the driver said he quoted to Passage. I was livid. I contacted Passage and Michael said they would refund me the $75 since that was not my original quote. Of course after several voicemails, Michael never called me back and I never got the $75. Passage will give you a low quote so you will go with them but when your vehicle is delivered, the driver says something entirely different. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!...[More]
By Ann on Passage Auto Transport on Jul 6 2015 3:32PM
I contacted Dynamic 3 weeks before I was supposed to ship my Audi TT from Michigan to Florida. They originally quoted me the lowest price of $600 so naturally I contacted them. After the initial phone call I was told to call back about a week before I wanted to ship the car. They asked me if I was still good to ship the car on a certain date and I responded yes. After responding yes I began to ask for details about the shipment and the didn't have any details for me. I was given text messages that said don't worry we have plenty of time and that they have drivers who drive the route all the time. After traveling from Florida to Michigan for the sole purpose of shipping this car, I was not given any information about the shipment until the day before I was supposed to leave back to Florida (I was there for 3 days). After being quoted $600 they conveniently found a driver for $1100 after they assured me, there was plenty of time and they had drivers who run that route all the time, but apparently the price went up because they didn't have any drivers who wanted to run that route. I'm sure if they had planned this in a proper manner it would not have been such a cluster. And to top it all off , I was never given a valid insurance form with the coverage they supposedly offered during shipment. Don't trust this company. Don't trust their quotes. Don't trust their effectiveness. They suck. I'm still very unhappy with this process and this company. I got my car, but it didn't come easy...[More]
By John Smith III on Dynamic Auto Movers on Jul 6 2015 5:01AM
They are responsible for the contracting of the driver. The driver showed up at our house without calling beforehand to let us know approximately when to expect him. The driver dropped the car off late in front of the shop it was to go to, and left it unlocked with the keys in the ignition. I had to pay the driver ahead of time because the place I was shipping it to didn't want it to be COD, but that doesn't mean to just leave the car with the keys in it. It could have easily been stolen by anyone wandering by. The driver claimed to have called the place, but the shop was open during the time he claimed to have called them. He then went past the place and dropped off another car and circled back later - and ended up getting there after hours. This was over the Memorial Day weekend so a $25k car was sitting there with keys in it for 3 days....[More]
By Bill on Orange Auto Transport on Jul 6 2015 4:47AM
Response from Orange Auto Transport
Travis Richmond on Jul 6 2015 6:09PM
This is weird as this happened two months ago. This customer wasn't at the pick up or delivery location. He was relying on a third-party person to acc...[More]
These people are a bunch of scammers. At first, Nick Pride was very respectful and professional. He lures you with a low quote offer ( in my case two cards for $1,475 + $200 deposit) however once you accept and put in a deposit of $200 then the nightmare begins. I placed an order 27APR15 with very clear instructions that I need the two cars picked up not later than 26JUN15. I started following up with Nick 1st week of June to remind him about my upcoming vehicle shipment and my timeline. He assured me that he's on it and that he will find a truck ASAP and then he told me that if I really wanted a guaranteed pick up date that I should pay the "expedite fee" of up to $150 per car but I was firm that I wouldn't pay an extra penny because I want them to honor the quote that they gave me! A week from my requested pick up deadline, I have been calling these people almost everyday... even multiple times a day. I then noticed that their attitude has changed- it seems to me that I am begging them to get my cars picked because I was under time pressure since I'm moving out of state on a certain date. In comes Wayne Webster, the owner- he kept on giving me the run around that he will take care of it and that if I really wanted a 100% guaranteed pick up that I should pay the "expedite fee". I called him several times a day for the next several days almost begging him to help me. He made a fool out of me and waited until late afternoon the day before my pick up date and then sent me a dispatch order with a balance of of $2100 payable to the truck driver without my approval! He thought I would buy take his bait because I'm under duress but I finally had enough and cancelled my order. The next day he even had the guts to call me and said he's still working on it. I ended up hiring somebody else last minute (booked a truck in less than an hour) because of this but still ended up paying less than what this scammer was asking for. This is my worst experience ever dealing with a service provider. They are very UNPROFESSIONAL, DISHONEST, and DECEITFUL!! Please take care your business elsewhere and save yourself from a lot of troubles and stress. I am disputing the $200 charge with my bank- if I don't get everything back then it's all good. $200 won't make your company rich. Karma is a b***h!...[More]
By Robert P on Webster Relocation on Jul 6 2015 4:44AM
The worst service ever, they give you a quote at a cheap price, you agree with them, then as soon as your shipment comes in the price changes. Plus your shipment is never on time, you call them to see the status on shipment they divert you around to other employees. Plus they charge you 4% on top of your bill if you want to pay by credit card which is illegal...[More]
By Mike on Ship My Ride on Jul 5 2015 9:39PM
I received an initial online quote of $775 to ship my car from Boston to Minneapolis. When the dispatcher (Alec) called to schedule a pick up time, he raised the price by $150 (total of $925). I said I was not prepared to pay that price, and would look around for other options. He then started to personally insult me, accused me of wasting his time, and when I gave a little push back about poor customer service, literally swore at me and called me various names I will not put in print. This was the second company that treated me like this. Apparently, car shipping is a business that uses very hard-sell tactics and really doesn't care about customers....[More]
By Michael on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Jul 5 2015 8:14PM
Everyone please be warned about using this company. They were extremely unprofessional, and late with my delivery. My car was extremely damaged when they delivered my vehicle and it was not a door-to-door delivery as promised. I had to drive to a convenience store up the road to pick up my car from them. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy and they made every excuse in the book to support the carriers they work with as opposed to providing great customer satisfaction to their customers. As a result of this transport I am now going to have to spend at least $1,000 just to get my car repainted and repaired from the damage associated with the transport of my car. In addition the carrier they assigned my car was Prestige Carriers, and pleas stay away from them as well. They were horrible and unprofessional as well. Please let everyone you know to stay away from these liars, because all they want to do is take your money and don't give a crap about how they transport your vehicle. ...[More]
By Terry on RoadRunner Auto Transport on Jul 3 2015 5:06PM
I spoke with Travis Porter. He gave a quote of $650. Then It became $825. Then $1,025. This guy is not only a lie I trusted him And all they were doing was playing games wasting my time. So two weeks later July 2 2015 I found out this guy is full of it and told him I won't be doing business with him. I have transport my car with other company's and never had any problems with them. Only this one. What his contract states and what he was doing was all lies. His name was Travis. Don't use this company. They were just waiting for the date of for the car to be transported to get money out me. ...[More]
By David on Thrifty Auto Transport Services on Jul 3 2015 3:34AM
I did not hire this company but they took it upon themselves to put my car on the board. I called them and plolitely asked them to remove the car as I had hired another service and the woman started using profanity. They completely ignored my request and still have not removed my car. This makes it difficult for the firm I hired as it not good to have multiple listings for the same car. They are very dishonest and unprofessional - STAY AS FAR AWAY as possible ...[More]
By Marc Richin on Economical Auto Transport Inc. on Jul 2 2015 10:42PM
Response from Economical Auto Transport Inc.
michael katz on Jul 6 2015 10:19PM
Mark signed up with us over the weekend. I had a great conversation with him about where he lived in New Jersey as i just recently moved out from ther...[More]
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