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I had a terrible experience with this company. They sold me using this website and their high number of positive reviews. The sales representative I spoke to changed my pick up date 4 times, first it was supposed to be Monday, then Tuesday, then Friday, and they finally picked up my car on Saturday. The sales representative was well aware that I was a young single woman moving to a city where I knew no one and my mother was only going to be in town until Tuesday, but the car was not delivered until Wednesday. They also promised to match a competitor’s price, but when the contract came they returned to the original price. I felt taken advantage of and they used this website to dupe me into believing they were a reputable company. I would not recommend this service to anyone and I would not be surprised if they have paid people to write reviews or have fake reviews posted to this website. ...[More]
By Katie on Auto Transport 123 about 48 Minutes Ago
Bottom line, we gave these scam artists our cc number and they were not supposed to charge anything until we read and signed the contract. Once we read the contract, we said hell no, but they charged a $200.00 deposit anyways. We contacted them to remove the charge, they said they would, but of course that never happened. We disputed the charge with out cc company since we NEVER signed anything, we won, and the charge was reversed. These scam artists apparently didn't like the outcome so they charged our cc again for $200.00 without any form of consent. These scam artists and hustlers are now being invesigated for fraudulent charges. Do not ever give a deposit to a car transport company since reputable company do NOT require one. Do NOT ever use this company. They don't answer their phones and will block your calls if you complain. SCAM ARTISTS!!! Go to hell!! HUSTLERS!! All these positive reviews have to be from their company employees and owners because they are liars and cheats....[More]
By Laura on New Way Moving Services about 3 Hours Ago
Unlimited Transport was transporting a vehicle from Sandy Utah to Syracuse NY. On the way to Syracuse, delivery was days late because Unlimited Transport stated highway in Nebraska was closed, that was fine. We assume that is when driver used and wreaked our vehicle. They then called and changed from 7am Saturday morning delivery to 7pm Friday night. They did not show up until 1am. My daughter took ownership and gave them the check. The next morning we discovered the vehicle had been damaged. Also found 5 beer in back seat of vehicle, 45 extra miles on odometer since Unlimited Transport had taken possession and gas tank almost empty. Unlimited Transport refuses to pay for repairs or accept any responsibility. While searching internet found another customer complaint, stating vehicle damaged during transport by Unlimited Transport. In that case, after initially lying, the driver finally admitted to doctoring the documentation and damaging vehicle. Unfortunately because damage was caused during joy ride and not transportation, insurance does not cover it and to get any money back it would cost us more for a lawyer. Do not use this company. ...[More]
By David T on Unlimited Auto Transport LLC about 6 Hours Ago
Posted by a representative of AmeriFreight Car Shipping on 11/20/2014 5:02:00 PM It is unfortunate that this customer experienced frustrations with the Carrier company. We make it a priority to inform all customers that, though we try to provide them with door to door service, this is not always possible. Occasionally, a driver will be unable to meet at a customer's residence because of road weight restrictions, narrow streets, or neighborhood vehicle regulations. In these instances, we do our best to update the customer in advance so that they may plan an alternative delivery location. I not only experienced frustration with the carrier company, I experienced frustration with YOUR company as well, and in particular Lecia. It really irritates me that your response fails to mention or address this issue. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any professional customer service rep hang up in the face of a customer that is experiencing an issue. If this is the way you choose to operate, then so be it, but everyone deserves to know so that they can choose to do business elsewhere unless they want this level of service. Don't try to dance around the real issue. You have my contact information if you care to discuss further....[More]
By Burt on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 10 Hours Ago
My Story with United Auto Logistics – Moving from MI to HI 1) I receive a quote via email and call the broker (Sebastian) and he tells me that my car will be in Honolulu before I arrive and I can also put up to a 100lbs in my car and anything a over is a dollar a pound. I say great. WHAT HE FAILS TO MENTION: California to Hawaii – YOU CANNOT HAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR CAR 2) I told Sebastian that I need my car before the 28th of October when I arrive to be safe and he tells me my car will take 12 days to get to Honolulu so we book it 14 days just in case, RIGHT? WRONG – well get to that later 3) The day before my pickup I get a call during the middle of a nap saying if I do not go to the bank immediately and deposit XXX amount of dollars the truck driver will not pick up my car. WAIT, isn’t this the logistics company’s responsibility because I am paying them to take care of it. Took me an hour to get to the bank because of rush hour and I made it by 15 minutes at 4:45pm. Banks close at 5pm in MI. I SPENT an hour with some associate broker who was rude as hell and could not explain to me why I had to physically drive to a bank to deposit funds. 4) The truck driver shows up a day late! 5) When he sees my car he tells me I cannot have anything in my car- by the way he barely speaks English, barely. I told him the broker said it was fine and he asked “Is it going to California” I respond “Yes, but ultimately it is going to Hawaii.” He looks at the light stuff inside and says “Ok” after speaking with his boss. 6) 2 days before I leave I get a call from the driver saying that MATSON the shipping freight company cannot take my car because there are items in it and it is ILLEGAL to have stuff in your car. So I call United, the same asshole picks up and within 3 minutes of going back and forth they put BILLY MORGAN on the phone and after 4 hours, NO LIE, 4 gruelling hours what ends up happening is the truck driver removed the stuff from the car and they said they would ship it to me and UNITED PROMISED TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKES AND BECAUSE OF ALL THE MESS UPS. 7) Ohhh, also if anything gets lost its not the trucking companies fault. PERFECT 8) Because I have a bad feeling and I spoke to the person at MATSON they said my car would be there November 3rd. WTF!!!!! I need my car on the 28th! Billy, who has helped me at this point confirms for me it will be there on the 28th. HE LIED! I called the voice thing and it said November 3rd but Billy said he spoke to someone again and that it would be there. HE LIED. 9) Billy said he would get the rest of my stuff shipped and he spoke to the woman who now has my stuff and they would send via UPS. About $430.00 to ship. Billy says that’s fine. 10) Because of United’s mistake and it is theirs! I HAD TO PAY $450 for a car rental for a week of which they will take no responsibility. Now I am disputing with Matson! 11) To wrap this up It as BEEN 3 weeks and I have left messages for BILLY and his BOSS Frank and they have not responded. ALL I have are emails from Billy saying he is in a meeting and I have left multiple voice messages for Billy and no response. Apparently they are all in meetings. 12) I left another voicemail for BILLY because here is the kicker. 13) HE LIVES IN FLORIDA 14) MY BROTHER LIVES IN FLORIDA 15) ON THE SAME STREET AS HIS FU%$#$% COMPANY 16) MY brother is walking in today 17) Cannot wait to hear his excuse and the end of this. ...[More]
By Jeff on United Auto Logistics about 10 Hours Ago
This company is completely fraudulent. I was quoted $ 399.00 to ship, Brad said price and pick-up within four days was GUARANTEED. I called after five days: Brad said no one would pick up at this price, send another $450.00 and he'd ship it .I asked that he cancel the order & refund the deposit. He didn't just hang up on me, he SLAMMED down the phone. I called another time and got the same response. For less than the $ 399 original quote, I flew to O'Hare and drove the car to New Jersey in 15 hours. This is contract fraud: no service was rendered; they will not refund the $ 299 they STOLE from me. My credit card company failed to process a refund request. The car trucking industry has a poor reputation; All Star is the reason why. I will be in contact with the California Atty. General's office regarding this fraud.I may also sue them in small claims. I am a businessman and a paralegal, my suggestion: NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GUYS FOR ANY REASON, AT ANY PRICE. They are there to rip you off. P.S. I shipped a car once before with another company, and the delivered as promised. They are NOT all as bad as All Star. Sincerely, Jim...[More]
By Jim S. on AA All Star Discount Auto Transport Inc. about 11 Hours Ago
Driver was supposed to contact me at the latest one day prior to delivery, which they didn't. Three days after promised delivery date we agree on a drop off location, only for the driver to call and say that he can't deliver and that he would "Drive my car to me and have me take him back to his truck, 13 miles each way." I politely declined. Then he says that I must pick up the car at his location and arrange that. I called Lecia at AmeriFreight to voice my concerns with this and she proceeds to tell me that "13 miles isn't a long way to drive" and that although I have the 1st Class shipment option "All sales are final and that I have to work out any issues with the driver and their company" and then HANGS UP IN MY FACE!!! Mind blown. Customer service went from fantastic to horrible the second an issue arose. I've learned my lesson and will not deal with this company again....[More]
By Burt on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 12 Hours Ago
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 10 Hours Ago
It is unfortunate that this customer experienced frustrations with the Carrier company. We make it a priority to inform all customers that, though we ...[More]
This company runs a scam operation. I ended paying $400 in addition to the original quote. My car was filthy upon arrival and half of the content was stolen from my car, including all winter clothes and my GPS in the glove compartment. My car was picked up 4 days later than the window of pickup dates given me and another 7 days for the car to arrive to the final destination. I was told that the truck broke down and needed repair, which probably was another lie. Did not know where they left my car because it was absolutely filthy upon arrival. To book the transport which I did in August for an Oct pickup date, they took my routing and checking numbers for them to withdraw $195 directly from my bank, which I shouldn't have done. Their quote is the lowest and ended up to be the highest. ...[More]
By Susie on Gold Star Transport about 13 Hours Ago
The name of the dispatcher is Patrick D. He is also the driver. Patrick and his company are fraud. I'll definitely beware of him and Ogii's Auto Company..(Their phone is 323-542-5510 or 323-423-8205). When he brought back my car, some parts were fallen apart also my full tank gas was now in the middle. Patrick and I communicated instead of ensuring that his consumer is satisfied, he rained curses on me and even accused me of harassing him. I should have known this company is a fraud. When he came to drop my car off, I asked for my receipt, he couldn't give it because "he does not have it on him" I should have known. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE BUNCH OF FRAUDSTERS. I never write review on anything either good or bad, but I needed to let the world know what this man did is called stealing. HE IS A THIEF. Here is their infomation again (STAY AWAY BE WARNED) OGII'S AUTO TRANSPORT INC 4110 West 3rd Street Unit C LOS ANGELES, CA 90020 DISPTACHER: PATRICK D PHONE # 323-542-5510 & 323-423-8205 ...[More]
By Sade on Ogiis Auto Transpor about 15 Hours Ago
I scheduled my transport with this company (11/11) a little more than a week out from my desired delivery date 11/21 for a transport from CA to UT. I was given the dates of 11/17 and 11/19 for pickup, so I chose the 19th. On the 17th, I received a phone call stating the driver could pick up my car on 11/20 for delivery sometime on 11/21. I asked that my original date be upheld in the interest of time and scheduling. I spoke with several reps on 11/19. Elizabeth said I had a driver and some paperwork was being finalized, call back in 30 minutes. I called back continuously and after giving my name and order number I was either hung up on, or transferred to a voicemail box. I spoke with dispatch several times who always told me that he was working on it. Then I received an email the following morning, in lieu of the promised phone call with a driver- saying my order was put on hold because it was listed with other companies according to their driver. Still no answer to my calls. Would NOT recommend them again. ...[More]
By AJ Lanier on Nation Auto Transport about 16 Hours Ago
They gave us a contract told us they will take 199 for deposit and took 215 not only that one day before drop off she sends a text not a call saying that we have to give 1150.00 after signing a contract that says that we have to give only 696.00. She never answer our calls and now we are stuck with a price we never agreed. She gave a different prince and contract to the drivers so we have 2 contracts with different numbers and the manager of the trucking company won't gives us our car until we give them the full amount in their contract and Susan is missing not answering to our phone calls. This is 100% a fraud and illegal transaction done by the lady check Yelp there is more reviews about the company and that lady who gives 2 different contracts and who loves to commit fraud. She should be stop !!!...[More]
By johana on WHL Logistics Trucking on Nov 19 2014 8:49PM
This company lists customers vehicles without permission from the client. Then they lie to the other brokers saying they have signed contracts. Lies ,Lies Liars! They are unethical and there is not a need for more lying brokers in the transport industry.. Beware !! ...[More]
By bill on Haul Away Logistics LLC on Nov 19 2014 5:29PM
My son whom is stationed in the Army in Virginia, originally put down a deposit with "My Vehicle Transport" after no phone replies and 3 hours later than p/up (3:30 Saturday 11/15/14) date (at 6PM) I started calling and searching for help...I found, 1 all aboard auto transport and explained the RIP OFF situation my son had. Fletcher was very understanding and extremely considerate... He actually deducted a lot of of his cost for my son, and hooked us up with a company that was at my home the next morning at 9:30 Sunday in Florida (Alejandro) was very professional and picked up the car and delivered the car without a problem to my son at Fort Myer, Va. the next day Monday 11/17/14... I was so extremely pleased with the service we received... My son has been trying to get this car shipped to him to the base in Arlington, Va for almost 2 years... Thank you so much Fletcher... Marilyn J Tirey Do NOT use My Vehicle transport, they just steal your deposit and never pick up your car or answer phone... ...[More]
By Marilyn J Tirey on My Vehicle Transport LLC on Nov 19 2014 5:07PM
Do not use Jim Ford under any circumstances. I paid him $1750 cash up front to get my car shipped. He was supposed to pay $1500 to the drivers when they picked up my vehicle. The drivers later told me that nobody ( Jim) was present when they picked up my car, so they weren't paid. He had just parked it at some other location. The transport company was B-line Trucking, Russian owned and operated. 18 days (a week late) I get a call from B-line Trucking in Vancouver, WA; A guy named Roman Netesov, who says I must pay them $1500 cash or they will hold my car and refuse to deliver. Additionally he said that he would charge me storage at a high daily rate and then if I refused he would drive it back to PA. I contacted Jim Ford and he said it was just a paperwork mixup. He said he would refund me the $1500 that he had not paid the drivers, and That I could pay them the $1500 ransom they were demanding and that the check to me would go in the mail as soon as I had paid the drivers. So I paid the drivers and now after repeated promises to pay me, it is now 11/9 and I have not been paid and Mr Ford will not answer my messages to his phone. I have been defrauded out of $1500 and the police say its just a civil matter and refuse to get involved. Jim is a smooth talker and a liar and a crook. He has set up an elaborate trap for the innocent consumer!! He is probably very closely allied to the driving company and they both claim to be innocent even though he was supposed to pay the drivers up front and the drivers hold a contract which clearly states that Jim Ford was supposed to pay them C.O.D. ( not the car owner) I will be notifying the FBI, Police and three different state Attorney Generals' office in the coming days, as well as filing a complaint with the district magistrate. These government agencies will likely do very little but its all I have left. DO NOT PAY UP FRONT!!!! DO NOT USE ANY BROKERS OR TRANSPORTERS YOU FOUND USING A SEARCH ON THE INTERNET!!They are all running the same scams!! USE ONLY A LOCAL REPUTABLE MOVING COMPANY!!!...[More]
By Cheated by Jimford on Jim Ford Trucking on Nov 19 2014 3:13PM
Charged Credit without a comfirmed transporter.Despite consant asurances, They never did get a transporter. Said they would credit my deposit back. It has been 30 days .I have made numerous calls . Nothing but a big runaround. Do NOT !!! use this company. They will take your money and Say anything to get your money.I consider them thieves that stole my money. Please check out their "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Look up Better Business Bureau no limit logistics and see actual complaints. ...[More]
By Robert Savary on No Limits Logistics Inc. on Nov 19 2014 2:26PM
my name carl ,this man was a friend of mine so I know all about his business practices, why I let him talk me into signing and giving him my semi and trailer, I'll never know, I was in the hospital due to massive heart failure,he still wanted Amanda young to send him the tittles , He agreed to pay me and my sons $15,000.00 and when he took my truck out of Florida,then he refused to pay and broke our so called friendship of 8 years.. ask around this guy has a bad history of very bad dealings and a bad temper , especially when he is in control of your auto, beware check out this site ...[More]
By carl on aero auto transport on Nov 19 2014 1:48PM
These guys Affinity Auto Carriers are the scum of the earth. Their owner embodies everything that is horrible about the auto carrier industry and gives good brokers and transporters a bad name. Thank god for the carrier who brought my car, because they were excellent and really saved me. First, Affinity gave me a quote, told me that it would be $1250 to ship my car, I said, OK, let me see what else is out there. They called back a few days later and asked for more details so they could write up an order, but assured me that it wouldn't be finalized until they found a trucker and at that point they would place the order and run my card. A day later after I read the reviews on them, I called and told them that I would not be using them. They said I had already placed the order and the contract was already finalized. The problem is, I never received a contract, never signed anything and never agreed to use them. I told them forget it, and that was it I thought, wrong. Instead, after I contracted another broker, they somehow sent a carrier to pick up my car on the same day the other broker was supposed to send a carrier and impersonated the other broker. Because I didn't know that this was the wrong carrier, I gave them my car. The carrier that took it was Geo Tiger...they are awesome, out of Philly. Upon learning of the issue, I called Affinity and told them I wanted me car back immediately. They said absolutely not, you can pick it up in Arizona, and if you don't like it, I'll have the carrier leave it on the side of the road or leave it in Mexico, too bad. This was the OWNER of the company telling me this. Because of contractual issues between Geo Tiger (carrier) and Affinity (broker), Geo Tiger had to pay Affinity $200 of the $1200 that I gave to them in cash. I had multiple conversations with Geo Tiger and they assured my car would be dropped off in Arizona and that if I had called the police it would complicate everything. They assured me that THEY were in charge of my car and would take good care of it. They did, they came through for me, car was in great shape on time and great work. Affinity on the other hand threatened me, extorted me, lied to me, cheated me and are overall the scum of the earth. When I told the guy that I was going to write a negative review, his response was that he would find out what company I worked for and write a negative review on my business. This guy and Affinity are the scum of the earth, NEVER use them for anything, they are thugs, crooks and horrible people....[More]
By Zack on Affinity Auto Carriers Inc. on Nov 18 2014 1:27PM
I placed an order with Rock Bottom Transport on Jul 2 2014 to pick up my vehicle from the 9th-11th delivered 14-16th within 7 days it was not honored I should have looked into this company prior to my order #2968, I would have never used them. you know why its called Rock Bottom because that's how low they will go to separate you from your moneys. The one called Mike he's a peace of work, lets just say the best part of hem ran down his fathers leg, if he ever had one. This guy lied right to my face when he promised a 7 day guaranty, Knowing he couldn't deliver. the car would be picked up Wednesday July 9th 2014 through the 11th and dropped off on the 14th through the 16th, that was the representative:(Mikes) exact words and that I would have it delivered no latter then Wednesday. Never happened after more then two weeks had to cancel and pay someone ales to transport my vehicle. this guy never picked up the phone after the contract was made and he was paid $599.99 through a direct check withdraw. the phone was never picked up again and the only way to make contact was through email. the dialogue was always short and he never answered my concerns. I cancelled my order with them July 21 2014 and received a confirmation from them canceling the order. waited 21 days for my refund as stated in their bogus contract. Today is the 9th of Nov 2014 and still nothing, my emails are not getting responded to anymore. Stay away from this company or any other company that asks for money up front. This company should not be in business I am currently in the proses of retaining legal council. If anyone has any info that can help I will highly appreciate it ...[More]
By Arthur W on Rock Bottom Rate Auto Transport on Nov 18 2014 12:20PM
Horrible service from this company. Filed complaint with BBB and the owner lied in response. Tried to pick up 2 days early but Camping World stopped them. I had told company that they could not pick it up on that date. Tried to any how. Picked us up early even though this was inconvenient and I had scheduled an exact date for pick up. Drivers truck had to be worked on because hitch didn't latch properly and ground or tail lights was out. Camping World staff had to work on his truck before he could leave. My husband had to make driver aware of these faults. Took RV to North Dakota on the way to Oregon from North Carolina to deliver a motorcycle. Wasn't in contract that this could be done. Brand new RV towed over 300 miles out of route. Paid $4100 for this service which seemed to be the going rate. Driver or company essentially got paid twice. Due to time it took driver to get from NC to OR via ND he had to drive too long or too fast which isn't safe. Owner was threatening on the phone. Can't get a straight story from owner or driver. For more detailed report you can look on BBB page....[More]
By Susan Myrick on AAA Logistics LLC on Nov 18 2014 12:05PM
I contacted UAAT on November 5th spoke to Kenny Robinson who gave me a quote of $800.00 with a $100.00 deposit. My vehicle was to be picked up on November 12th. I received the confirmation in an email which stated that the dispatcher would contact me approximately 2 days before the pick up date. On the 11th of November I had not heard from the company. I called Kenny Robinson to confirm what time my car would be picked up he referred me on to their dispatcher Ralph. Ralph informed me at this time that the truck they had intended to use had a problem and they were trying to find another truck to transport my vehicle. I asked if my car would be picked up on time and Ralph assured me he was working on it and would call me. On November 12th I did not hear from Kenny or Ralph regarding my vehicle transport. I called three times and was put off Ralph was in a meeting or stepped out of the office. I left a message and my calls were not returned. I emailed Kenny Robinson to ask what was happening with my transport. I waited hoping to hear from the company but they have not returned phone calls or emails as of November 17th. I am so disappointed in the lack of respect or communication from this company. I would not recommend this company they are not honest in their dealings. I will be disputing the $100.00 deposit I was charged. ...[More]
By Diane Curtis on United American Auto Transport on Nov 17 2014 11:28PM
" SCOTT" lied to me about payment info, shipping info, charged my card prior to shipment (said he wouldn't), and my vehicle was never picked up. I waited a week for him to find another shipper after he promised it would "only be a few days". When I POLITELY started calling for updates, he would either put me on terminal hold or he never called back. There is no customer service contact with Wolfepack (other than SCOTT), I had to dispute the charge with my credit card issuer to get my money back. PLEASE do yourself a favor and steer clear of this ripoff outfit! ...[More]
By bruce a stewart on Wolfepack Transport on Nov 17 2014 4:22PM
fifth wheel llc out of Spokane Washington transported a 57 Mercedes for me. car arrived pretty much on time but was dirty as expected. upon closed inspection the car has had a liquid drip on it which was causing the paint to bubble and actually come off the car. called geno the owner and told him I had a problem he didn't asked what it was and just referred me to his insurance company northland . called sandy at northland who was very rude and didn't what to hear about the problem she kept saying that the car was like that and they have pictures.before pickup and after. I saw pictures of the car and it was not like that. no pictures were taken when the car was unloaded she just came out and said that they will not cover anything. this seemed like a routine that geno and his insurance company have done before. neither seemed concerned about what happen and just blew me off. the car was damage during transport and the problem needs to be corrected. DO NOT USE FIFTH WHEEL LLC. THIS IS NOT A GOOD COMPANY OR THERE INSURANCE COMPANY. AGAIN, DO NOT USE FIFTH WHEEL TRANSPORT IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR CAR DAMAGED!!!!! ...[More]
By drew on Fifth Wheel on Nov 17 2014 11:52AM
Booked one month in advance with this company to move vehicle from PA to CA. Needed vehicle in CA on or by a specified date. I called American Auto FIVE times to confirm pick-up. American Auto kept telling me the carrier, AMKO Automovers, Inc, would be in contact with us. NEVER heard from AMKO Automovers, Inc. after waiting around for four days for pick-up! Again, no call from AMKO Automovers, Inc. No way the vehicle would make it on time for specified date. American Auto claims they cannot issue refund, that they are allowed delays, even when you book one month in advance. I am now disputing deposit with my credit card company. BEWARE!! This company is not honest, cannot meet dates even when booked a month in advance. Read the reviews on AMKO Automovers, Inc. I have no idea why they are even using this company....[More]
By Sharon on American Auto Move on Nov 17 2014 11:10AM
The bigges problem of which there were many was that i signed a paper specifying my earliest delivery date however the subcontracted carrier switched all my furrniture into a semi without telling me until they showed up earier than the date i agreed to; and then said they couldnt back it into the driveway.(go figure) they basically forced me into paying an extra 300 dollars to drop off at the street.The obnoxious lady with the accent hung up on me and they damaged my furniture. iwould never use these bozos again....[More]
By yvette miller on Quality Relocation Services Inc. on Nov 17 2014 11:01AM
Auto Shipping Group quoted my shipment incorrectly (open instead of closed) which caused a lot of confusion, miscommunication, and "firing" of 2 sketchy carriers. When I figured out that the quote was incorrect and finally amended, my vehicle was picked up on the last available day. I will probably try to work with a different broker for future car shipments....[More]
By Alli Coker on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Nov 15 2014 8:52PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Nov 16 2014 11:46PM 360-200-6854 CALL OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY GOING ON 9 YEARS NOW! Alli, I do want...[More]
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