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They did a good job moving my car across the country. Both the pickup and deliver drivers are courteous and professional. The trucking company is VNS Auto Transport Inc. I will hire them anytime. The communication with Ship A Car Direct is what I believe needs improvement. The form emails about what to pay attention and how to pay the final installment were all very helpful. The few form email from the contact person was ok, too. But the communication was really lacking when I needed to know the simple status of pickup or deliver time - delayed or not. The pickup driver called twice to delay the time which was ok with their scheduling and traffic situation. But he called me late in the night and 2 hours before pickup - not a day before as promised. So I was hanging there guessing (Stuck at home). On the deliver side, I had to email and call the contact person a few times to find out it was delayed. Unfortunately for me, the new date was a Sunday. The contact person didn't respond at all. I made 2 calls to the customer service center to get someone on the other end. The agent promised that he would track down the driver and call me back with the current status. He did not call back. The deliver driver finally called late in the night and committed to deliver the next morning. It was a very smooth and simple delivery. If I ever need another shipping, I will check if they have an online tracking system or a very simple and honest status report system. I don't ship my car across the country very often and it's not a very expensive car. But it's my car and I need it. To have clear and honest communication about the shipping status was all I needed - delayed or not....[More]
By Chris Tsai on Ship a Car Direct about 5 Hours Ago
I received a quote for $850. I booked the shipment at $850. Dan Gibson sent me an email warning me of companies that lure you in with a low price and then raise rates on you. Then he said my price was $1150 not $850. He was doing the one thing he was warning me about. When I confronted him by email I got about very unprofessional response. Thanks for making this decision easy for me by revealing your deceitful marketing and business practices up front. First email from Dan Thank you for placing your order with us. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We understand that your 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited coming from San Diego,CA going to Jacksonville, FL for a total cost of $850 will be available for pickup on or after 10/17/15. You should hear from us soon to arrange for shipping, and we are here to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! *please note, THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT. If you have booked this order online, this order is not confirmed! You are required to give us a call to finalize your order. Sincerely, Dan Gibson Secure Auto Shipping Inc. 561-200-3777 x1 Second email from Dan Hello Nathan, this is Dan with Secure Auto Shipping. I was just wondering if you still need to transport a Jeep Wrangler from CA to FL. If you still do, there is a driver available that can have it picked up some time this week, if you're not in a rush, with my company you can place a reserve your spot in the truck in advance for free, we don't take money upfront. Our quotes are ALL INCLUSIVE with no hidden fees or pay upfront. The absolute best that I can offer you for this route and the type of vehicle you're shipping, without having any issue in the entire process, would be $1195. Bare in mind that if you go with the cheapest price, that company giving you that rate, could be just fishing for your business, and before you notice they will increase the price. If you receive a quote from us for less than $1195, that was an error that our system is responsible for and we have our tech guys working to solve that ASAP. That's why we always try to call any customer to explain how this all works and to warn them about the least reputable companies. Feel free to call me or simply reply this email. I'm here to help and to take out all the hassle that shipping a car could turn out to be. Kind regards. - Dan Gibson Logistics Coordinator Secure Auto Shipping, Inc. Our goal is your complete satisfaction! Free: 888-425-5340 ext 7013 Direct: 561-771.9244 Fax: 954 827-0804 I requested written confirmation that my shipment was canceled. Dan responded What shipment? There will be no driver for you with a low price. So if you're trying another company for the incorrect price, save yourself a lot of hassle and time. ...[More]
By nate on Secure Auto Transport about 5 Hours Ago
I've had my car transported cross country before so this isn't my first experience with this sort of business. The reason for my terrible experience is that the company that picked up my order, Ramaz Trans Inc, had a driver that demanded that the trunk of my car be opened or else he could not transport my car. Understandably, he needed to inspect the contents in my trunk for any dangerous or illegal items. The problem is that Direct Express Auto Transport never communicated to me that the driver would need to inspect the inside of my trunk. The trunk wasn't accessible to the driver because I had left only the valet key for my friends to give to him, which cannot open the trunk. Also, I had locked the trunk release inside my car (on the floor next to the driver's seat). Why would I make the trunk inaccessible? Because the contract stated that any loss or theft of the items in my car were not the responsibility of the transport company. So to ensure the safety of my personal belongings, I locked my trunk and the trunk release inside my car as anyone would. However, I was never told that the driver would need to open the trunk to inspect the contents. The driver who said he had 20+ years of experience said that it was protocol for all drivers across the board. I also want to mention that the driver said that I was supposed to keep the trunk empty but in the contract, it clearly stated that I could place items in my trunk up to 100 lbs worth of weight. I don't blame Ramaz Tran Inc (who tried their best to be helpful) so much as I blame Direct Express Auto Transport for not clearly communicating to me the need for my trunk to be accessible to the truck driver. This whole issue cost me extra money as well. Also, I don't know who to blame for this, except that I know I'm not at fault, but when I received my car, I unlocked the inside trunk lever, but it doesn't lift up to open my trunk. The trunk release is stuck meaning that it doesn't budge at all whether I unlock or lock it (of course, I used my master key to do it). Another problem I had was that the driver couldn't come to my home address to pick up my car. So my friends had to drive to a local store that had a big enough driveway for his truck. This was something that was unexpected. Direct Express Auto Transport never told me that I might need to meet the driver somewhere else. This caused a headache for me, too, because at first just one of my friends was supposed to meet the driver at my home. But I had to scramble to find two friends so that one could drive my car while the other drove their own car to be able to give a ride to the friend who was dropping off the car in the first place. I also place the blame for this on Direct Express Auto Transport. They should have known that my home street wasn't big enough for a truck and they should have told me ahead of time where an appropriately sized pick up location should be so that I could have planned it instead of scrambling last minute over the phone while I was making my cross country drive. For the reasons stated above, I will never use Direct Express Auto Transport again. Take heed and remember to leave the master key for the driver at pick up and keep in mind that you might need to meet the driver at a different location if your street isn't big enough for a car-carrying truck....[More]
By Daniel So on Direct Express Auto Transport about 5 Hours Ago
21 days to get my truck back. Seven days past ETA date, had to rent a car $384.00. Response from DAS was I should of spent to to get my truck on time. If you want to pay a high price and get poor service then DAS is great. If you don't want to feel used to some where else....[More]
By William Cody on Dependable Auto Shippers about 6 Hours Ago
I went with Car Transport Express because in the quote I was emailed, it stated they were not just a broker, but had their own drivers. In setting things with César, he not only assured me but promised men that my car would be picked up between the 27-28th of August. The week of pickup (Monday), I began calling and again was promised and reassured my car would be picked up. Wednesday, I was told the truck would be in town Thursday evening and my car would be picked up Friday morning and Tom or César would call me Thursday afternoon. Nether one of them called in fact they began to not answer my calls. So my husband called from his cell phone and they answered right away, he passed me the phone and I spoke with Charlie (a supervisor) that's what he told me and I mentioned the fact my calls were being avoided and he said "oh your calling from the 281 area code. I have a lot of missed calls from that number." Friday comes and still nothing Charlie was going to talk to dispatch to see if there was a driver and call me back, he never did. Needless to say I want with another company, who found a driver within 2 hours and provided me the name and contact number for the driver who picked up my car the next day. I would say do not use this company their employees are liars and I would never call someone something that they are not. However, I have experienced first had the lies from this company's employees and their is no integrity there. Save your self alot of headache and trouble and bypass this company. To avoid a customer after promises are made because you have their deposit and not communicate anything but lies is not good business. ...[More]
By Theresa on Car Transport Express about 10 Hours Ago
Was quoted 675 through an email. Spoke with Tracy, she was initially very nice. Promised all kinds of stuff. Told me the driver would be picking up my car within 24 hours, which was needed to avoid storage fees. 4 days later, I get a call that they can not do it for the original quote, the driver needs more. What am I to do, Ive already wasted that time, and had to pay an extra 200 in storage fees. So i spoke with Jason. He assured me that the driver would be there first thing in the morning to pick the car up to avoid any more storage fees. Of course that didnt happen. Now after more money, more storage fees, finally the car is picked up. Lets just hope that the car gets here in one piece. The only person who has been truthful in this whole thing is the driver, who is contracted by All Terrain. So he is the only one i have confidence in. I will never ship with them again. I will do everything in my power to make sure my story is heard. Hopefully it encourages people to make a better decision than I did....[More]
By Jeremy on All Terrain Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
I'm writing an additional review on this company because they tried to lie and hide my review saying I was never their customer. I disputed that and showed proof that I was a customer with them and sent these to transport review. They re-posted my review after that. I also ended up getting my $95 reimbursed back to my card but only after I told them that I had filed a claim with the Illinois BBB. They called me repeatedly and tried to say they were "concerned" about the service I got but only made excuses as to why it happened. They basically kept throwing their own employees under the bus saying that it was because they were new or not knowledgeable in dealing with the customers. WOW! They don't value their customers, they don't value their employees, and they are extremely deceptive in their business practices. Go with GODSPEED TRANSPORT Inc. When I told him my horror story, Michael from Godspeed quickly gave me peace of mind. Stateway has been putting fake reviews to make it look like people are actually getting excellent service. To someone that doesn't know any better they base their decision off of those false reviews. They also tell their customers that there are no drivers in your area and keep delaying your car shipment until they get a price THEY want. DONT FALL FOR IT......use Godspeed Transport Inc. ask for Micheal Pederson. When I talked to Michael he told me that there are hundreds of drivers across the US available all the time. If you do your research it's true. Please look up all the honest negative reviews that Stateway is getting and base your decision off of those. Not the false reviews that they are having their employees write. They also bribe past customers by offering to pay the difference that they paid for another company...the customer deletes negative review, writes good review, they get the check, and it bounces for insufficient funds. If you want a good honest and reputable company contact GODSPEED TRANSPORT INC. ...[More]
By SGM on Stateway Auto Transport about 12 Hours Ago
We have been dealing with "Crystal" from this company since the 17 Aug 15. She has given us the run around AFTER taking our deposit of $200. We have rang numerous times getting the voice mail. Used a different phone number and she picked up. Told another run around story and now doesnt seem to respond to messages left. Its obvious she took our money. We are retired military and thought this was a respected company. No respected company should treat customers this way. I wouldnt waste my time with this company. There has to be a way to put them out of business for taking peoples' money without providing the service. FRAUD/DISHONEST. ...[More]
By VLucas on Around The World Auto Carriers about 13 Hours Ago
EJW Trucking uses an old 18 wheel car carrier to transport cars long distance. They transported my vintage 1979 corvette on the lower level of the carrier from Boston to Florida. Above it they put an old SUV that leaked oil and gas all over my vette. The driver apologized but the company ignored my requests for their insurance carrier and would not take responsibility for the damaged paint. Not only did they pick the car up two days late and deliver it 13 days late (because they wait until they fill up their truck), they damaged my prized antique. Stay away from EJW Trucking!!!...[More]
By Robert Deblinger on EJW Trucking LLC about 13 Hours Ago
Was referred to as a reputable transport company. Agreed upon price, set pick-up date, vehicle was never picked up, called my representative, got voicemail, left many messages, talked to other representatives and was told my representative was working on it, and never heard back from him. Will never do business with this company, as their customer service is awful. ...[More]
By P. Nichols - Tim Dahle Infiniti on Secure Auto Shipping Inc. about 14 Hours Ago
I was promised 5-7 days for delivery. My car ended up being delivered on the 10th day. Delivery guy said my car would be dropped off at 330pm it ended up delivered at 730pm. Overall the tardiness of this company is sub par. I would not use again when I have to ship my car back to NY. My car has scratches on the door from being transported. ...[More]
By Jeffrey on 7 Start Auto Transport about 16 Hours Ago
Don't use these guys. I should have read reviews before I agreed to have them ship my car. I was looking for someone to pick up my car ASAP and had gotten a quote for $800 from another broker. I contact Freight transporters and told them what the situation was and told them I wanted something less expensive. Victor got back to me and told me he had gotten a better quote; $800! Told him again I already had a quote for that much and was looking for something better. He said he negotiated a better price of $775 which as only $25. I was out of town and wanted to get deal done so I agreed. He dispatched truck and sent me invoice. Invoice was for $800. I told him we agreed on $775 and please send new invoice. He apologized and said he would correct it. He sent a new invoice which was again $800. I again told him to correct it. I got an email the next day saying he was not going to change the invoice be "it was to much trouble" and that he thought he deserved the extra $25. I again told him we agreed on $775 and to send me a new invoice. He emailed me saying I didn't appreciate how much work he did for me. Gee, same price I already had! Lot's of work. Again told him to change invoice. He sent back multiple nasty emails. Bait and switch seems to be the modus operandi for this company....[More]
By Mark Rocklin on Freight Brokers of America about 18 Hours Ago
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AAA TRANSPORTERS!!!!!!!! A company that not only lies, they are also disrespectful and their way of solving issues is hanging up on your call or not answering your calls at all I made arrangements to have my nephew’s SUV transported from Illinois to Florida. A price was quoted to me by George of $570.00 and I was informed to give the carrier (driver) $75.00 in cash, Certified check or Money order when he picked it up and the rest in Florida on delivery. He still requested a Credit card number in order “to start the process” but stated “we will not charge the card” My nephew called and spoke to George at AAA Transporters and made arrangements to hold the delivery to Florida between the dates of 9/11/15 and 9/14/15, since my nephew had just arrived in Florida from the move. George informed my nephew that it would not be a problem but made no mention of additional charges. The agreement was never sent to us, after I requested 3 times and left 2 messages still no agreement and the carrier was at my door! I tried numerous times calling and leaving George messages to no avail. It was not until I explained our situation to another employee at AAA Transporters that I was given George’s Cell phone number and he answered the phone. He kept saying he emailed the agreement and it must be in my spam but it was not in my spam b/c I added to safe list. I then requested him to fax it, he said he couldn’t because he was not at work. And he added “The driver also has the paperwork just ask him for it” The driver a very nice gentleman caught in between this situation gave me what he had which was titled “Bill of Lading” and the only information on it was a pick up address and delivery address. The rest of the information was blank. We completed the information, wrote down the odometer, handed the $75.00, took pictures and the SUV was on the way. However it arrived BEFORE the agreed date and my nephew was not ready financially to accept delivery. That is why he made arrangements with George to have it delivered between specific dates. The carrier SMBB (great company) made a 3 way call to George however George began speaking to the carrier before he knew I was also on the line. And began ranting about he never gave me instruction to give the driver $75.00……he never agreed to deliver the SUV between those dates and he would charge us extra! That’s when I interrupted him and said I was also on the line in a three way call and I called him an outright liar! And since we …..(The carrier and myself) that were on the phone were not getting anywhere with George I asked for his supervisor. Chris Delany came to the phone and as I was trying to explain our situation he didn’t let us finish. He started to talk about how many years George was there working with them and he wouldn’t make a mistake like that, added about their ratings. He was not helping to resolve the issue; he added he can store the car for $10.00 a day. I told him that his ratings would not be that good after I tell customers not to do business with them. That’s when the carrier asked him “what about my money?” Chris answered and I quote “I’m done, I heard enough” and handed the phone back to George and right away George stated we can store it for $15.00 per day! I told him your boss just said $10.00/day and you’re saying $15.00?? George again lied to both the carrier and I on the phone saying that’s not what Chris said, and hung up on us! (The Carrier and I) I was livid and so was the carrier to say the least! The carrier stated she was going to report them to Central Dispatch and I am doing the same plus the BBB and the What happened you ask? The carrier sent me a copy of the paperwork that showed them we were to pay $500.00 and the amount the carrier had to give AAA Transporters was a big $0 not a penny goes to AAA Transporters. They had made a mistake on the paperwork!! God is GREAT!!! So the carrier agreed per the paperwork that we give them only $425.00 and the driver delivered the car. The carrier resolved the issue! NOT AAA TRANSPORTERS - - -DON”T FALL FOR THIS COMPANY!!! Gina from Illinois...[More]
By Gina from Illinois on AAA Transporters on Sep 1 2015 4:22AM
My vehicle was shipped from Calgary to Brampton in August 2015. I was advised that it would be sent via SVP shipping, however this was the first of many lies. I was advised that we can leave items in the car while it is being transported and that things will be safe, however this couldn't be further from the truth. I was told that SVP had coordinated with a dealership in Brampton where the car would be dropped off. At this time, I'd get a call as soon as it arrives. My vehicle was in fact dropped at the dealership and I received a call THREE DAYS AFTER IT ARRIVED advising me my car was there. When I went to pick up the car, the dealership had NO IDEA what the car was doing there. In the 15 years the manager has been there he's never seen this and doesn't even know why it was done this way. Best part is that the car was dropped in a handicap parking spot. - No, I lied, the best part was tha5 my vehicle was completely robbed of all of my belongings!!!! Everything was stolen. Clothing, books, a children's tent, shoes, toiletries, makeup, confidential paperwork, eveb my sunglasses!!! I called Steve immediately and all he kept saying is that his drivers never steal. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW WHEN THESE WEREN'T YOUR DRIVERS????? The job was contracted out to TWO different companies. One from Calgary to Montreal and the other from Montreal to Brampton. The service given by Steve was HORRENDOUS!!!!! He was arrogant, rude, and wasn't even listening to the concerns. He even went so far as to threaten us to 'Be careful'. Forget about common courtesy and empathy... This was the worst customer experience ever. I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST EVER USING SVP FOR ANYTHING UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR BELONGINGS STOLEN. IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE $H!T FEEL FREE TO CALL HIM. YOU'RE BETTER OFF WALKING YOUR CAR TO YOUR DESTINATION. WORST. SERVICE. EVER. ...[More]
By Anonymous on SVP Auto Shipping on Sep 1 2015 3:21AM
I had booked my car to be transported by SVP Auto Shipping from Calgary to Brampton. I had paid $1412 more then other prices I was getting because based on the reviews I figured it would be worth it. I asked Steve your contact person if I can put contents on my vehicle and he said its ok. Then my nightmare started, I put prayer books and day to day clothing shoes and personal items so I can get them earlier then the rest of my stuff from my movers. Why is it my car arrived on friday and i wasnt notified, so i called Steve today on monday to ask where my car is and he said I can go and pick it up from Classic Honda. I get my car and ALL my stuff was missing. My dash board was left open with stuff on the floor papers thrown everywhere and other pieces of other contents on the floor. I was LIVID so I called Steve and he is the most ARROGANT, RUDE person who provides the worst customer service ever. He did not care at all about my concern and kept saying his drivers would never do that and it probably happened when it was parked at Classic Honda and blaming them. Why wasn't I informed when my car arrived 3 days prior? Wherevwr it happened it is SVP auto shippimgs responsibility for the security of my car. Its Steves fault not Classic Honda. Then I find out today Steve had sub contracted my car out to another transport company without me being informed. Why was I not informed of this? I don't know who had possession of my car and stole all our belongings. For God sakes what are you going to do with underwear, socks, clothing, prayer books, personal pictures annd my used smelly shoes. I STRONGLY WARN ALL YOU TO NOT SHIP YOUR VEHICLE WITH SVP AUTO SHIPPING I HAVE FILED POLICE REPORTS IN 3 DIFFERENT PROVINCES. I KNOW I WON'T GET MY CONTENTS BACK BUT I WILL. NOT LET STEVE AT SVP AUTO SHIPPING GET AWAY WITH THIS. HE GAVE MY CAR OUT TO I DON'T KNOW WHO AND WHOEVER HAD MY KEYS STOLE MY BELONGINGS BECAUSE NO WINDOWS WERE. BROKEN THIS WAS AN INSIDE JOB. ***WARNING SVP AUTO SHIPPING IS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY I STRONGLY URGE ALL OF YOU TO SAVE YOURSELF AND NOT GO THROUGH THE HASSLE I AM DEALING WITH*** ...[More]
By anonymous on SVP Auto Shipping on Sep 1 2015 12:19AM
This was by far the worst company I have ever done business with. I shipped my Nissan NV from Indiana to Hilo, Hawaii. After proving the basic information on my car and later the dimensions of my vehicle, I received a quote. After my vehicle sat at their terminal for several weeks, without any follow-up initiated by DAS Global, I was told they needed more money to ship my vehicle. They essentially tried to extort money from me based on their own purported errors. To make a long (and dreadful) story short, I finally received my vehicle absent a single follow-up from them or admission of error on their part. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DAS GLOBAL!!!...[More]
By Jon on DAS Global Services on Aug 31 2015 11:49PM
I had arranged with Trans Auto to ship my car from Nebraska to North Carolina. About a week to the moving date, I tried reaching them several times to be sure that they are going to have someone move the car as I have heard horror stories of their practices. I called and emailed but nobody got back to me. It was like a couple of days before the move when the manager Alan got to me trying to reassure me that they will have someone transport the car. He promised calling me with more information the following day but never did. So, I went ahead and had another company moved the car. I had given them a deposit of $125. I emailed them so many times to refund the deposit but nothing. I disputed the charge with my credit card company. It was reimbursed. I check my account a couple of weeks later and the charge has showed up again. I contacted my credit card and they said they have reach out to Trans Auto and have not heard anything. This is the worst customer service I have ever experience. They never tell you the same story. I am advising anyone who is looking to transport their car to look somewhere else. They will lowball the bid and leave you stuck in a difficult situation when no one shows up....[More]
By Paul T on Trans Auto Transport FL LLC on Aug 31 2015 9:38PM
Order ID# 922340-MP First, I talked to Company... They told me that the price was guaranteed this will never change and the car will be picked up on 19th Aug. And she told me that I can put 100 LB in the trunk when the car will be shipped. So I put 100 LB in my truck. Also, they said all trucks are owned by the company itself, so there should not be any noise like other company. Second, Finally the driver came after 5 days on 24th Aug..When the driver came to receive my car from Charlotte ,NC..he told me that there are no such contract like that, the truck should be ALWAYS empty. I called Irene immediately she told that I put up to 100 LB, but before putting in trunk I checked weight that was not more than 95 LB. Third, When driver came to New Jersey, He told me that I have to pay additional $ 150 otherwise he will not hand over my own car. Here, I was shocked and I was in trap...I tried to convince the driver that 100 LB was in contract, but he also confirmed that he was NEVER not in any agreement with Auto Transport 123 that he has to carry 100 LB. Unfortunately I have to pay additional $ 150 cash to driver to get my car. I will not recommend anyone. ...[More]
By Sumit on Auto Transport 123 on Aug 31 2015 7:49PM
Response from Auto Transport 123
Keith on Aug 31 2015 9:20PM
Sumit and Auto Transport 123 have worked together and resolved the issue he had with the carrier. Dates Date Signed: 08/24/15 Dispatched: 08/24/1...[More]
Could give reasons why I wouldn't use this company again. Like late pick up, poor communication, late delivery, and over priced, but why bother. my suggestion is to not use them and look for a good review of other carriers. good luck...[More]
By doug on Vehicles in Motion on Aug 31 2015 5:22PM
Autos on the go, is nothing more than a nigerian fraud scam, behind a glossy website. They asked for a deposit, sent me a contract and after the deposit in the 1/2 payment ($1150) was made disappeared. Despite numerous phone calls and emails, there was no response. if you were defrauded like i was, please contact your local fbi and police so that these individuals can be found and brought for justice....[More]
By PHILIP L on Autos On The Go on Aug 31 2015 4:18PM
This complany is terrible. They couldn't find a driver and asked me to pay double the quoted price if I wanted one. Meanwhile I passed up a million other cheaper quotes because they took an almost $300 deposit from me. FYI, block your call if you want to cancel because they screen with caller ID and put you to voicemail after putting you on hold for 10min. Terrible terrible service . I will be reporting to BBB and a law suit will surly come after taking my money for no service. ...[More]
By Angry Mover 1 on Car Delivery USA Inc. on Aug 31 2015 3:25PM
I was shipping my car from Louisiana to Virginia. I was told my Patrick at Ship Your Car Now that my car would be picked up for sure on Tuesday and guaranteed delivery on Friday. I said ok and booked the move. When the time came, I could never get a hold of Patrick or the truck transport company. The driver showed up late on Wednesday and delivered the car late on Sunday. Patrick said he would call the driver and let me know exact times and I never heard from him again. This is a horrible company, do not ship your car with them. They claim they're the best and the most honest and they are not. They just want to book your car and then you can take care of the delays. They will never call you back, I called asking for a discount due to the delays and incurred and expenses and I never heard from the company again. Because of all my delays, I incurred extra expenses that I was not planning for and being carless was a HUGE expense. ...[More]
By Sylvia Beck on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Aug 30 2015 12:23PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Aug 31 2015 2:00PM
Hi Sylvia, As per the contract you signed there may be delays in shipping a vehicle. There is numerous reasons why delays occur EG mechanical failu...[More]
Had to pay for rental car due to failure to deliver on time. $386.00, I drove the trip in a rental truck towing a trailer in five days. No one has called me to explain their delay issue. They took the money and forgot about me and my truck. DAS was one of the highest priced companies. No customer service at all. Very poor. Their tracking system is a joke and only says in transit. Very, very, very unhappy...[More]
By William Cody on Dependable Auto Shippers on Aug 30 2015 1:29AM
Truck broke down on the fist pick up day and on the next pickup date it broke down again. Pickup appointment in the morning nobody showed up ,they called in the afternoon that there will be there late evening. Now my son has to fly back to Orlando to pick up the car by his self. I will never ever do business with this company. ...[More]
By Maier on Veterans Auto Transport LLC on Aug 30 2015 12:42AM
So, I was trying to get my 1972 cutlass supreme moved from Milwaukee, WI to Carbondale,IL. This company promise me they could have it to me the date I was promise. And called me and dang near rushed me to give them the deposit, but once I did do the deposit.. All type of problem came up.. Some other company booked me without my knowing, and I had to get them to take it down for the to move on with the order. I finally got them to take it down and I wanted a refund, so after I asked for a refund the guy from Andrew auto transport sent me another picture saying they couldn't do it because it's still up. Not knowing they had already removed the other quote 6-7 hours before, and he was trying to use the picture as a way to not refund me my money. Now the promise they made to get my car on the date I need it. They can't delivered. They trying to tell me I can't get a refund, but they don't meet my expectation or my needs in which they promised and which I paid for. ...[More]
By D'Eddric Williams on Andrew Auto Transport on Aug 29 2015 8:22PM
Response from Andrew Auto Transport
brian andrew desind on Aug 29 2015 11:22PM
D'eddric, We will not be held hostage by a negative review. You double booked the job with multiple brokers and wasted our time. We sent a driver to p...[More]
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