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Very Professional and knowledgeable. Driver was fantastic also. I dealt with many "shady" brokers (some could not even speak good English) over the phone. Many told me lies or were mis-leading. all they wanted was their deposit. Orange Auto Transport really showed me they wanted my business. I will use them again....[More]
By Randy James on Orange Auto Transport about 36 Minutes Ago
Scott amd Paul transported my Jeep across Canada in 13 days. My driver Brad was very professional and careful with my baby. I am very happy! Thanks guys Cliff S....[More]
By CLIFF on Vehicles in Motion about 42 Minutes Ago
I needed to transport a family vehicle across country so I started doing my research. First thing I liked was AT123 is family owned for 35 years. Second in looking at their previous reviews their ratings were excellent. I now certainly know why. I called on a Sunday. Irene answered the phone almost immediately and was ready to answer any questions I had. She was knowledgeable, thorough, extremely professional and just delightful. Every detail of her quote was sent to me in writing. She called me proactively to review and their process allows for an electronic signature, making it very easy for me. They required a very fair deposit and again, a price guarantee. I was given the name and number of my driver and once the car was being picked up, he called on time and was very easy to work with. Within 3 days, my vehicle arrived with a call the day before giving me a timeframe and asking what would be easiest for me. He called the morning of, again ON-TIME as he stated and the car was delivered. Easy-professional-and operationally coordinated like a well oiled machine. Easier than most furniture deliveries! With every conversation, quote, contract and driver they stood by their word and delivered my car with outstanding customer care and service. ...[More]
By D. Elser on Auto Transport 123 about 2 Hours Ago
I'm so thankful for Armani and his team at Passage Auto Transport!.....I previously dealt with another auto broker company "All Weather Auto Inc." they quoted me a super low price to move my SUV across country. I took a job offer in Rhode Island and moving 3,000 miles away is not cheap and very stressful. I thought I was getting a great deal with the super low quote "All Weather Auto Inc" but it turns out it was just a scam. They never had a driver and my car was never picked up. Worried and stressed I spoke to Armani and he explained to me the ins and outs of the business. This made me feel a lot better. The price was a little higher but not to much and Armani got the job done! I had my vehicle at my new home in 5 days!- I'm forever thankful for Joel and his help. ...[More]
By Bahtie on Passage Auto Transport about 2 Hours Ago
I had a very good experience. Van was picked up 1 day after available and delivered early. I was kept informed throughout. The driver was knowledgeable and professional. Van was delivered in good shape and cared for. I would ship with them again and feel confident the vehicle would arrive safely. ...[More]
By L Schimpff on Montway Auto Transport about 2 Hours Ago
Pick up date was not on the date I wanted but luckily I had somebody to leave the car with. Everything else went smoothly. Raymond was professional and got the car here on time and in one piece. ...[More]
By Schyler on Montway Auto Transport about 2 Hours Ago
I read some of the negative reviews about these guys on here and wanted to leave a positive one because I had a great experience with these guys and don't want others to be turned away unnecessarily. I had first decide to go with a different company because of their lower price, after getting fed up with no communication and my order going nowhere I went with these guys because they were the next best price I got. I was a little nervous because of some of the negative reviews but I'm glad I went with them. Most of our conversations were initiated by Roger calling me and even leaving messages or texting so that I knew what was going on or to call back when I could. They got my order booked within a couple days and kept me filled in on everything the whole time. I felt like I was in great hands, and I was. In the end the first shipper I was going to go with really screwed up things and booked a shipper for WAY more than we agreed on without telling me. They had them pick up the car and deliver it before the correct ones scheduled by Plaza Auto could get there. When they got to my house and wanted way more than we agreed on I called Roger and it was late in the day, he answered promptly and helped us figure out what happened right away. In the end it worked out with the other shippers, but I felt bad that the ones we scheduled with Plaza Auto got screwed out of their job. I was really glad to have Roger's experience and expertise there to help me when needed. These are very trust worthy and experienced guys. I wasn't even asked for my card # or charged anything until they booked my transport with a shipper. And their fee was quite a bit less than other companies. Thanks a lot for everything Roger!!...[More]
By Brad on Plaza Auto Transport about 3 Hours Ago
These guys are ridiculous!! I got a bunch of quotes Trusty Transport was one of the lower ones. I decided to go with them and completed the online form. Expecting to get an email confirmation or response I check throughout the next day. Nothing. Finally I contacted them to make sure they got it. Their only reply was "Yes, we're working on it". After another couple of days with not update I contacted them again...Same reply. After another couple of days still no update, I started looking for someone else since I was getting the feeling this was going no where. I ended up going with another company that was about 200 dollars more but they were still the next cheapest option and in 2 days they had a carrier confirmed to deliver my car. It was supposed to be picked up that next day and delivered 4 days later. This is where the real mess cam into play that showed how jacked up this Trusty Transport company is... I got a call the day after it was picked up saying they would be there that evening. I was really surprised, it was 3 days earlier than I was told originally. The company showed up and said I owed them almost $850, I said no, I was told the driver would get $600. He called his contact, I called mine. We couldn't figure out what was going on. My guy called me back a couple min. later and said he figured it out, and he was right, these guys were booked by this Trusty Transport company without my knowledge!!!!!! They told me the shipping would be $400 and when that didn't get picked up by a shipper they kept raising it until it did to get it booked. Without telling me a thing. Then they even booked it without telling me anything. Completely ridiculous way of doing business!!!! Steer clear of these guys, they have no idea how to run an honest business. Don't fall for their lower price scam!! They were never supposed to pick up my car, they beat the other guys to my car and luckily I still got it delivered, title and all. I was just very lucky. So the other guys that were supposed to pick it up got screwed out of a job on this one. I was so pissed, so were the drivers. At least we all understood the problem was Trusty Transport, and we settled with them getting the $600 I was going to pay and not giving these guys anything since they screwed the whole thing up!!! I just got very lucky and still got my car, you may not be so lucky if you go with these guys!!! Stay away!!! ...[More]
By Brad on Trusty Transport about 3 Hours Ago
I filled an online quote on Sunday 27th of September to ship my car on September 30th. On september 28th, I got an early morning call from Eric that they confirmed that they found a transport for me. I had already browsed a lot on line and their quote came on the low average side which was good :) I paid and got a confirmation later that day. On september 29th at 10 am, I got a call from the driver that he wants to pick it up but I had stated that the first availability is the 30th. I didnt mind them picking it up a day early and worked with the driver on that until his dispatcher stepped in at 7 pm that's when things started getting complicated and I didnt like how the dispatcher was handling things. On the following morning ( 30th) I called their 24 hours help line and I emailed Eric. An hour latter Eric got back to me and things were back on track again. The car was picked up on the 30th and arrived as scheduled on the 2nd. I have to say even the driver was a very polite and professional person that you can easily reason out with. It was the dispatcher though that I had problems with. Car arrived without any damages or scratches, just dirty from the weather. Indeed at pick up when the driver noticed that I am moving across states he said most of the cars are empty so he allowed to go above the 100Ibs In conclusion, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with ERic and he will give you all the needed help and assistance...[More]
By Nora on Ship a Car Direct about 6 Hours Ago
Despite the ratings of this company I chose to go with them, I have shipped many cars with other companies this was the only time it went smooth and on time. Athony was great , honest and professional, I have another car to ship and they will get the job....[More]
By Dan Lusher on Premier Auto Shippers about 7 Hours Ago
I was a bit leery about shipping a car from Alabama to Utah, but became very at ease with Montway from the very first phone call. They were very professional, from the phone contact person to the driver. They provided email feedback and details. At one point I contacted the dispatcher via the phone number they provided, because I couldn't get through to the driver's cell phone. The dispatcher was very helpful and was able to contact the driver while I was on hold. I was fearing the worst at shipping a car across most of the country, but Montway made this a very pleasant experience, and I would not hesitate to use them again....[More]
By Michael on Montway Auto Transport about 16 Hours Ago
This is the second time we've used Gaby. She's really great....honest and fair. We've referred several people to her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend. This particular shipment took longer than our first but was within the time spread promised. No damage or things stolen. Car was dirty but it was a 3,100 mile shipment. No complaints here. ...[More]
By Dave on Ship a Car Direct about 16 Hours Ago
Thumbs up for Jason who was the primary contact at ShipaCarDirect and handled my requests. Because of my uncertainty of move date, he was patient and able to accommodate my needs. No push and good communication! Overall, excellent work in arranging the shipping. I wish I could give five star to Ship A Car Direct, but after all, the carrier - Unified Auto Trans - was recommended by Ship A Car Direct. Unified Auto Trans did a mediocre job in shipping and delivering my car for the following reasons: 1) the car was not delivered as promised "door to door"; 2) the side view mirror was damaged. I understand the car could be dirty (which was, covered with a thick layer of dirt), the driver should have taken measures to prevent possible damages to the car; and 3) the communication should be significantly improved. I was not told where and when to meet the driver to pick up the car even when I explicitly asked. At the last minute, I was told to go to a place 7 miles away. Since the driver was on a tight schedule, I had to take a uber (40$) to find the driver. Though the driver compensated 20$, it wasted me a lot of time/money/energy in getting my car. Very unpleasant experience and would never use this carrier again. ...[More]
By SG on Ship a Car Direct about 17 Hours Ago
Happy withe the service from Start to finish. They kept me Informed throughout. Only hitch was vehicle was a day late at pick and having to hunt for the driver but it was probably a miscommunication and all was fine in the end.wouls recommend and use again if needed...[More]
By RA on AutoStar Transport Express about 17 Hours Ago
I did not give Ship Your Car Now permission to list my vehicle on the board. They did not have the correct information, I was doing business with someone else....[More]
By Lionel Cola on Ship Your Car Now LLC. about 18 Hours Ago
They promised me they would pick up the vehicle by a specific date and broke their promise by not picking the vehicle up. When I was getting concerned about the pick up date and would call them and tell them my blight I was assured it would be picked up by the date I was promised. When the pick up date came and nothing was happening I called Jona and would only get her voice mail. I called their general number and a dude assured me he would get to the bottom of this and get back to me in 2 hours. after 3 hours of not hearing from him I called again and a woman assured me she would get this straightened out and would come into work Sunday (her off day) to keep me informed. That never happened. This was as low as it can get. We had traveled out to Calif. to prep the vehicle to be moved. My brother had passed and I was receiving the vehicle and taking it to WI. to lessen the burden on his wife and children. I wanted needed to be there when the vehicle was removed so the family would not have that burden. Unfortunately that did not happen as I had to return home. I contacted Godspeed Transport and they made the transport happen within a few days. With Godspeed the car was on a truck headed to WI. without the drama I had with Q. Q had the nerve to call me as the car was in transport to ask if I still needed the car moved. I will also file a claim against Q with the better Business Bureau....[More]
By Bill on Q Auto Transport LLC about 18 Hours Ago
Anthony arranged the transport….The driver was very courteous and kept me informed and also the delivery person informed of the times….Everything was perfect....[More]
By Jodie on Premier Auto Shippers about 19 Hours Ago
Rite way shipped my 2009 Mercedes Benz SL500. Seth was great he called and let me know when they were coming, and they actually got it dropped off two days before I expected which was great. Wonderful service! ...[More]
By Alex Fontinello on Rite Way Auto Transport about 19 Hours Ago
Going with team All Star made shipping very easy for me with no stress at all. Everyone treated me kindly, cost was fair, I was constantly updated on my car's status and my car was even delivered Early. ...[More]
By Leomara on All Star Direct Auto Shipping about 19 Hours Ago
i will never shop or search for another company to transport a vehicle for me. Ship a car direct has earned my Bussiness forever. Especially if Jason is working there. Every step of the way he was there. Before the pick up, during the pick up, and after. I'm so happy the car came here in a timely (fast) manner and without a single scratch. Beautiful work. And definatly recommend Jason!!...[More]
By Waqar Younis on Ship a Car Direct about 19 Hours Ago
Auto Transport Group did a fantastic job transporting my car. Felicia Williams was very helpful from beginning to end. Her knowledge and attention to detail made this experience pain free. The driver, Nick, that she assigned to move my car was on time and treated me with respect. I had no reservations about the safety of my car even though the trip was over 2,400 miles. My car was delivered on time and without damage. I would not hesitate to use Auto Transport group again and would recommend them to friends and family. Good service is not always easy to find but I was fortunate to find it in Felicia Williams and Auto Transport Group!...[More]
By John Tonge on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 20 Hours Ago
Great experience. Clearly explained the process, followed up before the shipment. Driver was great. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Highly recommend Anthony....[More]
By Michael Gorski on Auto Transport 123 about 21 Hours Ago
Very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to accommodate me and my order. I would absolutely work with this company again. My delivery arrived on time and as promised. The driver was professional and courteous. I recommend this company to anyone in need. Thank you....[More]
By Kene on Vehicle Shipping Group LLC about 21 Hours Ago
Overall not a bad service. The car was delivered timely. Pick up was a day late however my car did arrive safely. I would use them again¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...[More]
By Pd on Auto Transport 123 about 21 Hours Ago
I investigated various companies, before I settled on Ship-a-Car Direct. The company proved my hope of being friendly and helpful. Gaby was patient with all my questions and very helpful at arranging the order. The pick up part went well and carrier managed to work with my son's daytime sleep schedule. The carrier called a day sooner than I expected from the original time estimate, what was a big personal help. The company's 24 hour phone contact number proved useful the two times I used it on a Saturday and very early Thursday morning, the day of delivery. The delivery part went smooth and the car came through just fine. My father-in-law who accepted the delivery found it interesting how it was accomplished. Yes, I highly recommend Ship A Car Direct. Ron Spitzer Order Number 461509-JY)...[More]
By Ron Spitzer on Ship a Car Direct about 21 Hours Ago
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