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i had my toyota corolla shipped with D&G Professional Brokerage and Tony Stewart was my REP and everything went very sooth. thank you...[More]
By Jenny on D&G Professional Brokerage about 21 Minutes Ago
Good Company to work with. Honest. Fast. Reliable. Would definitely use them again and recommend it to the other customers...[More]
By Alexei Krasnyanskiy on Auto Transport 123 about 28 Minutes Ago
I booked the service early. The transport company contacted me two days before pickup and gave the driver's contact information. The driver was courteous and delivered the car in the estimated 7 days. The car was dirty, but that is expected from an open carrier, especially during winter weather. Overall satisfied and would use them again....[More]
By SJ on Direct Express Auto Transport about 29 Minutes Ago
I put my quote in for transport of my Mazda on 11/04. Jason from Seamless Auto was one of the first ones to call me that morning. I had at least 20 dfferent quotes.I got a great price from Seamless Auto, and within 30 minutes of setting it up with them, they got me a driver for next day pickup! I was expecting it on 11/08, but the driver got there on 11/07, which made it even better! Great experience!...[More]
By Alan Spiegel on Seamless Auto Transport about 32 Minutes Ago
Stephanie has helped me move many cars and always finds the best drivers and best rates. She is very friendly, knowledgeable and gets the job done right....[More]
By John Bisceglie on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 39 Minutes Ago
Stephanie has helped me move many cars and always finds the best drivers and best rates. She is very friendly, knowledgeable and gets the job done right!...[More]
By John Bisceglie on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 43 Minutes Ago
My Story with United Auto Logistics – Moving from MI to HI 1) I receive a quote via email and call the broker (Sebastian) and he tells me that my car will be in Honolulu before I arrive and I can also put up to a 100lbs in my car and anything a over is a dollar a pound. I say great. WHAT HE FAILS TO MENTION: California to Hawaii – YOU CANNOT HAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR CAR 2) I told Sebastian that I need my car before the 28th of October when I arrive to be safe and he tells me my car will take 12 days to get to Honolulu so we book it 14 days just in case, RIGHT? WRONG – well get to that later 3) The day before my pickup I get a call during the middle of a nap saying if I do not go to the bank immediately and deposit XXX amount of dollars the truck driver will not pick up my car. WAIT, isn’t this the logistics company’s responsibility because I am paying them to take care of it. Took me an hour to get to the bank because of rush hour and I made it by 15 minutes at 4:45pm. Banks close at 5pm in MI. I SPENT an hour with some associate broker who was rude as hell and could not explain to me why I had to physically drive to a bank to deposit funds. 4) The truck driver shows up a day late! 5) When he sees my car he tells me I cannot have anything in my car- by the way he barely speaks English, barely. I told him the broker said it was fine and he asked “Is it going to California” I respond “Yes, but ultimately it is going to Hawaii.” He looks at the light stuff inside and says “Ok” after speaking with his boss. 6) 2 days before I leave I get a call from the driver saying that MATSON the shipping freight company cannot take my car because there are items in it and it is ILLEGAL to have stuff in your car. So I call United, the same asshole picks up and within 3 minutes of going back and forth they put BILLY MORGAN on the phone and after 4 hours, NO LIE, 4 gruelling hours what ends up happening is the truck driver removed the stuff from the car and they said they would ship it to me and UNITED PROMISED TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKES AND BECAUSE OF ALL THE MESS UPS. 7) Ohhh, also if anything gets lost its not the trucking companies fault. PERFECT 8) Because I have a bad feeling and I spoke to the person at MATSON they said my car would be there November 3rd. WTF!!!!! I need my car on the 28th! Billy, who has helped me at this point confirms for me it will be there on the 28th. HE LIED! I called the voice thing and it said November 3rd but Billy said he spoke to someone again and that it would be there. HE LIED. 9) Billy said he would get the rest of my stuff shipped and he spoke to the woman who now has my stuff and they would send via UPS. About $430.00 to ship. Billy says that’s fine. 10) Because of United’s mistake and it is theirs! I HAD TO PAY $450 for a car rental for a week of which they will take no responsibility. Now I am disputing with Matson! 11) To wrap this up It as BEEN 3 weeks and I have left messages for BILLY and his BOSS Frank and they have not responded. ALL I have are emails from Billy saying he is in a meeting and I have left multiple voice messages for Billy and no response. Apparently they are all in meetings. 12) I left another voicemail for BILLY because here is the kicker. 13) HE LIVES IN FLORIDA 14) MY BROTHER LIVES IN FLORIDA 15) ON THE SAME STREET AS HIS FU%$#$% COMPANY 16) MY brother is walking in today 17) Cannot wait to hear his excuse and the end of this. ...[More]
By Jeff on United Auto Logistics about 48 Minutes Ago
Auto Shipping Group was prompt and easy to use and I would definitely work with them again. Felicia made sure to keep me in the loop with frequent phone calls. Would definitely recommend....[More]
By Megan on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 51 Minutes Ago
Quick and on time. Even earlier than expected. And all looks good.... Kept me informed during the shipping as to an eta....[More]
By jim on Auto Transport 123 about 52 Minutes Ago
I've used this company twice overall rating I would say is great, both times it was fast and on time! Next time will deffinantly be giving you guys a call! ...[More]
By Danny on Auto Transport 123 about 54 Minutes Ago
My Fastback was well taken care of and I was also given updates through the transport. The driver was caring and knowledgeable regarding the vehicles he transported. Had no issues with pick up and arrived on time. ...[More]
By Seth on 1 All Aboard Auto Transport (NY) about 1 Hour Ago
Response from 1 All Aboard Auto Transport (NY)
Fletcher about 1 Hour Ago
Thank you Seth, it was my pleasure to help....Fletcher BBB A+ (Google All Aboard best and top rated Auto Transport) ...[More]
I left a review that was not posted....David Pein contacted me saying he was going to refund the difference from the quote to the actual charges but that check hasn't come and I have had the car for several weeks now. I was overcharged, under serviced......David Pein got his money and I never heard from him again until I wrote the first review that he deleted. It was his job to contact the driver with all the information like the pick up address, the mans name that had the car and the drop off destination........I got a call from the driver asking all of that.....when the driver was delayed I didn't get phone calls. When the car did finally show up It was in the middle of the night REALLY and it wasn't brought door to door like I was told. I had to help the driver unload the truck to get my car off the trailer as some of the load he had didn't run. I got to my house with the car in the early morning hours between midnight and One o'clock. I guess I will have to contact the BBB about him and the company. If this review gets deleted I will contact Transport Reviews and tell them about the Compensation David Pein offered in the form of a check to correct the OVERCHARGE....[More]
By Daniel Laffoon on Get it Done Transportation about 1 Hour Ago
Response from Get it Done Transportation
David Pein about 39 Minutes Ago
This is under review by the owner. ANY potential clients please look at our 1000 PLUS 5 star reviews., and know we transport OVER 800 cars a month and...[More]
This is the first time I experienced transporting my vehicle cross country. John explained the process, in great detail,basically how the carriers select jobs etc. The initial carrier I had hired did nothing after my deposit and I had to cancel them and hire Shank Bros. Shank Bros. arranged for my car to be available on the same day to start its journey. No premium charged for urgent delivery cross country. It arrived exactly when they said it would. The transporter and the car was in great condition. Any person wanting a professional with experience an service you will admire, contact John at Shank Bros. ...[More]
By Howard on Shank Bros Auto Transport LLC about 2 Hours Ago
Overall this was a good experience never having done this before. There were a couple of things- The online price was lower than the price I paid, vehicle wasn't picked up and they never called dealer or me. ...[More]
By L on McNutt Auto Logistics LLC about 2 Hours Ago
Overall very good experience with Jim ford trucking. They did everything in order to get it shipped within the time-frame, but Michael has been very honest about it. He was dealing with me on behalf of Jim ford. My car was in perfect order. It got moved across the country and frankly it wasn't that unclean upon delivery, and only a tiny scratch. When I marked that they were remarkably rush to fix that up. The guys waxed that out! If I would drive myself, there would have been definitely more scrapes. Delivery was very really in mentioned window. Zero objection from me....[More]
By Harvey Jonason on Jim Ford Trucking about 2 Hours Ago
Customer Service is good. They answered all the questions. The Primary contact person Matt was nice and friendly. He is honest and didnt lie to me. The first carrier assigned to me broke down but Matt found another carrier who picked up the car on same day. Car reached without damage. I would consider this in future....[More]
By Sunil on Ship a Car Direct about 2 Hours Ago
They were amazing. Responsive and pro-active. Reasonably priced and everything went smoothly from beginning to end of the process. Highly recommend them. I didn't know about the compensation until I suggested that I wanted to write a review as I was so impressed and totally stand by my reco....[More]
By lynne on Ship a Car Direct about 3 Hours Ago
The best service you can get, at affordable pricing. Knowledgable staff and professional driver. These guys work for you to make sure you are taken care of. I would highly recommend this company for your auto shipping. (And I'm picky) You will not be disappointed. ...[More]
By Michael on 7 Star Auto Transport about 3 Hours Ago
Response from 7 Star Auto Transport
Jack Saban about 59 Minutes Ago
For same 5-Star service call ROB (866) 576-7009 ext.210, email or get a Free Quote at our website. - It was great serving you,...[More]
I investigated about 30 companies prior to using Ultimate. Pat at Ultimate was the first broker to call me and educate me about the process and also what to look for regarding scams and non-reputable companies. I took about a month investigating the companies and when it came to a decision, it was an easy one. Pat Lynch has genuine honesty while exhibiting great professionalism, industry knowledge, and accessibility. The number one thing I can say, is that Pat and ultimate did exactly what they said they would with great integrity and I would recommend them to anyone shipping a vehicle. ...[More]
By MARK KAPPES on Ultimate Auto Shipping Inc. about 3 Hours Ago
Ric provided me with prompt service and an excellent deal. He was completely straightforward with the process (and lined up correctly with what I had read online) and so efficient that he was able to get my car picked up 2-3 days after the initial call was made. Ric informed me that sometimes carriers were looking for quick spots to fill as they near departure time and would sometimes take a smaller amount than the national average (at this point, previous transporters had quoted me at ~$1000-$1200. So I asked if he could inquire about that possibility, called me back 30 mins later and said he could do it for $850. As you can imagine, I was thrilled at the prospect of saving ~$400 so I gave him my CC info and had it arranged for pick-up that Friday (I called on a Wednesday). The pick up was smooth, the driver was polite to my father back home, patient enough to let him fill the car with some last minute items I had asked to be sent, and periodically checked-in with me over the weekend. The car was delivered on Tuesday and the entire process was fairly simple. I paid $700 cash to the driver, he provided me with a receipt, $150 deposit was taken from my account after the car was delivered, and we each went on our way. Considering I may travel back to AZ in a year or two, I am definitely going to be soliciting the services of this company again and would highly recommend you speak to Ric for impeccable service. ...[More]
By George A. on Motor Movers Auto Transport about 3 Hours Ago
I sent an email to one of the big online shipping sites and was instantly inundated with about 20 responses. Bewildering... Roman at Mercury transport took the time to explain the process, "We are all brokers, no one can really give you a solid quote without the trucker's bid... Your cost will be the trucker's bid plus our brokerage fee." He suggested a price that a trucker was likely to accept. We posted it and had a driver within the hour. The driver (Ridge Runner Hauling) was prompt, courteous, and diligent. My car was picked up two days later. He called with an update from Eastern Montana. He called the day before delivery with an estimated time of arrival and delivered my car with 15 minutes of his estimated time. Seamless as far as I'm concerned....[More]
By Ed on Mercury Auto Transport LLC about 4 Hours Ago
I was stuck needing a last minute p/u due to a failure w/another company.Anthony and Premier were amazing.He was higher than what others were saying they could do it for but after already trying the cheaper quotes and having problems,Anthony made me feel secure and was real straight forward.Amazingly,2 hours after placing the order,he had someone p/u same day instead of 48 hr service expected,just like he said he would try to do.There is no one else I would ever use again.Thanks again for the save...[More]
By Ira S. on Premier Auto Shippers about 5 Hours Ago
I purchased a truck on eBay and was looking for a reasonable price to get it to West Virginia. After contacting some shippers with really cheap rates I decided to read up on these different transporters to see their feedback. I was shocked.I decided to look for the most reputable transport company I could fine and spend a few extra dollars.ASG was the first one that came up and looked very good to me.I called late Friday evening and got was unbelievable she took care of everything that night.she got me a reasonable rate and a great transport team to bring the pick up here in Morgantown.everything worked out great. I am very happy and would recommend ASG to anyone wanting a good transport company....[More]
By Doug Kinsley on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 6 Hours Ago
As my search began to find a reliable shipping carrier…I came across so many companies and I didn’t know who to trust. I wanted to ship directly with a carrier company to avoid the headache of dealing with a broker. Since Autoline is both a carrier and broker, they assured me that my car would ship directly on their truck. They gave me a said schedule for pickup and delivery. They told me my car would get picked up on Monday in Houston, and delivered the following Thursday. I placed my order online later that night, and to make a long story short, their driver (he wore a Autoline logo on this shirt & their truck had their logo) picked up my car as scheduled on Thursday and delivered in safe and sound Thursday (day before I started my new job). Plus, he kept in touch with me through the process. This company did what they said, and it gave me peace of mind knowing that I was dealing with the actual carrier. Autoline gets a thumps up from me. ...[More]
By Elena on Autoline Transport about 9 Hours Ago
Malia went the extra mile getting my full size van to Idaho, very good experience, my van arrived on time with no damage. Would,and most Lilkly will use this company again for sure! ...[More]
By Barney Redlich on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 11 Hours Ago
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