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I hired Alpine Logistics LLC to move my Nissan 370Z from IL to AZ in an enclosed truck. Mike at Alpine contracted Montway Auto Carriers to move to car for me to AZ. The car was picked up in IL and was loaded as the first car on the semi on the lower deck of the trailer. When the truck arrived in AZ the car was removed from the position on the truck where it had been loaded. When the car was removed I noticed huge dents in the roof of the car. The truck driver stated to me he had no idea how the car got damaged. Long and short when the police officers arrived the driver admitted to the officer he knew the car was damaged because someone was inspecting the car above mine and damaged my car. I took the car in for an estimate for repair and the car was no longer in drivable condition when the estimate was complete. Montway insisted on a second estimate. It took several days for Montway to send another repair shop to my body shop of choice to look at the car. When the estimates were complete Jennie Nudgin at Montway called me and said she would send me a check for the estimate on the repairs. I talked to Jennie several times and told her that sending me a check for the estimate of repairs was unacceptable. IT was just an ESTIMATE. While the body shop worked on my car the windshield broke which in not uncommon for the type of bodywork and damage that was done to my car. Jennie said Montway would not cover the windshield. After almost a month I finally received my repaired car back thanks to Mike at Alpine Logistics covering the entire repair charges. Montway is a disgrace and a horrible company to do business with. If not for Mike at Alpine I have no doubt that my pristine Nissan 370Z would still be in damaged condition. DO NOT do business with Montway Auto Carriers....[More]
By Kellie Priessman on Montway Auto Transport about 5 Hours Ago
We were leaving PA for WA on June 7th 2015. I picked Montway based on the reviews here. Order was placed with Montway on May 21st 2015 with first available pick up date of June 1st 2015. Gave the CC info during booking with the catch that they will charge 200 when the dispatch is arranged and final amount to be paid to the driver on delivery. We got the car ready for pickup, booked rental vehicle for the first week of June anticipating pickup. Called on May 28th , June 2nd June 4th, June 5th. Every time I called I was told to hang-tight, my pickup was top in their system etc without any surety. When I called on 5th regarding status they advised me to find a friend who could keep the car for us until Montway was able to find a carrier! So waited till end of the day on 6th without any news regarding dispatch and finally cancelled the order. Oh Well! A good chance to take a break from work and drive across the country!...[More]
By DKandMP on Montway Auto Transport about 5 Hours Ago
After researching may carriers I settled on Montway. The did a good job of answering my questions and setting up the shipping with D&A Trucking of Philadelphia. At pickup time they were 2 hours late, and claimed the truck couldn't fit in my parking lot, so they drove my car to a remote location for loading. I was told that this is a normal thing. When I received my car the textured steering wheel was missing a large chunk out of the left hand side. I immediately called Montwy claims, who basically told me they couldn't do anything and to take it up with the carriers insurance which I did. The carriers insurance told me since the damage was less than the deductible to tale it up directly with the carrier which I did. The carrier said the drive said the steering wheel was already damaged and then abruptly hung up. I have canceled payment on my credit card. No one is getting paid until this claim is repaired either by Montway or the carrier. ...[More]
By Michael on Montway Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
Very nice to talk to at first but then it became nasty. After 10 days of my car not being picked up, I called and Daniel wanted more money, even though I was told at the beginning they did not operate that way. I went with their flexible schedule, which according to their website said I could expect my car picked up within 10 days. I called and left 2 voice messages but neither were returned. After 20 days, I contacted them through e-mail and told them I was going to go with another carrier since they would not contact me or deliver my vehicle. Within minutes of that e-mail I got a response. Funny how quickly Daniel responded to my email. He also threatened to keep my $125 and also charge me another $350. $150 for disputing, $100 for a filing fee, and another $100 if I leave negative feedback, stating that would be slander. Their website and smooth talking says one thing but their actions speak differently....[More]
By Layne Wireman on Veteran Transport Logistics about 6 Hours Ago
I received a $699 quote to move my vehicle from Tampa to Colorado Springs. When I tried to finalize the paperwork they sent me a credit card authorization for only $200 with no mention of a total cost or balance due. The terms and conditions clearly stated that this was not a contract with the carrier / driver so I called Thomas back and ask for clarification and he said the driver would only charge me the balance due $499. I ask him to put this in writing and he said he would find a driver to transport for that fee but would not give in writing, he also said he would have to contact a number of drivers to get this rate. It also stated in the terms the driver was not bound to any rate at this point. The contract also clearly stated in two different paragraphs that once he started the search for a carrier the $200 would not be refunded for any reason. The biggest concern for me he was going to call back and say he could not find a carrier for this rate and the price go up. To this he responded that the Quote was a receipt and would be honored by the driver. I also ask him to put this in writing since it was not a receipt since I had not paid for the transportation yet and that this was clearly a quote. He advised me this is how he operates and was not willing to make any further promises or initiate full contract. At this point I ask him to cancel my deposit and I contacted my credit card company to make sure no charge was pending. Be extremely careful he is not honest or trustworthy. Not sure he even is providing his real name on the quote as you see the quote end in JM and he gave his mane as Thomas James. Will also report to BBB and other sites where I can also see other carrier/ broker reviews . ...[More]
By Mel on Reliable Elite Auto Carriers about 8 Hours Ago
Derrick initially e-mailed me with a price quote of $790, but the price was actually $950. Service was OK otherwise - he was responsive and easy to reach via phone. Waited three days for pickup; transit time was an additional two days. Car was extremely dusty upon arrival....[More]
By Chris A. on Dynamic Auto Movers about 9 Hours Ago
Welcome to the world of auto transport - a business like no other. Caveat Emptor. In mid-June, I posted a need to transport a mid-size SUV from suburban Indianapolis, IN to Santa Fe, NM. I was looking for enclosed transport. I needed my car to be picked up on 7/27 or 28. I thought I was being proactive in setting it up early, to ensure I would get what I needed. I was quickly inundated with calls, emails and voicemails from brokers, all promising good rates and efficient service. After speaking with several, I selected Motor Movers Auto Transport (MMAT). They clearly explained the process and seemed trustworthy. MMAT quoted a price ($1300) which seemed competitive with other offers I was getting. They reassured me that even though we were agreeing a month in advance (in mid June for late July transport), they would keep me informed "every step of the way". I took them at their word, and also followed their advice to work with only one broker, instead of playing brokers against each other. Then the wheels came off, figuratively. My last communication from MMAT was on June 24th, more than 30 days ago. I am sitting in my apartment today - 7/27, the presumed day of pickup - and have long since given up hope that anything is going to happen today. Katie A. at MMAT was a terrific communicator in soliciting my business; however, I have had NO RESPONSE to repeated emails or voicemails (she doesn't answer her phone) over the last several weeks. Ironically, other vendors warned me that MMAT would not be reliable. I chalked it up to the ultra-competitive nature of the auto-transport business, but in reality, they were spot-on. I have made other arrangements of course. I called Katie at MMAT today (naturally, it rolled over to voicemail again) and let her know that I would no longer need MMAT's help. I don't expect to hear back. ...[More]
By PF on Motor Movers Auto Transport about 11 Hours Ago
Initially we thought we found a very reputable company to ship our vehicle across the country. At first Lance was very helpful and seemed knowledgeable. However, there were red flags starting to appear very close to our requested shipping date. We are all human, but there should be no errors when sending out documents to be signed when paying over 1K to ship a vehicle. There were numerous times he 'forgot to email the contract,' addresses were spelled incorrectly on the contract, and the scheduled pickup date was incorrect, or we couldn't even open the document. Phone calls regarding questions I had were not immediately returned and when I called again, his reply was, 'I'm sorry, I forgot.." We were all set to have a cashier's check sent to our destination of delivery (since our van would reach our destination before us and we had friends who were going to pick it up for us and pay the carrier). We called Lance (a week in advance) to ask who the check for the remainder of the balance should be made out to (since he forgot to mention it in the contract) and he told us directly "Autoshipping Group." We needed to verify this as we had to mail the check out prior to our move so our friends would have it in time. We received a call as we were driving halfway through the US and it was the carrier asking how they would be paid and we told them, only to have them tell us that the check was not made out to the correct company. We got Lance on the phone, and he denied ever telling us who to make the check out to and basically telling us we screwed up and there was nothing he could do to help. We spent an entire day on the phone (while driving & nowhere near a branch of our bank) trying to figure out how to get a new check made/ and sent in time (1.5 DAYS BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF THE VEHICLE).- TOTAL Nightmare! The one thing I was tasked to do for our family, and thought I really found a reputable company, absolutely ruined 2 days of our trip. Luckily, our bank was amazing and had to pull some major strings and bend the rules to help us, but we still had to pay for a new check to be over-nighted and thankfully the van arrived in one piece. I would NOT recommend AutoShipping Group to anyone shipping a vehicle....[More]
By Kathi on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 13 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 12 Hours Ago
Lance Staab 360.406.4893 Kathi I am sorry for the difficulties in the transport. Once I secure a carrier for you. I ...[More]
Worst Transport company ever, be weary of this company they are known to up sell customers in mid transit, they have a horrible reputation online and on central dispatch AVOID AT ALL COSTS. SCAM rude husband and wife drive around the country ripping off our customers. claimed they do not care about their reputation...[More]
By Tommy on Keeney Transport about 13 Hours Ago
Worst Transport company ever, be weary of this company they are known to up sell customers in mid transit, they have a horrible reputation online and on central dispatch AVOID AT ALL COSTS. SCAM rude husband and wife drive around the country ripping off our customers. claimed they do not care about their reputation...[More]
By Tommy on Keeney Transport about 13 Hours Ago
Be warned: Lighthouse Auto Transport will trash your car, deliver it months late, and then try to overcharge you on delivery. Charles Walker gave me a transport quote on 3/28/15 (quote #145709-ZD) and said it would ship the following week. I followed up with John Spencer early the following week, and he confirmed the schedule. It took Lighthouse almost two months to deliver a vehicle I urgently needed! When the car finally showed up (on 5/17/15), the windshield was smashed, and my EZ-pass was stolen from the vehicle. The antenna was also mangled, and the security screws had been ripped out of the front bumper where the front license plate was torn off. (You can see photos from the vehicle being unloaded at Then the driver demanded $105 more than I'd been quoted. When I wouldn't pay this additional bribe, he loaded my car back on the truck and left with it! After days of unanswered calls to Lighthouse, it wasn't until I threatened to file a stolen vehicle report to the police that my vehicle was returned (on 5/24/15), with the explanation that the driver had mistakenly been offered a higher amount than me, and a promise from Lighthouse to refund for the $105 difference I had to pay the driver. After dozens of calls (four to Danny on 5/21 and 5/22, and sixteen to John Spencer on 6/10, 6/15, 6/16, 6/17, 6/19, 6/22, 7/6, 7/14, 7/15, and 7/20), and numerous promises from both that the refund would just take another day or two, I still do not have my refund! To top it all off these crooks claim that their insurance doesn't cover a smashed windshield. (Sorry if all the detail is overkill, but I noticed they challenge all their negative review with “we've never heard of this person”/“that never happened”/etc.)...[More]
By John Maly on Lighthouse Auto Transport LLC about 14 Hours Ago
So I chose this company because my agent promised they will not charge me extra fees, the price is the final one, doesn't include any hidden fee. They said some other companies will ask customers to pay for COD/Broker fees...However, when the driver came over, I was charged additional $100. They also promised I can put my stuff into trunk and two boxes on back seat, as long as they are under 150 pounds. However, when the driver come over, I was told I could only put two boxed in the trunk...So I contacted with the agent and the dispacher, agent asked me to talk to dispacher by myself, felt like she was not involved in it any more... the dispacher didn't admit what they had promised before and asked me to handle it by myself... My car was delivered very fast, only took 2 days, this is the only part that I felt satisfied with. However, I was asked to contact with the driver by myself, dispacher didn't tell the driver any thing about my car. I told the driver the type of my car, my pick-up location and time, my delivery location. There was less communication between them. I have no idea how they can do business like this... SO BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO WORK WITH THIS COMPANY! I chose to work with them and wanted to give them chance although I saw lots of negative review about this company. However, it turned out to be an unwise choice. ...[More]
By CC on Fidelity Auto Shipping on Jul 26 2015 1:57AM
Response from Fidelity Auto Shipping
Joseph on Jul 27 2015 12:26AM
Hello CC, we're sorry you did not like your experience with our company. We are trying to locate your order to see what it is that happened so we can ...[More]
Good Afternoon, I shopped around and found this company called Dan my sales rep and had him set up a contract. After the original Quote of 400 dollars I was sent a contract and signed off for the deal for a pick up about 96 hours in advance. With in 24 hours of the contract being signed I was again called on my cell phone by Dan saying the driver wanted more money and could not honor the signed contract. I argued I already gave him the credit card information and we had a signed contract, plus the conformation email with the agreed upon total again for the 400 dollars. At this point I was given an option to pay an additional $75 dollars to keep the appointment, or cancel the order. I immediately got on the phone and found another company that was close to the original bid discussed their offer and told them I would be with them shortly. Called Dan up canceled with him and he apologized, saying it was a mistake on his end. I booked on the second carrier and thought this matter was closed. Apparently it was not, with in ten minuets I received another call from Dan saying this was a big issue and they dropped the carrier that had taken the bid for my bike and they were not allowed to ask for more money. I again informed him he was the one that went back on the contract and I had already found another company. At this point his manager gets on the phone and tries to get me to go back on their carrier but I calmly inform him as I did with Dan, you broke the contract I want nothing to do with your company or carrier. He tries to push me to allow them to get the bike and starts citing the " Fine print" that they can cancel any booking or raise the price if a driver can not be found to move the bike. Again I told them I had another carrier and he got irate and told Dan to hang up. That sales manager couldn't close a screen door, I wish the best to you two, and will be writing another review on how the other carrier turns out. I will do more research in the future and wish I would of found this website before I signed the contract with a company that brokers out their bids. ...[More]
By Richard A. on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jul 24 2015 9:08PM
Vehicle reached on time. My Car Trunk got bend and multiple Screw marks. When i received car immediately i gave for car wash its was fully black dust and then i found multiple Screw tighten marks in trunk side. I called them but they said that carrier driver responsible. I called driver he said call the insurance.I didnt get any positive response for claim. ...[More]
By Arun on Suncoast Auto Transport Inc. on Jul 24 2015 8:57PM
this chase character is a fraud. I am suing him and he is ruuning like a scared rabbit to avoid court. But either we serve him personally or by constructive service and get a default against him and go after his assets. The vehicle was damaged and this Fraud hunnington jerked us around about insurance coverage and then tried to pass it off to others. He lied about insurance and lied about being a transporter instead of a mere broker. Beware of this fraudster, I will have him in court very soon. See you soon Chase, "good luck"...[More]
By robb on Dream Auto Transport on Jul 24 2015 8:06PM
These people quote a cheap price, called me late and said Friday pickup, No communication and was told dispatch would be calling, late Friday (The day they were picking up) they cancelled my order, All they domes post on a bid board and take your money, no one will work with these people, liars, scammer, no communication. I have shipped over thirty cars and never have had a problem. DO NOT EVEN CALL THESE PEOPLE TERRIBLE< NEVER WILL CALL YOU BACK AND LIE LIE LIE!...[More]
By Dan on State-By-State Transporters on Jul 24 2015 7:39PM
I picked Trusty Transport for its "stellar" reviews on here and BBB but have been completely disappointed by my experience. Pickup for my car was TWO WEEKS past the date I had requested. Robbie was completely unresponsive to my questions, especially after order was placed. They tried picking up my car 3 days before my requested date (which was impossible for me) and then I didn't hear from them for more than TWO WEEKS. It was only when I asked to cancel my order that, miraculously, my car was scheduled for pick up the next day. Driver never called like Robbie said he would to set up a pick up time until a few hours beforehand. Also didn't call with any status updates when he failed to show up with the delivery on the date I was told it would arrive. I don't mind slight delay but an update by email, text or phone would've been nice. I had also asked for a price match and Robbie gave me $20 off my original quote. However, he later denied (even though I had all this on email) and was again unresponsive when I forwarded the email proof. I wasn't going to fight with him over $20 but it was the principle of the matter. Overall, a completely frustrating experience and horrible customer service. I do not recommend to anyone. ...[More]
By Tammy on Trusty Transport on Jul 24 2015 5:41PM
Response from Trusty Transport
Robbie on Jul 24 2015 7:21PM
We tried to load the vehicle on 3 different dates. Tammy would never answer or reply to messages or emails. When she finally did we sent a truck in th...[More]
Ship my Ride should be embarrassed about the service they provide to their customers. I had my car shipped from London to Winnipeg and specified this when asking for a quote. When I finally received my quote it was for 1100$ and I signed and paid. The next thing I know they are telling me they will not be picking it up from London and that the shipment is to be picked up from Mississauga. In my booking form I specified I wanted to be picked up from London. After arguing with the girls over the phone, I had to pay another 400$ on top of what I paid to have my car picked up from London. My car was suppose to be picked up on July 8 but was picked up on the 9th. I thought that once my car was picked up from London it would take about 4-7 days to transport to Winnipeg. It is now July 24 and my car is sitting at the Mississauga terminal. I have called multiple times every week to try and resolve issues with the dispatch girl and sales team. They are extremely rude and condescending and will not provide any help. I asked to be connected to the manager multiple times and they would never connect me and say he'd call me back. Never did I receive a call back until I finally got hold of him. During this call he proceeded to tell me that there truck is broken down (this is the 3rd time someone told me a truck has broke down) and that he holds every right to keep adding on days for pick up time if he wants. After countless arguments, nothing was resolved and my car is still sitting at the the terminal in Mississauga waiting to be shipped. I advise everyone to steer clear of this company as they refuse to give reasonable pricing, any sort of customer service, and they will take as long as they want to ship your car despite the price you paid. HORRIBLE COMPANY. Should not be allowed to steal money from good people. ...[More]
By Holly on Ship My Ride on Jul 24 2015 4:23PM
Received bid to transport my Jeep from Missouri to NY. Was a good price so I accepted. AutoStar Transport immediately sent an Email requesting $150 deposit which I immediately paid. Was told they would be getting back to me in a couple of days with transport specifics. Never did. Multiple phone messages unreturned. Ended up having to drive it there myself. Given this experience will not use AutoStar in the future. In all fairness, after they saw this initial review I received an apologetic call from the manager and a refund of my deposit. ...[More]
By Adam on AutoStar Transport Express on Jul 23 2015 9:07PM
I got a great quote to ship 2 vehicles, a car and motorcycle. The car was ready, but the motorcycle was being worked on. During our first conversation, we were asked to put down a deposit of $100 for each vehicle. I explained that the motorcycle was being worked on and I couldn't provide a pickup date, but we would talk on July 20 to revisit and/or update - Wayne agreed to this. For whatever reason, someone shows up at the Suzuki dealership looking to pickup my motorcycle, but no one called me directly to clarify this, nor was this anywhere close to the July 20 date where we were supposed to speak about a new date, not schedule. This was the first of many red flags. The quote for the car was $650 and we had already put down a $100 deposit. So, $550 was due to the driver upon delivery. Wayne then said that the price was $100 more. Mind you, the driver had the $550 C.O.D. price and we were relieved because we had contacted Wayne who was never available and was the only person that could help us whenever we called. I was then told by the person that if we didn't pay the additional $100 that they would keep the car and put a lien on it. Wayne never returned any calls nor did he respond to any emails sent. We finally got the car and imagine my surprise a few days later I receive a call from the driver and he says he made a mistake in the pricing and that we owed an additional $100. He had his accounts payable person contact me and I told him I wasn't going to pay the additional charge. I then forwarded the emails I had sent to Wayne and I hadn't heard back from him since. We received the car on July 8 and a few days later after speaking with my bank, I cancelled the motorcycle pickup via email, this per the requirements of the contract. I then followed up with a call stating I had cancelled the motorcycle pickup. Wayne has yet to respond to any emails. Oddly enough, he then has another carrier sent to pickup the motorcycle. The bike is not ready, nor is it at the Suzuki Dealership they keep going to, finally this driver contacts me and I tell her that the bike wasn't ready and I didn't schedule or agree to a pickup. This was the second time that they attempted to pickup the motorcycle. There was a 3rd attempt to pickup the bike after I had cancelled and the dispatcher hung up on me when I told her the contract had been cancelled. Finally, on July 12 there was another charge for $50 which coincides with the cancellation fee mentioned in the contract. I guess Wayne finally got around to reading his email, but still no response. There couldn't have possibly been an administrative service for the bike because I hadn't given him a pickup date and I guess those failed pickup attempts for my bike justifies his admin fee and keeping the deposit. By the time this posts, there will also be a BBB complaint filed. They have also been blacklisted by my bank for making additional charges and if they change their name and attempt any other charges, it will be treated as fraudulent and criminal. This was a horrible experience. ...[More]
By Dylan on Webster Relocation on Jul 23 2015 6:13PM
I ordered a car to be shipped from Cincinnati, Ohio to Illinois. After bombarding me with emails and phone calls, I decided to go with this compamy. Very Bad Idea. They gave me a ship date and never delivered. They took a deposit on my shipping and never fullfilled the service. The car was nerver picked up, never delivered and they stole my money. The stopped taking my phone calls and they told me that that they would not refund me DO Not Ever Use This Company! ...[More]
By DGreene on AutoStar Transport Express on Jul 23 2015 6:03PM
Response from AutoStar Transport Express
Mike Cannon on Jul 24 2015 9:14PM
We are very sorry that the customer feels they had a bad experience with AutoStar Transport Express, but we can assure you that this is just another e...[More]
I was very disappointed with the customer service. I had to call several times to get anything done. My agent would tell me that he would call be the following day, but he never did. I was very disappointed. ...[More]
By Joe on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jul 23 2015 4:51PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Jul 24 2015 12:07AM
We apologize for us not living up to expectations of this customer as he as all the reason to be upset. This agent is no longer with us. ...[More]
I had to call my agent several times a day for him to follow through on anything he said. I was not satisfied with the service at all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...[More]
By Sarah on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jul 23 2015 4:48PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Jul 24 2015 12:07AM
We apologize for us not living up to expectations of this customer as she has all the reason to be upset. This agent is no longer with us....[More]
I have never shipped a car before this and I will never ship one again. The customer service we recited from Robyn was horrible. When the carrier refused to pickup our car at the agreed time roy bin from monarch actually yelled at my wife. ...[More]
By Roderick on Monarch Car Shipping on Jul 23 2015 2:34PM
I had originally booked with Mercury auto transport and had given them a 3 week window for my estimated pickup dates and I was flexible on the date it could be picked up as well.. Mercury auto transport called me to get in contract 3 days before the last possible day that I needed my vehicle picked up before my flight out of the state. During this call they informed me that since there was only one carrier who could pick up on Monday the price is now 1100 as opposed to my original quote of 800-900 dollars.. they knew I was flying out Tuesday and I'm sure they figured by waiting till 3 days before I would have no choice but to fold and pay the extra... I was PISSED and they knew it.. I hung up with them and told them Im not going to pay the extra 200.. I called A1A express that Friday afternoon and they quoted me 975 and guaranteed a price within 50.. They got me in contract Monday and had my vehicle picked up on Tuesday, before my flight for $1.025... So I still paid 125 more than I wanted but at this point it wasn't about the money it was the principle and I am a man of honor.. So I would spend the extra buck any day for a company I can trust and that shows they're loyalty. I was VERY PLEASED WITH A1A EXPRESS... I would never even begin to think of calling Mercury Auto.. They come off super nice and very helpful in the beginning but as you see here. The end result was horrible and could've been a lot worse had it not been for A1A Expresses awesome service and quick pick up for my car... ...[More]
By Joe on Mercury Auto Transport LLC on Jul 22 2015 2:51PM
Response from Mercury Auto Transport LLC
Matthew Sandomir on Jul 23 2015 1:59PM
Hello Joe, Thank-you for your feedback and for taking the time to write about your experience.We are very sorry we did not meet or beat your expect...[More]
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