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Diesel Auto Express Review I recently purchased a vehicle from Grayson BMW/Mini, Knoxville TN, an absolutely stunning Mini JCW Roadster. Grayson put out for bid the transportation of my vehicle to my home south of Portland OR which was accepted at $1050. On 5/11/15 the vehicle was picked up without advance notice, thus my vehicle was "caught" in the detail shop when the driver showed up unannounced.  Grayson told me the vehicle was on the move and it would probably be about a weeks journey.  I called Grayson daily inquiring as to the whereabouts of my vehicle as the trucking firm (I didn't know the companies name as of yet) had not contacted me their customer as of taking possession of me vehicle. Fast forward a week to Monday the 18th when I fully expected the delivery of my vehicle.  I'd called Grayson that morning again asking for information on my vehicle, nobody knew where it was because the trucking firm had as yet to communicate.  By the time I arrived home from work that afternoon I was getting pretty concerned about what had happened to my vehicle.  Another call to Grayson this time with a caveat... either I hear from the trucking firm within thirty minutes or I was prepared to call the police and report the car as stolen... I had $20K on a $42K car and no one knew it's location.  Grayson called the trucking firm and I asked for the phone number as well... up until this point I'd not received any contact information from Grayson or the trucking company, I now knew them as Diesel Auto Express. I was the customer of Diesel not Grayson thus Diesel should have been in communication with me. From the point of pickup, I had been told that my vehicle would be delivered on Monday, May 18, as the trucking firm did not like to drive on the weekend.  Because this information had been given to me by Grayson at this point, the afternoon of Monday the 18th, I honestly felt as if my vehicle had been stolen as I’d not heard one word from the trucking company for a week even though I’d called Grayson repeatedly to inquire of it’s whereabouts.  Grayson could not inform me of my vehicles location all through the week of transport as no one had communicated with them either. Within a very short time Diesel called me and explained that their policy was to call 24 hours in advance of picking up a car... the driver had simply appeared while the vehicle was in detail with no advance notice.  Diesel further explained that they typically call the recipient 24 hours in advance of delivery and that my vehicle had been in Vancouver WA since the afternoon of Sunday the 17th a bit less than an hour away.  Obviously they had no intention of calling me, their customer, to inform me of the whereabouts of my vehicle. Several hours later another employee of Diesel called me, this time starting off by explaining their policy on calling prior to pick up and delivery, neither of which they had done.  Further they explained that their normal turn around time was a week to ten days. Diesel then went on to say that I could call them anytime to be updated on the location of the vehicle.  To this I responded that I did not have any contact information on them nor did I know this service was available as no one had called me.   All I knew was that the vehicle had been picked up a week prior. I'm the customer, they should have called me to let me know who they were and what their schedule was for delivery of my car which was in their possession.  Possession of my nearly half paid for car but had failed to inform me of their intentions for delivery.  Now the topper they informed me that the cost was $1100, not the $1050 that I’d been told by Grayson on May 6th. I'd spoken on the phone with Grayson... they had put the transportation out for bid at $1000 and no one was interested.  It was raised to $1025 same result.  Then at $1050 there was a response which I’d agreed to. At this point I told Diesel that it sounded like they were dumping the entire communication problem off on Grayson.  They said yes Grayson should have told me all of the contact information.  Not a good way to run a service business by dumping their responsibility off on someone else.  This is not Grayson's job but Diesel's as I'm their customer not Grayson.  Diesel also said they would be calling Grayson to find out what the details were on the shipping arrangement, something they should have been aware of prior to picking the vehicle up. I never did receive a formal contract from Diesel, nothing other than a piece of paper similar to what you would do on a walk around for a rental vehicle. Now the vehicle was scheduled to be delivered Tuesday between 9 and noon.  I took the day off so as to be available to take delivery. I'd agreed to a price of $1050, not the $1100 now claimed by Diesel.  If that was to be the price I should have been informed from the start, not after the fact. Finding Diesels website the first thing I saw was a photo touting their vehicle tracking with "Advanced Dispatch System"... A little late for that I think.  If I'd known who had my vehicle I could have used this feature and felt 100% better about the entire situation. But since Diesel neglected to contact me at any point I knew nothing of it's existence. In the end my vehicle arrived around 2 PM on Tuesday the 19th, I could have gone to work and saved that vacation day for a real vacation.  I paid their inflated fee of $1100.  My sales person has graciously agreed to refund the difference to me and has informed me that Grayson will cease using the services of Diesel Auto Express because of this particular transportation fiasco. So what have I learned from this first time adventure of transporting a vehicle across country… Communication is key to a happy customer… Hopefully Diesel Auto Express has learned a valuable lesson as well. ...[More]
By Hugh Wolfe on Diesel Auto Express about 14 Hours Ago
Not having much luck getting a Chevy Avalanche moved from a dealer in southern Illinois to Las Vegas, Nv. (You'd think I was trying to move something from Bismarck North Dakota to somewhere in Newfoundland.) After getting several calls and emails from Angie Miller from Dynamic Auto Movers, I decided to go with them, as she was apparently eager to get my business. I explained I was somewhat crunched for time, and I had been getting nowhere with no communication from another broker I tried. "Don't worry Mr Rose, I'm getting right on it, and it should be no problem getting your job done. I will call you tonight before I go home and let you know where we're at, and I will call you tomorrow morning as well." That was 2 days ago. No calls, no email. no text. No business. Cancelled. ...[More]
By Mike on Dynamic Auto Movers on May 22 2015 8:31PM
By Steve STONEHOUSE on Tim Logistics on May 22 2015 7:12PM
1 Flat-rate claims they will "stay in constant contact" - Ha! Once our car got picked up, that was the end of any communication. I had to deal with the carrier driver of 1 Transportation Inc, Robson, who could not really speak English. I had to call him 3 times to confirm delivery time. It was at first in the morning, then around 5p, then 7p, then 8p. He was supposed to call 30 min out. At 9:15p, he called to say the car was already unloaded and we needed to get to the Walmart parking lot. It was dark and raining. We wanted to pick it up in the morning; he refused. We wanted to watch our car being taken off the carrier - already done. Driver, Robson, was rude and didn't really care about anything except getting his money. This is obviously an acceptable carrier for 1 Flat-Rate. I would not use them again....[More]
By Vickie Adkinson on 1Flat-Rate LLC on May 22 2015 6:54PM
When I contacted All Day auto Transport about shipping my car from Maryland to Idaho I was quoted $1,890.00 for enclosed and $1,390.00 for open transport. With in 2 hours of confirming my order I received a call from Amanada telling me they had a truck that would deliver my car but the driver needed another $500 at delivery. I declined that price as it was well over the $1,8900 they had bid. They transferred me to a supervisor who assured me that the $1,890 was a good bid but they would be unable to move the car at the price and I needed to accept the $2,390 cost they had found to ship the car. I received one more call from them telling me I needed to ship the car at the higher rate or they wouldn't be able to move the car. When I called to cancel my order with them, I was told that the order had been canceled days ago. They did nothing to get my car moved for the price quoted....[More]
By C.L Caudle on All Day Auto Transport on May 22 2015 5:26PM
Regal Transport is a broker, not the actual transport service. They do not transport the vehicle themselves, they put your quote on central dispatch, then wait for someone to make a bid. They initially told us that our quote would be $650 including a $150 deposit. We paid the deposit and heard nothing from the company until the day they were supposed to come pick up my truck, when I called them. They didn't communicate with me at all, unless I called them. Then, they would tell me they would call me back, and never would, so I would call them back the next day and they would give me attitude. After 3 days of terrible communication and extreme lack of help, they found someone that would ship it for $650, even though we already paid the $150 deposit from a $650 quote. So, we ended up having to pay $800 instead of $650. This was already a very expensive military move for us, so I am pissed that they ripped us off after lying and not communicating with me. I highly recommend finding the actual shipper yourself and not paying a deposit. Regal is very unprofessional, has crap for communication and ripped us off. ...[More]
By Jessy Jurek on Regal Auto Transport on May 22 2015 12:50PM
I called a month in advance to have a vehicle transported from Texas to North Carolina. After setting up the details with Nationwide Transport Servies I never heard another word from them. I called three days before requested pick-up date and was told by Mark that he would call the following day. I did not hear from him and only got through to his voice mail when I tried repeatedly to contact him. I contacted another company trying to find someone to transport my vehicle only to be told that as long as Nationwide had my transport request in the system, no other company could help me. So I was held hostage by a company that refused to give me any information as to the status of my transport request. After repeated calls to whoever would answer the phone, we were finally able to get Nationwide to take our request off the system so we were then able to do business with another company. Yikes, what a messed up company....[More]
By Margaret on Nationwide Transport Services on May 21 2015 8:06PM
Response from Nationwide Transport Services
Jason Foltz on May 22 2015 12:16PM
This car was scheduled for pick up today 5/22. I personally talked to the customer twice on 5/20 and then left her a message same day at about 600pm....[More]
Delivery was 3 days late. Could've gone with another company for $300.00 , but didn't want to leave my vehicle parked for 5 days at a hotel, so I paid the $500.00 with the promise that my vehicvehicle would be picked up by Wednesday. My vehicle wasn't picked up and delivered until Saturday from Baker, CA. to Perris, CA. 200 miles. Customer service was great, but I should've paid $200.00 less, at least that would've made me feel better....[More]
By KD on Showroom Transport on May 21 2015 6:18PM
contacted these people 4 weeks before i needed a car transported from east coast to west, they indicated it was no problem and emailed me the agreement to pickup the car in a 2 dat window. i flew out to get the car ready called ahead to ensure all was on track, they assured it was on track arrived in va and they called saying it's all cool we are trying to find a driver. HUMMM what ? over the next two days I was subjected to a recurring set of hedging and outright lies and by the third day they stopped returning my calls. All this tie their response was that I just didn't understand how hard it was to find drivers. Why should I give a shit, that's their job and business as close as I could imagine They just never shoed up resulting in my reaching out to another company while having to rebook hotel, flight and rental cars to the tune of $858.00. They are not a reputable shop and I would bet they don't have their own drivers. Add to that the fact that they just outright lie to you repeatedly they should be out of business. They are arrogant, incompetent and have no idea what it is to satisfy a customer other that thru bulls*t claims on the phone and their website. I recommend that is you really want someone who knows this service. will deliver on their claims and treat you with respect that you use DAS dependable auto shippers as they are what they say and do what they same. SBT are scum to deal with, you need to take a shower once your done with them ...[More]
By ken on South Beach Transport on May 21 2015 5:52PM
After I published the review below, I received this from Kevin Bergman, on Wed 5/20/15 1:26 PM “I suggest you keep your review to your self otherwise your daughters information along with other things will get posted online!” Over the next four hours my daughter and I were cyber harassed • My daughter received 8 unsolicited phone calls from insurance companies • My credit card accrued $600 in bogus charges • I received 7 unsolicited emails directed at my daughter, offering her car insurance Buyer beware!!! +++ INCOMPETENT, RUDE ... GO ELSEWHERE +++ (originally posted 5/201/5) After reading reviews here, I spoke to Kevin Bergman, the owner. He sounded gruff but honest, and I decided to ignore the few bad reviews and focus on the good ones. I contracted with them on 4/23/15 to transport my daughter’s car from Florida to Seattle, with pick up on 5/14 in Fort Myers. She was planning on flying to Seattle on Wed 5/20, and we figured 6 days would give us sufficient time if there were delays in pick up. • We were told the likely pick up time would be Thu 5/14 and we’d get a call from the driver an hour or so before. • On Thu 5/14 we were told it would be picked up on the morning of Fri 5/15 • On the morning of Fri 5/15 we were told the driver was still in Miami, and would pick up on the afternoon of Fri 5/15 • In the afternoon of Fri 5/15 we were told the driver would pick up Sat 5/16 • On Sat 5/16 we were told the driver would pick up on Sun 5/17 • On Sun 5/17 we were told a new driver would pick up between 4p and 5p on Mon 5/18 • On the morning of Mon 5/18 Kevin called my daughter and asked her drive 40 miles to Naples to drop off the car, and “take Uber” back to her work. She said she couldn't get off work for that long. • In the afternoon of Mon 5/18 the driver called me to say he’d pick up on the afternoon of Tue 5/19 The constant broken promises caused me to lose trust. I called on Monday 5/18, to ask why the car hadn't been picked up yet. His responses were: 1. Stop harassing me 2. The reason for the most recent change was because my daughter was working till 3:30 pm 3. I should read the contract, “there’s no guarantee” 4. He’d only made one or two changes since the weekend I can put up with rude customer service, but not when it’s combined with incompetence. I cancelled the contract and went with another carrier, who picked up the car on Tue 5/19. ...[More]
By Max W on Nice Car Auto Transport on May 21 2015 4:49PM
Response from Nice Car Auto Transport
Kevin on May 21 2015 5:48PM
A+ rated Company on NOT MY CLIENT-This Site is only to Benefit Companies with BAD reviews which TR "Charges a Support Fee" so they ...[More]
Alex was a hard closer and high pressure, but he sounded like he owned the trucks. Nothing but lies, he owns nothing and once I paid the fee, my contact was gone. Never heard a word from him again, car was never picked up when it was supposed to be picked up and refused to answer my calls , the email responses were short and generic. I was assure he was the only one that could get this done in a timely fashion. Well this morning when I call him again and emailed again, the email response I got was this Well I cannot call you because I am not at my office! Im just going to cancel this! You are a pain in the butt! Your car was getting picked up this afternoon! God you are one intense costumer sir!" And you need to stop being cheap! Look at your locations! Cheap! And he is the one that quoted the price!! Insulting , Rude and a straight out Liar!! Stay away from these guys, and notice they haven't been open for a year yet, they will close shop and reopen as another company........... What a waste of time!! STAY AWAY IF YOU DONT WANT A HEADACHE!...[More]
By Anthony Raffin on Nation Auto Transport on May 21 2015 2:52PM
This was absolutely the worst possible experience. I received 7 Quotes DZ9 was the second least expensive. The short version is they couldn't find a driver to pick up the car at the quoted price. So after 10 days, During which I received exactly zero Phone calls, David Green told me that he had underbid the quote and it would cost an additional $175.00. I told him I thought bait and switch was a bad business practice, but agreed. 2 days later he told me that he had a willing driver, but he was was unable to reach the seller to load the car. He allowed us about 1 hour. Unfortunately because we had no prior notice, the seller was at a doctors appointment and had his phone off. David Green called me, told me the driver would come back and that he was going to Bill my credit card. He did Bill my credit card, but As you can probably guess the driver never did show to pick up the car. It was at this point that Mr. Green stopped taking my calls and did not return, messages left on 3 consecutive days. So I am now reaching out to a different company to start the process all over. Thankfully the seller has been patient, but I would caution you to stay far away from DZ9 at all costs. Low ball bids, bait and switch, poor communication, and billing for service never provided. ...[More]
By Kevin on DZ9 Transport on May 21 2015 2:10PM
By MEE T. on Total Car Shipping on May 20 2015 8:34PM
If you chose to go with this company make sure that you are there in person to check your vehicle, but I would say use another reputable auto shipping company. You know your vehicle best and if it has any scratches or damages to it. I was out of the country and had my car shipped to a family home but unfortunately my family member didn't check the car thoroughly and couldn't have known that the underside of my front bumper was totally damaged and had the paint totally gorged off in chunks. Fyi, on the release sheet it was noted that I had minor scratches on my front bumper and not the underside of the front bumper, but Leo the owner and driver still insisted that it was the same damage. When I even showed him before and after pictures he just said that the angle of the before pictures I took didn't show the correct angle therefore it was not his problem. Mind you how would I have known to take pictures of the underside of the front bumper. To me that's totally ridiculous and absurd. This guy Leo blatantly dismissed my claims and said that the damages were already there as noted on the release form. Again, on the release form the pick-up guy marks off the external front bumper and not the underside of it. I can not in my honest opinion recommend this company to any customer because they will refuse to work with you on damage claims. Totally dishonest company if you ask me, and I should have just driven my car down instead as there is over $500 worth of damages to my car. This was my first car shipping experience, and it will sour me for a long time having used Raber's Auto Transport services. ...[More]
By Disatisfied on Raber's Auto Transport on May 20 2015 8:04PM
Never pick up car. Said they could not contact driver. Never supplied any driver information or exact pick up location in Daytona beach area....[More]
By Art on 7 Star Auto Transport on May 20 2015 6:13PM
Original quote was $950, I asked them if they could do $850, John agreed. I was asked to pay $200 deposit which I did. He said he has a truck that would be out that day or the following that was Wednesday 5/6 when I signed the agreement. I didn't get any feed back from them regarding the status of the truck. When I called on Friday I was told that the original truck had broke a hydraulic line and they would have to get another truck under it. After a week they finally got another truck driver under it. The truck driver didn't know how to drive my truck had issues loading it and if my husband wasn't there to assist he probably would have taken longer to get it on the hauler then the 1 ½ hours it took. I received a call the following week from my buyer regarding the truck and they said the driver called and said that he needs $1000 to unload the truck. I am pissed this is not what we agreed upon, total to the buyer should have been $650 COD after me paying the original Deposit. I called and emailed John; After several calls to Heartland trying to get this resolved, Dan called back he said it was because I was pressuring them to get the truck out and that they called the only available driver and this was his price. I was not pressuring them, they were the ones that said they had a truck then said the trucker had mechanical issues, and they said they would get another truck. John said nothing regarding an additional fee. The only thing John had said that he must be magic as he was the only person to find a driver. I have my authorization in writing and what I agreed upon, I never received an updated authorization for the new price, nor did I agree to it. Heartland Trucking asking my buyer to fork out an additional $350 on the other end makes me look like a fool to my buyer. Also Heartland Trucking took all the profit from my transition yet they could care less because they made there money being the broker. Problem is still unresolved. They still wont call me back, I have made numerous phone calls to them and still the owner and the John in Logistic still refuse my calls, making Dan take the brunt of my frustration. This is a shady company and I wouldn't do business with them. They took my money, made me look like a fool to my buyer, and said that I either pay the driver what he want or the vehicle goes to storage. Nothing like a hostage situation. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!! Update 5/20/15 Hauler had upper rack on top of the truck cab during the travel, causing several dents where the rack bounced down the road. Caused thousands in damage. Also when the driver loaded the truck he clamped down the front end with a chain and pinched the break lines, cause the vehicle to have no breaks upon arrival. Driver also took several hour to get the truck off. Making it impossible to inspect when the truck in the dark. Very unprofessional, again Buyer and Seller very unsatisfied and we will be filing a formal claim and compliant with DOT against this company. ...[More]
By Anjula on Heartland Trucking on May 20 2015 5:05PM
We are a broker company and the contract was for Motor Karriers Transport LLC to pay us as follows: Motor Karriers Transport LLC - MI Only agrees to pay SGT Auto Transport $116.17 within 5 business days of receiving a signed Bill of Lading. Payment will be made with Company Check. They refuse to answer any messages or calls but you can easily trick this idiot Mel or Kevin Smith by calling from a different number. He answers then! Brokers get a bad name for non payment to carriers based on contract agreements, and they can file a claim with the brokers surety bond. HOWEVER, if a carrier stiffs a broker, nothing happens! Stay away from this company!!!!...[More]
By SGT Auto Transport on Motor Karriers Transport LLC on May 20 2015 4:16PM
Having read Webster's response to my review, I would add to my review that their defensive and inaccurate account of how things transpired only adds to my belief that they are a company to be wary of. Yes, I was informed that the cost could go up as much as $100-150. But not 50 percent! In addition, I was clear from the outset that my time table was limited to a four day window when I would be in Arizona and the car needed to be picked up during that time. My repeated calls the week before and during the four day window were met with a total lack of concern for my situation. I chose them because they said they could work within my short time frame - and the quoted price was reasonable. In the end it was a every way imaginable....[More]
By Extraordinarily Disappointed on Webster Relocation on May 20 2015 12:44PM
My wife and I chose TruckIt Transport based solely on cost as they were about $50 less than the next lowest quote we received. What ensued was the absolute worst customer experience we have ever had for any transaction big or small. I called the company on the day immediately prior to out pickup window to ensure everything was on schedule since we never heard from them previously (unlike the van line we recently dealt with who coordinated with us 5 days in advance to confirm their arrival). I was unable to reach anyone during their business hours which was odd. I tried again and eventually left a voicemail. Tried more times hoping to eventually be able to speak to someone in person which I assumed would be no problem since they have posted business hours. My wife tried also to no avail. I emailed them and alas got a response. Shockingly they were extremely hostile castigating us for "blow[ing] up my phones tying them up even more and making the response time longer for all of my customers" (this is an actual quote they replied with in an email!). This is how they treat their paying customers! An email exchange ensued where their hostility only worsened ultimately leading us to canceling the contract entirely. When you deal with these folks you are not only dealing with an unprofessional staff, but some folks who are really challenged in their ability as you will soon learn with your interactions with them. We ended up signing with another broker who could not have been more friendly and professional (not to mention more modern compared to the website from TruckIt that is 20 years dated). We were happy to pay the 9% higher cost to the customer-friendly business and would have gladly paid far more. Avoid TruckIt at all costs!...[More]
By Jon on Truck It Transport Inc. on May 20 2015 6:04AM
Response from Truck It Transport Inc.
Chris Cooper on May 20 2015 11:30AM
We are truly sorry your experience was not good with us. We do run into folks who think they own this world and we simply do not want customers like t...[More]
Original contract with 1Flat-Rate was for $1200 to move vehicle from Georgetown KY to Quilcene WA. Brother Transport LLC name was on this agreement. After loading, Brothers said they would not deliver to my address. I paid them $1200 and had to pay another trucker $200 cash to get vehicle closer to my house. Now I need to rent a trailer and take 3 hours to pick it up from last drop spot and bring to my house. Lots of hassle and lots of phone calls to make it happen....[More]
By Mark Pomerinke on 1Flat-Rate LLC on May 20 2015 1:06AM
Response from 1Flat-Rate LLC
1Flat-Rate on May 20 2015 2:09PM
Sir. Our prices never change. What you are quoted is what you pay. And..... you only pay when the vehicle is delivered. Nothing in advance of delivery...[More]
Unhappy. Dodge Caravan Sport was assigned to St. Louis Transport for pickup on 05/15/15 by DIRECT EXPRESS AUTO TRANSPORT. This is a RUSH order for a RUSH price. St. Louis Transport would not answer the phone promptly. Had to call several times. St. Louis Transport gave an proximate pickup time of 1:00 AM, 05/16/15. Vehicle was actually picked up between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM on 05/16/15. I called St. Louis Transport several times to know the time of delivery. Vehicle was likely to be delivered by mid day 05/17/15. I reached St Louis airport around 12:30 PM, 05/17/15. I called St. Louis Transport and came to know that the delivery truck had developed a problem. St. Louis Transport told me I could come to pickup the vehicle behind the Walmart in Wentzville, MO, if I wanted it now. I had to spend approximately $70 on a taxi from St Louis airport to a Walmart in Wentzville, MO. After reaching the Walmart I frantically called St. Louis Transport to locate the truck with my vehicle. Not once did St. Louis Transport answer the phone. I had to ride around, in taxi to find the St. Louis Transport truck and my vehicle completely unattended behind Walmart. I had to let the taxi go to avoid waiting charges. I stood in front of the St. Louis Transport truck for about 20 min with my suitcases. This was an isolated area. Once in a while a car would drive by the. People in the cars looked at me and my suitcases standing near the truck. Later the person from St. Louis Transport showed up. Upon his arrival, I expressed my inconvenience due to him not answering the phone. He told me "that is alright". Below is one of the text messages from St. Louis Transport to my cell phone, after I reached the airport around 12:30 PM and after St. Louis Transport text-ed me the location of my vehicle (behind Walmart): "Please hurry....I am to collect $450 in cash"...[More]
By Customer on Direct Express Auto Transport on May 19 2015 11:57PM
Response from Direct Express Auto Transport
Mike Rupers on May 20 2015 12:47AM
Our outstanding reputation and thousands of very satisfied customers speak for itself. We are sorry that customer Ashok Avvaru is dissatisfied with th...[More]
DO NOT DEAL WITH, LOOK ELSEWHERE! Long story short Chris was very quick to get my credit card number for the deposit but didn't verify my contact info or communicate with me without me calling him. His e-mails were unprofessional, accusatory and showed little interest or concern. Basically stating his job was very hard and I just needed to wait. When the shipper was late he didn't consult me on other options. When the shipper broke down with no eta Chris was nowhere in the process. Pathetic way of running a company, will not deal with again!...[More]
By Marc on AAA Transporters on May 19 2015 10:32PM
I have never had such an horrible experience. I paid a deposit two weeks in advance for them to pick up my car on May 9. I paid in advance because they told me they would be able to take my car to Bethelhem, NH. I am moving there cause of a new job opportunity and I already bought plane tickets. At the last minute they told me nobody can pick my car up and then asked me to give them a few more hours that turned into a couple more days to find someone. I had a flight on May 12 with tickets that were non refundable. They weren't able to find anyone and told me I couldn't get a refund. So I had to change my plans and drive my car to New Hampshire. They also said they would not refund my $550 because it wasn't their fault they couldn't find anyone. In the end I lost about $900 because of canceled planes tickets cause they couldn't give me a 24 hr notice on if they will take my car for me. They have horrible customer service and pretty much robbed me of $550. I was nothing but patient about giving them time to find a carrier to take my car. WORST SERVICE EVER! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!...[More]
By Kanchan on AutoStar Transport Express on May 19 2015 10:09PM
Response from AutoStar Transport Express
Mike Cannon on May 20 2015 2:29PM
Please DO NOT believe the lies this customer is telling. We received a quote request from customer on 04/24, and proceeded to contact customer. Cus...[More]
DO NOT USE THIS SHIPPER! I had a very unprofessional experience and will try to just give an honest overview of some of the low lights. I used a broker called AAA Transporters who contracted with Philly Express. I was told they would pick my car up in 1 – 4 days. I heard nothing after that until my seller told me they scheduled a pickup with him for 4 days out. A few days later my seller e-mailed and said they weren’t getting the car until Tuesday, which was 7 days out. I had zero communication from either the broker or shipper. Upon phone call after phone call I finally got in touch with both the shipper and broker. Neither of which were apologetic or professional in any way shape or form. Just full of excuses, bad grammar in e-mails and unprofessional-ism. I was basically told that the car shipping business is difficult and things happen. Poor excuse for bad customer service. Sunday night I get an e-mail from my seller that says he was contacted and told that they were picking up the car Monday. Never happened. So back to Tuesday, they said they would pick up between 9-12am, they picked up at 2. I contacted the shipper Thursday to check on the progress and the driver, Roy, stated that he should be able to deliver the car late Friday night. Friday night, no word… Saturday morning nothing. I called and got a voice mail. Finally heard from them a few hours later stating the truck had broken down in Salt Lake City and they wouldn’t know until Monday evening when the truck would be fixed. They had no idea when the car would be delivered and when I told them I would be out of town that coming week they said they would store the car at a lot in Sacramento. Not acceptable. I decided to take a flight and just get it myself. I asked what they could do about a discount and they were very reluctant to give any. They offered only $100 off from the original $1075! I was not happy with this at all, especially for the inconvenience of having to get it myself and the expense I would incur with it. Through all of this there was no apology or understanding of the customers situation. Just a lot of excuses and how this was going to cost them a lot of money. I had a friend call and see what it would cost to ship a car from Ohio to Salt Lake for reference, $850 was the quote. So as I see it, the shipper shipped my car from Ohio to Salt Lake and it would be fair to refund me an additional $80, I offered them that and they had no interest in making that happen. Bottom line, I will never use them again, nor recommend them. STAY CLEAR!...[More]
By Marc on Philly Express Group LLC on May 19 2015 5:59PM
Do yourself a favor and stay away from this dishonest company. I called and was given a quote to have a car shipped from Florida to New York. I gave the deposit of $100.00 as soon as my deposit was taken I haven't heard back from them. I called and Mike answered but he repeatedly hangs up the phone. I now have to go through the process of getting my refund back from my credit card company. I really hope they go out of business for what they do to people. If any one has any questions please feel free to contact me....[More]
By Liz on US Car Transporters LLC on May 19 2015 2:03PM
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