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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. I dealt with the owner Steve who seemed very caring and friendly when he took my order and in a few conversations after. But when it came to actually picking up the car, he could not deliver what he promised and was basically unavailable leaving me to deal with moronic customer service people who could not figure out how to get my car picked up!!!. I told him a three day window when I needed my car to be delivered to my daughter's school. He guaranteed me that this could be done. The car was supposed to be picked up yesterday or today for a delivery two or three days from now. I packed up the car and spent literally all day on the phone with these people. At 6 pm, he finally says that he cannot have the car picked up for another two days which would get it to its destination too late. He did not at all seem concerned and his "customer service" staff were bordering rude and inept. They kept asking me WHY I needed it at my daughter's school on a specific weekend. What business is that of theirs? I signed a contract which specified a service and they could not deliver that service. They are so unprofessional and uncaring that I would never ever recommend them. He was so nice when selling the job then he was laughing at me when I said I was so frustrated. You cannot promise a service and not deliver at the last moment. Janine did call to apologize but in the end, I used RoadRunner who managed to get my car picked up with only a 12 hour notice. ...[More]
By JM on Auto Transport 123 about 5 Hours Ago
This was the WORST transportation company ever. They lied about when my car would be delivered and held it in Philadelphia, saying I requested they store it in Philadelphia, when a had a a transport contract with a specific pick up and delivery location and pick up/delivery date. When I called and complained they weren't upholding their part of the contract, they threatened to hold my car in storage indefinitely. The proprietor, Scott, got mad because he couldn't keep his own lies straight, and he was mad he was called him on his changing information and dates. Guess he expects to work with clients who can't read a calendar or a contract. Had to hire a lawyer to get my car back. Had I not hired a lawyer, my car would still be in perpetual storage. Really lousy business, mean and angry owner who was nice only to get my deposit. He's a liar who will tell you anything to get your business, then ship your car when he feels like it. He even blamed the delay on a broken down truck on the highway....oh, but wait- he forgot he told me it hadn't even shipped yet, so how could that be?? I should have taken 5 days ended up taking a month. NEVER EVER use this company....[More]
By T. James on Wolfepack Transport about 6 Hours Ago
These people are a scam! On August 5, 2015 I called Stateway Transport to arrange for pick up and transport of my son's subaru Impreza from Phoenix, AZ to Goose Creek, SC. My son is stationed at a Naval base and I was very clear that my son was only available to receive delivery of the car on a Saturday or Sunday. They assured me that this would happen. I told them that I could have the car ready for pick up that Friday or Saturday. George (the sales person) stated that it would be picked up on 8/8/15 and to please have it ready. A week passed and no one called or came by for pick up. It was never explained to me at that time that processing would take about 7-10 business days. On Monday 8/10/15 I called Stateway and asked what the status was on the pick up and transport of the subaru. The guy whom I spoke to said "oh, did they not explain to you what the process is?" He proceeded to tell me that they were having difficulty finding a driver in my area. On 8/13/15, I called again and spoke to David and asked what the status on the pick up was. He told me that they could not find a driver to pick up for the amount of money I was quoted (1195) and that they were still looking for a driver. He told me that part of the reason they were struggling to get a driver is because the price was too low for a drop off in Goose Creek (not much business out there, so they said) I then told him that I couldn't wait much longer and wanted to cancel my work order. He then responded that they were dispatching tomorrow or saturday (8/14 or 8/15) (wow, all of a sudden they found a driver!) I asked him, why had he just told me that they couldn't find a driver and now they had one as soon as I wanted to cancel my work order. He did not respond to my question. Instead talked over me and told me they were dispatching Saturday. I told him I wanted to talk to a supervisor and he told me he was a supervisor. He hung up on me. I called back and spoke with Jay. I asked him if I needed to cancel my work order would it be timely, as I did not want to incur a fee for not canceling timely. He informed me that it would be timely since they were having a hard time finding a driver to come out to Phoenix. I informed him that I wanted to cancel my work order in that case. He assured me that I would not be charged a fee for cancellation since the work order had not yet been dispatched. (I asked him three different times) Two hours later I received and email stating that my work order was dispatched and they charged my son's credit card for $95. I replied informing them that I did not want to proceed and that I had canceled with Jay. This company is extremely deceiving with their business practices. DO NOT USE THEM! I wish I would have read all the negative reviews before being involved with this scamming company. I had to put in a claim with the Chicago BBB for their misleading business practices. I'm not sure how they are still in business. ...[More]
By SMartinez on Stateway Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
This is a follow up to a review I wrote-After I left a review and it became public here-our email was flooded with fake shipping quotes to ship everything from cars to horses. We must have received 300 emails today for multiple cars from FL to LA-moving quotes and Livestock. I spoke to a manager at ship your car now named Steve Today who told me he was unhappy with the driver that shipped my car ( USA Fast transport) I tipped the driver even though the car was late it was in good condition. Steve told me that he let the driver know he was unhappy. He was not supposed to take my tip and was to give a discount since the car was late. The carrier is a small company and of course you never want to hurt anyones reputation but since my initial contact for a quote did not reveal my real name-it is either ship my car now or usa fast transport who is sending out my email address to companies all day long. The emails have the name on the email which only they know. This is harassment and as ridiculous and immature as it is if it continues tomorrow we will have to take additional steps. This was the worst transaction for a car shipment ever. What else could these workers be capable of? I wrote a review this afternoon with a follow up and transport reviews sent me an email that stated ship your car now was claiming I was not a customer. Please be careful. These companies should be regulated. ...[More]
By Cincia on Ship Your Car Now LLC. about 7 Hours Ago
I was told one price and charged $225 higher from them, held hostage by trucker to get my vehicle. Be ware of what they tell you. I had a large number of companies bidding on the shipping of my vehicle. I was given assurance by Anthony that the cost would be one price and then when the unit was in transport was transponder a much higher price by the trucker. No information was given me before the shipping. ...[More]
By James pellicciotti on All Weather Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
Poor customer service in keeping the consumer advised on assignment of driver. The assigned driver was incompetent and did a poor job in contacting the customer. Heartland was able to locate another driver who actually did a very good job. However, the driver charged an additional $125.00. Heartland advised me that I would receive the $125 refund within a week (23 Aug 2015). After numerous phone calls, promises, apologies, etc., I have still not received my refund. The owner of the company is not proactive in trying to correct this matter and never returns or makes calls on behalf of his company's oversights. I must say that the lone representative Dan has tried to help and even communicated his frustration with the company not being responsive to my needs but I guess his hands are tied. Anyway, this is the type of issues that give the industry a bad name/reputation. I have had two (2) cars previously shipped and this incident has been the worst by far. I just want my $125 refund for all the time, phone calls, worrying, etc....[More]
By Jeff on Heartland Trucking about 16 Hours Ago
I booked a shipment with them, they messed up the pickup date and time and blamed the controller, I was left in a position where I had to book and pay another shipment company as the car needed to be moved, I had no choice, to date they have not responded to any of my emails or refunded my $1150.00, I am writing this to hopefully get them to respond? I am also putting this in the hands of my lawyer and filling a complaint with the Chamber of Commerce. If anyone needs a good trustworthy shipping company please let me know....[More]
By Sean on Ship Your Car Now LLC. about 21 Hours Ago
Here is the letter I wrote to management To whom it may concern, I had booked transportation through your company, #52445, third week in July and was told that it would be third week in August before pick-up. I was apprehensive at first, because I needed to get my car sooner than later, but your associate John told me not to worry, it would be worth the wait. I called last week to confirm pick-up, and I spoke to another gentleman. He told me it would be either last Friday or the beginning of this week. He said he would call me if it was going to be this Monday, but never heard from him. I called today and asked for John and he told me that there was an issue and now it would be at least another three weeks. This car has been sitting for a month, and now he wants me to wait for almost another? I am extremely disappointed that this is how you guys conduct business, if it were me, I would have hired a private driver and swallowed the cost because of a logistical error and incompetence. Luckily I found intercitylines who gladly help out my situation and is picking the car up Friday. This email will also go to Google+ and a few other review sites....[More]
By Adam on Passport Transport on Aug 27 2015 2:11AM
This company was unable to pickup the car when they said they would. When dealing with specific times that you need something picked up, I would not use this company, and I certainly will not ever be using this company. They missed the pickup time, and was not refunded my 250$ deposit. They stole money from me in my opinion and should not be trusted. Would not ever use again....[More]
By Ian Bennett on AA Car Transport LLC on Aug 26 2015 12:13PM
After receiving a number of quotes, I chose Nationwide because of their answers to my questions. The price was secondary to my scheduling needs. They lied on every question I asked. Nationwide does not own their own trucks. Nationwide does not have the ability to service the area they claim they visit all of the time. They did not return my calls as they said they would. They got a deposit on a service they knew they could not provide. Then they raised the price two times doubling the original estimate, and again lied about the service they were not able to provide. ...[More]
By David Fromer on Nationwide Transport Services on Aug 26 2015 11:23AM
We shipped my wife's Pontiac Grand Prix from TN to CA. The representative from Amerifreight (Graham) was friendly and helpful. I appreciated how he walked us through the process and kept us as informed as he could about Amerfreight's portion of the dealings. I was however disappointed with the company that accepted the bid. I was of the understanding that Amerifreight only allowed quality companies to bid on their contracts. VK Express accepted the bid. VK did not communicate very well with us to begin with and upon pick up we were rushed through the inspection. I noticed afterward that some of the rubber seal around the front windshield was tore up and that there was red paint on the inner edge of the door as if it been slammed into something as well as some other new scratches/dings.. I was upset but decided that since it is somewhat of a "beater car" anyways, I'd rather not have anymore dealings with VK and just fix it myself in my spare time. ...[More]
By Cody on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Aug 26 2015 4:35AM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Aug 26 2015 12:17PM
They talked the talk but as soon as the company got my credit card they completely disappeared, despite assurances to be there for any help. Elizabeth Evans ignored my emails and phone calls for 2 weeks while I sweated and stressed over the whereabouts of my vehicle. Awful customer service. The carriers had not been given the dates or anything and I had to pester endlessly to get anything done. Horrible experience. Do not use. ...[More]
By Mark W on Nation Auto Transport on Aug 25 2015 7:16PM
waited until the last minute to tell me that the quote almost doubled. they are scam artists and i would not recommend them to anyone. they were also very hard to get ahold of....[More]
By Martin on Economical Auto Transport Inc. on Aug 25 2015 7:00PM
On April 9/15 I made a reservation with James O'Connors to have my car transported from Florida to North Carolina on July 14/15. Because of circumstances I had to cancel the reservation on June 24, three weeks ahead of the scheduled pick up, and I was promised a refund check of $100 for the deposit. After a dozen of calls and messages, as of August 25/15 no refund check has been received as yet. Two months are gone by. I'm very disappointed in their lack of attention and professionalism. No physical address is available, the address given is a PO Box in a UPS store. People don't give their last names and don't return calls. How could I trust my car to them? STAY AWAY, they are trouble! ...[More]
By Fred Rose on Direct Auto Carrier on Aug 25 2015 5:49PM
The Freight Rate Company does not honor insurance claims... You purchase insurance through their site once you setup delivery details. They make you wait 150 days for a claim to go through and send you an email that the claim has been denied. This company is a joke and I wanted to warn people before they make the same mistake I did.... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! The Freight Rate Company went to pick up a delivery and said they would not ship it because it was not packaged correctly. The shipper corrected the packaging error and The Freight Rate Company went back and got the package to deliver. The package was damaged during shipping and they are not honoring the insurrance claim. These are horrible business practices and my attorney will be contacting them. They scammed me out of over $2000.00 .... Fraudulent company!!!!! Furthermore, The Freight Rate Company does not follow up with you in regards to the claim. The process is ridiculous as you have to call them, email them and hope you get a return call. I waited over a 150 days and had to hound them for the status of the claim. They staff gives you the run around and it is just disgusting all the way around! I own 2 businesses and I cannot believe the conduct of this company. They decline the shipping and demand specific packaging for the item. The shipper completes all packaging request. They pickup the package and damage the items. they deny the insurance claim. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! ...[More]
By Isaiah on Freight Rate Company on Aug 25 2015 5:37PM
He quoted me $650 total and asked for a $175 deposit to schedule pick up. When vehicle was delivered, driver had an invoice for an additional $700. I called Anthony and he stated that the $175 was for him to find me a driver, then also said that the actual cost of transportation had gone up by $50 (from 650 to 700). I called the carrier and he told me that Anthony had scheduled him for $700 from the beginning. Not only he STOLE $175 from me, he also under quoted me and then booked the carrier for $50 more. Do not use this guy, there are many honest people working in this business. I have been selling cars for 20 years now and this is the first time I've had to deal with such a crook....[More]
By Sebastian on All Weather Auto Transport on Aug 25 2015 5:25PM
We shipped a new, 2015 Subaru Forester. First of all they had a major problem picking up the car when scheduled. I had to drive the car an hour away from my home on my way to the airport to catch flight, which created a lot of stress. Then when the car arrived in Florida we noticed that the rear windshield wiper was not wiping the window, but the bottom below the window where the license plate is located. We also noticed that the hydraulic rod that connects to the hatch was loose and disconnected. In addition the interior plastic molding around the rear window was not attached. We couldn't figure out exactly what was going on until the next day when we were putting beach chairs in the car. We found small pieces of broken glass. It was now clear that the rear window was broken and then replaced, the wiper blade was put on backwards, the clip securing the hydraulic rod to the lift gateway was missing, the plastic panels on the inside were not installed properly. I called and talked to Eli (owner) three times and he promised me that he would get in touch with the driver and call me back, I never heard from him again. All I wanted from them was the amount it would have cost to have Subaru check the car and make sure the rear defroster worked, the wiper was ok, the window didn't leak and the clip replaced on the hydraulic rod for the lift gate. Totally irresponsible, never followed through, denied having any knowledge of the situation, but had no difficulty taking my money. No way to run a business, customers deserve better!!!!...[More]
By ron on Bright Auto Transport on Aug 25 2015 5:02PM
Neil the agent gave all lies in the book. Gave me the dates that he never had any control. Once I paid his part the basic reservation , never return calls. He pass the auto moving to tom, Tom gave me the option that to choose. As usual more lies. Driver never showed up. Tom pass the control to Andrew and he told me that both previous agents Neil and tom lied to me. Then Andrew started rest of the lies in the books, first told me will pick up the car on Saturday, first there was traffic, then the truck's had issue so couldn't come on Saturday. Monday finally picked up the car and told me that won't leave for another 4-5 days. Delivery was same. Neil never responded to any of the call, he was paid so don't care....[More]
By banu on Car Transport Express on Aug 25 2015 4:31PM
We requested a quote about 8 days before we needed to transport a car about 500 miles from Alabama to Georgia. We received automated messages saying that they had received the order and were working on it. I called and emailed every day after the order was placed and there was usually no way to talk to a live person. No one answers the phone and they only occasionally answer an email to say that they are working on it. I left multiple voice messages asking for an update on whether or not we would have a carrier and to get more information as to when the carrier could come. The long and short of it is that we had to call another company for a last minute pick up because we didn't receive a response from the company itself until the morning we were already moving and when another carrier was already en route to pick up the car. I would not recommend this company to anyone due to their lack of response, lack of customer service, and overall lack of professionalism that left us in a bind requiring a more expensive last minute carrier service. ...[More]
By Loan on Patriot Auto Transport LLC on Aug 24 2015 10:59PM
Never go here. NEVER. I received many quotes from many companies. When I was ready to send the car I called Imovers. I had a quote from them for $500, When I called, they raised it to $550. He said I'll call you right back, let me see when a carrier can come. I was told someone is in the area today (August 15th) If you agree just pay the $150 deposit and we'll send him. I went along and paid the deposit $150 for the $550 fee. 1/2 hour later I get a call and was told he all ready lest the area. Left the area in a half hour? Are you kidding me? A few days go by and believe me, I gave them a earful, I had to call cell numbers and office numbers to get answers. they were not professional, nor was I. I was HOT. They finally got the car 7 days later and guess what happens today, The driver wants to charge my sister $50 more because that's what his paperwork says. My signed copy says $550 total not $600. Here we go again, 6 phone calls to talk to someone, Driver will not drop the car unless he gets the $450 and Imovers says they are going to credit me back the $50. yeah I believe that.. You are scammers, blaming the carriers because you are just poor innocent brokers making your fee upfront so it doesn't matter what level of service is given after you feed your fat bellies. NEVER AGAIN!...[More]
By Kevin on iMovers on Aug 24 2015 9:39PM
I recommend to everybody do not never ever use this company for transportation reason been they give estimate price from new york to tx 675 $..175 deposit when u delivery the vehicle 500$ for truck driver. .He was lied when the truck driver came to deliver my vehicle he ask me 750 $it's 250 dollars more then he said his name is David. .so I paid 750+175..Also he gave the driver and me different prices. ..When I paid to down to him after that he never answered my phone not txt no emails. .The guy is just fucking lier ..The company not transportation it's just broker so please do not use this company nomore..thank u...[More]
By santhosh kulangara on Rock Bottom Rate Auto Transport on Aug 24 2015 9:06PM
Driver is very rude company doesn't pick up phone call driver tell us we can pick up car at his yard when ever he is ready and finish with his day off he says he is taking one week off so we have to wait one week before we can get our car. Try to call company left many message with no luck still haven't gotten no phone call back also still haven't gotten out unit yet. Would never want this company to pick up our car no more hopefully no one else use them...[More]
By Tommie on Ogiis Auto Transpor on Aug 24 2015 7:58PM
I was unable to make contact and get info about pickup day and time from Hollywood Auto Transport. Jason Michaels did not respond to my calls, emails or texts for 1 week. When he finally got back to me he said he was on vacation and that an employee had dropped the ball. He volunteered to refund my $ 300 deposit but 3 weeks later it still hasn't appeared on my CC statement. Two cars were supposed to be transported in an enclosed trailer from NJ to TX but on open rig showed up. Too late for me to cancel the shipment but the cars were OK after the trip. Jason is again incommunicado so I have no choice other than to post this very negative review. The Lego Auto Transport truck driver was very polite and professional. Problem is with Jason and Hollywood Auto Transport. First and hopefully last time I will have to ship a car. Rest assured I will NEVER use Jason or his company again. Save yourself some stress and aggravation. Go with another company....[More]
By R. Edelbach on Hollywood Auto Transport on Aug 24 2015 7:46PM
Since this was the first time I'd used a transport to move my car, I was totally in the dark about how the process worked from start to finish. This was not helped much by numerous phone calls to AT123. Seems the car had to wait until a contracted carrier committed to moving it. So all AT123 was doing was brokering the movement of my car. I was panicked when it was not committed and I was facing a cross country flight. I was scrambling to find someone to turn the car over after I left. But at the last minute a carrier committed. They were courteous and kind. And my car arrived before the estimated date in the same condition I sent it. I feel for the money it was AT123 job to help me through this process and be proactive. I had to initiate all communications. Tara was the best help I got though. It may be the case that this is NORMAL for this industry. That would be sad....[More]
By Vicki on Auto Transport 123 on Aug 24 2015 3:25PM
While my dealings with Auto Shipping Group were satisfactory, the company that was hired to transport my vehicle was poor and the communication between dispatcher and driver was poor. My car arrived early, and while this is usually a good thing I specified in my order that the car must not be there earlier than the 15th. The driver called me on the 13th saying my car was ready for pickup. Because I was driving cross-country to move I was not yet there and was unable to take the car from him. I had to rush my drive ahead of schedule and drive through the night to get there because he was insistent that I pick up the car early (even though I had requested NO EARLIER than the 15th for pickup). The driver called me more than several times to pressure me into getting to my new home early - and was extremely uncooperative/unwilling to yield to my specified schedule. ...[More]
By Dana on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 24 2015 1:57PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
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