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Took my deposit. Promised my vehicle would be picked up for agreed price. Agreed price was too low as I later learned so my car wasn't picked up. I was constantly lied to. I was swore at. I disputed the $200 deposit with my credit card company and had no issues. If they were dealing locally they would be out of business. ...[More]
By Dave Carlson on Headquarters Auto Transport LLC about 2 Hours Ago
The driver didn't deliver the car to the address I gave him. Instead, he called me and asked me to drive somewhere else to pick it up. When I asked why, he said it's illegal and his truck can't. It was worse that he gave the address but didn't gave the name of town at first, which made me think it in the town of the delivery address. So I went in the opposite direction. Then he told me it is actually in another town! After I told him that I need more time to get there (since I was in the opposite direction), he lost the patience, keeping calling me and text me. His distraction and the big rain made me miss his place again. Finally it took me two hours to get my car. Then he drove my car with me to my home. Just because I missed a turn, he kept beeping in the quiet community. Very rude. The worst driver I have ever met. The worst delivery service ever. ...[More]
By Zack on MJ Parker Trucking about 6 Hours Ago
Never answer phone call. Cancelled my reservation for no reason. waste me 5 days and did not ship my car....[More]
By Zhan on Easy Car Move about 8 Hours Ago
worst carrier in the industry, we had dispatch them an order to transport a vehicle for our customer from MA to TX when they cancelled in last minute because of a stupid excuse. It isn't the first time that they coming up with BS stories, our last order they deliver at 3 am in the morning saying that their driver can't deliver in NC during normal hours - why? Maybe because he has personal issue with the law? Anyway avoid them at all cost!!!! don't trust them!!!! we will do everything we can to make sure they are out of business....[More]
By Rachel on Esperanza Inc. about 11 Hours Ago
no communication would not answer e mails no public access phone, delayed pick up.had to cancel could not get an answer from email, they do not answer phone....[More]
By b betrix on E Z Auto Carriers about 12 Hours Ago
AVOID this carrier at ALL COSTS. My car was picked up at a DEALERSHIP in San Antonio. The Driver never recorded the mileage on the Bill of Lading. There was no COPY of the Bill of Lading. My car was received at night in the dark. The driver insisted I inspect my car from the TOP of his truck and demanded I pay him $800 cash before he would take my car down. I then noted on the Bill of Lading it was DARK AT NIGHT and the driver ASKS ME FOR A COPY OF THE BOL!!! He didn't even have a copy of the BOL as he should have, so he made another one up! The next day I saw a scratch down the side of the car that was not noted on the BOL nor was it there when it was picked up. Also the cover to the trailer hitch was stolen. I found clothes that the driver left in my car. there was unexplained mileage use. I believe the driver was using my car!!! I immediately reported it to their the insurance company and after SIX WEEKS, they are still looking for a way to deny the claim!!! STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM AUTO TRANSPORT NATIONWIDE CORP!!!...[More]
By Michelle on Auto Transport Nationwide Corp. on Oct 23 2014 5:45PM
Logistics gave me a quote for 850.00. The broker got 100.00, the balance was to be paid to the trucking Co. The vehicle was damaged when delivered and I worked out a deal with the trucking company to get an estimate for repair and we would settle the difference. Meanwhile the brokerage company ( NO LIMITS LOGISTICS INC ), went into my account twice unauthorized and pulled 100.00 the first time and then a week later 750.00. I tried contacting Joseph Coppola several time to ask him why he was committing fraud, but could not get him to answer the phone or return phone calls. *****BEWARE OF THIS CROOK AND THIS CROOKS COMPANY*****...[More]
By Pitbull on No Limits Logistics Inc. on Oct 23 2014 5:34PM
My car was going to be shipped from NJ to TX. They were Late to being with. Then they lost my car keys and remote. Also when they made new keys it was a 3rd party key and the remote was a used car remote with no trunk access. Now my car i shaving axel problems and makes noise when i drive it. The company is not doing anything about it. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I am in the staffind industry and my company ships over 50 cars a months we will never do business with them again. ...[More]
By Pratik on Auto Transport Logistics LLC on Oct 23 2014 5:12PM
My first and worst experience car transports with this company. I HIGHLY advise anyone to look somewhere else before choosing Goldstar. As the day arrived that I chose to have the cars picked up. No communication at all! I was in the process of moving which I was stressing out. Because of her poor of communication, I decided to cancel and get my deposit refunded. She told me I would get it refunded by her accountant but wasn't truthful. I keep having to call her about the refund and she keep on saying "I looked into it". I decided to let my credit card company dispute it with her.I should mention this was in August 09 2014 and I still haven't received it. WORST PROFESSIONALISM I have ever experienced. If I had to do it all again I would reconsider taking the cheap route of saving money for car transports because this is what I get. Take my advice and go with SHIPACARDIRECT even though its a bit extra! It will be your life saver....[More]
By David S on Gold Star Transport on Oct 23 2014 4:05PM
ONE OF THE WORST TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, no customer services at all, they took my deposit and never provide me with the services, I have email, left messages to Luis and corporate office and have never received a call or email respond. I am trying to get my deposit reimburse and not Luis or the Headquarters offices have answer my calls or email. This is a FRAUD COMPANY will never used them or recommend it again. Filing a complaint with BBB....[More]
By MP on Headquarters Auto Transport LLC on Oct 23 2014 4:01PM
Horrible experience- i would not go near these company with a 10 foot pole. Told me the delivery was 7-9 days. 21 days later my car finally arrives in Huntington California. Not only was delivered 11 days late the car was dropped off in Fontana California 1.5 hours away from Huntington and driven by some stranger. The exhaust system was damaged and i was promised a refund which was never given back. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY ...[More]
By patrick on Philam Transport on Oct 23 2014 3:37PM
Response from Philam Transport
Tanner about 8 Hours Ago
I am so sorry that you feel that way Patrick, but next time be honest when posting a review. Yes, the trucker got delayed 3 days and the car was del...[More]
I was quoted a delivery date to get the car to Virginia. I booked an airline flight out safely (I thought) after that date. When the date got close and no word on the car I called for an update. I was told it was in SC and would be there soon. As it turned out the car was still in CA and had never even left a full week after they picked it up. I had to rebook my trip and spend a fortune on airline fees. Then they said they would miss the newly promised date. I finally had to drive in a rental partway to meet them to get the car. The company cannot be trusted at all. Avoid at all costs!!...[More]
By Bill C on Skyline Express on Oct 23 2014 1:17PM
Lecia at Amerifreight assured us that their drivers have ratings of 95 or above. Who creates those ratings? Do they refer to the driver or the car carrier? We have experience with other companies transporting our cars. Those car carriers were solid and newer. They are similar to the types of carriers that car dealers use to transport new vehicles. With the assigned carrier out of Pennsylvania, the car carrier was from 2006 (8 years old) and extremely rusty with mismatched tires and inferior straps to hold down the car. We were reluctant to release our car to this appalling vehicle though the driver of the rusty carrier seemed alert and competent. The pick-up was delayed because this old rusty carrier was being welded back together at the shop. It is shocking that the carrier was able to drive across the country at all. The positive points were that Lecia and the driver responded to my calls and questions about the process. The driver phoned me when the car arrived in Los Angeles which I appreciated. It was a scary experience and we are so relieved that our car finally arrived at its destination (with a higher cost than the original quote) and in one piece after an 11 day journey....[More]
By Lawson on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 22 2014 9:01PM
I found a website that I could use to get multiple quotes from brokers across the US. After I entered my information quotes started coming in pretty rapidly. Destiny Auto Shipping was the lowest quote. I contacted them immediately and started doing business with Alex Stevens on 10/6/14. It was at that time I was asked to enter a Deposit of $150.00. With the remaining $475.00 due when the truck was delivered that I could pay via Credit Card. They told me the first available pick up time was 10/9/14 which we agreed on. On 10/9/14 I emailed Alex back at the email we had been communicating on and asked simply, "Are they not picking this vehicle up today?" - To which I never received a response. On 10/13 I emailed Alex -AGAIN to express my displeasure that I signed an agreement, paid a deposit that the transit company would pick up our truck and still no one had called to confirm any details. I also requested an insurance certificate for the carrier (Destiny's website says to contact I never received the insurance certificate. Also, In my email I said that I thought I should go with a different carrier. When I told them I was going to try a different carrier - I started to research how I could get my money back. It was at that time that I found out EVEN THOUGH THEY DID NOT MEET THE CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION WE BOTH AGREED TO, THEY WOULD NOT REFUND MY FULL DEPOSIT. They expect you to follow the contract, but when it comes to agreed times and dollar amounts (Later I was asked to pay $75.00 More than the original Quote), they didn't follow the written agreement even ONCE. Since I would be out the Deposit money or 40 % of the deposit money either way I reached out again on 10/14. On 10/14 I emailed Alex again telling him I still haven't heard from him and asked him to call me back. I also called and was unable to reach anyone. On 10/15/14 I called again and Kelly answered the phone. I told her that I had been trying to ship a truck and that Alex wasn't returning my emails. She pulled up my order # and began looking for another carrier to help us. When she found one she told me that instead of it being $475.00 on Delivery it would be $550.00. Since I needed the truck shipped and I was going to be out my deposit money (or at least half) I didn't have a choice - If I wanted it hauled I was going to have to pay more than agreed- so I did. She was honest and told me though that I had to have certified funds (cashier check, cash or money order) for the truck to be released which Alex of course said that they would take a credit card to get me to agree to signing the contract. Kelly was mostly very pleasant to work with and she went out of her way to get the Carrier to accept payment from Destiny, so I could pay Destiny with a Credit Card and they would later reimburse the carrier. When the Carrier arrived he was very friendly and professional. He delivered the vehicle in the time frame he said he would (although not in my original requested time frame). I've emailed Destiny for a copy of the receipt for the full $700.00 I paid or for the $150.00 deposit and so far I haven't heard back and it is 10/22 now. All in all, I was going to see about transporting one other vehicle to see if it was a one off situation but I believe this is truly their way doing business. I feel as though they use false quotes and aren't accurate about the services they can provide to get you to pay the deposit. It is just very bad business practice to tell someone I will pick your vehicle up on X date, then not show up or call or return calls for more than 6 days and still not provide a full refund when they are the party that didn't fulfill their part of the obligation. Kelly was nice and I appreciate her help. Had it not been for her on 10/15 I am sure Alex would have never gotten my vehicle shipped and I would be out the deposit or 40% of it. ...[More]
By Niccole on Destiny Auto Shipping on Oct 22 2014 2:52PM
This was a horrible experience. UZ picked my truck up and delivered it on time. It had no air in the tires when they delivered it. They took the air out so it would fit on the truck. They also put my large truck on the lower deck of the carrier, so the roof scratched the top deck and chains damaging my truck. The driver offered me $50 to not tell anyone about it. He then agreed to go to the auto body shop across the street with me to figure out the damage, but left me on the side of the road. The damage was $1,200+. Despite numerous phone calls and emails, it was over a 6 weeks before they finally agreed to pay my claim. They came up with different paperwork I had to send them and they didn't like the estimates, so I had to go get more. It was ridiculous. I would never deal with this company again and would never recommend anyone ever hire them to move anything. They are useless and don't care about their customers at all....[More]
By Jay on UZ Auto Trans Inc. on Oct 22 2014 10:22AM
My car was delivered with scratches and knots on the rear bumper. The driver, Jay, insisted they were already there. NOT! When he picked up my car in GA, he noted every single mark that was already on my car. There was absolutely NOTHING on my rear bumper. Patrick called and offered me a check for $300, and told me I could accept it or call my insurance company and pay a deductible. WTH!?! This will get resolved one way or another. I will NEVER do business with this company again. ...[More]
By Jessica E. on Ogiis Auto Transpor on Oct 21 2014 7:08PM
My fault to start with as other companies warned me not to go with too low rates. Well I decided to go with AAT as the response from Byron was firm and assuring. When I did not receive my car on the 3rd of October, so waited that it could be another day or two. After calling Byron I came to know he can't get a hold of the carrier or dispatcher or driver of SRG transport and he had no idea where the truck carrying my car was. After one more week I went to the Police and it was no help as they don't know if the truck ever left Texas. Insurance can't do anything until I file a police complaint. I received a call from driver that truck had broken and owner didn't had money to pay for tow and fuel so he quit and he is no more the driver of that truck. This was crazy as Byron knew everything and I was being lied to all along. I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else. DO NOT USE AAT or SRG transport EVER...[More]
By P Jalli on All American Transport on Oct 21 2014 6:11PM
My car was transported via this service 870 miles for $850, or about $0.97/mile. My friends use this transport company every year for 2600 miles and told me that they pay about $1000, or $0.38/mile. No explanation for the huge difference in rates. ...[More]
By James on Angels Moving Autos on Oct 21 2014 2:34PM
Read about all the scams and how dirty this industry is. Thought I had a reputable company but was lied to and follow up resulted in cancelling the wrok order. Ordered a transport from Pa to Fla on Sept 12th for pick up on Oct 19th. They never showed and didnt even call to let us know they would not be there. Called next day and they said the $800 agreed contract was now $1500. Please do yourself a favor and NEVER use this broker service. They paint a pretty picture up front but never deliver on their promisses. ...[More]
By S Phillips on All Day Auto Transport on Oct 21 2014 1:25PM
Response from All Day Auto Transport
Carlos Bliffeld on Oct 21 2014 2:23PM
We gave a quote to this client Mr.Philips for a Hyundai Sonata from Pa to FL for $800, when he called to set up the order he changed it to a Ford Expe...[More]
The driver called me the day of pickup and told me he would be there between 9-11am and showed up at 1pm on a sat. He then told me the eta of delivery would be thursday if not friday at the latest. Not only did i try, but the truck broker tried all day wed to get a hold of the driver and he never picked up his phone or returned any calls. Thursday we finally reached him and he said that my car wouldnt be here till sunday. He then proceeded to call me on sat to tell me my car would be here on sunday between 6-8pm. At 730pm I tried calling him 3 times with no response. He then called me at 930pm to tell me he left me a message earlier in the day to tell me the delivery was again postponed until monday afternoon. He then said he must have called the wrong number. The driver then told the company on monday he would not be here till between 6-8pm with my car and proceeded to deliver the car at 930pm monday night. The car was filthy and looked like it had been sitting outside for a couple days. ...[More]
By Lee Holstein on Express Trans LLC on Oct 21 2014 1:17PM
over promising and under delivery ! 17 days for 400 miles transport is ridiculous. because of the extreme delay i missed the ship to Europe, a lot of extra expanse for me plus time, phone calls e-mail and on and one. never again. ...[More]
By rennerkg on Montway Auto Transport on Oct 21 2014 12:19PM
Response from Montway Auto Transport
Montway on Oct 22 2014 6:36PM
Montway stands by its services and will go above and beyond to assist customers with any issues. We are truly sorry to hear that the car missed the c...[More]
Our customer booked a transport from AK to TX. AAT called us a week early stating the vehicle was ready at their port for transport. Called the carrier already assigned that the vehicle was ready a week earlier. They picked up that day 6th of October and were supposed to deliver in 7-10 days which brings the delivery date to the 13th of October. We called Roman 503.914.7777 numerous amounts of times. Emailed the company but of course they never returned our calls. We called for over a week with no response from them, emailed them and again no response from them. Finally we got in contact with Roman yesterday. He notified me the truck broke down end of last week but decided not to contact us. Yesterday he stated his driver will drop off the vehicle today or tomorrow but of course nothing. He contacted my customer yesterday stating he will be delivering 7am-8am. 9.30 rolled around and of course no response from Roman and no delivery of the vehicle. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AT ALL. ...[More]
By Anonymous on United Line on Oct 21 2014 10:51AM
WARNING: Do not trust your classic car to this company. I willingly paid Passport Transport an exorbitant price to transport my classic car a relatively short distance because I wanted assurance it would be well cared for. In spite of being sealed into a fully enclosed trailer for the duration of the trip, my car arrived with two large paint chips on the right front fender and on the passenger door. Although the driver fully acknowledged, in writing, that the damage occurred while the car was under his care, Passport Transport refused reasonable compensation, or any compensation, for the damaged paint in spite of my having a repair estimate from a reputable auto body shop and signed letters from five reputable automotive businesses showing that the damage could only have occurred through driver negligence. Unbelievably, the Passport Transport representative, with whom I spoke, refused to compensate me and told me that my fully restored 1957 Chevrolet either "damaged itself" or was damaged due to "unexplained circumstances". Those were his exact words. There are plenty of other companies that value their customers and want their repeat business but Passport Transport clearly, does not....[More]
By Derek Durst on Passport Transport on Oct 21 2014 7:38AM
Response from Passport Transport
Neil about 7 Hours Ago
This vehicle was transported into an auction and was SOLD at that auction. Passport Transport was not given the opportunity to inspect the vehicle or...[More]
I booked over a month in advance to ship 3 cars. The truckers were unable to show up; the first trucking company cancelled without a reason (on the same day), the replacement trucking company was dispatched and then called me at the end of the day to tell me the "truck was broken down". They said they would show up the following day. They didn't. Four days passed in this game of waiting for a truck to show up. I canceled the contract with Montway when they called to tell me a third trucking company was going to be dispatched. Montway is now refusing to issue a credit for my deposit ($499). Montway contracts with small-time truckers and this leads to unreliable pick-up times, cancellations on the part of the truckers and absolute frustration, aggravation, and increased cost to the customer. They are deceptive and ruthless. ...[More]
By A B on Montway Auto Transport on Oct 20 2014 10:33PM
Jim Jones Trucking should have his license suspended and made to pay back all his customers with interest. I was taken for $2,496 from this man and a damaged trailer. Mr. Jones is very unprofessional and I am now in the process of suing him in small claims court in California. Do not use this company. ...[More]
By Margaret Porter on Jim Ford Trucking on Oct 20 2014 7:40PM
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