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Paul and company at Diesel Auto Express are the most unprofessional business in this industry. If you are looking for a professional and responsible business with good communication skills, respect for the customer and timeliness, LOOK ELSEWHERE. Don't risk your automobile with Diesel Auto Express. Learn from my mistakes and others that have written here; why take the chance when there are so many other good options?!...[More]
By Brendan on Diesel Auto Express about 6 Hours Ago
I paid Montway Auto to transport a brand new 2015 Ford vehicle on July 27th, 2015. When the vehicle was picked up on July 27th no damage was present on the vehicle as indicated on the bill of ladding. When the vehicle was delivered on July 30th damage was observed on the vehicle and documented on the bill of ladding. Montway Auto was contacted to start a damage claim. Montway Auto instructed me to provide three repair estimates to repair the vehicle which I provided on August 2nd. Montway Auto informed me the carrier declined to pay for the damages. Montway Auto told me to file a claim with the carrier’s insurance company which I did on August 11th. The carrier’s insurance company denied the claim on October 28th since the carrier’s insurance policy does not cover damages to the vehicle. They sent me a denial claim letter confirming this. I sent this information to Montway Auto. I asked Montway Auto to pay for the repairs and refund the amount paid to transport the vehicle. They said they will not pay to repair the vehicle nor refund the money paid to transport the vehicle. Montway Auto again said they would ask the carrier to pay for the repairs. On November 25th they informed me the carrier would not pay for the damages. On Montway Auto’s website it states, "You’re covered in any situation. Your vehicle is protected by the best insurance available – at no extra cost – and you get our 100% Money Back Guarantee.” Clearly this is not an accurate nor true statement. Montway Auto will not refund any money nor pay to repair the vehicle. Their advertising is misleading and untruthful! BE CAUTIOUS! Montway Auto DOES NOT use carriers that have adequate insurance to cover damages to your vehicle in an event your vehicle is damaged during transportation. They do not check to ensure their carriers have adequate insurance. I have spent four months working with Montway Auto in an attempt to get the damages to my vehicle paid for/repaired. I have provided them everything they have asked for. To date I am no closer to resolving this issue with Montway Auto and getting my vehicle repaired. I would NOT recommend using Montway Auto to transport any vehicle unless you are willing to accept that if the vehicle arrives damaged you will be responsible to repair it. On a positive note Montway Auto has generally returned my phone calls and emails which is appreciated. ...[More]
By Andy on Montway Auto Transport about 21 Hours Ago
They were supposed to pick up my vehicle and transport from Montreal to Moncton and they never did, and never returned my money. This is a scam and a bunch of thief all the positive review you see about them on this website are fake and written by them. I've met online about 10 other person that got their money stolen by them. The way they do it is they get you to pay the driver directly and then they never call you back and then their excuse is to tell you they never got paid or received money from you but we all know they don't work for free and if the trucker wouldn't pay them their share they would stop hiring those truckers and it isn't the case and by trucker I mean fake trucker. By the way if you ever hear about Brian Christopher Denena from Orillia Ontario, just run away he's the worst thief and will take your money and never return your e-mail or call. They will also give 10 differents answer of why they couldn't pickup on time and push the date back etc etc. They are a bunch of thief and Scamer...[More]
By FB on Vehicles in Motion on Nov 25 2015 2:07PM
Vista Logistics transported two of our like-new cars from the west to the east coast. After receiving the cars, we noticed that they were not only filthy, but damaged in several places. The first car had damage on the front bumper and the check engine light was on and the second car had a dent on the driver's door, a damaged right fog light, and a damaged right rear rim, among other damages. We didn't even bother complaining about the heavy scrapes underneath the front bumper/undercarriage of the first car, although we have pictures to prove it. We provided before and after pictures of the vehicles when they were being loaded/unloaded and all the damage is listed on the bills of lading and in our e-mails which we sent shortly after taking possession of the vehicles. We even called Vista immediately after taking possession of the vehicles about all the damage and even the check engine light. Unfortunately, it's been about 6 months now, and Vista Logistics is still failing to respond to our claims. We have called and e-mailed Vista numerous times and each time we were given the runaround. We escalated the issue to their insurance company, who is taking the position that they cannot process the claims until Vista fills out the necessary claims forms, which they have clearly refused to do. We have followed up multiple times by phone and e-mail, but enough is enough. It seems the insurance Vista carries is practically meaningless and the only way to be compensated for the damages is by taking legal action, which we plan on doing. We highly recommend car owners avoid their services....[More]
By Sev on Vista Logistics on Nov 25 2015 4:35AM
I recently shipped my car from Spokane, WA to Brooksville, FL using United American Auto Transport as my carrier. Overall, it was not a good experience. My big issues were that I was "guaranteed" the car would be to me a week after being picked up, however, it actually took closer to two weeks, AND for the first week and a half i could not get UAAT to help me locate where my car was. They set it up, took my 100$ deposit, and made me figure the rest out. The quote i received was low compared to most, and my car did make it safely to Florida, however, I had a lot of anxiety about where the car was and when it would arrive. I would say if you really care about your car go with another broker who will actually take car of you. The car was delivered at about 10 pm, and i was unable to talk to the drivers once until about 4pm. Also, the car was absolutely filthy when it came to me, so be weary of that. It was covered in what seemed in specks on what seemed like oil or grease. ...[More]
By Mark R. on United American Auto Transport on Nov 24 2015 9:35PM
They were sending me one invoice with $1090, but actually charged me for 1190. When I called, they didn't pick up the phone at first. When they finally picked up, they just lied to me again. Then I had to call my bank to solve this problem. But then they faked an invoice to show my bank. BIG LIAR AND SUCH AN BAD EXAMPLE IN THE INDUSTRY....[More]
By Jess on Dynamic Auto Movers on Nov 24 2015 9:03PM
they were late picking up car. after telling us for several days He is coming. after they got there to pick up car. he was not use to transporting a Bentley I guess. I had to tell him to put in the side mirrors as he was loading the car.. that made me concerned.. you would think that would be one of the things to do on all cars. during the transport I was told someone would keep us up to date as to where the car was. no one ever called after about three days... I had to initiate the call.. no answer , so then I started texting the driver.. He finally answered and I reminded him to start the car but don't lock it back. or the alarm would go off. I am assuming he did that.. by the 6th day traveling from the east coast to Las Vegas he was late delivering the car. we were being told it would be one day then it would be 48 hrs later... personally I wont use them again.. they were just as high as anyone else and the driver was very nonchalant about transporting my Bentley. I took a lot of pictures and took note of the gas mileage.. It arrived just dirty as heck,, seems like they would go by a car wash and spray the cars down on the truck before delivering them.. my opinion of course ,, BUT ALSO MY MONEY...[More]
By mary wood on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Nov 24 2015 8:16PM
Budget Auto Shipping says one thing and does another. They say they send proper documentation and does not. They are a good campany, just watch out and look at everything so they dont charge you extra....[More]
By Aaron Z Smith on Budget Auto Shipping on Nov 24 2015 7:05PM
Brokers DO NOT deal with this shady outfit. Not only were they LATE but most important the are CROOKS. They DO NOT PAY their brokers fees either. Brokers DO NOT deal with this shady outfit. Not only were they LATE but most important the are CROOKS. They DO NOT PAY their brokers fees either. ...[More]
By Joe on Xclusive Auto Carriers LLC on Nov 24 2015 3:21PM
Received an estimate/quote for 1650 to haul my item, decided to move forward and found out the closest he could actually get to that was $800 more. Kind of a waste of time for me....[More]
By Cheesehead on Total Car Shipping on Nov 23 2015 9:06PM
My credit card was charged 3 hours before the car was picked up, I was told to be charged when the car was picked up. and after I leave all my credit card info,,.. I did not receive any updates about the shipping. I needed to coordinated with the seller about the pick up, never receive any updates from Roy when the car was in transit ...only 1 day after the car was shipped i received one phone call. Seems to me,the main goal is to charge the credit card and after that forget the customer....[More]
By Richard on Door to Door Transport on Nov 23 2015 4:31PM
I recommend no one go with this company. They are very unprofessional. The carrier was a small truck and a trailer really outdated! They are very rude, not only did they come late we had to take our vehicle to them. We are a military family and we were treated with so much disrespect.. we have to contact them throughout the whole process. The only good thing about them is the price. Cheap price for poor quality. That's all I have to say I will never go with these people again and I recommend no one else do......[More]
By Erica on Patriot Auto Transport LLC on Nov 23 2015 1:48AM
Graham with Amerifreight did a great job of finding a carrier that would transport the car in a short time frame. The pickup and delivery window I provided was limited so it was nice to see that he could accommodate. The carrier service was disappointing. Originally, they scheduled to pick up the car at 6:00 PM on a Thursday. On Thursday night, they reschedule for Friday night. Friday afternoon, I learn that they will arrive at midnight. At midnight, I learn that they will arrive at 2:30 AM. They pick up the car but check a box saying that it was too dark to determine pre existing damages. At the time I do not realize this, mainly because it is 3:00 AM. The car is delivered a day late which is not unreasonable considering the logistics of the move but the frustrating part is that I was not informed until late in the day of the scheduled delivery. The car arrives damaged on the underside of the front bumper which they claim is due to the car having a low profile. Yes, the profile is somewhat low but it is not "lowered" by any aftermarket parts. This could have been avoided by using more pieces of 2 x 4 on the ramps. Once again, on the bill of lading they marked that the car was low profile so obviously this damage was not going to be covered. ...[More]
By Nick on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Nov 21 2015 2:16AM
get it done is a very dishonest company the broker that I had name was Dave he was very nice at first very pleasant promised me a lot of things just to find out at the end I would be the one screwed.I called to get it done 3 days before my travel they promised me my vehicle would be picked up on time and delivered on time 100% the day of pick up I called the carrier and he told me he would not be able to pick my vehicle up that day I was highly upset my ticket was already booked I was traveling with my one year old child from Florida to Dallas Texas I called Dave he said don't worry he would get it done lol and that he did he called another carrier to pick up the vehicle. Day the truck driver came he didn't speak any English so you know there was a language barrier between usget it done and a carrier promised me my vehicle would be delivered 3 days later which was fine cuz I was leaving the next day I arrived 3 days before my vehicle dead I never once heard from Dave and when I did get a chance to speak to him he told me he would call me back and never did remind you I'm traveling with a one year old all of my things and my babies things were in the vehicle I get a call back the day after they told me the vehicle was supposed to be delivered and said the vehicle would not be delivered till two days later at that moment I started crying I was very upset Here I am in Texas with no vehicle I have a baby that I'm traveling wand spending hundreds of dollars with uber and taxis I called get it done he told me don't worry I will fix this that was 6 days ago now I'm still sitting here in Texas waiting on my vehicle I called the Department of SDOT I called the police department to report the vehicle stolen and since then Dave has not answered any of my phone calls is this company is the worst I've even had an emotional breakdown more worried about the baby than myself if you know what's best do not go with this company they are the worse dave is a crook and would not keep his promise I should have known better for the price that I got that I was going to get screwedmy vehicle was not delivered to me as promised on time actually four days later no one seems to care about my situation from get it done I do not recommend get it done for anything the sad part about it is David a family man with children put yourself in my position days if it were my family. On the company and your wife and children were traveling and they did that to them how would you feel I trusted you with my vehicle and I thought you were a man of your words I wouldn't wish you on my worst enemy god bless you thank you. ...[More]
By Sandy on Get it Done Transportation on Nov 20 2015 2:29PM
Response from Get it Done Transportation
David Pein on Nov 20 2015 4:33PM
Sandy, I first want to apologize for the delay in your vehicle being delivered and any inconvenience it has caused you. I wish you would have written ...[More]
IF YOU WANT LEFT IN A LURCH AND RIPPED OFF THIS IS THE COMPANY FOR YOU!! Krystal Pierce took my deposit of $167 to transport my car from GA to IL. Once she confirmed my payment and shipping form was received I couldn't reach her by phone. She told me the car would be picked up on 10/31/15 and she would contact me with the carriers insurance and driver contact. On day of expected pick up I tried to reach her because we had no proof of carrier insurance or driver contact, we finally got to talk to her by tricking her by calling off another number and she said she would call us right back as soon as she found out what was holding up the driver. NEVER HEARD BACK FROM HER, CAR STRANDED IN GA!! She finally called me on 11/2/15 after I disputed her PayPal payment and said she had a driver to pick up my car, WHY BELIEVE HER NOW??? On that day I told her I would like a refund and she said ok, but I HAVE NOT received any money from Around the World!! I am still trying to get my deposit refunded...I sincerely urge you NOT to use this company, Krystal stole money by not fulfilling her part of the contract and transporting my car as promised....I fulfilled my part by paying the deposit. ...[More]
By Phyllis Bodine on Around The World Auto Carriers on Nov 18 2015 8:09PM
Response from Around The World Auto Carriers
KRYSTAL on Nov 18 2015 8:50PM
Mrs Bodine double brokered. We sent our driver out and the car wasn't there when the driver showed up. She also did this to 2 other companies that wo...[More]
I would never use them again. the carrier Bonsi Transport smashed my rear window by not securing the trunk lid and towing it backward on the truck denied it and towed the car in torrential downpour. They soaked the interior never even attempted to cover the window then when their insurance company told them they should pay me because it was under their deductible they told them they would and told me to F off...[More]
By Scott on Haul Match on Nov 18 2015 2:40PM
Con artists posing as moving brokers caused me medical harm and destroyed our things. This complaint is about White Horse A&S llc, aka National Relocation Van Lines, aka National Relocation Solutions (they clearly hide alternate identities to prevent customers from seeing complaints such as this - I'm complaining against White Horse, but they don't use that name, at all, they go by National Relocation to fool the customers). They scheduled a pick-up date of July 6, but did not arrive. When we called, they told us they would arrive on July 7, which was after the time we were contractually obligated to be out of the house. They scheduled a delivery of July 13, but did not arrive. When we called, they demanded $2,000 on top of the down-payment we had already made. We agreed because there was large medical equipment on board that I badly needed, and that we had only rationed about 2 weeks worth of medication since they promised a 1 week delivery. They knew about this beforehand, and were made aware of it again after this exchange, and they promised a delivery date of the 17th, which never arrived. Then they promised the 20th (the latest date contractually allowable). Still nothing. They then said that they had no idea there was a problem, despite the fact that we were calling nearly on a daily basis, and that our things would arrive on Aug 05. It's at that point I threatened to call the FBI, and then they offered a date of July 27th. Our things finally did arrive on July 27th, but not before several medical complications occurred, resulting in unnecessary suffering and medical procedures. Many of our things arrived broken, including both a couch and loveseat ($1,564), bunkbeds ($187), fridge ($899), and picture frames (negligible). There were also a variety of things missing, such as a traditional tea set I bought for my wife while I was working in Beijing in 2007-2008. When we complained, they directed us to some lackey complaint company called This company has just as bad a reputation as National Relocation. The filing process with this company only takes into account damaged goods, not contract violations or anything else. Despite this, there were still significant delays, and we finally heard on Nov 17 that they were offering us $68. That's less than 1/1000 of what they actually owe us for the contract violations, resulting medical complications, and damaged items. So now we are forced to resort to hiring a lawyer. On top of all this, they violated several federal laws, including refusing to weigh/measure the shipment in front of us, increasing the non-binding price estimate by over 200%, and not providing a final bill of lading with full inventory of everything that was packed. This is not a real company, at all. They are a group of people scamming customers and holding their things hostage. We are now dedicated to taking them down, completely. Even if we never get our settlement, we will not stop until they close their operations entirely....[More]
By Ashley Taillard on National Relocation Van Lines on Nov 17 2015 4:47PM
I was very happy in the beginning,Dominick was nice and reasuring.Car was picked up on time,driver was nice and profrssional.Dominick said it would be 10 to 12 days.On the 11day i called dom to see how everything was going and to check where the car was .He said he get back to me,HE NEVER DID.Called agin the next day and he actually tolded me the car was delivered.CAR WAS NOT DELIVERED.Dom and I went back and forth and finaly got the car delivered 4 days late. Car was a little dirty no problem,the problem was it had a flat tire(I just put 4 new tires the car just before the move).Complained to Dom and true to form he said he see what he could do and get back to me ,STILL WAITING!...[More]
By gary gainer on DNA Auto Transport LLC on Nov 17 2015 3:36PM
Response from DNA Auto Transport LLC
Dominick Nuzzi on Nov 20 2015 3:07PM
Gary Gainer I am sorry that your vehicle was late I am also sorry that you feel that I was not responding up to your standard Like I told you when ...[More]
Very disatified with the company. They said the car would be picked up certain date and delivered with the time frame that was needed but it ended up being another additional 5 days. As a broker they should hire professional contractors in additional customer service representstives. So disatifed that I cancelled my order and they kept the 204 dollars non refundable fee. They could not meet my required dates. Will never ever use them again....[More]
By Betty on Montway Auto Transport on Nov 17 2015 11:43AM
Quote of $550 to transport car from pa to fl. Two days after supposed pick up date Allen said it would be another $400. They couldn't find a trucking company to do the job they promised. Highly unethical. Screwed up my plans and now I have to start from square one with another company. And rent a car in the meantime. Do not use this company. ...[More]
By Elizabeth shaffer on US Car Transporters LLC on Nov 17 2015 2:31AM
Q Auto transport used a second party trucking company to transport my BMW and it was delayed and the communication was very poor. Do not use them as they are very unprofessional and lack detail and clear communications....[More]
By B williams on Q Auto Transport LLC on Nov 16 2015 8:59PM
Vehicle arrived damaged. Took photos along with driver. Submitted 2 estimates for repair. Bulldog wouldn't pay anything. Dishonest company. AVOID ...[More]
By chuck on Bulldog Trucking on Nov 16 2015 3:07PM
The process went fine. The cars were picked up on time. The trucking company that drove them across the United States was good. They were prompt, friendly, and delivered early. The hardest part has been trying to get my refund for writing this review....[More]
By Christie P on Ship a Car Direct on Nov 14 2015 2:45PM
I had a new vehicle to go from Oklahoma City to Tucson. Given that it was an F550 cab & chassis, I was told it may take a few days to secure the route. Made reservation with them on Friday and they asked for a deposit. Conversation went well and everyone sounded knowledgeable and able to fulfill the request. Paid the deposit with a credit card and was told by about Monday they should have an idea as to when the delivery would take place. I called (3 times) and left a message on Monday for an update - no response. I called Tuesday (4 tries) and a second gentleman (different than the person who took the order) assured me I would hear back from them by the end of the day - no word. I called again on Wednesday morning and after multiple attempts (5 tries) got the same person. He said he would contact me within the next hour or two - no response. I called Thursday (7 tries) over about a 3 hour window and finally left a message to cancel the order. How they choose to handle the refund of the deposit within and with the credit card company still remains. Reviews, poor ones, mostly state communication issues with which I agree. Lack of communication normally translates to lack of ability to get things done. One other note is email communication I received was mostly automated and all sent by "info@". No personal emails or numbers and no last names which also lends itself to lack of accountability. Think twice before using and be cautious....[More]
By Rion on Wolfepack Transport on Nov 13 2015 5:45PM
With this being my first time moving across state and shipping my car, I took a few months to research each company and which would be the best. My initial contact was excellent, he was prompt to answer any and all questions and would supplement emails with any further information about the whole process. That was honestly the best part of this whole experience, because after that everything was terrible. I was informed that my pick up date would have been Oct. 28th and that I would receive a call from my carrier to arrange a time and location. However, I never received this call and when I finally called the driver he had informed me that my pick up date was scheduled for the 29th. I understood that the date I requested was not set in stone, however I really wish I was informed of this scheduled change as I was under the impression that the 28th was confirmed. When I called the dispatcher, they insisted I was scheduled for the 28th. After having to arrange with my leasing office to give the driver both my payment and my key, as I had already left the state, I was told I would be contacted as soon as the driver picked up my car. Again, no calls from the driver or the dispatcher. I called the driver several times and each time went straight to voicemail and it got to the point where I was talking more to the dispatcher than the driver. I arrive in Houston next day, and my drop off date was stated to be the 31st to the 1st of Nov. When I called on the 31st, I was told that my new drop off date was to be the 4th. Again, I understand dates changed but what irritated me was that I was never informed of these changes, always left in the dark, and was treated like an annoyance when I would try to get some clarification. I guess I had annoyed them enough because the driver called me on the 2nd and told me they would be available for drop off later in the afternoon. They scheduled for a specific time and said they would call when I should head out. An hour went by, I called and they reassured me, then another hour and so on. Finally, the driver sent who I assumed to be his wife over in my car and I had to drop her off in a parking lot with the driver. When I received my car, I wanted to take my time to inspect it to make sure no damage had been done. The driver seemed to not really care and tried to rush me through this step and sign the bill of landing asap. Initially, this whole experience was great but had turned sour when communication was left in the wind and I was treated like a nuisance whenever I wanted an update on my vehicle....[More]
By Denise Leal on Ship a Car Direct on Nov 13 2015 5:43PM
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland on Nov 13 2015 6:39PM
Sorry to hear the carrier's timing estimates were off and caused you frustration. Wish we had heard about it sooner. It's true that drive times are ha...[More]
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