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I was very hesitant to use any of the car transportation review after reading the mixes reviews about car transportation companies. But the first thing "Ship a Car Direct" did was to earn my trust by assuring the best service and a guarantee for getting compensation for any damage. The carrier who came was prompt in pick up from the origin and delivery to the destination....[More]
By Sankar on Ship a Car Direct about 47 Minutes Ago
The representative is pretty nice and knowledgeable. He would try his best to answer my questions. If he does not know the answer, for example the exact arrival time of the truck, he would contact the driver and get back to me as soon as he can. Delivery is fast and on time....[More]
By Bohan on Dynamic Auto Movers about 1 Hour Ago
This is the first time i have ever shipped a car, so it was all new to me. Alan took all the time i needed to explain the process, he responded quickly to my request for a quote and the price stayed the same after he got the trucker. I had a good experience thru out the time from pickup to delivery. ...[More]
By Wallace Pelland on East West Auto Transport about 2 Hours Ago
For the last few years ive been shipping my car back and forth from NY to FL. Sadly every year has been a nightmare...from stolen trucks not showing the point where I was about to purchase and extra car so I wouldn't have to go through this headache every year. I was referred to Number 1 Auto Transport through a referral from a dealership that I've been doing buisness with for years. THANK GOD I found them. The level of professionalism I've encountered from Max Parker was hands down the best I've ever received from any company EVER! They are a no B.S. kind of company. NO MONEY UPFRONT... UPDATES FROM BOTH THE DRIVER, DISPATCHER, AND FROM NUMBER 1 AUTO TRANSPORT. Not only will I be a customer for life...but I will make sure my entire community down in florida uses you as well. ...[More]
By Shawn Blaum on Number 1 Auto Transport Inc. about 2 Hours Ago
Laura was great to work with, she kept me informed throughout the entire shipping process. I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in shipping a vehicle especially if it is your first time....[More]
By John on Vehicle Shipping Group LLC about 4 Hours Ago
Response from Vehicle Shipping Group LLC
Laura Curto about 4 Hours Ago
Laura Curto 480-360-1261 Thank you John, It was a pleasure working with you. Please feel free to share my informati...[More]
We had a good experience with Auto Shipping Group. Kim was very helpful and kept us informed during the process of finding a carrier. Our car was picked up as scheduled and the transporter kept in touch with us during the transport. The car was dropped off to us in good condition....[More]
By SB on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 5 Hours Ago
AS soon as I made payment I received an email and a second email once a carrier was found. Unfortunately my car was not ready to be picked up as I had wanted. But as soon as I called them and told them about it I had a second carrier arranged for pick up at a later date. They were very prompt and delivery was on time , was very happy with their service....[More]
By Kumar on Direct Express Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
Angela at "Ship A Car Direct" was a great person to deal with. I was sent notifications daily from a quote , to the carrier assigned. The E-mails didn't stop there. Within the few short days from start to finish I was sent information about shipping payment due, a customer receipt/purchase, payment confirmation, as well as how to document damage before and after the shipment of my vehicle. They even sent an application that linked to their site and it guided me through this process. To top it off, the night before my vehicle arrived at its destination I was sent an e-mail, "Give a shout if you need me" with a 24 hour hotline phone number. You can't get much better than that! I am very impressed with this company....[More]
By Michelle on Ship a Car Direct about 6 Hours Ago
Michael, at Passage Auto Transfer, was very helpful and professional in handling all the details. We had everything worked out with 2 phone calls. Pickup and delivery went as scheduled and my car arrived with no damage. I'm very appreciative of Michael's efforts to help make my move as easy as possible. I would certainly recommend his company....[More]
By Rob on Passage Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
I bought a 2015 Mazda Miata on Ebay. The car was located in Connecticut and I'm in Florida. The car had only 879 miles on it. So it was virtually brand new. I was very hesitant about shipping it on an open carrier since it's a convertible. I was bombarded with shipping offers after the end of the Ebay auction. Every company that contacted me had some very poor reviews as well as good ones. Of course all of them professed to be the best and could do it for very low prices. I was watching "Chasing Classic Cars" on the Velocity Network and saw they used Intercity to transport cars that are worth $100's of thousands of dollars. So I contacted them. The price was higher than all other carriers. But the car is in an enclosed carrier and taken excellent care of during transport. The driver was in contact during the trip down and delivery was smooth. The car is in perfect condition. The cost was high, but my anxiety level was low based on everything I had heard and read about Intercity. They did a great job. If I ever have to move a vehicle again they're my choice. Great Job....[More]
By Barry on Intercity Lines Inc. about 8 Hours Ago
Our experience with the company was all around excellent. The whole process proceeded very quickly, and we were kept informed every step of the way. Also, a lot of useful information about shipping cars was e-mailed that answered all of our questions. I felt comfortable with the driver who was very courteous and accessible. Transportation time was short. Reassuring support was available when it was needed....[More]
By Judy Mennonna on Ship a Car Direct about 9 Hours Ago
mhm~~~ overall it is good. I mean, from requesting a quote to being contacted by an agent to pick up the car to deliver the car, honestly it is basically hassle free; they take care of everything, and just need to call you a couple of times for things like finding you and pick up the car and finding a person to deliver the car. Something that's not good enough is that we can't schedule a specific time to deliver the car. So I was talking to the person picking up the car and she said it will be delivered at night. But then the next day they deliver it early, in the morning. It caused trouble because everyone goes to work in the morning and no one was at home to accept the delivery. So this is the downside. But then they called me about an hour earlier than the delivery time so I noticed this situation and was able to find someone to accept the delivery. So, no bad. And the communication is actually very good. overall, it is good. to be honest, it is about 100 dollars more expensive than some other quotes I received. But the process made me feel comfortable and reliable; so I think it is worth it. (read some reviews about some very irresponsible car delivery companies from YELP)...[More]
By Jiabin Chen on Ship a Car Direct about 9 Hours Ago
Most reliable company I have ever used compared to other 10 companies. Can not be better than this service. Locating a trucker with theirs logistics services is more than I was expecting .Very honest and friendly shipping expert is always to help ...[More]
By Silvia on BKK Transport and Brokerage Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
Positives: Good rate and easy to communicate. David and the website were very helpful in explain the procedures and what to expect during the process. Negatives: Maybe this is will all shipping brokers, but I do not like that the carrier company is assigned only within a few days of scheduled pickup date. I am a planner and if I need a backup plan, I would want as much time as possible to figure out alternatives. Carrier pickup and deliver dates were accurate, but not the times. They said they would pick in the morning and it was after lunch. They said they would deliver in the morning and it wasn't there until that evening. And no specific time frames were given, other than "in the morning". Overall: I would use them again in the future....[More]
By F. Randell on Ship a Car Direct about 10 Hours Ago
Wife and I decided to move to south Florida Gulf Coast area and had to deal with getting both her Lexus sedan and my Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck there with only one of us able to drive that much. After some soul searching, we decided to try a commercial vehicle moving company. Mastcar is located in Naples and thus was an obvious possibility. It was in dealing with Mr. Mast that we found the sense of safety and professionalism that we sought. Mr. Mast has a deep sense of personal commitment to fulfilling his customer's needs and treating their vehicle as if it were his own. He answered all of our questions before we even had to ask them. We were totally satisfied with this experience in could have well been a trying circumstance. We recommend Mastcar totally and would gladly use them again. ...[More]
By Rob Blankenship on Mastcar Transport about 11 Hours Ago
The originally carrier we were scheduled with called us a day before we were moving to say that he couldn't arrive until the next day. Since our flights were in the morning, the driver asked us to just hide the keys so he could pick it up later in the day (!!) I called Angela immediately and she worked tirelessly for there rest of the day to make sure we could get on a carrier who could pick up the car that day. By 7pm the car was picked up. I was really blown away by the amount of work Angela put in to get us on a new carrier. She really understood our plight without me having to explain that I wasn't okay with leaving our keys and car somewhere after we had already flown out. I would absolutely use Ship a Car Direct again!...[More]
By Liz on Ship a Car Direct about 12 Hours Ago
While it is a gamble to use a car transport service not knowing whether you will receive good or bad service, I can say without a doubt that it is a 100% guarantee that you DO NOT want to use Ground Force One to do your automobile transport. The individuals there, (Jackie and Sasha), will inform you that they will assign a driver and give you his or her cell phone number the day before your automobile is to be picked up. Having this in mind I contacted my driver the day before, no problem. He said he would be there in the morning to pick up my vehicle. I contacted the driver on the morning of the pickup – same thing, no problem he indicated he would be there to pick up the vehicle – no problem. When a few hours went by and he didn’t show up I called him again. This time he told me and I quote “I am no longer working with this company. Someone should have called you to inform you. You can call the main office number but they will probably give you a song and dance.” Upon calling the main number, the designated phone number to leave messages on, and the Ground Force One Emergency Number I received no reply from anyone at this company EVER!!! It was only after I called the Broker, Dynamic Auto Movers, who set up the job with Ground Force One that I was informed that the only option available for me would be that I would have to drive my car, myself, down to the terminal some 30 miles away to drop it off if I still wanted the car to go on the day of pickup and THEN I was told that the only way for me to get back to my house after drop off was to take a taxi home that I would be fully reimbursed for. As soon as I paid for the taxi they THEN informed me via email that they would only cover 50% of the cost of the transportation even after I provided them with a receipt. When I called them to get the final amount of the cashier’s check I had to provide the driver with I was told they would only cover 35% of the cost of the taxi. Holding my car hostage until I paid the amount they demanded, I had very few options to comply with their demands despite how unethical and dishonestly they had behaved on this transaction. Again, I know there are a lot of 50 50 situations when you select a company to transport your automobile. The only SURE 100% thing is NOT TO USE this company! No customer service support after hours or weekends – let alone during normal business hours, very dishonest people who change a written agreement on a moment’s notice, no organization, no integrity, and an attitude on the phone that gives the customer the impression that these people don’t have a CLUE what they are doing or how to run a business. ...[More]
By Nick on Ground Force One about 14 Hours Ago
Joe was honest, easy to work with and set me up with a great company that delivered my car safely and on time. I will recommend AAA to everyone I know who needs reliable vehicle transport services....[More]
By James J Justice on AAA Transporters about 14 Hours Ago
When I first reached out to the folks at Dynamic Auto Movers, they were MORE THAN HAPPY to offer to transport my car for me. I made one major mistake however. I told them that I needed to move the car on a specific day. Once I did that and planned my schedule completely around that date about a week before the move, they indicated that they could no longer transport my vehicle for the original price agreed upon even though we had a signed and binding contract. Instead it was going to cost me $100 more because I wanted my car picked up on a specific day even though they had this information 30 days in advance!!! Not having much choice because of the plans I had made that revolved around my pick up day, I reluctantly agreed. The whole reason I agreed to this was because I was now in such a tight spot I couldn’t get out of with the plans I had made so I agreed with the understanding that a driver would be at my residence to pick up my vehicle ON THE ORIGINALLY PLANNED DATE IN WHICH I NEEDED THE CAR MOVED. A new contract was drawn up reflecting the additional $100 which I then signed and sent back to the company. Additionally, like the first contract I indicated my debit card info in the blanks on the form where needed. For some strange reason the employee, (Miah), that set up this move for me reached out to me on two separate occasions requesting my debit card information AGAIN. I asked why she was continually reaching out to me for information that she already had ON HER OWN COMPANY DOCUMENTATION. After several minutes she indicated that “Oh yes I see it now. It’s not often that people fill out the company agreement correctly so I don’t normally look at that section of the agreement”. Having that sorted out, I thought, with the understanding, again, that I was agreeing in writing to the extra $100 so that the driver would be there on the day I needed them, on the day of pickup I was informed by the driver that he no longer worked with the company and that his company should have called me which they never did….EVER!!! The only solution that Dynamic Auto Movers could provide was for me to drive my car 30 miles to the drop off point and take a taxi home. So in summary, I paid $100 more to have a driver show up on the day I needed them, which didn’t happen with ME driving the car down to the company’s drop off terminal. Dynamic was able to get an additional $100 dollars out of me for ME to drive my own vehicle to the company drop off point. Hey Dynamic…. How about reimbursing me the $100 dollars extra I spent to DO YOU JOB FOR YOU?!!!!! It’s a 50 50 risk with whatever company you use but a 100% guarantee that if you use this company YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS!!! AVOID THIS COMPANY OR USE THEM AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!! ...[More]
By Nick on Dynamic Auto Movers about 14 Hours Ago
My car was shipped from Vancouver, Washington to Aurora, CO. Leo was such a nice guy to work with a sense of humor. From the first conversation via phone I trusted him with my car shipment process. The transaction was easy and fair. Not to mention that their quote was the cheapest compared to the others that I have gotten from additional companies. When I had questions, Leo always answered, so that alone went a long way with me. Oh yeah, my Honda Accord set up in Washington for at least, 8 months that it became low on oil. The transport driver even checked and put oil in the car before he cranked it and drove it on the semi. How cool is that! I would definitely use again on my next vehicle shipment since I travel a lot with the military. I totally recommend this company for any vehicle shipping. I personally saved their number in my phone for future use....[More]
By Eugene Whatley on iMovers about 15 Hours Ago
My car was shipped from Vancouver, Washington to Aurora, CO. Leo was such a nice guy to work with a sense of humor. From the first conversation via phone I trusted him with my car shipment process. The transaction was easy and fair. Not to mention that their quote was the cheapest compared to the others that I have gotten from additional companies. When I had questions, Leo always answered, so that alone went a long way with me. Oh yeah, my Honda Accord set up in Washington for at least, 8 months that it became low on oil. The transport driver even checked and put oil in the car before he cranked it and drove it on the semi. How cool is that! I would definitely use again on my next vehicle shipment since I travel a lot with the military. I totally recommend this company for any vehicle shipping. I personally saved their number in my phone for future use....[More]
By Eugene Whatley on iMovers about 15 Hours Ago
I shipped a vehicle from GA to CO. I left the car with some friends and had them meet the driver and then was in the delivery location to meet the driver myself. Josh was great and helped me with the details. The only critiques that I might have is the once a shipper was available it all happened fairly quick and I had to scramble to make the vehicle available with people working, etc... Then the vehicle arrived a day earlier than I was ready for it. It all worked out and it was in great condition when it arrived. I was pretty worried about the convertible soft top but it made it unscathed. The was just some brake dust on it and it washed off easily. Overall excellent service and I'd use them again....[More]
By Eric A on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 21 Hours Ago
My experience wit Door to Door was excellent from the time I received their quote to the final delivery of my car. Mikela was wonderful, knowledgeable and so patient with me; I changed my pick up locations 3 times, my delivery location and the pick up date once. To me I felt I was such a difficult customer but Mikela never made me feel like I was bothering at all; she even followed up with me to make sure everything went well with the delivery of my car. My driver was Earl and he was just as wonderful as Mikela. The original estimated delivery date of the car was 5-7 days but he delivered the car to me in 4 days. He was very pleasant, prompt and professional. Door to Door prices was one of the lowest quotes and at first I was very concerned but I checked their reviews and check to see if they had anything on the business bureau site. The reviews were great and there were no issues on the better business bureau site so I went with them. I am very, very, very happy that I did. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to have their car transported....[More]
By Meschon on Door to Door Transport on Aug 2 2015 5:18AM
I am very happy to choose King of the Road to transport my two cars from Chicago to Texas. 1 There is absolutely no hidden fee 2 Julia is very responsive and schedule the delivery right on time. So we don't have to spent extra bucks to rent a car. It really give us a pleasant experience and smooth move....[More]
By Xiaoyan on King of the Road Transport Inc. on Aug 2 2015 3:19AM
Stateway's quote was not only lower than the others I received, but they did a good job of finding a carrier who was able to pick up the vehicle the day after I placed the order AND delivered it to me 980 miles away in less than 24 hours! My wife was stunned when I surprised her with it in our driveway a full week earlier than either of us expected it. I should also applaud the carrier, Heart of Texas Transport for their friendliness, communication and SUPER fast delivery. I couldn't be happier with them and will strive to use them again if the need arises....[More]
By Brian B. on Stateway Auto Transport on Aug 2 2015 3:15AM
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