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On 9/23/15 I contacted Grifo Auto Transport asked if they were able to service the dates of 9/23 or 9/24.  I was assured that it wouldn't be a problem.  They took a deposit of 150.00 on the promise of picking up my vehicle and shipping it to me.  I was told that the 23rd or 24th It would be picked up at the designated location.  Lenny owner of Grifo never stayed in contact...I had to keep chasing him to find out the issue.  I've incurred late fees due to the non professionalism of him not picking up my vehicle and non proper communication.  He would not call me on phone to communicate when requested, but send text messages instead. Lying about he had drivers. This continued on into the following week all he was doing was bidding against other companies and raising my rate.  I had to end up hiring another company on my own to get the job done, due to the incompetence of this joke of a company!  This was a scam for my money.  I've requested my money 3 times and still have not received a refund yet.  They're under investigation for their impractical practices. Go elsewhere to get serviced. This place is joke!     ...[More]
By Tmac on Grifo Auto Transport about 1 Hour Ago
After several good experiences shipping 2 cars to and from FL, a change in personnel has led to confusion and chaos for us and the truckers. The last two or three shipments, including our current ship, they are totally unable to get the dates right and we end up dealing with multiple truckers trying to pick up on different dates. No matter what you do to try to get the order pick up and delivery times right at outset, they blow it by their inability to communicate with each other between sales and operations. When you see and report errors in their confirming emails, and phone and discuss, it has no effect. Do not know why, but it seems as though all the good people left and the org has gone haywire. Plus, I noticed this year, truckers quoted lower prices but Stateway kept the reduction by increasing the deposit paid to them. Regret to say, I think we are done with them. ...[More]
By Tom S on Stateway Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
This is a rebuttal review after Upscale Transport reported me as a non customer to if you check my review below, they reported me as non customer after replying to my review and giving explanations. In any case, I proved myself a genuine customer of upscale transport and now writing a rebuttal review for them I would like to tell you all how upscale auto transport deals with negative reviews after their horrible service. This is by far the most unprofessional company ever. After I posted my honest review about this company, their representative named Kay started calling me and leaving me voice messages asking me to delete my review, otherwise his managers would fire him. He even sent me emails to delete the review, otherwise he would be jobless right after Christmas. Obviously these were tactics thought about by him and his managers together to get the negative review deleted. Excerpt from his emails is as follows: ========================================== 1. Do you think you can help me in regards to the reviews and ratings? I still have management on my case and what I believe possible termination. I’m trying to make sure I’ll have a job after our holiday vacation. 2. Ok great thanks I hope someday you feel what’s its like to be in our shoes and someone denies you help… with time your review will pass no worries. Not every man backs up his word… God bless sir ====================================== Based on above, you guys can decide if you want to deal with this company or not. I am going to leave that up to your discretion. ORIGINAL REVIEW WITH UPSCALE"S RESPONSE IS AS FOLLOWS: I signed a contract with Upscale auto transport on October 3, 2014 to transport my car and motor bike from Seattle WA to Atlanta GA. The first pick up date as per the contract was Oct 30. I paid a deposit of 179.95 dollars on Oct 3 for my car and then $104.95 more on Oct 9 for my motor bike making it a total of 284.9 dollars . Total price quote for both vehicles as per contract was 1275 dollars . 2 days before the first pick up date, I got a call from one of their agents saying that the price now is 150 dollars more which was in violation of the contract. They were trying to mint extra money at the last minute as they knew that it would be hard for me to ship my car around Oct 30 and I was flying to Atlanta on Oct 31. The reason they gave me for jacking up the price at last moment was that their Sales person Henry who booked my order did it on a low price and now he is fired. Also, they told me that I'll have to pay extra because no driver to accept my order on such a low price. I asked them why telling me all this at the very last moment to which I was told nothing. I sensed their con means and figured how unethical and unreliable this company was. I immediately sent a cancellation email 24 hours prior to the first pick up date (I have all those emails saved for legal purposes). As per contract, if the order was cancelled 24 hours prior to the first pick up date, 100 percent refund is available with no questions asked. It has been more than a month since then and I haven't gotten my money back. One of their agents emailed back almost 24 days after the cancellation saying that it takes 7-14 business days. However, he didn't realize that he was emailing 24 days after. I have already reported this incident with BBB. I have called this business and even emailed them several times but in vain. In am in touch with my legal counsel to see what are my legal options in this case. In short please understand this auto transport business before you hire someone to ship your vehicles. I was warned by so many good brokers who kept on telling me that these guys would ditch me at the last moment. Unfortunately, I was too naive at that time as it was my first time shipping my vehicles. Fingers burnt, lessons learned. However, avoid this company. Spend some bucks extra to buy yourself some peace of mind and stay away from such scamsters. ======================================= we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you. Unfortunately our own carriers were not doing this particular route, we had to broker your vehicles to another carrier whose carrier needed maintenance done on his trailer in order to begin pickups, which did cause a major delay. we gave you the option of another driver that was asking for 150 more but would pick up that day, it is our job to relate the message to you, in and when we were a scam company we would of sent for the pick up with out you knowing of the extra price but we didnt we just made it an option please keep in mind a holiday ws coming up and driver CAN take off at any given moment. We apologize for the delay, but unfortunately in the transporting business delays may occur. Also, we did attempt to reach out to you several times to schedule with another carrier. It was until we realized this post was brought up onto transport reviews, that you no longer wanted the services to be completed by our company. We simply tried reaching out to recover the delay that occurred. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and as you know now our company went ahead and fully refunded you. Warm Regards, Upscale Auto Transport...[More]
By Jasbinder on Upscale Auto Transport about 9 Hours Ago
Beware!! If I could give it 0 stars I WOULD. This was the worst company to deal with. They over promise and under deliver. I bought my wife a car from New Jersey for Christmas in early December and they were to pick it up and deliver by christmas. They kept saying they were going to pick up the car over and over again and finally delivered it at the end of January. They ended up charging me over $200.00 more than they quoted. They have you over a barrel and will charge you more to just get your car you wanted yesterday. ...[More]
By jwaters on Montway Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
I was told they had a truck available for door to door service yesterday but they could not authorize it without executed contract.. I raced home,and forwarded my executed contract. Before their close of business (6pm) I was informed that pickup would be made in the Lowes parking lot which was 5+ miles from the residence ( so much for door to door) then told it would cost me $50 additional. Smell fishy? Yep....I cancelled....[More]
By Tom g on New Way Moving Services about 16 Hours Ago
Anna from Arturo Tovar promised to deposit $1,625 and never did. There are 3 cars for which they supposed to pay. I have contracts from them. She supposed to do it 3 month ago. This company scams people. They are laying. ...[More]
By Ann on Arturo Tovar about 17 Hours Ago
This was a terrible experience they initially had the wrong vehicle on paper and all the way until I heard from the driver it was still the wrong vehicle even though I told them and changed it on the paperwork. The funny part is that was the least of my troubles they straight up and down tried to cheat me they quoted me one price took my deposit and left me hanging. They then came back with a much higher price and no kind of courtesy never again will I use this company and I think anyone who does should do so with lots of caution! Not to mention I was hung up on that was the most disrespectful thing ever even if we are not agreeing on a price or something what gives a business owner the balls to hang up on a client after they have their money?! Please don't use this company!...[More]
By Antoine on All Star Direct Auto Shipping about 18 Hours Ago
Response from All Star Direct Auto Shipping
Amanda about 17 Hours Ago
Antoine Dodson's, car is currently in transit with carrier we assigned, and he agreed to take. Yes, he changed vehicle at last minute to BMW instead o...[More]
Got a call from Marjorie she sounded very friendly and trusting so I booked with her .long story short they asked me to deposit the cash in the company account I did and that was it .Never got a truck and never heard from this company again .Hired a private investigator to find out that then owner for the company is a stripper at night and is being charged for traffic cocaine .That strip club that Marjorie Garcia Amador works is pink pony miami .Make sence Marjorie stole my money and car not picked up .I will be flying to miami on her court day and get my money back I will tell the court that this person stole my money....[More]
By mccormik on Auto Elite Transporters about 22 Hours Ago
I received a initial quote form Vanessa Rojas at Navy Atuo Transport for $650 to ship two cars at the same time, 700 miles. Two days and less than a week before I was scheduled to sign a contract with this company, she rasied the price and lied about everything she had sent me in email. I told this woman ( who should not be in any point of sale position) I would be reporting her to the BBB and and she said she didnt care if I told Jesus Christ and that she didnt need me. Now im stuck finding another company less than a week before a move. There are several BBB complaints about this company/agent and similar behavior or worse. I would do my best to stay away. Be careful as they also operate under several affiliates....[More]
By Larry on Navy Auto Transport about 22 Hours Ago
WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I had never had someone yelled at me on the phone before, much less than someone who I am paying to provide a service. They are awful. They sell you one thing or omit to tell you certain information. I called Auto transport 123 on 9/8/15 after seeing their excellent reviews on transport They sold me the same thing people stated below, that they are a family owned business and are NOT brokers. The guy who helped us, Danny B., was so nice and sugary on the phone. My husband and I having no experience in shipping cars across country fell for it. I do also take some responsibility for not reading the contract more throughly once I signed and received it. I then noticed that not only are they brokers, the amount that they said they take for deposit was much higher than what Danny stated on the phone. At this point, trying to coordinate our move across the country amongst other things, I let it go. I didn't hear from anybody for two weeks. Fast forward to two days (9/28) before my car was supposed to be shipped (9/30), a guy from Rapid Transport called and states that he was the person picking up my vehicle and if the car can be picked up earlier on Tuesday, i stated no, that I had to work and I had told Danny I needed my car until 9/30. The RT guy states ok fine we will pick it up on 9/30, I'll call you back with a time and hung up. The next day 9/29, he called again and I told the guy that I am working on a very strict timeline as I had told Danny the first time we spoke. I had to vacate our apartment at 6pm and was planning to drop the car at their yard (which Danny had stated was in Tukwila, about 15 minutes to SeaTac Airport.) At first I thought great, I can just catch a cab from the yard which will probably run me no more than $20. Well when the guy from Rapid Transport called, I asked if that was still the option, he states sure but we are in Fife, 35 minutes from airport which is the total opposite way. At this point, it was 3pm the day before I am supposed to fly out across country. I am freaking out and called Danny at Auto transport. This is where it gets good, all that niceness and sugar talk DISAPPEARED. He started YELLING at me, I had to tell him multiple times to stop yelling since he had been yelling for the past 10 minutes, he says in a very condescending way "well ma'am the call has only been going on for 5 minutes 47 seconds so I couldn't have been yelling at you for ten minutes." He then proceeded to tell me that I am "making mountains out of molehills," that he has been in this business for 11 years and that I should be grateful that they even got me in on the day that I asked. By this time, I am close to tears. But to add a cherry on top, Danny B. then threatened to cancel my order, "do you want me to cancel the order? Is that what you want me to do?" repeatedly. When I asked to speak to the manager, he states "actually I am the owner of this place." He then asked me again do you want me to cancel your order. I told him that I am flying out the NEXT day and that i really have no options but to go with them. He also informed me that rapid transport had changed their yard's location 5 days ago yet nobody contacted us to inform us of this change. I hung up quickly because I was tired of being verbally abused by Danny. I called my husband who was angry to say the least but again we refrain from calling again as we were worried that they would really cancel our order and we would be stuck with a car and I had a flight to catch. The only one upside to this whole thing was Rapid Transport did pick up our car on 9/30 and did deliver our car within the agreed timeframe. Oh and here is another kicker, Mr. Danny B. never told us that when we get our car delivered, that we had to pay the guy in cash, cashier's check or money order. He told us that the deposit is charged on pickup and the rest will be charged upon delivery. NOT THE CASE. I only found out because I asked the guy who called me to inform me that my car was here. I had to get my husband to go to the bank before it closes so that we can get a cashier's check. In the end, we paid Auto transport 123 $395 (Total $1395) for basically doing nothing. They were actually the highest of all the places we called but went with them because we thought that they owned their own trucks and family owned. The next time, I rather push my car across the country than to be verbally abused by them again. I can also provide an order number if needed to prove that I am a real customer. ...[More]
By Edith Lara on Auto Transport 123 on Oct 8 2015 2:51AM
Response from Auto Transport 123
Keith about 19 Hours Ago
Edith, I have been with this company for over 5 years now and never had a review like this, I must defend myself here while under normal circumstanc...[More]
I called this Co today only for a quote to transport my car, spoke with Jackie. I felt pressured to give her my address. She gave me a quote and told me that I was not obligated nor was I committed and if I changed my mind to just call back. Well, I have called 7 times back to back within the past 30 minutes and the guy who is answering the phone is loud, rude and will not listen to me, at all. I have never never been so disrespected in any manner. He picks the phone up, puts me on hold, comes back talking very fast and rude and says "we will pick your car" and tries to give me another number to call. I am a basket of nerves over this man being so rude to me........DO NOT...DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE. I WANT" MY ORDER NUMBER" 876093 TAKEN OFF HIS BOARD.......IMMEDIATELY!!!!! ...[More]
By G S on Nationwide Transport Services on Oct 8 2015 12:39AM
Below is a description of my experience with A1A Transport and A1A Express Shipping. It's long, but please read to the end where I also give tips for preventing this nightmare from happening to you. Broker Order and Dispatch (A1A Express Shipping) ========================== 1. Placed my order on 9/1 2. Received call on September 4th that vehicle would be picked up on 9/5. Truck was a no-show, no call. 3. Called on September 8th (Holiday weekend) and spoke to Orlando. He stated he would follow-up. He called me back stating it would be picked up in around 45 min. 4. Neighbor called and said driver contacted her stating he would be there at 4 PM (4-5 hours from time given to Orlando). Transport Pick Up (A1A Transport Inc) ========================== 1. Driver called and changed time to 5:30 which was close to the actual time he arrived. 2. Driver loaded car. Neighbor took pics as car was being loaded onto the truck (all is well so far). Transport Delivery (A1A Transport Inc) ========================== 1. No contact until I called driver on 9/14 morning. At 11:32 AM, was told by driver he would call me back with a time. 2. Driver called from Houston at 5:26 PM stating he would be at my house at around 8:40 PM. 3. Driver calls at 7:34 PM stating he was 75 miles away and wanted to confirm address cause he couldn’t find on GPS. 4. At 7:39 PM texted driver an address right around the corner near a school so he could put in GPS. 5. At 9:43 PM driver calls from Mountain Lodge division (nowhere near my house or the address i provided). States he’s at the wrong address. 6. At 9:49 PM driver texts message stating 14 miles away. 7. At 10:11 PM driver states he just arrived. 8. At 10:15 PM I arrive near school to find transport truck backing into a neighborhood, blocking traffic and tearing up the street. 9. Van was not on truck, but rather being driven by someone else. 10. Truck finally gets turned around and the helper drives our car up behind me. 11. The helper exits the vehicle with a Starbucks Coffee in his hand. 12. Both driver and second guy were in a big hurry to leave. This seemed to intensify when the police showed up. 13. Driver refused to list any more damages on delivery receipt as no room and he kept saying he had to go, but did agree to write “Damage from transport”. 14. Driver insisted on getting paid, but as soon as police showed up, he quickly agreed that payment would not be made and that we would speak to the transport companies involved Delivery Exterior Inspection (A1A Transport Inc) ========================== 1. Almost immediately, we noticed significant damage to vehicle. 2. There was damage to the front, rear, both sides - thought there was also damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle, not confirmed. 3. Most notable are the large white scrapes going down the right rear quarter panel, driver and passenger front quarter panels (all matching type white scrapes). 4. Many various other large scrapes on the passengers door, front and rear bumpers, hood. including wide deep scrapes that appear to have been attempted to be touched up with Red (not Maroon) touch up paint. 5. Hub caps have scrapes consistent with the damage on the side and quarter panel damage on the vehicle. 6. Inside door step has dents. 7. Rear hatch door dented. 8. Sliding Glass Door cable hanging out. 9. Crack in passenger’s side rear taillight. 10. Damage to both step rails. 11. Band-aid stuck to front license plate making the “0” look like a “C” (yes this one was strange indeed, but there was a very valid reason for this.) Delivery Interior Inspection (A1A Transport Inc) ========================== 1. Vehicle smells like smoke. This is an issue due to having severe respiratory issues. 2. Ashes found stuck to window trim and on seats. 3. Empty chocolate box found in vehicle. 4. Chocolate stains on drivers seat and carpet. 5. Used band-aids found in vehicle. 6. Used shop towel found in vehicle. 7. Redox DVD, rented in Agawam, MA on 9/7 — day before the car was picked up.) found in vehicle. Happens to be home city of A1A Transport. 8. Water found in center console — appears to have been used as an ice bucket for drinks. 9. Head or Tail light to another vehicle found in our vehicle. 10. Bracelet found on floor between front seats (driver claims it was his, but appeared to be a woman’s style bracelet) 11. Grease stain from a shoe print - driver’s side rear entry. Post Delivery Experience (A1A Transport Inc) ========================== 1. Called to report the issue and was told since we didn't pay, they had no responsibility as they didn't provide a service. Then Larissa stated she would open the Insurance claim and get the process going - this didn't happen. The next day, I called their insurance company to confirm they had received the information. 2. Two weeks later, the transport company still hadn't responded to their own insurance company and according to the insurance company they were about to send a registered letter to their own client. 3. No calls back since initial contact with Larissa (manager) on 9/15. 4. Received a bill from MassDOT from 9/9 (while in transport company possession) car ran through toll (ahh, now this explains the band-aid - also proves the intelligence since the band-aid was placed in the front license plate and nothing was on the rear). Post Delivery Experience (A1A Express Shipping Broker) ========================== 1. Called A1A Express to report the issue and was promptly provided with the transport company's insurance info. 2. After receiving the ticket in the mail and it was clear that the company breached its own contract, I contacted the Frank (manager) and explained to him the situation. Frank was very quick to state that he didn't believe the damage was done by the transport company (my 71 year old mother, neighbor and myself were all lying that the damage was not previously there). He also went on to state that he didn't believe there were personal items left in the car or that it had been driven by the transport staff beyond loading and unloading (the DVD that I have, the info from RedBox and the ticket from state of MA apparently aren't sufficient enough proof to satisfy old Frank). 3. I then asked Frank what he was going to do to right this situation - his response... We did what we are required and provided the transport company insurance info. He said he had no intention of refunding the $175 brokerage fee that we paid his company to ensure our vehicle was shipped through a trustworthy and reputable transport company. HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF ========================== 1. Ask whether the company is a broker or a direct transport and whether they will be shipping your car or another transport company. 2. Get the name of the company they want to dispatch you through, before you sign the dispatch contract. 3. Look the broker and transport company up on the BBB. 4. Take pictures of the car at the time of pickup. Note that you did so on the pickup receipt. 5. Write the mileage on the pickup sheet. 6. Take the time to note specifics on the pickup receipt. Don't let the driver rush you. 7. Have someone (non-family) a neighbor or friend be there with you when the car is picked up. Comes in handy later when it's your word against there's. 8. Take pictures when you receive the car. 9. Don't let the driver remove anything from the vehicle once delivered to you. 10. Note everything you find wrong when the car is delivered. Don't let the driver rush you. 11. If something doesn't seem right, call the police. Even though they will tell you this is a civil matter, it will help keep things from getting heated and provide further evidence that you raised concerns at the time of delivery. 12. Use a second sheet and note it on the delivery receipt that notes continue on second sheet....[More]
By Chris on A1A Transport Inc. on Oct 7 2015 10:20PM
Very unprofessional service from start to end. First, the rep would not even follow up with me as indicated and didn't provide the name of the shipper, even after numerous phone calls. After the shipper cancelled, the rep did coordinate the assignment of another driver but failed to inform me of an additional $125 charge. Upon advising Heartland of this issue, I was repeatedly assured that I would be refunded the $125. Yes, this promise was made on 22 July 2015, and it is now 7 October 2015, and I'm still awaiting my refund. Here's an example of the email runarounds I have been getting: Me: (3 Sept 2015) Hello Stacey: Can you please provide an update on the status of my refund? Thanks Heartland: Hi Mr. Richardson, It’s been uniquely stressful and overwhelming around here since we had a certain issue with our payment processor. Apparently, issuing refunds either partial or full, counts against us in some way. I don’t understand how that could count against since refunds in any industry are quite common. I can only stop and wonder what companies like Wal-Mart do since they have an entire department specifically for refunds. And with that in mind, how are they still able to continue issuing refunds? We’ve been working for past 2 weeks on getting back on track and processing orders which have piled over the last month since we were unable to successfully complete our daily billing activities. I know it’s just a matter of a few days before we can finally see a smooth clearing, and as soon as we’re there, we’re sending out all refunds that have also been authorized as valid. I’ll give you a day to day update so we’re all on the same page. It’s very stressful for us, and I imagine it is for you too without knowing a certainty. Since we don’t have a certainty, we don’t want to make a promise with high hopes, all to simply miss the outcome we hoped for. Now, I have received a couple of other emails from Stacey (billing rep) and have had numerous (30) phone calls with Dan (rep) on this issue. However, all I get is excuses, lies, promises, and employee dissatisfaction innuendos but no consumer satisfaction. This company has not been forthcoming and should be viewed with a careful eye before doing business with. I've had enough and will just have to swallow my pride and move on without my refund but I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around. Take care Heartland Trucking and one day you will understand the concept of doing business honestly. ...[More]
By JRichardson on Heartland Trucking on Oct 7 2015 8:45PM
Was not honest with his charges were set up...out of the $810.00 the "deposit" was not conveyed as a BROKER FEE although it was in the paperwork that followed.....therefore there was a higher charge by the actual carrier. And they said we can put some personal items in the car at no extra cost...not true...we were charged by the actual carrier another $200.00 for overweight vehicle....before they would release our car. Now, this is a VERY TINY MAZDA RX8 with the trunk the size of a matchbox.... not much fits in the trunk. Ended up paying the extra or they (carrier)THREATENED to keep the vehicle in storage until it was paid. It's the BROKER part I don't like. And they say that they have no control over the extra prices that the drivers add.... Next transport will NOT be with them nor a company that is a BROKER.......[More]
By Jackie on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Oct 7 2015 8:30PM
This company was very unprofessional. They were late to pick up and extremely late to deliver. They moved 2 cars for us and one of them was damaged and they want no responsibility for their actions. We showed them pictures of vehicle when picked up and of delivered damaged vehicle. Still they did not take any responsibility. I personally spoke to the manager or owner Sebastian and he is the most RUDE and unprofessional individual i have ever spoken too. He picks up the phone and the minute you tell him who you are he starts going off an you and hangs up afterwards. They said i can pay with company check than when i told him about damage he changed to cashiers check, certified check, money order or cc. I told him we would pay by cc and he just called his driver to leave with the cars. I kept calling and he finally took my payment and had to get truck to drive back to delivery location since his driver was gone. After driver gets back he says that I have to sign receipt of vehicles in perfect order before he got them off the truck. I tried to explain that had no problem in signing after the cars were dropped off the truck and I had possession of them. Driver was ordered by his boss (Sebastian) to leave again if i did not sign before delivery. Even after being paid, i still had to sign before delivery so they can cover themselves in saying that i received the cars in good condition. I just hope this company does not take advantage of anyone else. Customers be warned of this company....[More]
By Sal on Future Car Transport LLC on Oct 7 2015 8:07PM
I am having a terrible experience with All Day and the transport company that All Day set me up with. The transport was 3 days late to start with, and my vehicle was diverted to Chicago because the transporter did not have a full load. I have been told my vehicle was off-loaded there to wait for a full truckload. I am still trying to get my vehicle in transit. It has been 9 nine days since my vehicle was picked up. All Day is not doing a good job of trying to get this remedied. ...[More]
By Joe on All Day Auto Transport on Oct 7 2015 7:33PM
I understand you must try to get customers to pick your rate but low balling just to get a customer than having their car wait for an extended amount of time is not the way. After this you than call and say someone will pick it up for 995 when the original price was 595. I prefer you just give me the real price in the beginning to avoid wasting valuable time. Jorge was a good person but this method is not the most Honest route....[More]
By Wesley on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 7 2015 4:29PM
26 days. 26 days is how long it took Stateway to move my vehicle from San Diego to Minneapolis. I chose Stateway because of their high ratings on various sites. I’m not sure if they write positive reviews themselves or pay people to write them, but my experience with them was so terrible that I can’t imagine how they could have a rating higher than 1. IMPORTANT: As it turns out, the carriers get the last word on negative reviews on, so don’t trust any carrier’s rating on their site. Google “NY Times - Transport Reviews” for an article that explains this further. Quick points: 1: After you book your pickup, don’t ever expect them to return a call or an email. They’ve got your money, and now they don’t care about you. 2: They will book you at a low price, THEN ask for more money to “get a driver’s attention.” After my vehicle sat idle for more than 12 days, they started repeatedly asked me for $100-200 more. 3: Until your vehicle is actually picked up, they will lie however they can to prevent you from canceling, i.e. “your vehicle is at the top of the list,” “a carrier is in the area,” “we’re just confirming insurance,” “sometimes the truckers have trouble going through the mountains,” etc. Now, my story: I live in Minneapolis and bought a vehicle in San Diego. Shortly after I bought it, I sold my only other car. Because Stateway told me that my vehicle would be picked up 1-4 days (not business days) after the “ready date,” I didn’t panic. Little did I know that I would be in for a continuous web of lies and deceit that would ultimately result in my having to get rides and/or rent a vehicle until my vehicle finally arrived. Because I had sold my other car, I called on Ready Date+3 Days to check on the pickup status. It was then that I was told that whoever told me it would be picked up 1-4 days after the ready date was mistaken and that I should have been told it would be picked up 1-7 days after the ready date. Red Flag #1. I was told not to worry because my vehicle was “at the top of the list” and that a carrier would pick it up soon. A carrier? When I booked, I was told that STATEWAY was the carrier. Nope, as it turns out, they are a broker…just like all the other brokers. They told me that they do have some of their own trucks (which, for all I know, may be a lie), but that the majority of their business is done through brokering. Every business day, I called for an update. Most days, I either spoke with a Susie or Bill. While very friendly on the phone, Susie has no idea what she’s doing and will lie directly to you to put you at ease. She supposedly wrote many emails to “dispatch,” each email more useless than the last. Eventually, I asked to speak to a manager and was connected to a Rachel. On Ready Date+9 Days, Rachel told me that it would be picked up in the next two days. I called the next day. No pickup that day. Rachel then assured me that it would be picked up the following day (Ready Date+11 days). By the end of that business day, I had received no calls or emails, so I again called to check in. I called and asked for Rachel. “Rachel? I don’t think there’s a Rachel who works here.” At that point, I was furious. I again asked to speak to a manager. After being put on hold for 15+ minutes, they hung up on me. I called right back and the call was disconnected while they tried to transfer me to a Tim. Called back again and asked for Tim. “He’s not here, what message would you like me to email him?” I told the rep that I wanted to talk directly to Tim and that I had NEVER received a call back or email the entire time that I had been working with them. Suddenly Tim was available. Tim answered the phone and was very amicable, calm, and willing to help. He was the only positive part of my experience with Stateway. Unfortunately, it was far too little, far too late. Tim reassured me that they were doing everything they could do to get the vehicle picked up. He then asked if I would be willing to add another $100-200 to get a driver’s attention. This was the 6th or 7th time one of them had asked me to pay more for my delivery. I told Tim that it was it ridiculous for them to ask me for more money, and that they should instead offer me a discount. After a brief hold, he said that they would take $100 off their $145 fee to add to the $800 the driver would get, in the hopes that it would get picked up sooner. Fast forward through couple more days of inactivity: Again I called and spoke to Tim. Again, he asked me to pay more money, making the point that they “need to at least make something.” I explained that given my horrible experience thus far, no, they do not need to make any money on the deal. Sometimes in business you make 30% margin, sometimes you need to take a loss. This was one of those times. I asked him to speak with whomever he needed to make this happen. After a hold, he came back on the line and told me that they would use the rest of their deposit plus add $50 to get the vehicle picked up “faster.” At long last, I received an email saying my vehicle had been dispatched and giving me a date for pickup. The email also said it would take 7 days to arrive, which was disappointing because since I had placed the order, I had always been told it would take 2-4 days from pickup. The pickup date (a Tuesday) came and went. After all this, they still couldn’t pick it up when they promised. Fortunately, the pickup was only delayed one more day. Of course, another wrinkle: The driver who arrived to pick up the X3 didn’t have a Bill of Lading, so the dealership couldn’t release the vehicle to him. More phone calls and more time needed on my part to address the problem. Once the vehicle was picked up, I assumed everything was fine. I called a couple days later (Friday) to check the status/location of the vehicle. After having it in their possession for two full days, it had only traveled 120 miles (from San Diego to Los Angeles). The day before the scheduled dropoff date, I thought I should call the actual carrier and make sure that I only needed to give them $800 on delivery. Nope. They said $995. Okay, so I checked my bank account. As it turns out, Stateway hadn’t yet charged me the $145 deposit. So that still leaves me $50 short (the same $50 that Stateway promised that they would provide to the carrier). After texting Tim, he explained that all of their deposits are $195. I wasn’t sure if he didn’t know that my deposit was $145 or if that was an outright lie, so I sent him a screen shot of my confirmation email that showed my deposit being $145. A short time later, he texted me back and said they’d send me a check for the $50. Promised dropoff date #1: After five calls to Stateway’s contracted carrier (Interstate Roadrunner) I finally found out that the driver had run over his hours and that the vehicle wouldn’t be delivered until the following day. They seemed very sheepish to tell me this, and like I said, it took five calls to get that information. Promised dropoff date #2: When the vehicle finally arrived, the dropoff went fine and there were no surprises. Finally, something in the awful experience actually went as it should have. I sold my car during all of this, and the person who bought it had chosen to go through Stateway for shipping (He chose them on my recommendation before I had gone through this awful experience). After seeing what I was going through, he canceled with Stateway and went with another carrier. Ten hours AFTER my car was picked up by the other carrier, Stateway’s contracted carrier called me to coordinate the pickup. Apparently, Stateway didn’t listen to the buyer’s multiple voicemails or emails telling them he was cancelling. Their so-called “Vehicle Tracking Service” is nothing but an archaic, simple online chat system…which wouldn’t be so bad if it actually worked. I tried multiple times and no one ever responded. TIP - If you DO make the mistake of booking with Stateway and you need to contact them, do not select the customer service option when you call. You will likely be automatically put on hold for 3-4 minutes then transferred to voicemail. I’d suggest selecting the “I’ve already got a quote and would like to schedule pickup” option. EVERY time I selected that option, someone answered immediately (of course). Main thing to take away from this review: If you are considering using Stateway, please reconsider. Save yourself countless phone calls, emails, and hours of wasted time. Run the other direction and never look back. ...[More]
By Benjamin on Stateway Auto Transport on Oct 7 2015 3:29PM
They took my deposit of $175 and never picked up the car. They do not answer my calls and now when I called the rude lady who answers said that Tim Logistics is out of business. I believe these people are scammers and I doubt that the reviews that rate them highly are part of the plan. ...[More]
By Clayton Harris on Tim Logistics on Oct 7 2015 3:01PM
Crooks, signed a contract. Then then raised the price by 250 dollars when the vehicle was ready for pickup. Absolute dishonestly. Please do not sign a contract with these people...[More]
By james haze; on Navy Auto Transport on Oct 6 2015 7:16PM
they booking cars that are already picked up, or not paid, stay out of this company, when i called them instead of resolving problems, they didn't answer phone calls, and send negative rating to my company. ...[More]
By pm am express on Lighthouse Auto Transport LLC on Oct 6 2015 7:02PM
They delivered my car after 11 days in midnight. Nobody from the dispatch company answered the call to explain why they had delay. Ralph Bedford is a liar several times lied to me about the delivery time. THEY ADDED 100MILE to the millage of my car and nobody took the responsibility. Their performance is shameful. Never going to use their service again....[More]
By Sahar on United American Auto Transport on Oct 6 2015 7:00PM
Can't believe that there are so many good reviews. I can only go by my own experience. I was quoted a price, accepted and gave them last 2 weeks of September for pickup in NY, delivery in FL. After an initial call from Dominic, nothing more. No answers to my calls, nor to my emails to Dom or Doreen. Their unprofessionalism resulted in no vehicle picked up/delivered, and now I’m out-of-pocket for the $400 US that it’s costing me for a rental for 2 weeks. The kicker? Read below the quote from Doreen last spring when I’d commented about how it seems like all carriers are the same (have had repeated issues with carriers since 2013, and price is NOT a major factor in choosing a carrier). And I quote: "Hey, That's not fair. We are ALL not the SAME ! That's what happens when there's no communication with the drivers. We are a family run business, all on the SAME page. Good Luck ! Best Regards Doreen" So Doreen, you were saying? PS: I don’t take leaving negative feedback lightly, especially when seeing how many positive reviews there were. I’m a small-business owner as well, I know how hard it is to build/maintain a good reputation. But I can only comment from my own experience, which has been very poor…. ...[More]
By Peter E on DNA Auto Transport LLC on Oct 6 2015 6:55PM
Response from DNA Auto Transport LLC
Dominick Nuzzi on Oct 8 2015 9:42AM
Hi Peter Evangelidis The best part of this is I can take this Negative review off myself Because we never had a contract together ( lol ) I was just ...[More]
These guys are ridiculous!! I got a bunch of quotes Trusty Transport was one of the lower ones. I decided to go with them and completed the online form. Expecting to get an email confirmation or response I check throughout the next day. Nothing. Finally I contacted them to make sure they got it. Their only reply was "Yes, we're working on it". After another couple of days with not update I contacted them again...Same reply. After another couple of days still no update, I started looking for someone else since I was getting the feeling this was going no where. I ended up going with another company that was about 200 dollars more but they were still the next cheapest option and in 2 days they had a carrier confirmed to deliver my car. It was supposed to be picked up that next day and delivered 4 days later. This is where the real mess cam into play that showed how jacked up this Trusty Transport company is... I got a call the day after it was picked up saying they would be there that evening. I was really surprised, it was 3 days earlier than I was told originally. The company showed up and said I owed them almost $850, I said no, I was told the driver would get $600. He called his contact, I called mine. We couldn't figure out what was going on. My guy called me back a couple min. later and said he figured it out, and he was right, these guys were booked by this Trusty Transport company without my knowledge!!!!!! They told me the shipping would be $400 and when that didn't get picked up by a shipper they kept raising it until it did to get it booked. Without telling me a thing. Then they even booked it without telling me anything. Completely ridiculous way of doing business!!!! Steer clear of these guys, they have no idea how to run an honest business. Don't fall for their lower price scam!! They were never supposed to pick up my car, they beat the other guys to my car and luckily I still got it delivered, title and all. I was just very lucky. So the other guys that were supposed to pick it up got screwed out of a job on this one. I was so pissed, so were the drivers. At least we all understood the problem was Trusty Transport, and we settled with them getting the $600 I was going to pay and not giving these guys anything since they screwed the whole thing up!!! I just got very lucky and still got my car, you may not be so lucky if you go with these guys!!! Stay away!!! ...[More]
By Brad on Trusty Transport on Oct 6 2015 6:52PM
Our Amerifreight shipping agent failed to return numerous calls left unanswered on his voicemail - which was a reason given for using a broker. Time passed and we acquired a rental car - which we ended up having for a month! When our frustration mounted, we finally reached George who listened & sent a message to "dispatch." Here, an active & competent lady arranged pick up & delivery of our vehicles with one caveat - an additional fee of about $800 - nearly enough to ship another car. We felt like we'd become victims of a bait & switch plot. The best news is that the drivers were friendly, polite & skilled. Not a scratch was found. If you need to ship a car we highly recommend you call Shiela @ 909-346-7887 & skip the broker! ...[More]
By Wayne Meinsen on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 6 2015 4:27PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Oct 7 2015 8:25PM
We apologize for any inconveniences this customer encountered with their vehicle shipment. The customer service agent assigned to this order no longer...[More]
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