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was told door to door service by an employee of auto transport 123 but job was brokered to a man who said is not their employee would use him again but would try to by pass this broker who lied to us although the man who hauled for 550.00 did a good job and i am keeping his cel # thanks...[More]
By sammy smith on Auto Transport 123 about 3 Hours Ago
DO NOT USE MOTOR MOVERS AUTO TRANSPORT. The overall experience resulted in our Mercedes having $16,900 in damages. Don is a misleading liar, will make empty assurances. We were lied to about our car being damaged, I was cursed at by the owner of the truck company, and we didn't get any type of compensation for this nightmare experience. Received our car 3 weeks late. DO NOT USE. ...[More]
By Dominique on Motor Movers Auto Transport about 9 Hours Ago
I am a carrier and I transported a car for Haul Away Logistics on 10/24/2014 and delivered on 10/27/2014. The vehicle pay was $850 cod and when i got to delivery the customer stated with proof of written contract that he was charged only $650 cod to carrier on delivery. It was miss communication with the company they came out fair and added $100 to my cod amount for a total of $750.00. I spoke to the broker Craig and he told he he will deposit $100 in my bank account which he did but the bank made a mistake and deposited $1000 in my account by accident. When i saw this I contacted Haul Away and let them know so I can return his $900, they were glad I had called and came out with fair play and told me to keep $25 extra for me and return them $875 for being honest which I did right away. Two days passed and I got contact from the bank to notify me of their mistake they did and that they credited Haul Away Logistics's bank account for $900, so basically i sent him $875 and the bank credited him for $900 for a total of $1775. I contacted him immediately and spoke to Craig and told him what is going on and he said he will send me my money the next day. Now its 12/21/2014 almost 2 months later and after countless of phone calls and promises from Craig i have not yet received my money. I spoke to him today on the phone and told him I am going to let people know that he deceived me and shorted me of $900. He was cocky and arrogant that he can take off any review " I am a marketing guy thats all I do if you want to go down that route". Craig I told you to return my money but you keep acting arrogant about it like I am the one that owes you money.......[More]
By Midwest Premium Carrier,INC on Haul Away Logistics LLC about 22 Hours Ago
at first helen seemed to be upfront and honest. After Victor transport took the load he was trying to get more money for the transport. I refused to pay more. They were both in in the scam together. Helen got for a another 100 dollars then contracted. Victor tried to get another 100 on top of that. The truck arrived damaged and late. The people can not be trusted. Be aware. They both accused me of not presenting the truck accurtly. The truck was a diesel 4X4 and a 8 foot box they said i told them it was a gas job and a six foot box and not a 4x4, all lies. Victor damage the truck and i believe he drove it hundreds of miles before it ever got on the car carrier. I would never use these scam artest again. My wife also talked to victor and told him also that the truck was a diesel and a 8 foot box 4x4. The tie rod was bent so bad that I could hardly drive the truck to get it repaired.. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE ...[More]
By william on Victor's Transport LLC about 22 Hours Ago
$1800 dollars damage to front and hood of car during transport from Blaine Wash to Tampa Florida, and I was never compensated for the damage they caused. They contracted the transport out to Transport Express. I found out that with Transport Express I was responsible for the first $2500.00 worth of damage before their insurance would kick in. Terrible customer service with Auto Transport 123 and they stopped all communication with me. Do not use these guys....[More]
By WC on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 21 2014 6:39PM
Driver demanded cash after all transport stated that cash or money order was an acceptable method of payment. Here are a few text from the driver Sorry that's the way it is...that's not how I told I was going to be paid....I was told COD...... NOT MONEY ORDER OR CHECK. of only that banks will be closed and I'm not paying a fee for a liquor or grocery store to cash it... Look man...please don't escalate this into a situation that doesn't need to happen. I'm on a time schedule. I don't have time to be wasting. Please do as I asked. He then went on to ask me for an additional $150 so he.could accept the money orders. I call all day auto to confirm that money order was acceptable. But after 2 calls on Saturday during business hours 12 pm to 4 pm my calls were been screened. The first person told me that I should hold then it went straight to voice mail and the second person hurried me off the phone without taking my information to contact me. This is the worst customer service group I have ever dealt with and I would advise all not to use this company until changes are made. He was quite adamant that he had to be paid by cash. Which cost me an additional 23 bucks from PayPal. ...[More]
By saheed persad on All Day Auto Transport on Dec 20 2014 6:37PM
I thought the reason you used a broker so you didn't have to deal with everyone's ins . But they hired a trucking company to move 5 brand new chevy trucks and guy had false ins, papers and no ins. And hit a bridge with a new truck up in air to high and took top of cab off well just said it was my problem to work it out with driver that won't return calls stay away ...[More]
By Ot truck on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Dec 20 2014 7:57AM
*****DO NOT USE MONTWAY AUTO TRANSPORT (December 2014)***** ****If you like long hold times, talk to different representatives EVERY time and having to explain your situation EVERY time. If you like the idea of them recording your call and twisting what was said to use it against you (without letting you hear it as well). If you like not getting a promised return phone calls or if you like catching them in lies and they won’t fess up to it…. THEN THIS IS THE AUTO SHIPPING COMPANY FOR YOU!!!***** I found Montway Auto Transport by doing a traditional Google search and began my search for a single car enclosed shipment from Oregon to Southern California on 12/8/2014. I had initially developed a good rapport with one salesman who advised that they would have shipment secured for me within 1-5 days from the time I gave them $199.00 deposit. Which, ultimately they did. But, this is where things went south. Montway Auto Transport dispatched a Single Haul Enclosed trailer from a single truck company. I was given their information including their business name, name of driver and telephone number. And, of course I made a phone call to them to confirm pickup date and time. During my phone call with said company the driver was very blunt and quite rude, there was also somebody in the background yelling, “Tell F- -ING Montway to pay us for our last load”. That same person was also yelling, “Put some God Damn oil in the F- -ING truck!” This was interesting to say the least. I put as much faith in the process as I could at that point and just confirmed that pick up would take place the very next morning before 10 am. The next morning, I tried to contact the truck driver via phone call, phone voice message and text message, with no response. Frustrations are mounting at this point… I called montway and they advised they would try and call the driver as well… They had no luck either. Ultimately, the driver never showed to pick up the vehicle. Later that evening the driver texted me, “cannot pick up until I get paid from montway”!!! Now is where things get very interesting, I made multiple calls to Montway to try and get answers regarding my no show driver. EVERY TIME you call you will get a different representative and they all will need to be filled in on your particular situation (which is incredibly frustrating), not to mention you will be on hold for a significant amount of time. They will all try to help, but I began to draw inconsistencies between the different representatives. This is where the lies began to happen. When they cannot help, they all will promise a return call to which most of them will not. I realized at this point that this service was not panning out as was previously described. In subsequent days I was given a phone call with the possibility of another single unit transport company to pick up and drop off my vehicle with a 4-day turn around!!! Medford, Oregon to Cucamonga, California is 725 miles and a 10:50 minute drive on the I-5!! When I advised that didn’t make sense to me, I was given the excuse from a Montway Rep that this particular company planned on dropping my vehicle in a lot for one day!!! HOW IS THIS OK?!?!?! I also advised that I work a 24-hour work day (I am a fireman) and the delivery date would not work for me, as I would be on duty. The Montway representative responded with, “Sir, you are going to need to be flexible with us to make this transaction work”!!!! At this point I was absolutely fed up with the Montway process and had requested a cancel of the entire process, to which I was advised I would need to email my request to a special refund team! (Which by the way has zero power to issue refunds!) It is just one big circle… I then requested a cancel and a refund of the original $199 deposit. This will need to be done via email to which you will have to wait an entire day to hear back from! When you hear back from them (a totally different person) you will have to explain yourself once again to which they will say that they will need to review the recorded phone calls!!!! When they return they will tell you a completely bogus story advising that I was the one who cancelled and they will NOT ISSUE A REFUND!!! If you ask to hear the recordings, THEY WONT LET YOU!!!! I then asked for copies of the log comments, as those should prove that a refund would be just. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN EITHER. I have made multiple email requests for the voice recordings; log comments and names of representatives who have tried to help. They will not provide them, and they will continue to tell you that they will not provide a refund, EVEN THOUGH they still haven’t provided ANY service!!! In total, I spoke with or emailed 10 different Montway representatives, at least made 20-25 calls over an 11-day period and still have not gotten my vehicle shipped! ...[More]
By BLAKE HUBMBLES on Montway Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 8:08PM
The old Bait and Switch I feel were used in this transaction. Dealership recommended this company and I got a quote. I bought the van based on that quote. They low balled the price so I would buy the van. Van never shipped and they wanted as much as $300.00 more. Very disappointed. Now I have no money and no van. ...[More]
By Damian on AAAll States Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 12:04PM
Response from AAAll States Auto Transport
PJ about 3 Hours Ago
This is simply not true. We do not bait and switch people. This is not an everyday travelled route by carriers. We quoted this customer right in...[More]
My experience started out great. Anthony did a great job setting me up and helping me. After that it went down hill fast. I have never been lied to or treated so badly in my life.t I originally tried for a month to have my car delivered by Premier Auto Shippers it never happened.They only returned my call one time. I called them many times. They lied to me 4 times about picking up my car. Lee is very rude and abusive on the phone. THANK YOU BERNIE at Excellent Auto Transport I called Bernie, at Excellent Auto Transport she helped me cancel my contract with them. She helped me step by step through the process of getting my car. She called me many times through the process. She had a carrier in 3 hours. The person I spoke to at the transport dispatch told me he had contacted Premier to pick up my car. They had it listed for 1200.00 cussed at him and told him they would not do it for that amount. They quoted me 805.00 Beware of companies that quote low and take a deposit in advance. I have asked for a refund of my deposit. Excellent Auto Transport only takes a deposit when they get you a transport company scheduled. The Transport company Excellent Auto Transport found for me was the same company that contacted Premier. They are a great company to work with. Early pickup and early delivery. No problems. Thanks Brian. ...[More]
By Randy on Premier Auto Shippers on Dec 19 2014 10:09AM
My driver lost the keys to a vehicle he delivered for us. We were given the run around, the dispatcher claimed she mailed the keys....but didn't have a tracking number. Once there was a "problem" she quickly stopped taking my calls. Long story short, i paid $700 for a transport and an additional $500 because their stupid driver took the key with him. STAY AWAY from this company. ...[More]
By Garrett on a to z global transport on Dec 19 2014 10:09AM
These people are clueless. They never answer the phone. The main number doesn't have voicemail available. We had to call the original broker company to get ahold of them for pickup info. We waited 7 hours for them to pickup the car with no call about being delayed. And now, we called to confirm the car will arrive tomorrow on the delivery date (10 days later) only to be told it won't arrive until Monday. Thanks for not calling us and letting us know. Never use this company. Even better news....on the 10th day my car was still in Washington state and now they have guaranteed to arrive on Monday in 4 days? 14 days to drive it from Seattle to Orlando - WOW!!!! just WOW!!! Again, spend your money elsewhere. ...[More]
By Melody Portillo on AAA Family Trucking on Dec 18 2014 8:32PM
Jacob made it sound like there was a truck around the corner waiting to load. Promised it would be picked up by noon on Saturday. The Previous owner was waiting and put off a family commitment for a truck that never showed up, no phone call to say it wasn't showing up, then the run around. I'll have the dispatcher call you right back cause they're at lunch (3:30 in the afternoon), call never came. Then wait for it.......we need more money to pick up this vehicle. What's the point of a quote if they need more money? Completely unaware of their own market or scam? Any way, for the same price it was picked up the next day by a different company. Judging from the reviews, you'll either be extremely happy or extremely disappointed. Best of luck....[More]
By G. Gjerstad on United American Auto Transport on Dec 18 2014 1:05PM
The Service Provider misrepresented themselves, their business or their services I'd been told multiple times of tentative days for pickup of my car, all which came & went and I heard no update from InitialLogistics until I called them, only to be given another tentative date that fell through. They are OVER 5 WEEKS LATE in PICKING up my car! Even after dealing with the supervisor John, I was failed in customer service and communication. I've been paying for car rental and car storage because of their incompetence. Great UShip reviews, but check out YELP before you book...[More]
By Dana on Initial Logistics LLC on Dec 18 2014 9:43AM
I hired them to ship my car gave them a deposit. They had my credit card info. I paid with a bank cashiers check upon delivery. Then after 2 months turned around and charged me another $650.00 I called them immediately and John M said they would refund. After 8 weeks nothing except promises. DO NOT USE! Feel free to contact me....[More]
By Dan Fox on No Limits Logistics Inc. on Dec 17 2014 10:17PM
This is my second time using this company. The first time I used this company to transport my car, I was pleased with their service. This time they kept pushing the day that it would be delivered. I understand that there were certain weather conditions that slowed them down, so I was okay with it. I was not okay when they were literally 5 mins away from me but decided to skip me and go to the next person because the driver couldn't figure out how to get to me. I told the lady that they could have called me so I could have at least met up with him where he was, but she told me her driver already turned around to go to the next person. Because of this experience, I do not see myself using this company again!...[More]
By Zahra on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 17 2014 5:09PM
I contacted this comany as 'famous and reliable' carrier, in fact teir price was way above the average, people who spoke with me were very rude. Besides after i arranged the pick up wth them , on the very next day they called me asking to pay extra $200 fee in rather demanding manner. That sound like financial scam, so i used the carrier my sister knew (* important fact is that haulmatch are brokers who works with transporter websites and do not own thir own trucks!!! So we are overpaing just for the estimate and phone call!!!! Besides, i spoke with the driver who got my car delivered on time and he told me that Haulmatch is not paying carriers afterards making financial scam schemes!!! People, be aware of these scammers and do not intrust them your money and vehicles!!!...[More]
By mary held on Haul Match on Dec 16 2014 10:03PM
Corporate auto transport was good to work with however the company they hired speedpro was kind of a disaster. They took a week and 1/2 to get my truck to me from pickup time. I realize there is nothing corporate auto transport could do about it except maybe taking them off their call list....[More]
By Chris on Corporate Auto Transport on Dec 16 2014 7:00PM
The broker couldn't tell me enough to start with , that I needed to use them, because every other transporter would charge me up front and they wouldn't until delivered. The minute the car was loaded on the truck I was charged ! That was fine, but don't say you won't then ! The driver arrived two days early, I couldn't meet him within a 2 hour time frame, so he dropped the car off 45 miles away, had to have my son drive me 45 miles one way to get it . If he would have arrived when he said he would, I would have been able to meet him instantly. Once these guys had my money, never heard from them again.. very poor customer service, my driver spoke very poor English, he would not give me a name or a phone number of where to go to get the car, all we had was an address, and drove 45 miles hoping we were going to find the car.........would never use these people again !...[More]
By JoAnn on South Beach Transport on Dec 16 2014 6:51PM
I hired Fast Motion Auto Transport on 11-19-14 to bring my vehicle from NY To California the communication was good they answered my emails in a timely manner, however almost a month later and my vehicle was not picked up. I finally cancelled the order on 12-15-14 and hired another company, they were able to assign a carrier THE VERY NEXT DAY. Almost one month and Fast Motion could not get this vehicle shipped unhappy and disappointed in California...[More]
By Al on Fast Motion Auto Transport LLC on Dec 16 2014 4:33PM
Dealer arranged to have my 2006 Aston Martin Vantage picked up in TX and delivered to CT. In turn I was to have his 2009 Aston Martin DB9 delivered from CT to TX. My car was picked up and delivered to CT. I went to his web site to see my old car on line and discovered that it was posted as having 15,495 miles. The car left here with 14,984. I asked the dealer if he had taken a road trip and his answer was no, it came off the truck and right into the showroom. It appears that someone did take a road trip while the car was in custody of Kwik Transport Inc. The delivery of the car from CT was the usual banter of lies everyday of why delivery couldn't be made as promised the day before, day after day....[More]
By Jeff smith on Kwik Trans Inc. on Dec 16 2014 4:14PM
Overall Customer service was poor and very disorganized. The driver never contacted me for pick up even after being informed by email and phone call from the call center that someone would be in touch to arrange a pick up the day before the supposed schedule pick up. I still did not hear back and the next day by noon, no one had called so I had to call and harass the call center again. By the time a driver got in touch with me, the window I was available to be present to pass my vehicle to a driver had closed so I had to arrange for a pick up a day later. Also, the customer service girl I spoke with sounded as if she didn't understand English very well and seemed somewhat incompetent in taking my message and had to push my call to a supervisor. This supervisor was yelling at the driver for not calling me while I was still on the line. When the car was ready for delivery, they kept calling my phone when in the paperwork, I specified for them to get in touch with a sibling in California as I am located in NY. They then made an excuse to say that there was a digit missing from the number provided and that's why they called me instead of my sibling. This is an example of poor listening skills and poor organization on their end as I speciifically provided 2 different numbers on the receiving end of the vehicle in the case they couldn't get a hold of the first sibling. They obviously didn't even try the 2nd number or didn't bother taking it diown when provided the info. in general, it seems like the customer service team answering the phones are not communicating well with the drivers/shipping company and the driver/shipping company is very disorganized and sloppy. ...[More]
By Jenny on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 16 2014 2:55PM
I called PREMIER AUTO SHIPPERS almost a month ago. They stated that I would have my car picked up on the 22nd of November going from New Mexico to Georgia. Needless to say my car was never picked up and they kept telling me that it was going to. They also told me that it would cost 600.00 cash on arrival and on the national shipping board it was listed for 850.00 according to the company that shipped my car properly. I called to cancel my order and they were extremely and I mean extremely unprofessional and very disrespectful. The guy kept on stating that I was refusing to listen to him and understand what he was saying when clearly and I Mean clearly I was trying to get my initial payment refunded. I would not recommend anyone to use this shipping company. The guy that was in charge of the shipment is Michael Forest so please don't let them scam you....[More]
By Kevin on Premier Auto Shippers on Dec 16 2014 2:52PM
Understanding that there are delays with pick-ups/deliveries, my pick-up was 4 days late and my delivery was 2 days late. The issue I have is the fact that the company/driver failed to inform me of the delays. I had to reach out to the company to try and figure out when/if my vehicle was going to get picked up as well as when/if it would be delivered. A simple phone call to me would have been convenient. I am in the military and had to delay travel because of failure to pick up my vehicle on time. I am very disappointed with the lack of communication to the customers informing them of any delays with their vehicles. Customers would be so much more understanding if they were informed about the pick-up/delivery delays that are happening. It's as simple as a phone call!!!!!!!...[More]
By Angie on Motion Auto Carriers LLC on Dec 16 2014 8:14AM
Do not use Ship A Car Direct. This company uses FALSE ADVERTISING!!! They say on their website and in the email video they send to you that your shipment is 100% guaranteed to be damage free or they will pay. That’s a total lie! Ship A Car Direct contracted a shipping company in Business less than a year. The carrier picked up my car 2 days late and delivered my car with damage to it. I reported the damage to my car right away and filed a claim with the transport company’s insurance. The transport company refuses to cover the $1,000 deductible, so I contacted Ship A Car Direct. Tom Miller told me they could not help me with this. So no one is paying for the damage to my car. Also Ship A Car Direct FORCES YOU LEAVE A POSITIVE REVIEW OR THEY DO NOT REFUND YOUR DEPOSIT. I had to go through MY credit card company to get back credit for my deposit AFTER I FILLED OUT THEIR SURVEY and they promised my deposit back. They never issued a credit back for my deposit till this day. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE LIARS AND THEIVES....[More]
By Michelle on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 15 2014 2:21PM
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland on Dec 15 2014 8:53PM
As the owner, I can assure anyone reading this that we are none of these things. I am sorry that Michelle is having a tough time, and I share her frus...[More]
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