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Ground Force One was contracted by my broker Auto Transport 123 to pick up my car in Manhattan, New York on January 7, 2016 and actually picked up on the 9th. The car was to be delivered in 4 to 6 days to a shop in Sealy, Texas. They were informed at the start of the contract that the shop was not open on weekends. The truck with the car arrived in Houston the 15th where other drops were made but was too late in getting to the shop in Sealy before they closed and could not unload. I had called dispatch at 8:30 a.m. and again at 3:30 p.m. that day to ask about the delivery since I did not receive the promised call the day before delivery and I told them during the last call they would not make closing time and would not be able to deliver. The driver did not make it before closing and the shop refused to take delivery on Saturday as they were closed despite apparently numerous harassing calls to the shop salesman. The driver showed up at 9:48 a.m. Monday in spite of the shop opening at 8 a.m. then proceeded to get angry at having to wait because he was #3 in line. He stayed for 1 hour and 7 minutes, reloaded the car on the truck and delivered it to a shipping agent in Houston some 60 miles from the shop. Ground Force One then notified me I was responsible for the additional $175 'TERMINAL' fee and they would not release the name of the shipping agent until I deposited cash for the balance of the delivery cost (acceptable) AND the fee (unacceptable). Had the driver stayed at the shop 20 minutes more - he could have delivered the car and would have received the check for the shipping. Direct negotiation with Ground Force One to pay half the 'terminal' fee was rejected by them. There is a LOT more detail to this story than presented here. I found out later after this fiasco that they were not insured and had a license revoked. I strongly suggest not dealing with these folks at all....[More]
By Steven Paine on Ground Force One about 5 Hours Ago
On December 20, 2015 I contacted American Car Transporters to transport a car from Homestead, Fla to Thomasville, Georgia. It is an 8 hour ride, 500 miles. I spoke to Sam and he seemed like a honest person but he is really a slick salesman that promises great service. After arranging a pickup and getting my 150.00 deposit I never spoke to him again and was passed off to ally. I told them that the car must be gone by 1/4/2016!!! IMPERATIVE!! They guaranteed it. I had listed both enclosed and open trailer so anybody who would call would get it. I was quoted 300.00. Nobody called me from American Auto Trans and time was getting close. Finally on the 4th I called to complain and they suddenly sent some guy from Miami GArdens with a rig that a 4 wheel truck would have a hard time to get on it. I have a corvette sportscar and they sent a truck hauler trailer. this was 5 pm on 1/4/16. I was now paying a guy in georgia to wait for a car that was not coming... I told them if this car is here after 6 pm on 1/4 our contract is void because services were not rendered. I lost money and got another carrier who got the car out the next day. I did a charge back on my credit card but american car transport recharged the 150 for services not rendered. they are liars and not only raise the price but dont bother to send a carrier. they all had long holiday weekends and the hell with the people needing there service. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE BUMS. They dont deliver on there promises but they still want there deposit even if nothing was done on there part. It is a stealing family business preying on innocent people who are just trying to move there cars....[More]
By eduardo ramos on American Car Transporters Inc. about 9 Hours Ago
from the start they lied to me the said that they are a carrier company and they are not they are brokers .i lost my flight because of the lies and lost my deal .all they do is give you stories and stories and they dont care about your schedule they make you sit all day and wait and wait and they say in next 40 minutes and they go on and on and on and never pick up my car they should loose there license they are nothimg but profesional liars...[More]
By michael oconnor on All Terrain Auto Transport about 16 Hours Ago
promised to be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday to a Service man returning from being deployed Called Wednesday told it would be there thursday Waited all afternoon never showed up Delivering truck went right past area he was in to deliver another car one hour and half south Then was coming back to deliver his car. On thursday night called and they said car would not be delivered till some time Friday Finally arrived Friday afternoon Costing Service man taxi fees and rental car fees Not even a sorry for anything...[More]
By Leon Aboosamara on National Transport LLC about 21 Hours Ago
The last time I spoke with Kathleen Parker was on Jan. 11, 2016. I told her that I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau and/or seek legal steps to retrieve my deposit. She stated "no need" and they would provide services for me. She wanted to change the quote from 300 to 400 plus dollars. I told her that I was only interested in the original quote and if they were unable to provided services with the original quote, then just refund my $100.00 deposit. She assured me that she would call me by the end of the week to let me know the status of shipping my vehicle. She never called. However, about 2 wks. ago, I received a text stating that my vehicle would be pick up the next day for $50.00 extra. I texted back and stated that was not the agreed upon fee. Since then, I haven't received a phone call or text. Rip-off, dishonest, scam, no communication, stole my $100.00!...[More]
By Glenvira Williams on Car Shipping Pros on Feb 6 2016 9:19PM
Vehicle arrived in dirtiest possible condition including grease inside the vehicle. Damage to vehicle and poor communication with promise to help with damage and then unwilling to respond. DO NOT USE this company....[More]
By Alex on Victory Shipping LLC on Feb 6 2016 5:01PM
I paid for Liberty Auto Transport to transport my vehicles in a enclosed trailer and they transported them in an open trailer and kept the difference. On Tuesday, 1/19/2016, I contracted with Liberty Auto Transport to pick up my two vehicles in Milwaukee, WI on 1/22/16 and transport them to Sanford, FL on an open transport for $950. On 1/20/2016 I was contacted by Shawn Walker, the Sales Supervisor and was told that the transport that I was originally booked on was no longer available, however, an enclosed transport was available to pick up my vehicles on the same day, however, there would be an additional charge of $200 because the transport was enclosed. I agreed to this increase in price. My vehicles were picked up on 1/21/16. However, on Saturday, 1/23/16, I contacted the driver to ask about his progress. He told me that his transport was not enclosed, that it was open. I then tried to contact Liberty Auto Transport, however, after leaving 6 messages over 1/23 and 1/24, I did not receive a call back. I finally was able to contact Shawn Walker on Monday, 1/25/16 and told him of the discrepancy. He promised to get back to me within 1 hour with a solution to the problem. He never did. On Tuesday, 1/26, I asked to talk to the owners of the company and was referred to Michael and Randy. I contacted Randy and explained the issue. He promised to get back to me with a resolution within the hour, however, I never heard from him. When I tried to call him again, he hung up on me or shifted me to voicemail. I was able to talk with Shawn again on 1/28/16 and he stated that he reviewed the tapes of our conversation and agreed that a mistake had been made. I asked for Liberty Auto Transport to credit my credit card $200 to pay for the difference and Shawn said that he would discuss it with the owners and get back to me as soon as possible. He never did. On Friday, 1/29/16, I was called by Valerie in Billing and was offered a credit of $50. I originally did not accept this offer, however, I realized that this company was immoral and I should accept whatever was offered. I accepted the offer later in the day on 1/29/16. I still have not received the $50 credit and now my calls are not being answered at all. I feel that I have been badly treated by this company and have been the victim of a "bait and switch" scam. ...[More]
By Peter Krug on Liberty Auto Transport on Feb 6 2016 3:39AM
All talk and no action! Scott initially claimed they would work to get a trucker and specifically agreed they would not charge my credit card until after the car was picked up. You guessed it, my card got charged and no pickup happened. Then Keith said the job could be done for another $100 and that he would reverse the charge. You guessed it, neither ever happen. I then fired them, but had to go back to my bank in order to get a charge back on the deposit they were not suppose to pull until after the car got picked up and worse yet, they never cancelled the listing which prevented me from being activated with another broker. Use at your on Risk and loss....[More]
By Charlie Naslund on Wolfepack Transport on Feb 5 2016 3:45AM
this parasite '"mike", WHICH IS NOT EVEN HIS REAL NAME ....!!!!!, is very good about taking your deposit money and promising the stars, until he gets your deposit, and then......he's gone, screwing more people..... he never send to get my car and when i called him back he got upset and started telling me to go F- - my self and look for someone else to help me and that he was not going to return my money......he's basically a low life THIEF and I could press charges but a low life like this ain't worth my or no one else time....that's what his worth....100 miserable bucks.....he has to still from honest people because he doesn't know how to earn money the honest way.......avoid this RAT and this company, in general, try not to hire a broker, hire the trucking company directly, sadly I learned my lesson too late......he gets a -0 on every croocked that he doesn't even uses his name......never ever.....use this phony broker...[More]
By tony prats on Reliable Auto Transport Of Ft Lauderdale on Feb 5 2016 1:05AM
I was given a quote of $300.00 +/- 50.00 from Frank to transport my car from Wisconsin to Minnesota. There was no hurry to move it. About 2 weeks later I was got a voice mail that their was a transport that could get my car moved. When I called it was another associate and not Frank We spent about 15-20 minutes on the phone getting the time down to when the truck could come to my house. After that he started talking about the price. I was figuring I was going to pay $350.00 which would have been fine. After some time he said that the price would be $800.00 explaining there were no other transports around I responded by saying he could have another two weeks to find another transport for the quoted price. He insisted there were no other transports around to move it. I finally told him to cancel the agreement since they couldn't hold up their side of the agreement. A couple of months later I opened up my credit card bill to find out that A1A was charging me $50.00 for administrative fees. This was absurd because it was A1A who didn't find a transport. We sent emails back and forth and in them they said that they gave me another quote of $500.00 which is a lie because I never received that one and another one for $350.00 about 5 days after I canceled. At that point I had found another transport company and the car was already delivered to Minnesota. I took the first step and complained to the New Jersey BBB and they sent an email about a month after that, that A1A never responded to the complaint. This was very unprofessional of A1A not to respond. I would never recommend this company to anyone if they quote you one price which is in the agreement and come back wit hone that is over twice the .amount...[More]
By Not A Satisfied Customer on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Feb 5 2016 12:01AM
I originally went with this company because they offered me the lowest quote of 5 companies. Original quote was 1350$. My original order was placed on 22 DEC. I was told it would be 1-7 days until my vehicle was on a truck. I then Called on 29 DEC -this was the 7 day mark. I got a brief update, was told I would receive a call by the end of the day with a more thorough update. Never received a call. Called on 30 DEC -spoke with a very nice woman and I then explained to her what had happened. She apologized and said she will get an update and call me on 31 DEC with an update and work hard on my vehicle. Never received a call. I then attempted to call again on 1 JAN, didn't get an answer due to the holiday. After that I then received a call from Tyra (I think that was her name) who told me I would now be dealing with her and gave me her direct line. Time went on with more calls not returned and no answers to my questions. Unfortunately it was near a month at this point, and it took me being ready to switch companies in order for them to get me on the phone with the owner. Once I spoke with the owner things were much better. I told him I needed the car out here as soon as possible (after waiting a month) even if that meant I paid more then the quote. That same day they offered me a 2000$ option (it was enclosed) which was simply too much for me. At that point it made more sense just to fly home and drive it back. The next day I called again and told them if they can get it done up to the 1600 mark I would be interested if not, I would drive it myself. All of a sudden the next day they had something lined up. After they found a driver, the rest went perfect because the transaction was now in another companies hands. I understand that the 1350$ was just an estimate, but I am dumbfounded that it took me, after a month, to tell them more money is okay, for them to line something up. If these offers came within the 7 day mark I wouldn't expect them to tell me, but near a month, and with how much I told them I was in need of the vehicle, it's surprising it took a great deal of effort on my part to make this happen. ...[More]
By Cody Adams on Cavalier Auto Transport on Feb 4 2016 3:25PM
Response from Cavalier Auto Transport
Lauren on Feb 4 2016 3:43PM
Cody thank you for your feedback. We did offer you the best quote out of all the responses you received. All of our quotes are based off of availabili...[More]
I recently hired Auto Transport 123 to transport my daughter's car from Massachusetts to Los Angeles. Seeking a broker was an eye-opening experience for me to a business that I did not even realize existed to the extent that it does. I signed a contract with Auto Transport 123, specifically with Tara as my "personal contact", and based on what she sold me - 1) a guaranteed price (though they were the highest of the 8 bids I received) 2) a one-truck, one-driver transport and 3) her word that she would be my personal contact during the entire transport process, from pick-up through delivery. Well, her price to me was guaranteed, though her share of the total increased within hours of contract signing. At this point, as far as I can tell from piecing this transport together the best I can, my car was in the hands of 3 drivers, 3 trucks and a TRAIN. The short story is that Tara stated that my daughter's car would take approximately 7-10 days to be moved BY TRUCK to California. It was only at pick-up that the first truck driver explained that it was first going to a rail station in NJ to be loaded onto a train as this is the only way that this particular company transports. I have nothing against train transport- I do, however, have a problem with paying for a service and not being given straight answers. The last contact I had with Tara was on the morning after my car was picked up and I called her with the hope that she could explain exactly the method of transport. At that time, Tara insisted that I was misinformed and explained that she "would never transport my car by rail" because she "would never transport her own car by rail." I am not sure what Tara has against train transport, but she sure did send up red flags that morning! Without going into detail regarding her rationale of why truck was better than train, Tara promised to get answers for me as to the whereabouts of my car, all while insisting that my car was on a truck. I never did get answers from Tara since I have to believe that she now realized my car was indeed on a train and there wasn't a thing she could do about it, except ignore me. Feeling frustrated and not getting honest answers as to the whereabouts of my car from Tara, I began calling the transport dispatcher directly (CFR Autodirect), and on day 2 after pick-up, I was told that, yes, my car was on a TRAIN to California. For the next 10 days, I called the CFR dispatchers in Miami, New Jersey and Los Angeles, and each time my call was answered and my questions and concerns addressed by very polite and helpful employees. Through a simple phone call each day, I was apparently able to do a better and more efficient job than Tara (my paid broker!) at tracking my car on a TRAIN. My daughter's car was delivered to her door and everyone is happy. My complaints with Auto Transport 123 and Tara as my broker are 1) What exactly did they do to earn their $275? NOTHING! I expected more. As the single highest bidder of this transport, I expected something and got nothing- and 2) How is it that EVERYONE, from the pick-up driver to the dispatchers, knew my car was being transported by train EXCEPT Auto Transport 123 and Tara, the very people I hired as my BROKER! Let me close by saying, under no circumstances would I use Auto Transport 123 again - I would have been equally served by the lowest bidder in this process considering the service I got, the frustration I endured and the effort I had to put in to track my car down. I would, however, go directly to CFR Autodirect at 1-877-779-7950 and hire them again for a future transport. They were courteous, helpful, honest and delivered my daughter's car on time....[More]
By Stephen on Auto Transport 123 on Feb 4 2016 1:55AM
Response from Auto Transport 123
Keith on Feb 4 2016 2:43PM
There was a miscommunication with dispatch in regards to which company this order was dispatched to our apologies for that. With our apologies being ...[More]
Anthony Amato at All Weather Transport will give you a low ball number which has no relation to what the price will be in the end. The price I ended up paying was $150 more than the original price. Buried in the contract is a statement about how the price can change. Also, on the contract you have to give him $150 which is called a DEPOSIT. Also buried in the contract it states that this is a FEE. It is not a deposit towards the price of the transport as you are led to believe because of the intentional misrepresentation of this fee on the first page of the contract. It took forever for him to find a truck and when he did finally find a driver he did not inform me that there was a price increase. I didn't find out until the driver was demanding cash when he delivered the car....[More]
By Michael on All Weather Auto Transport on Feb 4 2016 1:07AM
Tim from sent me a quote for $850 to ship my car from El Paso to Blaine. It was the best quote of the three I received (others were $900) so I agreed to use them. They found me a truck, but told me it would now be $950 and they can only ship to Seattle (not Blaine as I was quoted). Don't waste your time with these guys...the will quote you the lowest price to get you but will try to rip you off for more money later....[More]
By Peter on on Feb 3 2016 9:10PM
MVS Canada has horrible service.. they shipped my car from Calgary toToronto.. first they delayed it by month and thne when it arrived in Toronto... car was filled with sand from inside and outside. there are dents on the front of the car... their customer service is total bullshit... .AVOID USING MVS CANADA... HORRIBLE SERVICE HORRIBLE...[More]
By Bablu on MVS Canada Logistics on Feb 3 2016 5:02PM
My husband and I decided to pick Get it done Transportation based on the reviews we saw – which was definitely not a good decision. We asked if Get it done Transportation would be able to pick up our cars at the latest on Thursday night (since we were moving out of the state on Saturday morning and we couldn’t be home to release the cars on Friday). The answer from Get it done Transportation was : yes sure no problem the driver will be there on Wednesday or Thursday. Then on Wednesday, nobody called to inform us of the day/time cars were supposed to be picked up. We had to call several times Get it done Transportation because he wasn’t calling back or letting us know what was the schedule. The driver finally came on Saturday night at 6pm (which was 3 days after the agreed date and we weren’t there). At least, the driver was very responsive and very nice to us and was able to pick up the cars without us being with him. The exact same thing happened when it was time to get our cars in the other city. Get it done Transportation never called in advance to letting us know what was the schedule for the delivery. Get it Done Transportation also never mentioned the fact that we had to pay in cash or money order the remaining amount for the shipping. When the third-party hired by Get it done Transportation called us 12 hours before the car delivery, we were very surprised that we couldn’t pay by credit card. Considering the amount of money needed, it would have been nice to know in advance that we needed cash/money order. The person we talked to (from the 3rd party) wasn’t friendly at all and almost rude – which didn’t help the situation. After this frustrating call, we tried to call Get it Done Transportation and AGAIN, we weren’t able to reach him in a timely manner. When we were able to get a hold of Get it done Transportation , the answer was always the same :” I will call back soon because I can’t see your order on my phone or I’m not in front of my computer”. He never called back and we always had to call over and over again. I’d also like to specify that on Get it done Transportation website, it’s clearly written that he will be available 24/7 for any questions/concerns. Let’s say it wasn’t the case for my case. We had to do the “middle man” between the 3rd party who was picking up/delivering our cars and Get it done Transportation instead of just being the customer from the beginning to the end of the process. The only good thing I can say is about this whole process is that the cars were in the same condition as we left them.. which should be the norm for a transportation company. It’s not the first time I moved a car with a transportation company. The last time was from Canada to the US and the experience was flawless and very smooth. I can’t say the same for this one. It has been so painful and frustrating. I don’t recommend using Get it done Transportation unless you want to waste time by having to call 5 times/day to get an idea of the schedule and the next steps. ...[More]
By Jo on Get it Done Transportation on Feb 3 2016 4:18PM
Response from Get it Done Transportation
David Pein on Feb 3 2016 4:57PM
First I want to apologize to Jo that she wasnt 100% happy with the experience. She left out some key facts 1 is how her husband added another car to t...[More]
Dealt with ShipYourCarNow who brokered my transport thru NAO auto. There were problems with payments going from the broker to the shipper that caused a lot of the delays. My car was picked up at a Lexus Dealership in Toledo, Ohio. When we received the vehicle the side mirror was broken. NAO claimed that it was broken when they picked the car up but provided me a suspicious "bill of lading" that had obviously been doctored. The car had just undergone inspection at the dealership and the side mirror was not broken. Now they do not want to take responsibility for the damage caused. I am very unsatisfied to say the least. Big Boys take responsibility for what they do!!...[More]
By Kimberly Babb on NAO Auto on Feb 2 2016 11:42PM
The representative lied to me throughout the entire transaction. The pick-up date was late, the delivery was late, and I was charged more money than the promised original quote. When I requested a refund for the overcharge, I was told I would be credited. Despite numerous emails and calls, they never refunded the overcharge. I would never use this company again and suggest no one use this company because they are deceitful and liars. ...[More]
By Robert Black on Total Car Shipping on Feb 2 2016 10:16PM
Paid to have my car delivered Door to Door from Los Angeles CA to Philadelphia PA. An hour before arrival I was told I had three options! 1. Put my twin babies in a taxi service, travel 8 miles outside of Philadelphia, in 15 degree weather, and pick my car up. 2. Pick my car up from local tow yard and pay storage fees of $200-$500 per day 3. Allow a stranger, their truck driver, to drive my car to me, take FULL responsibility for him and the car in the event of an accident or damage. The reason given as to why my car could not be delivered to a 20 acre mall parking lot across the street from the address on the contract was "the truck cannot fit into a 20 acre mall parking lot" despite Target, Home Depot and Mega Supermarket delivery trucks having access to a dedicated truck entrance off a major highway into the mall. Ironically while Unified staff attempted to show me on Google Maps how their truck could not drive into the mall entrance, trucks could be seen in the pictures traveling into the mall or parked in the mall parking lot after making deliveries. "Wait - It gets better!" The location I was commanded to pick up my car up from, outside of Philadelphia, was a K-MART parking lot five times smaller than the 20 acre mall parking lot listed on the contract! It took 5 hours for this matter to be resolved. Ultimately I was forced to take 100% responsibility for my car and "their" driver. Taking my babies outside in 15 degree temperatures or being taken advantage of financially by a local tow yard owner who knows I'm from LA was not worth the a car! Do not utilize this company to ship your car! ...[More]
By KELLY on Unified Auto Trans Corp. on Feb 2 2016 2:51PM
I had a really hard time since my car was not picked up for more than a week. I called this company many times but was mostly put on their auto machine. According to the contract, this company is not responsible for not picking up. In my case, my car was never picked up, and nobody took responsibility for that. After all, I paid $100 for nothing. Please be careful before you sign a contract. There are other companies that give you a 100% refund if your car is not picked up....[More]
By Sungwhan Moon on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Feb 2 2016 12:31AM
Camilo assured me that every carrier he books maintains $75k insurance coverage then booked my Range Rover on an unlicensed and uninsured transport carrier named AB & Father located in Hialeah FL and Kansas City MO - after missing their delivery window they lied about a tire blow out, then a mechanical issue on their carrier at which point i requested the exact location of my vehicle so i could fly there and pick it up - Camilo thuggishly told me they could hold my car indefinitely - after threatening to involve the police Camilo "comes clean" with the real story that AB and Father transport were involved in a hit and run accident with my vehicle bearing the brunt of the damage and my vehicle had been rendered inoperable - despite commitments to be my "single point of contact" for the transport at the this point Camilo stops all communication under the auspices that the unlicensed and uninsured carried he booked my transport would handle things from here - after demanding proof of insurance and an accident report from AB and Father transport they finally admitted to being uninsured and told us they would repair the Range Rover themselves and return it "like new" - NOT ACCEPTABLE as this voids our warranty and despited repeated requests for the location of our vehicle we still do not have that information or our car back - after contacting the auto crimes division at our local police department they are convinced that Budget and AB & Father are knowingly defrauding customers ...[More]
By Lindsey on Budget Auto Shipping on Feb 1 2016 11:06PM
Ship Your Car Now did not ship my car when promised. And because of problems between them and the actual shipping company ( NAO Transport) regarding payment, my car was delayed to the Port for a week. It sat in Spokane for several days while they worked that issue out. I wonder why NAO was upset about payments from ShipYourCarNow? Are they unreliable? Anyway, I was given various reasons for the delay by several different people. All felt like excuses from a poorly managed business. Try Coast to Coast shippers - they are a family run business, own their own trucks and got back to me when they said they would. Also, right side view mirror housing and mirror were cracked upon delivery. Interior, which had just been detailed, was covered with grease. I'd say I'm and UNSATIFIED CUSTOMER!!!...[More]
By Kimberly Babb on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Feb 1 2016 10:19PM
The representative that I was in contact with was very personable and friendly, he seemed to do a very good job at helping me through the process. HOWEVER I was told that my vehicle would be picked up at the latest on a Friday. The company did not pick up the car until the following Sunday night. The company that actually transported the car did an excellent job and even delivered the car in the snow. I spoke with the driver often and he explained to me that the car was not picked up until Sunday because Car2Transport did not contact them until Friday, this was the same Friday that Car2Transport told me that was the latest day. The dispatcher hung up on me twice and was very rude. Her comment to me was "Do you want us to pick the car up tomorrow? If so give us $500 more", this is not how I like to do business and will NEVER think of using this company again. I read a lot of good reviews and that is why I decided to use them but I could not believe the carelessness of customer service on their end. ...[More]
By B.Coll on Car 2 Transport on Feb 1 2016 7:27PM
The representative that I was in contact with was very personable and friendly, he seemed to do a very good job at helping me through the process. HOWEVER I was told that my vehicle would be picked up at the latest on a Friday. The company did not pick up the car until the following Sunday night. The company that actually transported the car did an excellent job and even delivered the car in the snow. I spoke with the driver often and he explained to me that the car was not picked up until Sunday because Car2Transport did not contact them until Friday, this was the same Friday that Car2Transport told me that was the latest day. The dispatcher hung up on me twice and was very rude. Her comment to me was "Do you want us to pick the car up tomorrow? If so give us $500 more", this is not how I like to do business and will NEVER think of using this company again. I read a lot of good reviews and that is why I decided to use them but I could not believe the carelessness of customer service on their end. ...[More]
By B.Coll on Car 2 Transport on Feb 1 2016 7:27PM
By theresa karpenick on All Terrain Auto Transport on Jan 31 2016 9:49PM
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