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The quote to transport my car was $649. I ended up having to pay $800. They promised they could pick up and deliver at one price, but could NOT keep the promise. "Overpromise" and "underdeliver"!...[More]
By Chris Castillo on Total Car Shipping about 8 Hours Ago
Changed price 3 times. Changed price on day of pick up even with a confirmation email. could not get straight answers on pick up times. Worst experience in trying to ship my truck. I would never use them or tell a friend about them. ...[More]
By Mack on United Auto Logistics about 11 Hours Ago
This was the second time using this company. The first time was GREAT. Almost everything went perfect besides the fact that I never received my drivers information. However, the drive did call 24 hours before pick up and my car was picked up in the scheduled time frame and delivered on time in great condition. So of course after having a great experience the first time, I decided to use this company again. I was very happy because I got a discount since I was a returning customer. The contract was signed 3 weeks prior to the scheduled pick up date. This time, the same day I signed the contract, I also received the Carriers information. So I was happy. My 1st available pick up date was April 1st with a 2-3 day window. I confirmed via email with my sales person (Irene Davis) that the car would be picked up either the 2nd or 3rd. By the 3rd of April, I still hadn't received a call from the driver. On the morning of the 4th, I spoke with dispatch at the carrier office(American Auto Transport). They found my order and stated that the car was not schedule to be picked up until at least April 10th. I was never made aware by either company that the 1st available pick up date had changed. So I called Auto Transport 123 per the other company's request. I spoke with Janine and boy did I have a time with her. I told her what had happened and explained to her that I needed the car picked up before 6 am on the 5th because I had a flight to catch back to Chicago. I had interviews that following Monday and Tuesday. She asked if someone would be there to give the driver the keys and I explained to her that the car would have to be relocated to a city 30 miles south of where I was in order for the keys to be handed over to the driver. (I was a nurse on a 3 month travel assignment out in California by myself). Janine said she would look into seeing if a driver would be available that day (the 4th) or the next day. No return call from Janine on the 4th. I called and left a message on the 4th and the 5th. Janine emails me on Monday the 6th asking me to call her regarding the order. By this time, I had decided to cancel the order entirely because I could not wait another 1.5 to 2 weeks to have my car. I explained this to Janine. She told me that there might be a carrier in the area that could pick up the car that day (the 6th) of the next day. She said she was going to look into it and get back to me. I did as the contract stated and certified mailed my letter of cancellation of the order on April 7th with the hopes of it getting to New York by April 9th. I did not hear from Janine or any at the company until I called on April 9th. A charge of $225 posted to my bank account on April 7th and I was inquiring about the charge. Janine was very short with me and was telling me that if I still wanted my car to be picked up, that there was a driver available. I explained to Janine that I did not understand why my account was charged and told her that my car should have been picked up by now. Janine stated she was going to talk to Irene about the dates, which didn't make sense because Irene was in sales and NOT customer service so she wouldn't have been able to do anything about it. I ended up calling the actual carrier (American Auto Transport) to ask them what the status of my order was. Sophia from American Auto Transoort explained to me that the order was cancelled on April 8th by Auto Transport 123. She wasn't able to tell me who from the company put in the cancellation. Sophia also explained to me that she called Auto Transport 123 on April 7th and told them that the truck that was designated to pick up the car on April 10th had broken down. None of this was ever communicated to me from either company, but as the broker it was Auto Transport 123's responsibility to notify me of changes. Janine and I went back and forth with emails. I asked her why my account was charged on the 7th and she said that I said I wanted to cancel the order and so it was cancelled even though they had not received the certified mailed letter that is specifically requested in the contract. I had to ask her three times in three separate emails if they received my cancellation letter. When she finally acknowledges the question she says "I don't work in that office", like that actually meant something. I also asked to speak with someone else in the company preferably someone above Janine and my request was never accepted. Per Janine she was the supervisor of customer service, which I was appalled by considering her lack of professionalism in the emails and phone conversations. Also in the contract it states that if an order is cancelled for reasons outside of Auto Transport 123 control, they will refund you the entire deposit amount or $100 which will be based on a as per situation basis. I was refunded $100 and received a confirmation email from Keith Hecht. I was never told why I only received $100 and not the entire amount since the company breeched the contract by charging me before they were legally able to. They can't say they charged the deposit because the truck was dispatched to pick up the car (since that is when the account should be charged per the contract) because according to Sophia at American Auto Transpot, the truck was never dispatched. Janine also lied and said that I refused a driver that she provided for me. When I asked her to give me dates and times of when I refused the driver, she was unable to come up with the evidence for her claim. Very bad communication skills on Auto Transport 123's part. They breeched the contract and we're not trying to help the situation at all. When all was said and done, I had to fly back out to California after two interviews to drive my car all the way back to Illinois. My boyfriend had to miss work for 3 days so that he could drive the car back with me so that we could get back as soon as possible. I feel like compensation is in order here for the airfare and gas I had to spend because they messed up. If anyone is suing this company for breaching the contract, please let me know because I as well am looking into legal action and would like to find an attorney who will take my case. All in all, first time is great but second time be BEWARE! This company does not play fair!! ...[More]
By D Atkins on Auto Transport 123 about 12 Hours Ago
I placed my order for delivery of a pick up from North TX to SO. AZ on April 10. I stated it was not an urgent delivery and we were flexible but the service rep said she could get delivery as soon as that following Mon/Tues. and would call me back with the details. AFTER I Paid a deposit of $200 I never heard back from her, I emailed her and another individual 4/14Tues night with questions as to why no communication? I fully expected an email response on wed. but nothing. I called the Rep only have her be rude, and to be told that she was working very hard and that she would again call me back in 2 hours. NO call back. I called again now on Thursday 4/16 to ask for communication, I understand these things take time and I just ask for updates. I did say this seems a little sketchy and when a company takes ones money there is usually some communication, she of course didn't like that and that she has been doing this for 7 yrs. She did call me Friday morning with requested update. She called me again 4/20(mon) but with a very different scenario. The pick up location was a problem. No driver wanted to go pick it up. Could my party meet them an hour away? ( but no location was provided- nor possible date options) Then she said I could have it picked up but it would cost more. the information was provided to get a quote, why is it now a problem. At this time my husband got some quotes on his free time, and found another company to work with. I called back the rep, and said that we would be going with another organization and I would like my deposit back, she said that they would be keeping some for processing. That is no where in the receipt nor disclosed anywhere! She continued to interrupt me almost every time I tried to talk. If the rep has had 7 years experience doing this I would expect stellar service. I did not receive that. I would not recommend this company. They do not stick by their quotes. They do not call you back when they say they will and they do not respond to email. The cheapest is not always the best - you get what you "pay" for. ** after further research they are not suppose to take a deposit until the veh is Picked up** don't do what I did and trust them. ...[More]
By Stephanie on Budget Auto Shipping about 13 Hours Ago
Gets you a lower price, but not a delivery. Quote was requested on March 23rd, signed on March 24th and deposit given. Was told needed 7-10 days to fulfill order. Asked why it was not moved, said that they are a broker, not a transport company. Asked for refund of the deposit, was told that needed to be done within 48 hours of contract signing. Not sure how the math adds up. Asked what it would take to get this moving - they asked for another $75 to the driver. Said fine, as long as I don't need to pay Vantage until the car is moved. Stay away from this company....[More]
By Mike on Vantage Auto Movers about 14 Hours Ago
Horrifying Experience. Reasons for that, 1. Driver (Goons) threatened me to pay ADDITIONAL $150 by CASH while Delivery my Car ! 2. Once I reached my home & unloaded my stuffs from my Car, found that GPS, Car Charger & Brand New Comforter Sets were missing. I called immediately to Driver & Shipping Company & they replied - WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. Simply means, the items were STOLEN. 3. Tried to get resolution by contacting National Transport & uShip - same answer. My advice: DON'T SHIP !...[More]
By Mukeshkumar Bhikadiya on National Transport LLC about 18 Hours Ago
I dropped my car in your Toronto terminal I paid all the fees the car was perfect condition I just bought in Nov 2014.Dianne denied that the car was clean when I dropped it and that I paid fees through a Broker Magic Shipping.I contacted your office in Vancouver talked to Jacki Bott she is another liar she told me that the car was damaged and she has photos of the car i asked to see her photo she never answered me even though Dianne Parr admitted to my wife on April 1st in person that car was very clean when she received it.I forwarded the photo to you guys the damages 2500$ it's BMW 2008. I will not recommend you ever and will write about on social media always....[More]
By salah alwafai on J SIMONS Fast Vehicle Rail Transportation on Apr 20 2015 2:13AM
I shipped my car with $150 deposit and $500 COD. Later driver asked me for $700 ($200 more). I called Peter, and he said, give the money otherwise driver will take your vehicle and dumb in dumping ground, and I will return $150 within 1 week. I belived him, but never got my money from him back. I am calling him from 2 months. Operator said, he is on call, he will contact billing department, he will call me back, he will not in office, he is working from home, he is busy, he is in meeting... Peter and all his team is FAKE and All Country Transport is BIG SCAM!!!...[More]
By NirnayBansal on All Country Auto Transport Inc. on Apr 19 2015 7:42PM
First, they moved the pick up date several times and was four hours late. The vehicle arrived dirty and scratched. I was in the middle of moving and had several issues to take care of so I didn't make contact with Montway until they contacted me with an email in response to a bad review I posted. The email was subtly threatening asking me to take the review down and they'd send me $50. I was a little intimidated by the language so I did. Haven't heard a word or received anything. I called and the rep I spoke to was a little rude and condescending as he began laughing subtly telling me I should've told them something before and the statute of limitations had passed; mind you I've been trying to get settled in a new place and waiting for a response from the lady who emailed me initially, but it's okay. It's my vehicle so I'll repair it. ...[More]
By Anna Clarke on Montway Auto Transport on Apr 19 2015 4:59PM
We needed to transport our car from PA to OR quickly because we were moving. We first spoke to Gail on 3/20/15. She informed us the vehicle would be there in five days so by DOT math the vehicle should have been in Clackamas, OR by 3/29/15. Once she told us this we made an agreement for $1550. She asked for credit card info to have on file to lock the price so they could contact drivers. After Gail received the credit card info, she then said 1550 was not enough to move the vehicle and that they would need another $100. We verbally agreed to $1650. The vehicle was supposed to be picked up on 3/22/15. On 3/23/15 we began looking at other companies. Angel called (another transport consultant) 3/25/15, and gave me a 90% guarantee the car would be picked up the next day to be shipped. However, the car was not picked up until 3/28/15. Once picked up we received notice it would be delivered in Portland, OR by 4/8/15. We left the car with a neighbor who informed us the vehicle was being shipped to CA! We called Gail to clarify because she never informed us of such. Gail said it would go by train to CA then a driver would bring it to Portland. On 4/9/15 Gail called to tell us that our vehicle is in California and would not be delivered until 4/18/15. I then requested to speak with Gail's manager, Terry Ann. Terry Ann said they were working to get a driver right away and would look into compensation given our dissatisfaction and the poor service. I spoke with Terry Ann 4/17/15 to get an update. She said the car was still sitting in CA because the drivers want more money or all their drivers are in FL. As always, they are "doing everything they can" but the car is sitting and there is nothing they can do until a driver bids to bring it. This company is fraudulent!! They must only post good reviews. They failed to provide any service they stand for. They picked up our car, got our credit card information and left us stranded. I am now taking legal action and will seek police involvement because it is 4/19/15 and our car is yet to be delivered. ...[More]
By Martin on DIY Transport Inc. on Apr 19 2015 4:54PM
I have shipped my car many time and this is by far... the worst company I have ever worked with. Used car sales person tactics at the finest. The booked me at $450.00. Upon delivery, the driver demanded $200.00 additional or he would load my car back on the trailer and take it. Anthony (my sales associate) stopped returning my calls. Lee and Chris lied to me over the course of 2 weeks. Telling me that they were waiting from a check from the driver and would send me one up its arrival. After no check, I was told it was cut and on its way. When still no check... I got a lot of "they are not in the office... they are not in today... they are on the other line." If you want to get ripped off... use this company. • • • It is interesting to see that the BBB has 45 complaints and a warning for this company as follows: Our files contain a pattern of complaints from consumers that allege after transport and upon receipt of their vehicles, they are required to pay 10-20% more than what the contract states and that Premier Auto Shippers Inc. posts their desired transport, but at a higher rate. Consumers further state that in order to receive their vehicles, they must pay what the driver has listed as payment from the broker. Once this increased amount is paid to the transporter, and when trying to receive a refund of monies, they receive rude customer service and are told to refer to the disclaimer which states "They are not liable for any changes in price upon delivery". Premier Auto Shippers Inc. has not responded to these complaints. On November 13, 2013 BBB sent correspondence to Premier Auto Shippers Inc. requesting their voluntary cooperation in resolving complaints on file with BBB and providing steps it will implement to eliminate the pattern of customer complaints. As of March 28, 2014 Premier Auto Shippers Inc. have not responded to BBB's concerns. BBB will continue to monitor the complaints on file for Premier Auto Shippers Inc. and update the review as needed. - See more at:[More]
By Scott C on Premier Auto Shippers on Apr 17 2015 1:56AM
My car arrived damaged in Colorado. The rear quarter panel, tail light and bumper. Relatively small damage, $2,000, illegal to drive due to the broken tail light. Even though this is not good, it is a risk that all people take when having their vehicle transported. My complaint is the way the damage was handled. The damage involved the transporter I hired, Direct Connect out of Fort Lauderdale Florida and another trucking company. I reported the damage via phone at the time, wrote the damage on the bill and wrote an email to the company by following their directions in reporting it. I tried to get Direct Connect to take ownership and get my vehicle fixed but got the run a round for two weeks with daily calls. Lies, Lies Lies abound each day I contacted them, just biding time hoping I would go away. First I was told that my car slipped off the truck and accidents happen by Marlo. Then I was told by Kevin, of UZ Inc, the claims person on the Colorado side that another truck backed into my transporter and damaged my car....then I was told by the other truck company that was not the case, the other company wanted to report it to the police, when my transporter driver left the scene of the accident with my damaged vehicle. Marlo finally deferred to the owner, John, who did call me a week after I reported it to my insurance company, (the third week) along with all the pictures and documentation. John admitted this could have easily been fixed and said he had some checking to do and he'd call me back. He never did call me back. He did call me back after my car was fixed at a body shop after going through my own insurance company. This is my first review ever and when I put it in, they check with the company to verify that I am actually a customer of this company. When Direct Connect was contacted they stated I was NOT a customer of theirs so this review was initially taken off the website till I could prove that I was indeed their customer. If that isn't insult to injury and totally unethical, I don't know what is. A company trying to get my review off the internet by lying once again and saying I wasn't their customer. I would never recommend this company to anyone who wants to do business with a reputable company, one that actually cares about the service they give and the follow-up they provide in resolving issues or problems. ...[More]
By Jolene N on Direct Connect Auto Transport on Apr 16 2015 7:38PM
I scheduled a pick up of a company vehicle that was needing to be shipped from NC to CA. The only thing we cared about was that it be picked up on a certain day, but it could take as long as needed to get it here to CA. I was told to give them 24-48 hours to get the item assigned to a driver, but I literally had to call everyday after 72 hours had past and I heard nothing. Five days later they still had not assigned a driver. That fifth day was a Friday and the pick up was to be made on Monday and they are closed on the weekends. Come Monday morning still no word from them. These people are lame. The other thing I found out was many agencies wont work with you once they see you paid a deposit to another agency, since it would be a double booking so you are pretty much dependent on them to get the job done...which in my case never happened with no apology or even explanation. So unprofessional, do not even waste your time with these guys. ...[More]
By Ally on RoadRunner Auto Transport on Apr 16 2015 5:20PM
We purchased a vehicle at auction in carencrow LA. This is a 7 hour drive from our company. I received a call from Patriot Transportation that our load had been assigned to this company. Our vehicle was to be picked up Tuesday morning and delivered that evening. The vehicle did not arrive until 6 am Thursday morning. It was only delivered then as we told them we were going to report the car stolen. No one answers their office phone nor returns calls. The one time I spoke to someone at the office she was rude and clueless as to what was going on. Drivers communication was terrible. Seriously one of the worst experiences ever!!...[More]
By Unsatisfied Customer on Vit&Diesel on Apr 16 2015 1:13PM
Anthony quoted me $800. I gave a $175 deposit and when the driver arrived with car in Denver, said I owed $800 ($950 total now paid) or I did not get my car. He showed me the work order from Tony, it showed that the request went out to the trucking firms for $800. Therefore, Tony knew from the beginning that his $800 was a lie. I have filed with the BBB and disputed charge with Credit Card firm. I have his emails showing original quote and his work order and receipt from carrier. I also have copies of complaints filed by others on BBB and he does this regularly. see: ..... THEY HAVE AN 'F' RATING. Anthony...I bet you are proud of that rating......[More]
By Todd on All Weather Auto Transport on Apr 15 2015 11:00PM
I was given a confident estimate of $995, and after canceling other bids they bait-and-switched up to $1100. Truck was picked up from Texas on time, but we were called after we went to sleep at 8:17pm the night prior to scheduled delivery. By the time I woke up the next morning, the driver told me the truck had been taken 3 hours away to a Los Angeles storage for which I would have to pay "a lot of money- " not a nice way to wake up. I tried repeatedly to speak with "Tanya" the supposed boss, who refused to answer my questions or help to get the truck back to San Diego, telling me to "work it out with the driver," and hung up. After prolonged bargaining with the driver, who sent texts like " I can't drive it back, I'm with my girl" and other such unprofessional remarks, I had to drive the 3 hours to find the driver and truck in the back alleys of Los Angeles, cash in hand like some kind of drug deal. My follow up calls to Road Runner were never returned. THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE HIRING THIS CARRIER....[More]
By Chris Fernandez on RoadRunner Auto Transport on Apr 15 2015 8:40PM
he is a thief will not refund your money he is a lair a worthless human do not trust him he is lower than whale shit ...[More]
By s french on Rock Bottom Rate Auto Transport on Apr 15 2015 7:01PM
I own and operate a specialty auto business and ship vehicles all over the world , absolutely deplorable. Once picked up it took 5 days to get to Texas from New Mexico. No one called me I had to hunt it down and couldn't speak with a supervisor, no driver contact because he doesn't speak English? I did all the contacting and a broker service that doesn't track your vehicle maybe ok for your Ford Focus but if you have a specialty vehicle stay away!!!!...[More]
By Mark on Auto Transport 360 on Apr 15 2015 2:21PM
Well as the subject suggests, I had a great experience as long as communication part is considered. I had agreed to pay the premium price just to make sure the pickup is prompt, and they told me the average time for my price range(premium) is about 5 days but they could,not find any carrier till 12th day and then came back with an offer that was $300 more on top of the premium price quoted to me. As I was already renting a car for my use so I had no other option but to bear all that expense. But now I think the price I paid is more than the highest quote I got initially from bunch of companies. So could have saved at least a week of waiting by going with those companies. So in the end I am again taking stars off because the price I paid in the end should have got the SUV picked up in 3 days but instead I had to wait for 12 days. Ali gave me three options - $1250 for ~ 12 day pickup - $1550 for ~ 5 day pickup - $1850 for ~ 3 day pickup So looks like I paid price for 3 day option and got service of 1250 option :( I am still going to retain 2 stars, One for Ali's good communication and 1 for finding a good carrier as the car arrived in good shape....[More]
By Ronnie on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Apr 14 2015 9:25PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Apr 15 2015 3:27PM
It is always our goal to provide each customer with a speedy vehicle shipment at a discounted rate. However, it is impossible to make guarantees due t...[More]
I did a lot of online research before hiring this carrier and a lot of what I read online was positive. One of my main criteria was that the vehicle would stay on the same carrier from start to finish, which Joanna assured me would happen (& advised me to have the person loading it to take a photo). My vehicle was picked up by a small pickup truck and trailer, which really didn't look appropriate. I was told it was being taken to a car carrier and then being delivered to me from there. So, I accepted the terms and asked for a photo to be given once the truck was loaded onto the car carrier. No photo was ever given to me and every time I called Joanna, she did not answer and calls were returned by her son (who was very polite), who told me he would get me a photo as soon as he could. I kept calling and texting the truck driver, with no response. . . . because Joanna did not give me the correct ph. # of the driver. I got a phone call 24 hrs prior to drop off from a dispatch co., which would have the vehicle to me by 11am. Vehicle was delivered at 7:30pm. To make a long story short, I would never hire this co. again. My vehicle disappeared for 9 days. Thankfully, it arrived in one piece. Patrick...[More]
By Patrick on TD Auto Transport on Apr 14 2015 4:29PM
Response from TD Auto Transport
Dominic Dellagatta on Apr 15 2015 1:38AM
I Completely disagree, with the entire review. God Bless You Patrick. You didn't answer you're phone when we called and even stated we were polite. W...[More]
The owner Mike is a complete psycho. I Asked for quote only. He kept badgering me, and when I went through another company he cursed me out like a little boy. Stay away and don't even consider dealing with him unless you like to be verbally insulted. Totally unprofessional bully ...[More]
By Richard Rivera on Reliable Auto Tranz on Apr 14 2015 3:33PM
This was the worst exp. I've had in my life, the people are the so super nice to you when they want you money and as soon as they get it you never hear from them again. My car was supposed to be delivered on Saturday April 11th....I never heard anything from the driver or the company that day. So I called them only to find out that the car won't get the car until the following Wednesday without any compensation. They were then nothing but rude as I said because they got their money. DONT USE THEM!! ANYONE ELSE, I'VE SHIPPED 10 CARS THROUGH MY LIFE AND THIS WAS THE WORST WORST WORST EXP!!!!!!...[More]
By Jacob on Allied Auto Transport Inc. on Apr 13 2015 7:51PM
This company quoted me the lowest cost then failed to actually ship my vehicle. The ship times kept getting delayed over and over again. Once I finally called them on their b/s, they cancelled my shipment. DO NOT USE!!!...[More]
By Tai on E Z Auto Carriers on Apr 13 2015 5:00PM
After numerous verbal communications with a representative named Vinny, specifically asking for and being confirmed by him that the trailer would be fully enclosed and have a lift gate to load and unload are car safely, what showed up on the day of pick up was a normal car hauler with NO LIFT GATE ! AND WAS NOT AN ENCLOSED TRAILER ! It had vinyl sides that role down, completely not acceptable, and was told it would be fully enclosed. He obviously was a straight forward liar that just said what he needed to get are business and credit card number. It disgusts me that someone would conduct themselves and a business would hire such a person. Would never use this company again. COMPLETE CON !!!...[More]
By Buddy on RoadRunner Auto Transport on Apr 13 2015 4:09PM
Scheduled for a vehicle recovery from Florida after conversing with an agent at on Friday before a scheduled pickup on Wednesday of the next week. Called on Wednesday to find out what the status was on the pickup and as informed the agent had just started looking for a driver - As most trucks are scheduled at the beginning of the week, this was now not going to happen. Was told that the Florida to Texas route is not a busy route - really? Pulled up the hotshot list to see my delivery with a COD price now at $150 more than original quote. Called at the end of the day - no return call and never heard from again. Horrible communication, horrible preparedness and overall would never bother to schedule with again. I'm just glad that this was not a Port recovery or would have cost me big time....[More]
By Kitsune Imports on BWT Group LLC DBA on Apr 13 2015 2:52AM
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