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the only thing that was positive was getting the credit back on the charge card. Both dispatchers were horrible on helping matters when asked where the car was. The same answers were given that the driver will get ahold of you when it is near the location. The vehicle was there on the 5th of January 2015 and by the 19th of January I was told that it never left Richmond depot. Don't bother asking for the manager as he is in periodically and will not return calls. WHAT you don't have a cell phone. You sir are brutal. found a better carrier with MCL....[More]
By s on Ship My Ride about 5 Hours Ago
I have never felt so taking advantage of before. ALS-CC is giving the car transport industry a bad name, how sad. PLEASE anyone try to call this company and just listen to how they conduct there bizz. VERY unprofessional on so many levels." Ghetto" is not even the beginning of it. For more info on this company feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for reading. Hope you don't get ripped on from this company ALS-CC like i did... OWNERS name is Damian Estevez ...[More]
By C Jordan on ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC about 6 Hours Ago
Call this Magic Auto transport inc from Boynton FL. was told car would be picked up on 12/31/14 @ noon in Cal to transport to NH Today is 1/5/15 Monday and my car is still not picked up!!!! no calls from them - no cares at all. Owner calls me when I cancel my order to tell me he fired his staff... YEA OK!! what a joke... I will make sure I tell 500 people never to use this trucing co ever!!! they are scam!!...[More]
By mccready on Magic Auto Transport Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
I put a very poor review up earlier, but then got an immediate response from Heartland. After talking to Dan, it would appear that the problems I had were with Soft Trans Auto, the shipping company they brokered to transport my car, not Heartland Shipping. Perhaps I was at fault because I didn't call Heartland when my problems began. I somehow thought they were one and the same. They have promised they will never use Soft Trans Auto again, and have posted a negative review on an industry website. I hope that means no further problems for future customers. I still feel obligated to post some feedback. My advice in the future, to anyone shipping a car, contact the company you hired directly if you have problems with your driver or the dispatcher. They very much want to make you happy and will do whatever they can to improve your experience. I think had I called John, instead of the dispatcher, I would have had a much better end result. I've learned my lesson. So, thank you Heartland for your promptness and your apologies. The car did arrive two days early and it was undamaged. For that I am pleased. Even so, I probably won't use you again. And next time choose your dispatchers and drivers wisely. ...[More]
By Clark on Heartland Trucking about 8 Hours Ago
This is my second post for Lightning and a completely different experience from the first vehicle. Your going to see me use Prestige Carrier below. Just so we are clear, Lightning puts your job on the board and a myriad of independent drivers can sign up for the transport if the $'s support their overhead. Lightning did not transport my vehicles; they broker the deal. The driver was assigned last minute by Lightning at my prodding (we signed the contact 10 days earlier) and we got a D player. Damien with Prestige Carriers calls me the night before and gives me a time window of 12-2pm for the driver to pick up my car, and I would get a call from the driver when he was 30-60 minutes away. We were staying in a hotel at the time so that's the address we were planning to meet at. I waited patiently at the hotel until 230pm and then gave Damien a call. Damien's response: well, the driver called this morning and said he was going to the auction and would be delivering cars all afternoon. Soonest he could get to me was late afternoon. And why are you worried? He will call when he gets within an hour away. Great, thanks for having me sit at the hotel for two hours! At 6pm, I get a call as we are heading to dinner with friends. The driver can meet in one hour. Problem is, we are on the other side of town now since no one has called. The driver agrees to meet close to the restaurant and will call when he arrives. Net of the conversation is we dropped the car off at 745pm, a full 5+ hours later than we were promised. Driver tells me he will call along the way and plans to deliver the car on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Great, drive safe! Monday evening, I get a call stating the driver will arrive between 3-5pm. I call Prestige at 630pm Tuesday and get the same "the driver will call when he is an hour away; why are you worried?". When I ask when we can expect him, she states she has no idea where the driver is. All the lady on the phone knows is he's delivering cars to dealerships and he can't be reached. When did the driver arrive? There was a knock on the door just before 9pm. Late and couldn't care less. I spoke with Matt today and let him know this review was coming. Commit to a time and call if you won't make it. ...[More]
By JohnT on Lightning Auto Carriers about 9 Hours Ago
My initial contact was John Stewart with Nationwide Transport Services who then farmed my transport out to Wheel Transit, Inc - WORST COMPANY EVER! The entire roof of my vehicle was damaged during transport and the dishonest driver tried to say that the damages were present when the vehicle was picked up - so dishonest! The driver picked up my car a day and a half late and delivered it two days late - completely unprofessional! I am still fighting with the insurance company for my vehicle repairs. Do yourself a favor and use another company. John Stewart was extremely helpful and responsive; however, the representative at Wheel Transit, Rostysav Viter and his driver were completely incompetent. Unhappy customer!...[More]
By Shawn on Nationwide Transport Services about 9 Hours Ago
I would never use this outfit again. Promise everything will be smooth . Now wont answer the phone , car has not been delivered yet . picked up on 1/17/15 supposed to be delivered on 1/26/15 . Not so , I called the trucking company and they said it wouldn't be until the the 31 st . 15 days to transport a car , ridiculus . Still haven't gotten it . Next it will be the better business bureau . ...[More]
By Steve on Reliable Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
Company was overall on time with delivery but when car arrived at destination car was crashed. Driver admitted to crashing car but begged to not call police or insurance company because they did not want to have a stained record or increased insurance premiums. I did everything in good faith to resolve the issue outside of the law and insurance and in the end the company did not make itself responsible for the damages and left me out to dry. Anyone wanting to ship a car with this company BEWARE!!! ...[More]
By Luis Rubio on A & D Auto Carrier Group, Inc. about 17 Hours Ago
Vehicle was picked up and delivered in reasonable time but broker should have done due diligence on third party carrier. A &D Auto Carrier Group of Hialeah, Fl delivered car crashed at destination. Begged to not contact police or insurance to not affect the companies record or insurance premium. In the end the company did not make itself responsible for the damages incurred. If transporting a vehicle BEWARE!!...[More]
By Luis Rubio on BKK Transport and Brokerage Inc. about 18 Hours Ago
We had a tight window to transport a vehicle in early January. We were assured by representative that transport would be located at price specified and in timeframe specified. Nothing ever happened. We requested cancellation via phone and email after we were forced to have to relist with another firm. Stateway did not remove us from the 'shipping board' which greatly hampered our ability to find transport. They actually re-listed numerous times after we canceled. As we were informed, these actions did nothing but prevent other carriers from picking our vehicle up as numerous listings seem to hurt your chances. Drivers and brokers only get paid when the job is assigned and completed, so I have no idea how this hurts transport. Like anyone would pay two or more deposits and have multiple carriers arrive for pickup, makes no sense... whatever. Our route was an easy one too, ten minutes from a major interstate on the pickup side and twenty minutes from one on the destination. No rural or backwoods driving at all. ...[More]
By JKP on Stateway Auto Transport on Jan 27 2015 5:07PM
we ve advised him the car is inop, he agreed to pick up for 900.00, he went there and charged $100.00, but his driver didn't pick up the car, he said the $100.00 is for show up. he knew the car is inop. his driver said there is snow arount the car he didn't want to get dirty scammer ,scammer ,scammer ,scammer scammer ,scammer scammer ,scammer scammer ,scammer scammer ,scammer scammer ,scammer scammer ,scammer ,scammer ,scammer...[More]
By sam ramada on Plaza Auto Transport on Jan 27 2015 4:07PM
Don't even consider using this company. I was so stupid to believe in Gerry when he was the sweetest talking salesman when I contacted him to move our vehicle. After 10 days or more that it wasn't moved I made arrangements to have it shipment by another, and low and behold the day I cancelled was the day apparently it was being pick up. That was October 27,2014 and I STILL do not have my refund. Today January 27,2015 I have contacted them by phone,emailed them......still no refund, Gerry, continuously said " oh you don't have your check yet, WE CANT UNDERSTAND THAT". And it goes on and on, I have over 25 emails to support this. So it's to the courts I have gone!!!!!...[More]
By D burke on Auto Rail Forwarders on Jan 27 2015 3:49PM
This is a group of companies owned and run by one thomas mattia out of florida!! operates under all weather transport now.. check with and search for owner name.. thomas mattia , anthony mattia, anthony gallo and you will see the corporate documents of the list of shell companies he operates out of his home office with! low ball quote, take your deposit, then steal it saying it was for a broker fee, never does he EVER divulge until the end he is indeed a broker..many many people have been scammed by this scum of the earth and he needs to be shut down, if you have fallen victim to this call the local police department, the attorney generals office, and visa and file a formal complaint with them against this company! He has his family post good reviews on this site, and then has the bad post removed saying they are not his customers.. and he doesnt know what they are talking about.. just another lie and scam he works to steal your money!!! call visa on thier secret fraud control hotline and they will put an end to this theft and deceit.. 1-650-432-7788 and speak to jonathon who is heading this investigation..shut this dirt bag down.. and of course,, post a negative review on this site.. sooner or later he will be in jail with the rest of the worlds dirt..! And scum bag know when you read this review, your days are numbered and the man is coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...[More]
By do gooder on United Reliable Auto Carriers Inc. on Jan 27 2015 3:10PM
Sun Auto's service was just OK. Ultimately our car made it from CA to VA without any damage but communication throughout the process was not great. I was told that the car would be picked up directly from my house. However, on the day of pick up, the driver called and asked me to drive to him (nearly 40 miles away). Ultimately, I got him to come to within 10 miles of my house since he claimed he was unable to pick up in the city of San Francisco. I wish Albert had been straightforward about this. Also, the car was delivered around midnight in Virginia and communication about the car's arrival date and time throughout the transport of the car was spotty. Sun Auto quoted me a competitive price but the uncertainty throughout the process was probably not worth the cost savings....[More]
By Tim on Sun Auto Transport on Jan 27 2015 1:00PM
I was mad about this crap business with this cheating company! I asked to ship my car from NC to CA one week ago, but on the scheduled date I called several times no any dispatch info was caught. I had to put my car in somewhere taking care and was charged $100/day, because I had to take flight to CA. Across the quiet weekends, I called them again on Monday, all the same, I was mad, asked to cancel the order and fully refund of $180 deposit. The same day, I quoted online, and got Quicken Auto Transport(5 star rated) responded me, the next morning, my car got picked up. I got the email from transport king said my order 1649 was cancelled, but never mention my refund. I called and emailed, either nobody picked up my phone nor email response. I have to notify my paid credit card company that fraud use of my credit card with transport king transaction, credit card company take the loss. Why this cheating company still exist? We should report to police to close down this group, I'll do the first, wish all of you do the same. Go, call 911 now!...[More]
By Karen Wu on Transport King and Logistics LLC on Jan 27 2015 12:08PM
STAY FAR AWAY FROM UNO AUTO TRANSPORT! Kevin (driver- (561) 674-4124) picked up my car from a dealership in FL on 12/14/2014. The pick up ticket shows a mark on the front bumper, on the drivers side front wheel, and on the passenger's side rear wheel. They drop off the car on 12/21/2014 WITH MAJOR DAMAGE to the passenger's side of the car including scratches, dent in the bottom plate, and a crack in the rocker panel. I TOOK PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE WHILE THE CAR WAS ON THEIR TRUCK!! The driver says he will note it and say don't sign the ticket because of damage. I follow up with ALEX ( Email 954 839 6655) and email her the damage photos, and 2 estimates. ALEX will not get back to me!! It's been over 30 days since the car was transported!! Over 2k of damage! ...[More]
By J. Seidner on Uno Auto Transport on Jan 27 2015 9:21AM
My car was supposed to ship from NY to AZ. I booked with plenty of time and based on their advice put the pick up dates as Jan7-9. I and my husband consistently called throughout the process. They kept telling us they were trying to get in contact with the shipper. Eventually, they admitted that the shippers were taking other consumers with higher bids! If they had told us this, we could have maybe worked something out to ensure my car actually got shipped! I feel like they knew my car was not going to ship and just kept stringing me along. I ended paying another company to pick up my car (they picked it within a couple of days) and still had to come out of pocket for renting a car almost two weeks after my car should have been delivered. They may seem professional and nice over the phone but this is bad business. And they want to charge for me booking and processing a job that was never done!!! ...[More]
By Joanna on Fidelity Auto Shipping on Jan 26 2015 6:03PM
I am a broker and I can honestly tell you that this is the worst carrier I have ever used and under no circumstances will I ever use them again....[More]
By Joe on Starway Logistics LLC on Jan 26 2015 5:56PM
This company was highly recommended to me by a past customer. Unfortunately, their customer service is sorely lacking. I paid on full on 1/16/15 and have received no updates or phone calls. They promised to schedule my car in 7 days and have it delivered in 10-14 days after scheduling. So far they have done nothing. Phone calls to their 800 numbers get me no answers. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! Never again...[More]
By Jyoti Naik on A-A Auto Transport on Jan 26 2015 12:48PM
I will NEVER use this company again - they gave me a nightmare of an experience! They were late in picking up my vehicle, and then delivered my vehicle a day late in Texas which caused me to take an expensive cab on my first day of work. They also charged me $200 more than the asking price that was in the contract. I had no choice but to pay it if I even wanted to get my car back at that point. The company said they were in Beaverton, OR but lied - they are really located in Florida and will swindle you by having your car picked up & then charging you more than the original price if you really want to get your car back. The customer service is terrible - every time you try to call to discuss the matter, they will avoid you like the plague and tell you all their workers are "out for the day." What liars, cheats, & swindlers!!! NEVER use this company unless you want to be cheated & perhaps never get your car back! ...[More]
By Bridget on Destiny Auto Shipping on Jan 26 2015 2:54AM
I went through this company because I was working with Amerifreight in placing my order. They told me EZH Inc. would be picking up my vehicle and gave me their contact information once the order was placed. Contacting the carrier was difficult. It created concerns, but they pulled through for me in the end. They had four different numbers to contact and I would always need to go down the entire list each time. I've left voicemails and had to call again later in the day when I got no replies. Because it was difficult to get a hold of the carrier, I grew skeptical in the beginning of the process. They did apologize and say that their phones were being weird and some calls were actually not getting through for them. But they never have returned my voicemails either so not sure how often they check them. When it came to the morning of scheduled pick up, the driver was late. I was told nothing until in the afternoon, after I had tried a couple times to reach them in the morning. No returned calls until later in the day. It would have been nice if they had given me a heads up if they were going to be late because I was at home waiting until 1pm. The driver was late due to technical problems, which is understandable since things happen. It was nighttime when they finally came to pick up so it was hard to inspect for scratches on my vehicle, but they still did a thorough job. They were nice and willing to work with me in general such as complying with my requests of a phone call an hour before pickup and delivery arrivals. Towards the end of the process, it got easier to get a hold of the carrier company. I checked in with them midway through the week to get an update and was happy to find it easier to get a hold of them. The driver contacted me two days before his estimated arrival and I asked to get a heads up as I would be at work in the day time. He said he would arrive most likely by Wednesday evening or Thursday the latest. There was no communication come Wednesday and I figured he was arriving Thursday. Come Thursday evening and there was still no contact so I was concerned again. A little before midnight, I finally got a call and the driver said he was across the street in a lot. What happened to the heads up? ...[More]
By Vivian on EZH Inc. on Jan 25 2015 11:39AM
My car was picked up last minute and price in contract with Passage Auto increased by $200.00 . I had given 3 days for my car to be picked up . I got a call on last day before I was going to leave for airport with price hike of $200.00 . I did not like the last minute change to contract . For the price, I could have gone with other auto carriers with better rating on transport review. For car delivery , I had specifically requested my car to be delivered on weekend - my car was delivered 10 days later on Thursday . I had to take vacation time off work to to get my car . Driver and truck which delivered my car was not the same as the pickup and car arrived dirty. It took 10 days to move my car from Dover, DE to Santa Clara, CA. I learnt it had changed terminals . The 10 day time period is not acceptable considering I paid an additional $200. My previous move took less time and less money than what I paid to Passage Auto Transport and my car arrived in better shape. I will not be doing business with them anymore in the future. A word of caution to people on this site : pick companies who have been in business for long time and with good rating . I made a big mistake picking Passage Auto who have been on this site for few months only. Never again ! ...[More]
By Shreesh on Passage Auto Transport on Jan 25 2015 3:26AM
Response from Passage Auto Transport
Whitney about 8 Hours Ago
Shreesh, not only did we refund you the $50 broker fee, but we also gave you an additional $50 to compensate the misunderstanding. We understand tha...[More]
I decided to go with Superior Transport because my boyfriend used the company and had a good experience. Despite the negative reviews I read online I decided to go forth with setting a date solely because of the experience my boyfriend had. The decision decided to bad one on my part because the customer service was awful. Shipping a car to me is a big deal and I had a lot of questions so I emailed Matthew on Monday and never received a response back. I thought the typical turn around for an email is 72 hours when your in a business but I guess not for Matthew. Granted Matthew may get tons of email a day. However that is no excuse to not respond to your customers and ease their concerns and questions. I call on Thursday and talk to Matthew and he seems unwilling to answer questions because my boyfriend used his company and he should know how things work "**** shipped with us he know". Granted the previous statement is true, however I have not used this company and I am feeling uneasy". With the wonderful conversation I had on Thursday with Matthew I decided to call Matthew on Friday afternoon to cancel my request and get a refund back because no driver was assigned to my car. During the phone conversation Matthew became completely argumentative to me and that was just enough. No one should ever argue with a customer whether they are right or wrong. Save the trouble, save the stress, and just go with another company. ...[More]
By Dee on Superior Transportation Inc. on Jan 24 2015 3:31PM
If I could give this company a minus review - I will - the worst experience I have ever had - a scam - big scammer - DO NOT EVER EVEN CONSIDER USING THIS COMPANY or you are in for a nightmare dealing with crooks - my recent experience with this company turned into nothing but stress, aggravation to have my car transport from New York to Denver ....................DO YOURSELF A FAVOR - DO NOT EVEN THINK of using this company - use company that do not take your money for free then double charge you even when they cannot find you a driver - cannot give you any answer and only give you grief for calling them - service/response OK before you sign the contract to GIVE THEM THE DEPOSIT First - which you might as well throw the money away ............then lying throughout the time keep you waiting waiting and waiting - then when you call to check because you do not have the luxury of waiting for no definite date to pick up your car even after you are scheduled to fly on - and even after you have talked to time and being reassured time and time again BEFORE you sign the contract ..............DO NOT USE THIS CROOK. I have hands on experience with them - if you do not believe this comment - try calling them and talking to the dispatch supervisor KISHA - you will understand what I am talking about . I do not want any innocent general public to be cheated by this crook - I only found out later that moving company will not take your deposit unless and until they can find you a driver/truck to pick your car up - but this CROOK WILL TAKE YOUR DEPOSIT RIGHT AWAY knowing full well they will not be able to deliver the job in the required timeline - but BECAUSE OF THE CLAUSE THAT YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT IF YOU CANCEL THE JOB LESS THAN 72 HOURS in advance but they also have the window of 5 days that they will pick the car up - you will not findout that your car will not be picked up until the last 2 days of the window period - by then YOUR DEPOSIT IS ALREADY IN THEIR POCKET by THE TERMS IN THE CONTRACT - I Intend to report this company to the Better Business Bureau and challenge their claim - I will have my attorney contact them and use the phone recordings of the conversation as proof that THEY ARE NOTHING BUT CROOK, irresponsible and rude ....................[More]
By pavina on New Way Auto Transport LLC on Jan 24 2015 11:49AM
I hired GLG Cars LLC auto transport to transport my car from CT to FL. When the driver, Rick delivered my vehicle on December 8th, I saw that there was a tear on the convertible roof top that was not there the last time I saw the car. He told me that it was there when he picked it up and showed me his BOL that had it marked as such. Unfortunately, I was not in CT at the time and had my friend release it to him. I called her to corroborate his story but I was unable to get her on the phone at that point. He did not write my concerns on the BOL and told me I had to sign it as is if I wanted the car. At that point I had no choice but to sign the BOL to accept the vehicle. After he was paid and left, I was finally able to get my friend on the phone. She confirmed that there were indeed no tears on the roof and in fact there were no indications of any tears on her pink copy of the BOL. So, not only did the driver damage my vehicle, but he lied about it and altered the documents which were an act of fraud. I have made several attempts to contact the company but my emails and voicemails have not been returned....[More]
By Paul on Global Logistic Group LLC on Jan 22 2015 6:20PM
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