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I had been looking for an auto transport company to ship my eagle talon from lynn MA to hellertown PA. I booked the transport 2 weeks ago they got back to me very quickly for the initial quote and booking for $400. I had told Ryan the guy who was handling the booking the car had to be moved by Friday witch was about 7 days from the time of booking and he told me it was no problem, well 10 days went by and I had heard nothing from Ryan or the driver and I would try to call more than 10 times a day and leaving messages and he would not return my calls and it seems to me like he was avoiding me because I tried calling from my phone 5 times in a row then called from a blocked number and he picked right up so he was deff avoiding me.then when I finally did talk to him it was always some excuse like my driver is stuck in a storm when the storm had already passed. The last time I called he told me he was on the phone with the driver who was supposed to pick it up as we spoke and the car would be picked up in the next couple days, well that never happened. It seems to me like they get to things when they get to them and that's bad business and it also says stress free door to door service well it was the most stressful company I had ever dealt with in my opinion I would never use this shipping company and I would not recommend this auto transport company to anyone if I could give them a rating of half a star I would....DO NOT USE THIS AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY ITS NOTHING BUT CRAPPY SERVICE!!!...[More]
By Patrick flanagan on United Car Transport about 3 Hours Ago
Got a quote from Robert Grey on Oct 3, 2014. Contacted him one month before move and was assured everything quoted was still good. Called back 1 week before move, like I was told to do and scheduled pickup. At that point I was told the fee was going up by $200.00 and was told carrier would contact me 24-48 hours before move. Contacted Robert and told him no one had called me. Day of move was informed the Driver took a vac and move could not happen till following week. They did say they could get me another driver but it would cost me much more. I then spoke with the Dispatch Manager and after a long conversation with him swearing at me I hung up and found another carrier. Cost me more but much nicer people to deal with. Because of the poor way this company is run we were a day late in leaving for our new home. BEWARE DON'T BELIEVE A THING THIS COMPANY OR EMPLOYEES SAY. THEY ARE ALL LIARS....[More]
By Mary Kay Edwards on Progressive Auto Relocation Inc. about 20 Hours Ago
LOOK ELSEWHERE! So many promises, so many was supposed to be picked up on a Monday and got picked up on Saturday...The original transport company wanted to pick up my car and drive it down to Miami to be loaded onto their truck. Complete bullshit. Now we had to wait 5 MORE DAYS for a new transport company to pick up our car and have it be shipped...any by the way, the new transport company didn't speak a lick of English only making things more frustrating and infuriating!!! I think they were called Aimee Trucking...DON"T USE THEM EITHER! So let's get to the even better part...this Aimee trucking company that Dynamic decided to use told me my car would be delivered on Wednesday. Well that day went by without even a phone call. Then they told me it would be delivered on Friday at 8am. Well Friday at 10am rolls calls, no updates, no RETURNED phone calls from Daniel at Dynamic who conveniently disappeared after my car was finally picked (too bad to, because I thought he was better than that when we originally spoke). Saturday...nothing...FINALLY Sunday at 8pm I get a call from the driver that they are an hour away. LOL!!! an hour away? nice. Oh, and, I could barely understand what they were saying but, turns out, they weren't going to deliver my car to my door which was promised AND easily accessible for a large transport truck. No, they told me they were off the highway somewhere and not sure. No exit number, no street number...nothing...SO FRUSTRATING!!!! And I could hear them yelling and swearing at me in Spanish...I was so close to calling the cops with these dumbasses. FINALLY< they agreed to take my car off the trailer and drive it to MY DOOR!! TERRIBLE SERVICE! Never returned phone calls. Do yourself a favor, please LOOK ELSEWHERE. I would never ever recommend this company to anyone! Spread the word! I'm going to... ...[More]
By Pete V on Dynamic Auto Movers on Mar 3 2015 11:04PM
This company gives all other transportation companies a bad name. I signed the contract and paid AAA Anytime, Inc $300.00 to pick up my car on 12/26/2014. On 01/2/2015 my car STILL had not been picked up. On 12/26/2014 at 3pm I was told "the truck broke down" and my car would not be picked up until 12/30/2014. Beware of companies who claim "the truck broke down". From 12/30/2014 on; every day, I was told" the truck is coming and the driver will call you". THE TRUCK NEVER CAME AND THE DRIVER NEVER CALLED. I spent New Year's day trying to get someone on the phone, to no avail. On 1/2/2015, I called another company; Affordable Auto Transportation, one week after my car was supposed to have been picked up. Affordable Auto Transportation delivered my car from Norfolk, Virginia too Kansas City, Missouri in a little over 24 hours. AAA Anytime,Inc knew they didn't have a driver to pick up my car when they took my $300.00. When I disputed the $300.00 thru my bank and tried to get my money back; Mr Everich, the customer service manager claimed when the truck arrived, I told them I was using someone else. He also claimed; I admitted to "double booking", none of this was true. Again I repeat; THE TRUCK NEVER CAME AND THE DRIVER NEVER CALLED. Mr Everich also claims they were ready, willing and able to ship my car; well I beg to differ, you be the judge. Needless to say, I lost the dispute because I had signed the contract which states, no refunds. How long was I suppose to wait? I spent 6 days in a city I had never been too before, didnt know anyone, about to start a new job without a car. It is obvious that this company has no respect for the hard working Americans of this country. I dont have $300.00 to just give away. They are not trustworthy, honorable or deserving of your business. I will never do business with them again and neither should you. Gloria Todd Transaction number-464346627043696...[More]
By Gloria on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 3 2015 9:11PM
If you're thinking about using them to transport your automobile run and run fast! Rich, is the sleaziest guy I have ever encountered. Not only did he misrepresent the nature of their business, they pulled a bait and switch and STILL managed to charge my credit card. Originally I was contacted by Rich to transport my vehicle. He said quote, "we're not like the other guys, we have our own trucks to transport your vehicle." Not true. They're brokers just like the others. He even went as far as guaranteeing my car would be picked up by a specific date, another lie. When the transport company contacted me to arrange a pickup time, not only were they unaware of what Anytime mentioned, they told me the exact opposite - causing major problems with my timeline. I called the sales department and they told me customer service was in another building! The gentleman gave me a number to call that didn't work. I finally spoke with Rich and he proceeded to ask me, "what happened?" I challenged him and he hung up. I finally got someone from customer service to answer. Anna told me to send an email requesting to cancel so I did. Today I look and there's still a charge on my credit card for the entire amount. They are beyond shady. Do yourself a favor if you're considering transporting an automobile. Check the BBB or using a DIRECT trucking company. These guys are the definition of crooks!...[More]
By Chris on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 3 2015 8:48PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Mar 3 2015 8:52PM
To Chris We cannot find you in our data base. Please provide us with your order number so we can verify if you are our customer. Thank you very much ...[More]
Funny how AAA Anytime's Receipt/Contract doesn' t even have a Order #. 2/16/2015 - I was desperately looking for a car transporter to ship my car from IA to WA. I got several calls but AAA Anytime called me and proceeded to tell me what I wanted to hear. A. They will deliver withing 3-4 days. They use their own trucks and 2 drivers. HASNT HAPPENED YET. My time period was 2/17 to 2/19 because I had to pack my whole house and move my family to WA. I was on military orders to change duty stations. So they preyed on my desperation. I had another company already looking for me ($2049), and they sales guy from AAA Anytime (Jim Paige) told me that the cheapest I can get it for is $2298. I was desperate to get my cars shipped out BEFORE I leave and have them when I get on base. Because you know, with a child and huge base, you NEED a car to go get groceries, supplies etc. SO I thought, these guys are guaranteeing it'll be there withing 3-4 days. I'll pay extra to get it sooner. Today is 2/25 and the transporter is still in Council Bluffs, IA. A WEEK AFTER THE CARS WAS PICKED UP! I would reference an order number but the receipt/contract doesn't even have one. When I called customer service, which is the worst I have come across, it repeatedly goes into a voice mail OR a beep like a fax machine and hangs up on you. The chance I did get through, Melissa (I don't remember the name), proceeded to tell me that it should be there this Friday or Saturday. Mind you, I called on 2/23/15 and the same person told me it'd be there that evening. ALL LIES. When I called today 2/25/2015, she proceeds to tell me that the cars will be there on Friday or Saturday (2/27 or 28). And this apparently after calling the truck driver. She repeatedly tells me to call the truck driver of which I keep telling her, I have my dealing with YOU not the truck driver. And she tells me that the truck drivers work for them. Exactly, which means, YOU, AAA Anytime has to coordinate with THEM to make sure the shipments come on time. After I got angry and tried to explain to her how I have to go to work, I have no way or no one to go get groceries she yelled at me and hung up. Is this how customers are treated now days? I don't think so. And I don't think that companies like AAA Anytime paint a pretty picture for all the other companies out there trying to do it right and being honest. My regret is I should have NEVER used this company, and as a service member, to be treated like this is saddening. I will share contracts, even the truck driver can attest to the lies and deceit of this company. No use yelling at the driver, he's just driving. It's AAA Anytime who are the liers, crooks and thieves....[More]
By Heshan Mudannayake on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 3 2015 8:35PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Mar 3 2015 8:48PM
To Heshan You are not our customer you never shipped a vehicle with AAA Anytime, Inc. if you had you would have an order number, and since you admit t...[More]
I received a quote from this company for $650 to ship a car from NC to IA. I had previously received a quote from another company for $600 and asked if they could match that. They said they could and I sent them confirmation. Later I got a call from them that the cost would actually be $750 instead of the price of $600 they quoted. Then I was told by Ken's mother that a quote is nothing more than an estimate. This is "Bait and Switch" in its purest form. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I then contacted Kevin Mathews at Dynamic Auto Movers LLC. Kevin transported my car in a timely manner at the exact price he quoted. I would recommend this company for its honesty, accuracy, integrity and professionalism....[More]
By Doug on Car Shipper USA LLC on Mar 3 2015 7:55PM
Response from Car Shipper USA LLC
Glen Holsman on Mar 3 2015 9:07PM
Bad weather, our truck broke down, unfortunate circumstances. We put a lot of effort to move this vehicle but could not satisfy this customer. We apol...[More]
I called Michael in January 2015 to arrange transport of my daughter's car. She was moving to the west coast. At the beginning before the contract was signed he was very prompt, attentive and very nice. Once the contract was signed, he wouldn't answer his phone for several days. We would leave messages and he wouldn't respond. He told lie after lie. He told me and my daughter that he could get her car to her within 5 days from pickup. That was the biggest lie. The contract stated that as well. Including the delivery date. My daughter had to pretty much hunt Michael down to get a hold of him and get answers. Finally Michael calls back and says they don't know when they are going to deliver her car! The delivery is several days late and they still have NO IDEA!!! Michael told lie after lie with NO remorse. Michael even told me that his "family" runs a fleet of trucks that's family owned and operated. Not only was that a bold face lie, he is a BROKER and is not an owner at all!!! STAY FAR AWAY from this place. They will say and do anything to get your money and keep you in the dark. HIRE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...[More]
By TD on Auto Transport Family Inc. on Mar 3 2015 7:31PM
We transport about one to three cars per month. This was our first experience with Motor Movers, and likely our very last. The commissioned the actual transport to be carried out by Abraham Express and that where the nightmare scenario began. Ben, and Motor Movers' Representative was very helpful and prompt initially, however when the delivery was repeatedly delayed, we had to escalate the situation to Lauren the "Manager" whom was by accounts, very courteous and helpful. The car was collected within two days of signing the contract. We were provided updates via Abraham Express that the car was in transport. Twice were informed that the transport truck broke down once in Nevada, and a second time it had hit severe weather in Ohio. Then a day prior to the revised delivery date, now some 5 days late, we received a call from Abraham Express, where Caesar informed us that the car in question was still in CA and that a rogue employee had decided to misinform clients since he did not know how to manage the repeated delays. Needless to say this is when we had to contact Motor Movers, and until we escalated the situation to Laura, Ben was not helpful. The car was delivered 20 days after pickup. It was some 13 days late, and the Air Suspension was damaged during transport. Motor Movers absolved themselves of any responsibility and Abraham Express declined to pay for the claim citing that it was below their $1000 Insurance Deductible. We will never use either company, yet we have since discovered whilst this may have been an unusual issue for Motor Movers, this is consistent with Abraham Express and how they conduct business. ...[More]
By M. on Motor Movers Auto Transport on Mar 3 2015 7:17PM
Response from Motor Movers Auto Transport
Motor Movers Representative on Mar 3 2015 7:35PM
Matteo, I apologize for the mishap with Abraham Express. Laura was able to get you a $200 discount from the carrier, Unfortunately we don't have contr...[More]
no communication between myself and carrier. He claimed his truck broke down but he managed to get it home and spend a week there. Not one time did he call me and let me know anything that was going on I had to text him every few days to find out anything. EASY CAR MOVE INC. washed their hands of it after they took my deposit. They did not seem to care when or if I got my vehicle. I wouldNOT LET THEM HAUL MY GARBAGE!!!...[More]
By mark on Easy Car Move on Mar 3 2015 5:49AM
In July 2014, I contracted with exception auto transport to ship a car from Orlando FL to Gilbert AZ. I had previous problems shipping this car to Orlando with this company so they said they would give me a discount on my next shipment. Since I would get a discount I chose exception auto transport over other shippers. With the discount I was quoted $1,100 with $100 of that taken as a deposit and $1000 due at drop off.. The $100 was charged to my credit card and I notified the auto shop in Gilbert Az receiving the car, that the payment at delivery would be $1,000.. Now on the day of delivery, to my surprise the receiving auto shop calls me and says the driver wants $1,100 from the shop to drop off the vehicle. I contact exception auto transport customer service and I was told to have the shop pay the $1,100 and i would be refunded the extra money ($100) . After this I`ve been getting the run-around ever since. At first exceptional auto said I needed to e-mail their accounting department to get the refund. I did this and called back . Then they said they were waiting on the driver to mail them a check for the refund. A few weeks later i called back and now they said their company was recently acquired by another company and they're waiting for the other company to issue the refund. I call back a few weeks later and the supervisor said he`ll look into it and call me back. Now weeks later I call back again. This Superior said he`ll forward it to corporate and to call back. I call back the next day and he says they haven't responded yet but will respond by the next day. I make a call the next day again and now the supervisor "had just left 5 minutes prior". I ask customer service for the corporate phone number and I am told there is no corporate number. and i can only contact them through info@exceptionauto which is just the general business e-mail address. I`ve asked for other supervisors and was told i can only talk to the accounting supervisor ... I was at the point where i called everyday and I either got put on hold for 45 minutes or i just got sent directly to voice mail. Ive left messages with no reply.. Ive filed complaints with the better business bureau, consumer affairs, the DOT and have not gotten a resolution to the issue...[More]
By max j on Exceptional Auto Transport on Mar 3 2015 12:47AM
Please use caution when using this carrier they are very dishonest and charged my card for a service that was never rendered after numerous communication VIA email with Donna ensuring me they would pick my vehicle up in time. After they never picked my vehicle up they any longer answered my calls but sent me a message saying my money would be returned back to my card. My money was never returned and I had to contact someone at a higher level to investigate the case further....[More]
By Ms Johnson on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Mar 2 2015 10:03PM
I hired this company to transport a vehicle and was quoted 590 with a mandatory deposit of 159 that was suppose to be deducted from the quoted price. I gave them a date for pick up and was pressured to do the transport sooner. As I was told they had a driver in the area and could transport right away. So I rearranged my schedule along with the sellers schedule just to appease Andrew Transport and get the job done. I paid the deposit and was told I would then receive an email with the drivers information and I could contact the driver about the transport. 24hrs later no email was received. When I called Lilly she advised that the job was posted and they were waiting for a driver to accept the transport. And the appointment date and time were basically meaningless. Lilly mentioned increasing the quote just to keep the date they pressured me into taking. I advised her no that's not we agreed on. Lay assured me the quote would only increase if I advised it was ok. I then asked for a refund and was told no i had to give them 10 days to transport. Fine. Ok I will wait. Not happy but I will wait. The next day a friend who hauls seen my transport posted for 650 on top of the 159 deposit making my price 809. I was never informed of this nor was i asked. I called Lilly several times and even left messages with my concerns. She forwarded me to voicemail and never returned my calls. Fed up I called the company to speak with a supervisor or a customer service rep to resolve my issues. I got Brian the OWNER, who immediately refused to listen to me, told me what I needed to do (stop calling), and then yelled at me, talked over me, accused me of talking to competition, down graded other providers calling them dirt bags, and flat out told me no I will not let you talk I will not help you what do you want from me! I then advised Lilly I wanted to cancel the services and they could keep the 159 deposit. I sent this through text and was magically given a response after being ignored all day. Simply stating canceled. When I asked for email confirmation I was again ignored. Horrible customer service and misleading. Don't not and I repeat do not use this company!...[More]
By Emmanuel on Andrew Auto Transport on Mar 1 2015 6:16PM
Give them money at your own peril. On the day of scheduled pick up you will wait all day and your calls will be blocked. Call from another phone and Max will answer, ready to bait another sucker.2nd scheduled day, same thing.The $150 I paid was said to be a deposit. He told my bank manager it was his fee.10 companies told me it was a scam; nobody ships a large car 275 mi. for $200. That is what he offered the carriers.43 percent of the 350 went directly into his pocket, For his phone, a cubicle, and computer....[More]
By Paul B. on Professional Auto Transport on Mar 1 2015 5:05PM
Person that contacted owner was rude," was a real Prick". Angry because truck was not at pick up point, 15m. away. Pick up point was chosen for convenience for large transport vehicle. Driver kept in contact, regular updates.Driver did not have a firm grasp of English language. Couldn't understand most of what was said. Received 3 calls on delivery day, I could understand times stated but little else.Tried to explain that there was a huge empty lot next to location and a large turn around circle.Finally just told him to deliver the dam truck and hung up. Driver offloaded Blazer 1/2 mile away and drove to delivery location. Emergency break lever had been depressed so hard that the locking mechanism was damaged and locked on.Truck arrived, Smelled like the road was on fire, Back disk brakes radiating heat waves, Nuked. Claimed he released the brake, pedal was slack, obvious something was wrong. Drove him back to his truck and drove away before I choked the life out of his central American ass....[More]
By Wayne Witt on Direct Express Auto Transport on Feb 28 2015 9:56PM
Response from Direct Express Auto Transport
Mike Rupers on Mar 3 2015 5:49PM
Dear Mr. Wayne Witt ... your review is racially insensitive and completely unacceptable in public discourse. We are a nation of immigrants and richer ...[More]
No communication. No pick up .no delivery. Just took my down payment. The End. Started out good then excuses. I really don't mind excuses if the communication keeps comming. It stopped completely. I called, I emailed I called with no responce. I have noticed that several people lately have been loosing their money and can not receive as much as a short call back or an email. I have never in my 67 years given anyone a bad review. But to save someone else fron getting taken I will now....[More]
By Wallace on ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC on Feb 27 2015 9:10PM
They sub out the transport. Apparently, they had a hard time finding a carrier for our move so they just flat out didn't call me. My pickup date came and went... no phone call. I eventually had to get in touch with the carrier directly to get anything done. Once I finally got a confirmed pick up date from the carrier, they had the wrong information because Regal couldn't even be bothered to forward an email with my updated pickup and deliver address. I'm sure they are busy and I can sympathize to an extent but at every step of the process they didn't give two shits about me. When it was all said and done. I was out another $200 in car rental fees because of all this BS. Top it all off, the car was damaged, busted tail light. I called them and they just sent over a poorly scanned illegible insurance document. No explanation just a final `fuck you`....[More]
By Lou on Regal Auto Transport on Feb 26 2015 7:01PM
I just recently moved to a different sate. I was in need of transporting my car, and I needed it done as soon as possible. My sister is pregnant, and due to have a baby soon. I wanted the car to be shipped before she went into labor. My parents were the ones to set up the order with Vantage Auto Movers. Just to be safe, we set up the delivery date two weeks in advance, paid the deposit, and thought we were all set to go. However, when the date arrived for the car to be picked up, no one showed. That morning, we called the company to verify that we were on their shipment for the day. They told us we were. Unfortunately, no one ever showed up. And we never heard from the company. We called them the following morning and they told us there was no driver willing to come pick it up for the price they quoted us. This made us very disappointed in the communication between us and the company. They should have not given us a quote for a price that was not able to be fulfilled by a driver. We were depending on the company to deliver, and they did not. I had already planned ahead by purchasing car insurance to make sure I was covered once it arrived. Now I have to call the car insurance and put a delay on the start date, hoping that they will hold on my first payment. The past couple days we have constantly been calling the company. They told us they were struggling finding a driver who was willing to come pick it up where we lived. Why did they guarantee door to door delivery if they were unable to find a driver willing to come to our house? We even tried to find a city that was more convenient for them where we would meet the driver, but the company would not return our calls. We would leave messages, and no one called back. I was eager to have my car because I need something to get around in down here, and I am very disappointed with the lack of communication this company gave us. Now we are fighting with time. We may have to wait on getting the car until after my sister has the baby, which means I won't be able to start work until later. If this company had told us from the beginning the situation we were in, then we would have done it much sooner, or considered paying more for a driver to come, however, now we are left in a bind. I don't usually write reviews because I don't like to say anything bad about anybody. But I am thoroughly disappointed with how this company treated us, and would like to warn other customers who might be considering them. ...[More]
By Jessica on Vantage Auto Movers on Feb 26 2015 1:44AM
We transport about one to three cars per month. This was our first experience with Motor Movers, and likely our very last. The commissioned the actual transport to be carried out by Abraham Express and that where the nightmare scenario began. Ben, and Motor Movers' Representative was very helpful and prompt initially, however when the delivery was repeatedly delayed, we had to escalate the situation to Lauren the "Manager" whom was by accounts, very courteous and helpful. The car was collected within two days of signing the contract. We were provided updates via Abraham Express that the car was in transport. Twice were informed that the transport truck broke down once in Nevada, and a second time it had hit severe weather in Ohio. Then a day prior to the revised delivery date, now some 5 days late, we received a call from Abraham Express, where Caesar informed us that the car in question was still in CA and that a rogue employee had decided to misinform clients since he did not know how to manage the repeated delays. Needless to say this is when we had to contact Motor Movers, and until we escalated the situation to Laura, Ben was not helpful. The car was delivered 20 days after pickup. It was some 13 days late, and the Air Suspension was damaged during transport. Motor Movers absolved themselves of any responsibility and Abraham Express declined to pay for the claim citing that it was below their $1000 Insurance Deductible. We will never use either company, yet we have since discovered whilst this may have been an unusual issue for Motor Movers, this is consistent with Abraham Express and how they conduct business. ...[More]
By M. on Abraham Express on Feb 24 2015 11:30PM
Potential customers: If you are looking for a company that will provide quality service, this may not be the company for you. Let me explain.....I needed a company to pick up and deliver a vehicle from Connecticut to Virginia. Well, after receiving over 100 inquiries from Nicole Cooke from South Beach Transport, yes OVER 100 inquiries, I decided to go with them. I didn't have a chance to look at their reviews as I was going through a very traumatic family situation (death in immediate family), at the time. I chose South Beach Transport after seeing that they sent over 21 emails. I figured, they must be god since their emails indicated that they had a driver in the area and was ready to pick up the car. I chose them, but after a week, I was finally able to read their reviews. They all seem very positive, so I figured, I did good. I however, began to notice that they hadn't picked up the car. I just figured that the weather delayed the pickup, but I never received any updates or anything. Yes, once I agreed to have them shipped the vehicle, the emails and phone calls stopped. When I would inquire, Nicole would say that the drivers were behind schedule but she would check and get back with me. That never happened. Anyway, after ONE and HALF MONTHS later, the car was still sitting in Connecticut. Well, I have had to begin the vehicle transport process all over again. What a waste of time. In conclusion, potential customers, I cannot tell you about the quality service South Beach Transport may provide, as they never did pick up the car. I can tell you however, if you are looking for a company that will have your car sit for weeks, with no communication, and waste your time, South Beach Transport is the company for you. Good luck. ...[More]
By T. Fuller Sr on South Beach Transport on Feb 24 2015 10:39PM
This is ridiculous and so is this broker, nothing but lies and false promises, I should have read all ratings and done my research, I have requested a refund in full. I do not appreciate the time wasted on me and I regret the time I wasted trying to give this organization a second chance. The absolute worst experience I have ever had with anyone in the service industry. This organization will never amount to anything, definitely the worst business practices I have ever encountered. A bunch of low life scumbags! I tried to setup a pickup from New Jersey to Texas, but never locked in specific dates. We agreed on a price of $1,400 and agreed that no sale would be final until I call in to confirm all details. After I discovered the car was no longer available for purchase from New Jersey I called in to cancel the order and requested a refund, they said they already found a freight company to pickup my car and that the $150 charged to my credit card can no longer be refunded. This made no sense to me, since I never once agreed on a date or even an address to pickup the car since I was not 100% certain that I would even be purchasing the car. So then a few days go by as I waited for their response and was able to find another vehicle for sale in North Carolina. So instead of arguing with these ignorant people I decided to give them a second chance. I specifically requested a hard wall hydraulic lift trailer due to the nature of the car that was going to be handled. After I finalized the deal on the car I called back and said that the car will be ready for pickup Friday of the current week. They said if next Tuesday would work, I said that would be fine no big deal, so long as I receive photos of the unit that will transporting my vehicle for my personal reassurance, they agreed and said they will shoot me an email within the hour. Tuesday rolls around, no pictures, no phone call and no correspondence as far as tracking number or even phone number to the actual carrier that will be handling my vehicle. So I call in and ask for an update, Jennifer says she was just about to call me with an update, so then I get more lies and false promises about speaking with the carrier and that she will be sending the pictures over by email in 30 minutes. So I patiently wait and Thursday rolls this time I'm just like can I please just get my car shipped to me cause now the dealer is bugging me about getting the car picked up. So I speak with the dispatcher which tells me they finally found a hauler and they all use the same units and he will be shooting over their information so I can research them and see their units on their website. I asked how is it that they just found a hauler if Jennifer promised me a hauler was already assigned since Thursday the week before and she promised that it would be picked up on Tuesday, and now its Thursday of the following week and the dispatcher is telling me the car will be picked up this Friday, a whole week after the car has been sitting there waiting. LIES!!! So here I am a whole week later and still being promised that the car will be picked up this week and that now instead of the $850 we agreed on it is now $1,000 and after looking at the website and the unit that would be hauling my car is nothing close to what we agreed on which was supposed to be a hard wall trailer with hydraulic lift just like the NASCAR trailers like I was promised from day one. Unbelievable, it is difficult to even put into words the absolute frustration that is felt trying to give people a second chance and they just continue to bury you in lies and false promises. See for yourself if these guys look like they run NASCAR style trailers: this has all been one big mistake and an absolute joke to even work with these scumbags! I was not paid to post this and after asking the broker for a website to leave a review they refused to give it to me. That is probably why they only have 40 reviews over the past 2 years. They hide everything they can and just drag you along. I have yet to hear from anyone there since my last conversation with them where I told them to just cancel everything and refund me my money which they clearly did not earn....[More]
By ADRIAN on Nation Auto Transport on Feb 24 2015 10:18PM
AT123 quoted me a total of $695 for the transport of an 06 acura rsx type s, the salesman said that they would take 225 from my bank once the car was picked up and that i had to pay the driver 470 upon delivery. They also talked up their online gps tracking which never once worked. They charged my account 295 dollars on the day the car was picked up and told me i owed the driver 400 dollars upon delivery. The total was still 695 which was okay but the company took an extra 70 dollars for themselves when they could have saved me 70 dollars instead of taking it for themselves....[More]
By Travis Tyra on Auto Transport 123 on Feb 24 2015 10:09PM
Response from Auto Transport 123
Keith on Feb 25 2015 6:27PM
As stated by Travis, he was quoted a guaranteed rate before placing his order and that was the final price he paid, not a penny more. This is the cas...[More]
Althought transport companies do not guarantee a pick up or delivery date I had to have the vehcile by a particular date...or I had to delay shipping because I was going to out of town. They were scheduled to pick up on a Monday and they picked up on a Wed causing them to be two days late to the destination. I was told the day before my deadline the car would be there and an hour before the time given they called and said it would be the next day. I was not able to receive the car and had to spend so much time coordinating with others it was ridiculous. The car was delivered late at night in the dark so it was virutally impossible to inspect it. The brand new battery was dead to the point that the car had to be towed to the shop and the transport company has no idea how it happened. There was a crack in the windshield, but the car was so filthy you could not even see it so my inspector missed it since it was completely dark. I felt like I was being "managed" the whole time. The moral of the story is: it really doesnt matter what they tell you they will do what they want. I would not be surprised if they deliver at night so the receiver can't really inspect the car and once you take posession, no recourse. ...[More]
By Kris on EZH Inc. on Feb 24 2015 7:35PM
She quoted me 780 for the delivery and in a couple of days they called me this morning and said there is a driver but there is no way to get it at $780 and the the driver wants $1300 ! They wasted my time and played with me. This sound like an old trick by these agents sitting at their home and make these kinds of play with people like us....[More]
By Nima Moradi on Car Delivery USA Inc. on Feb 24 2015 4:25PM
I am an active duty service member and had to ship a second vehicle. I had a GMC Sierra transported from Florida to Hawaii. My quote was for $2350 our current total as of now is $2875: $974.50 for MATSON and $1300 for the driver. Progressive Auto Relocators, formerly Proven Auto Movers, charged us a $600 dollar for a deposit. A rep named Tina said, "$500" would be refunded back. She also said that She would call once my truck reached port. She did not call when the truck arrived. MATSON had logged that a message was left to the rep but I was never notified. When I arrived in Hawaii I called Tina and was told that my truck would arrive on the 15th of December. When I arrived at MATSON to pick up my truck, there was a month's worth of port fees; a total of $490. Now it is in late February, Tina's story that she been telling me has changed. She claims that she never promised us the $500 deposit return and that she had never made any such statement. The money for the port fees are through MATSON. It is out of her hands, and they are waiting for MATSON to process the port refunds. I would suggest anyone who needs to transport a vehicle to no us this company. They lie, steal, and have bad business ethics....[More]
By Donald on Progressive Auto Relocation Inc. on Feb 24 2015 7:31AM
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