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I was recommended White Hawk Auto from a broker. I'll start off with the pro: my car arrived in one piece without any visible damage. Cons: 1) The driver arrived a day early and HAD to pick up the car that day, even though we scheduled for the next day. They claimed to be on a schedule so the customer would have to be flexible to them (even though I was also on a schedule already). Good thing I had prepped my car, or else I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't ship my last on the day before I was supposed to move. So I was left no choice but to be flexible and cater to their schedule. 2) The pick up location was also not the location we originally scheduled for. The driver agreed to the original location a day prior but when the day came, he called and told me to go to a different location because he was already there and picking someone else's car at that different location. 3) Since they picked the car up early, the car also arrived at the destination early. The originally agreed destination was their office lot but when I picked my car up, the driver said the car was AT HIS HOME. The DRIVER told me to go to HIS HOME to pick up my car where it's been for more than a day at a residence. As I picked my car up, the driver wasn't there to hand over my car so he left my car and the keys in the hands of his friend (not sure if he was also another driver). I checked everything and the car exterior looked okay. 5) As I got home, I realized my sunglasses were MISSING from my car. The sunglasses were in a compartment that was NOT obvious. Someone HAD to go into my car and specifically look around in order to TAKE the sunglasses. I'm not sure if it was the driver or his "friend" but it was certainly one of them. I called the driver afterwards but of course he has no knowledge of this. Overall, the process was confusing and miscommunicated. The car got there in one piece but was missing a piece inside. ...[More]
By J. on White Hawks Auto LLC about 4 Hours Ago
My encounter with A.S. trucking was by far the worst experience I have ever had with a service provider of any kind in my life. Dishonest, shady, unprofessional, sloppy, irresponsible, and reckless are all 100% accurate descriptors of Art, Russ, Alex - the A.S. employees I had the misfortune of dealing with. Please trust me - whether you are a broker or a customer, select any other company other than A.S. trucking. Even the next worst reviewed carrier would be better. Below is a summary of the nightmare dealt to my wife and I by these despicable people: - Both vehicles that were moved by A.S. arrived badly damaged, and driver Russ, who is the kind of frightening, offensive person you would warn your children to never talk to, denied responsibility for any of it despite the fact that his own Bill of Landing form showed that the damage was not there at pick up in Florida. Russ would proceed to lie repeatedly about what happened to my vehicles. - When I attempted to make notations of the damage to my vehicles on the Bill of Landing form, Russ refused to return the form to me, jumped into his truck, and fled the scene, even though I told him the police were coming. I proceeded to text and call Russ and ask him to return, and he refused. - Russ made repeated disgusting, snide comments the whole time while unloading my cars. Among them were: "I'm not making any money on this deal." and "Well, your car does have 200,000+ miles on it." and "You must have done the damage when you parked the jeep after I unloaded it." The last comment was referring to my parking my jeep 25 feet away from where he unloaded it from his truck to get it out of the way of traffic. - Russ refused to give me a receipt for my payment, refused to give me a copy of the Bill of Landing, and ran from the scene of transport once I discovered he had damaged my vehicles. - Shockingly, Russ' boss Art backed Russ up when I called him. Art showed me zero respect whatsoever, never returned my call, and pretended he did not know what I was talking about. Art's customer service and leadership were deplorable. His sole interest was making sure he and his driver avoided responsibility for damaging my vehicle. - Everything about A.S. trucking feels dirty and slimy. Their forms and documents are full of typos and they do not bother to fill them out properly. Russ refused to give me a receipt of payment, saying, "you should have told me in advance before I left that you needed a receipt." This attitude of refusal to take responsibility for anything seems to be A.S. Trucking's mission statement: they will blame you, the customer, for their bankrupt integrity, carelessness, absence of professionalism, and horrible work product. You will be treated terribly and if you do receive your vehicles, they will be late, filthy, badly damaged, and delivered by a thug who will lie and deny responsibility for everything. - As I write this, my vehicles are parked at a body shop awaiting over $1,300 in repairs for damage caused by A.S. Trucking. Myself, the police officer who arrived at the scene moments after Russ fled to avoid accountability, and the mechanic at the body shop, all concurred that the damage was caused by a heavy tree branch crashing on the top of the car carrier where my vehicles were parked. A.S. has repeatedly and consistently lied and hid rather than take responsibility for what they did. I am simply shocked and appalled that anyone could be so dishonest and lacking in character. Please believe me when I say they would do the same thing to you if they had the chance, or your customers if you are a broker. Whether they act like this because their business is failing and they are desperate for cash, or they act like this because they are just immoral, subversive degenerates, they are who they are and you will be better with any other carrier. In summary, I will be haunted for the rest of my life by the wretchedness I saw from Russ particularly, but also Art and Alex. I trusted my beautiful vehicles to these people. They carelessly damaged them and then denied responsibility, ran from the scene, lied to anyone they spoke to, and were happy to leave me to pay for repairs totaling more than what I paid to transport the cars in the first place. You can do much better than this. Make sure to tell your broker or your customer that of all carriers you are considering, A.S. Trucking should be struck from the list before even starting your consideration. I would be more than happy to respond to anyone wishing to know more about my experience with A.S. Trucking. I feel that I can do a service by making sure others do not have to go through what my wife and I did. Thank you for considering my comments above. John...[More]
By John Knowles on a.s trucking llc about 6 Hours Ago
This was a very positive experience from start to finish. Communication was excellent with the broker and driver, there was no hidden information or surprises and commitments were kept. My car was delivered on time and in good condition. This was excellent value, the cost was not much more than a 2000 mile trip....[More]
By laurie on Dynamic Auto Movers about 6 Hours Ago
I just used Auto Shipping Group for my first ever car shipment and Tige Yeargin was amazing! Due to circumstances on my end (not ASG's end) I had a difficult time with finding a stolen title/ key etc.. the situation could have continued to be difficult but Tige was able to reassure me that it would all work out and sure enough my car just pulled up in my driveway today! Such a relief! Very professional and and personable... my truck driver , Sergei of Euro Star Transportation was wonderful as well. Thanks guys!!...[More]
By Francesca on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
I would not recommend Door-to-Door. I hired them to drive a commercial truck from California to Oregon. Pretty simple job for experts right? I started the process on 4/7/15 and the truck is still sitting at the dealership! Note enough room here to describe this horror my comments on Yelp!...[More]
By Kevin on Door-To-Door Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
As a first timer, I was looking for good deals for my auto shipment. I got lot of deals and phone calls with lowest deals after I requested for quote. Since I wanted delivery to be on time, I preferred to read transport reviews and chose Ship a car direct over others for their ratings and less number of cases in 2013/2014. Once I submitted the quote for my movement of 2002 Toyota camry from Las Vegas, NV to Round Rock, Texas I got a quote as 795$ as I needed a 3 day deliver. If I could have waited long, I could have got $100 less. David was assigned for my order and he call next day early morning and explained me with the steps and directed me with the process and that he has assigned a transporter. Once I can confirm on the payment, they could ship the car same day and it would be received on Friday April 17th. Once I confirmed and did my payment, the auto driver [Ayres auto transport] contacted me and scheduled the pickup same day in the afternoon by April 13th . The car was delivered to my friend on April 17th with no damages. I picked up on april 19th and I am happy with the way both David and Driver Paulo helped me with the updates. Infact Paulo updated me on the delivery time. I am satisfied overall with the prompt delivery of my vehicle and with no damages. ...[More]
By Chandran on Ship a Car Direct about 9 Hours Ago
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland about 8 Hours Ago
Thank you for the great review, Chandran! Glad it was quick and safe for you!...[More]
Montway dispatched "Starway Logistic LLC" to pick up my car and ship it from California to New York on April 8th 2015. The pick up process went smoothly and the driver was on time. I was informed that I would receive my car between the 15th and the 19th. On April 17th, I called Startway to see what time I should be expecting my car on the 19th. The lady who answered the phone was extremely rude and had terrible customer service. She told me that because it was raining and also because they did not deliver vehicles on weekends that I would probably not get my car until the 20th which was a day after the expected delivery date. I called Montway and told them what the dispatch lady told me and they were very nice. They called Starway to see what the delay was about, but it didn't change anything. On April 20th my car still was not here. I had to call Starway at least 10 times before someone answered my call. They told me that I would not receive my car until the 21st because of the rain. I was livid! I immediatley called Montway and once again, they were very nice but not very helpful. There was nothing they could do. Starway had also gave me the option of traveling from New York to some town in Pennsylvania to pick up my car for $150 back of the $1159 dollars that I paid to have it shipped. I turned down the offer. On April 21st, by 9 o'clock that morning when I had not received a phone call regarding the whereabouts of my car, I called Montway. As soon as Montway answered, the driver from Starway clicked in on my other line. That was the first time I had received a call from him during this entire process. He told me that he would have my car to me by 11 that morning, but that I needed to pay an additional 800 dollars!! I called Montway and told them about this and they said that he had the wrong information. Montway called the driver and let him know that I didn't owe any money. My car arrived at 11:20 am safe and sound. ...[More]
By Marshaye R. on Montway Auto Transport about 9 Hours Ago
Chell was very helpful throughout the process. The car was a few days late but that was due to the fault of a third party truck and not the company itself. Hell kept on the truck and tried to speed up their process as fast as she could. Great job. ...[More]
By D.W. on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 9 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 9 Hours Ago
Chell Hart **(360) 464-1039** Dear DW, I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a review. I was also frustr...[More]
I moved from Michigan to California, I had to coordinate a ton of things for this and most of them were extremely stressful and the companies I had to work with were sometimes deceptive and uncommunicative. Amerhifreight was by far the easiest part of my move. Lecia was great at keeping me updated prior to the pickup. During the transportation Bogdan was always available and great to deal with. And big shout out to the driver Alexi, he not only got my car to California very quickly but delivered it with a smile, handshake and a few jokes. Great experience, would definitely recommend. ...[More]
By Joe on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 10 Hours Ago
Have had the worst time with other transport companies. Dustin is knowledgeable and always gets right back to me if I leave a message. I would recommend Dustin if you need a transport. Two thumbs up! ...[More]
By Michael Kaplan on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 8 Hours Ago
DUSTIN 360-464-2504** AUTO SHIPPING GROUP** Thank you Michael for taking the time out of your busy life to give such a great review about my perfor...[More]
I recommend Malia @ Auto Shipping Group 100% to handle all of your transport needs. I had checked many transport services over a period of about 4 months. When I finally spoke with Malia I knew this is the one for me. She took me through the entire process and there were no surprises. I had read many horror stories and was very afraid to ship my truck but I must say everything went off without a hitch.....The truck and the drivers were on time, thorough, clean, and friendly. Pricing was the same if not less than other quotes I received. I felt comfortable giving them my keys. I will definitely use this service again. Thank you, thank you, thank you Malia for your help!...[More]
By Donna M Gruder on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
the Customer Service was respectable I think her name was Miranda and she really did good job because the shipment was on time ...[More]
By Jamal on Angels Moving Autos about 10 Hours Ago
Chell was wonderful the entire time. Though the car arrived a little late (1 day), it was not because of anything by auto shipping group, but rather the carrier. The carrier was pretty good as well, and I was able to be in touch with the driver the whole way. Chell was sure to check in on me and the car regularly, helped handle any problems that arose, and made sure that my experience overall was smooth. I strongly recommend Auto Shipping Group, and especially Chell! ...[More]
By MJS on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 9 Hours Ago
Chell Hart **(360) 464-1039** Dear MJS, Thank you for taking to time to right me this kind review and to share your...[More]
First of all I want to say thank you to Joana and the driver TJ. It was very stressful trying to find somebody who won't charge me a lot and that I can trust. I had did my research and I definitely came across some scammers. But anyway after talking to Joana and doing my research about their company and reading their reviews, I felt more comfortable. Thank you guys so much. I have my car now and I was so happy with your guys service....[More]
By Elizabeth Serrato on TD Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
First of all I want to say thank you to Joana and the driver TJ. It was very stressful trying to find somebody who won't charge me a lot and that I can trust. I had did my research and I definitely came across some scammers. But anyway after talking to Joana and doing my research about their company and reading their reviews, I felt more comfortable. Thank you guys so much. I have my car now and I was so happy with your guys service....[More]
By Elizabeth Serrato on TD Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
Upon searching many different options for transport I came across Stateway Auto and had the pleasure of dealing with Tim. He not only was much more knowledgeable than others I spoke with but he genuinely gave the vibe that his best interest was getting me the best quote he could. I was extremely pleased with the service I received and will DEFINITLY be returning to this company!...[More]
By Michael on Stateway Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
Tim made me feel better about arranging transport for my new car. I'd never done this before and he made me feel at ease and kept me informed. Everything happened exactly as he said it would and I knew just what to expect. Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Will absolutely be using Stateway and asking for Tim again!...[More]
By Alexa on Stateway Auto Transport about 11 Hours Ago
This was my first time transporting a vehicle and Sherry was fantastic! She personally answered all my questions and followed up with a fair quote and no surprises. Since I had to come down from Vancouver British Columbia to meet the Carrier in Blaine and then take the Car through Customs there were some time restrictions and again Sherry came through. All-in-all If you are looking for an Auto Transporter I highly recommend AUTO TRANSPORT CONNECTIONS. ...[More]
By RICHARD PARIS on Auto Transport Connections LLC about 11 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Transport Connections LLC
Sherry Padrigo about 10 Hours Ago
For all your transport needs please call Sherry at 206-687-9434 or email Thank you Richard for the great five sta...[More]
This wasn't is first time transporting a car but after reading reviews about this company and them coming back with one of the lowest bids, I decided to give them a try. They were honest and said the rate was low and there was a possibility that we would have to raise the rate a little. So after 4 to 5 days of no progress, I had to raise the rate. The only thing was that the rate was raised another $355 from the original quote which was over some of the other immediate pickup bids a received. Not wanted to start over I went ahead and got it shipped. They indicated 7 days to receive but I got it in 5 days. The car was dirty which was expected but after washing it I found a small rock chip in the windshield that had to be repaired. Overall the experience was better than average. I would consider them next time but I would first go back to some of the other companies I used in the past....[More]
By Liem on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 11 Hours Ago
Picked Ship A Car Direct after reading the reviews. Submitted the quote for estimate on line. Received quote back along with some helpful videos. Set up a 1st available date. We confirmed that they'll pick it up the next day. Easy transition then the car was delivered 5 days later. Fast considering it traveled from GA to CA....[More]
By T Tu on Ship a Car Direct about 11 Hours Ago
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland about 8 Hours Ago
Happy to keep it fast and easy for you! Thanks for the great review!...[More]
Great service would use again and will recommend to friend and family. Jason was awesome!!!!! I did not have to pay until my car was pick up and paid driver when they deliver to my home great way to do business, great doing business with you....[More]
By Debbie Hunter on Pricedrite Auto Transport about 11 Hours Ago
Heidi was prompt and pleasant and the delivery was reasonably priced. That's about all there is to say....[More]
By Josh on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 11 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 11 Hours Ago
**HEIDI TAYLOR (360) 255-7438 **** Monday - Sunday 8am - 8pm Thank you so much for your 4 STAR REVIEW Josh!! You made ...[More]
Was told originally $1295 and 1 to 5 day wait for pickup. Turned into week and a half when I called them to see what was going on cause I had people waiting at vechicle then had to wait for them to call me back and was told $1895 to get transport and no time to really consider cause they needed to know as transport was on way. The extra cost of time and $600 can't be overlooked as I transport vechicles across country on a semi-regular basis and need communication and reliably, a company that knows it's buisness....[More]
By jeff on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 12 Hours Ago
Did a brief search for a transport company online - shortly thereafter inundated with emails and incessant calls - all of them with the exception of this company high pressure negative sales tactics. Nina was calm, patient, informative, helpful and without pressure. I've never experienced an industry more populated with sales people who badmouth their competition that auto transport. As such, Nina and Affordable Auto Transportation stand out as truly professional. The best price? Certainly competitive. For me, even if a few dollars more, I'd rather support a company that communicates professionally as I experienced with Nina. All the best to you as you search out your transport company - but make sure you chat with Nina before you decide. This review is not incentivized in any way. ...[More]
By John H. on Affordable Auto Transportation Inc. about 12 Hours Ago
Janine was a pleasure to work with. She answered all my questions and I had a lot of them. I would not hesitate to work with Janine again she was very helpful. ...[More]
By Dana on Auto Transport 123 about 12 Hours Ago
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