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I was so nervous about doing this and not having a man involved and thought I'd have to be extra tough, be more aggressive and assertive than I've ever been. It was not like that at all and from the start was spoken to respectfully calmly and was made to feel that I was important and I made a difference, that they wanted nothing but my satisfaction in getting my car moved and comfortable with price and process. I am so pleased that I can't say enough good things to describe how they made my experience so much different and better than I expected it's really all I can say. I welcome anybody to contact me to find out more if need be. The process may have been difficult for them but I'll never know because it just seemed so easy and organic for me. I'd recommend these guys for moving any automobile no matter what, not just my little Kia SUV. Whatever you have they can do safely and with care as if it were theirs and that's my experience. If my contact info is listed feel free to contact me and I'll be willing to tell more. I wish there were more sites to grade and give my opinion on Roadmaxx and these good guys and lady. So very satisfied - Ericka B...[More]
By E.Bogue on Roadmaxx Transport about 23 Minutes Ago
National Transport is a broker, like many in the industry. Their job is to connect customers with trucking companies. I am a bit disappointed the company called several days *after* the pick up ready date to let me know there was a problem with the order and need to raise the original price by $100 for truckers to jump on the offer. The trucking company itself was fine. The driver was friendly and communicated fairly well. National Transport provided good service too overall, but I am still disappointed I was charged more than originally quoted....[More]
By Paul on National Transport LLC about 38 Minutes Ago
I spent some time reading the reviews about a lot of transport companies and it reminded me of the wild west - there seemed to be no company that had consistently high reviews from customers and many of the horror stories were terrifying. I then found Number 1 Auto Transport and was impressed with the A+ BBB rating and consistently positive reviews. I talked to Mickey. There was no pressure. He didn't spam me with eight emails like a couple other companies that I talked with Mickey explained how the system worked and got me a great transport price (as compared to the others, one of which who tried charging me $2,000). Number 1 Auto Transport has a rating service of their own to rate the drivers and transport companies that complete the actual moving, which I liked and we discussed together. I wanted to finalize the agreement but Mickey said let's hold off and I think I can find someone with a very competitive price and who will be able to pick up your car on the date that would be your preference. So I waited, and Mickey delivered at the price and timing that he promised. I had to make some changes in the pickup and delivery dates and the dispatcher was awesome. I picked up my car today and it was in perfect condition. Thanks Mickey! Thanks, Number 1 Auto Transport! ...[More]
By Don Kent on Number 1 Auto Transport Inc. about 2 Hours Ago
It was very straight-forward doing business with Ship A Car Direct. We connected with a representative a week before our move date, who told us that they should be able to find someone between 5-7 days. This date range scared us a little because it was cutting it very close to our departure date, and because we had been under the impression that we did not need any lead time (the user video on this topic had said the amount of lead time required was "none...if you give a day or two, that's fine, if you give a week, that's more than enough"). However, a very good carrier was found 4 days later, and everything went smoothly- for pick up and delivery- without any hassle. We appreciated the timely check-ins throughout the process as well as the systematic stream of helpful (emailed) information we received once the carrier was assigned. Under the same conditions (esp, relatively flexible schedule on our end), we would be happy to use Ship A Car as a car transport broker again. ...[More]
By Eric on Ship a Car Direct about 2 Hours Ago
Mike and his mom,delivered the automobile as described he even helped me move the vehicle to the driveway and carry the bumpers which were heavy as heck,very professional and patient cause I was at work when he was ready to drop off my vehicle so he had to sit there and wait,,Debbie well I can't say enough about her ,she came through in the clutch ,,I'd dealt with another transportation Co! nationwide transport and UaL,I said I wasn't gonna drop names but these guys costed me a headache,stay away they were full of games wasted a lot of precious time ,I see this transport business is cutthroat and full of haters,but then came Debbie picking up the pieces and put it all together ,United me and a old friend perfect love story,I'd defiantly promote way to go transport for me there's no other way to go!now it's time for me restore this 64 commemorate my 50 yrs of existence picture me rolling y'all ! Thanks to Debbie and Way to Go transport! For real I guess I gotta go back and count if I'm to 200 words yet,I guess not,,in being long on words short on time,I was very pleased with the service,...[More]
By Chandler on Way To Go Auto Transport LLC about 2 Hours Ago
Your company came highly recommended by a friend. I am so glad I took his advise because the process was painless. Customer service was OUTSTANDING!!!! I will recommend to everyone!!! Thank you!...[More]
By Tonia on Angels Moving Autos about 2 Hours Ago
I feel that I was robbed by Alex Orihuela. We are military moving across the U.S. Our contract/order form was submitted to Alex orihuela on July 28th, even called him personally with my credit card number. Alex reassured me that the order would be fulfilled in the allotted time which was one week. I received several automated email from him with the following: Dear Tamara V, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to transport your vehicle. We are currently working on your order diligently and wanted to give you the courtesy of letting you know, we are making it top priority. Our goal is and will always be our clients satisfaction. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us at 888-553-5802, or email We are here to answer your questions from 8am to 6pm. Sincerely, Carlos Orihuela Patriot Auto Transport LLC 888-553-5802 I called him on Friday July 31st for an update and again he reassured me that he was working on everything and he would call be the following monday evening to work out the dated and time for the vehicle to be picked up (had to be picked up by Wednesday morning, August 5th). It's now Tuesday August 4th, 19:11, both my husband and I have called Carlos and left numerous messages with him and we have not received any call back. We've called his cellphone and no response. I leave town Wednesday afternoon August 4th, I have a screaming 2 year old to deal with, husband is away on military orders, and I have no way to ship my car. This company took my financial information, offer a service, but I have no returns to show for it. To me that's the definition for SCAM. Thank you patriot auto transport LLC for ruining our move, thanks once again. I hope everyone reading this review learns from my mistake. ...[More]
By Tamara V on Patriot Auto Transport LLC about 2 Hours Ago
I have to say that overall I was very happy with the service. The driver contacted me promptly and before I knew it my car was on the truck and on the way to FL. I was thoroughly impressed with the ease of communication, not only with the driver, but also the agent from Ship A Car Direct (Emily). I received the best customer service I could ask for. I did however experience a few moments when things did not work so smooth. I had shipped a car before from the same location and to the same location and did not have to take my car anywhere. They met me at my front door! This time around my dad had to drive out to a "more accessible" area nearby. Also, I had a tough time getting the car delivered to the agreed location. Most of the issues I think arose from maybe the driver not being too familiar with the areas. No matter what, the driver was great and he handled every interaction and issue in a very professional manner. I would definitely recommend this service!...[More]
By Rose on Ship a Car Direct about 3 Hours Ago
Cesar our driver from Uber Haul Logistics did an awesome job. He was very accomodating and helpful. He was able to coordinate this cross-country haul of our two cars to arrive exactly when we arrived. He is a very good customer service provider....[More]
By Kris B on Uber Haul Logistics about 3 Hours Ago
Great service from David who coordinated everything and Cesar, the Driver from Uber Transport was great as well!! David was very good about keeping us informed about where and when and who would be taking care of us. Uber transport was easy to work with and they were very accomadating to coordinate the arrival odf the cars with our arrival....[More]
By Kris B on Ship a Car Direct about 4 Hours Ago
Stefan, our agent who coordinated the move, was overall very helpful; although it was difficult to reach him at times, his colleagues were able to help out when needed. The delivery driver was accommodating enough to meet us at a different location then initially planned....[More]
By Swati on Ship a Car Direct about 4 Hours Ago
My experience with Navy Auto Transport was all good. My contact was Senior Logistics Manager Mario Lopez. He made the process a trouble free experience for me. Mario is a true professional, and a pleasure to deal with. I recommend using Navy Auto Transport....[More]
By Marty Merendino on Navy Auto Transport about 4 Hours Ago
Felicia Williams gave me a fast accurate quote and was on top of everything until the car was deliver to me, she would email me, call me, text me to make sure I was getting exactly what I was paying for, my car to me and in pristine condition as she promised , highly recommend , the best service ever !!! AAA+++ to Felicia Williams ....[More]
By Isaac A on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 5 Hours Ago
I have to say Harrison was honest and forward about everything. Everything was dealt in a professional way and the service was great. The quote was for $500 nobody touched it for a couple of days and Harrison raised it to $700 and someone bit on it but I wasn't happy with that price, so I offered $600 and the hauler wouldn't take it. I got a call 3 hrs later and I had a taker for $600. I think the hauler would of taken $500 because he was literally going right by place to deliver another car. So I guess the only minor complaint would be the offer should of stayed at $500 like Harrison and I agreed with at the start and make sure the hauler is capable of driving a standard. The seller had to load car and I had to unload because the hauler couldn't drive a standard. ...[More]
By Randy on Fast Track Auto Carriers about 5 Hours Ago
Cheapest quote, timely pickup and quick delivery... what more could you ask for? Cheapest quote, timely pickup and quick delivery... what more could you ask for? Cheapest quote, timely pickup and quick delivery... what more could you ask for? Cheapest quote, timely pickup and quick delivery... what more could you ask for?...[More]
By Daniel on Dynamic Auto Movers about 5 Hours Ago
My experience with Angels Moving Autos was very easy. Having never shipped a car before, I was completely new to the process and a little nervous about the results. The Angels Moving Autos representative walked me through the entire process. They were straightforward, friendly, honest and helpful. The pick up from the dealership where my car was located went as planned. My car arrived as promised. The driver was in touch with me as to his location and estimated arrival time, and the drop off went as expected. If I ever need to ship a car again, I would definitely contact Angels Moving Autos. I highly recommend their service....[More]
By L. Lynn on Angels Moving Autos about 6 Hours Ago
Transportation was per quote and completed promptly. The driver was courteous both upon receiving the car, upon delivery in Sarasota, Fl. The vehicle was delivered undamaged! ...[More]
By Jaime Castro on Auto Transport 123 about 6 Hours Ago
Very pleasantly surprised. Alex was top notch and the driver was extremely courteous and nice. Highly recommended and get your car shipped safely and correctly. ...[More]
By Sal on South Beach Transport about 6 Hours Ago
I am an avid car collector and I have had numerous car shipped from older model Corvettes to late model Ferrari's so when I wanted the Shelby GT500 I just purchased shipped I was contacted by Number 1 Auto Transport and I am so glad they did.This was the first time I used them and Chris Martino was outstanding with his professionalism and honesty.His main concern way my satisfaction which was perfect.I highly recommend Number 1 Auto transport and they are Number 1 and the only transport company I will use from now on....[More]
By Barry Wolfsheimer on Number 1 Auto Transport Inc. about 6 Hours Ago
They claim to be world class but they are world last . I had an horrific experience dealing with them I booked a pick up 2 weeks ago and they committed to a 3 day window that never opened . I called them numerous times the week of pick up and was getting the run around . It was impossible to get an answer as to date of pick up . It was always about the window even when the window was closed . They are masters at the shuffle game . The time window closed and I engaged another company , paid more because my time constraints were very narrow . If you are looking for pain and an unreliable company , you found it , good luck ...[More]
By Eve Lederman on Auto Transport 123 about 6 Hours Ago
Auto Transport 123 is a top of the line and dependable service. I was very pleased with the level of care that was given to me throughout the process. Also I would like to mention that Anthony Duhart of Ambitions Transport and Recovery LLC was commissioned to carry my vehicle; he was courteous and he stayed in contact with me until my vehicle was delivered to my home. I will always choose Auto Transport 123 for my future vehicle transportation needs. Thanks for everything!...[More]
By Bobby Berry on Auto Transport 123 about 6 Hours Ago
Every time I sent an email to David he answered the email right away. The longest time I waited for an answer 4hours and it was overnight. He had an answer for every question I asked. Also, about the pick up time I wanted the vehicle to be picked up on July 29th and he found me a carrier for the exact same date. We were leaving the town that date, so the carrier agreed to pick up before noon. The car was delivered the day after pick (as promised) and in perfect condition. Totally recommend their service, fast, reliable and the best customer service. MGH...[More]
By Mehrnaz Ghamami on Ship a Car Direct about 7 Hours Ago
Michael, the owner, set up a date and time for pick-up. This was in April!! We paid $300 down to pick it up on 6/19 between 3 and 5. He never showed up and never called. He took our money, but there was no service. He still has not returned phone calls or e-mails or texts. Our car is still in California and we are in Texas. We are devastated. We had to rent a car. He owes us big time! Do not use this company!!!! We are still attempting to get our car to Texas. ...[More]
By Cynthia on Auto Transport Family Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
This shipping company is the worst company I have ever done business with. I booked with a company and they called me and warned me to look up the reviews of the company. Then for more money I booked with them and they used the company that they warned me not to use. The called me and asked me to take down my last review and said they would refund some money. Today 1 week late the truck driver calls and says I cant get my truck to your street so you need to hire a tow truck driver to pick up the truck and bring to your house. I said I put in the ad the truck does not run and it needs to be delivered to my house. Now they want me to pick the truck up this is a fucking joke. NEVER USE THIS PIECE OF SHIT COMPANY. I just called and said I don't want to be transferred I want to speak with someone and the stupid lady transfers me to voicemail and now wont answer the phone. ...[More]
By Blake Livergood on Direct Auto Carrier about 7 Hours Ago
I've used Passage Auto Transport and Michael before to move a vehicle of mine and had a great experience so I decided to use them again. I was not disappointed. Michael was extremely helpful and got me a great price on moving my truck. He is super polite and very knowledgeable. My truck was delivered as promised and in excellent condition. This is my go to company when I need to transport anything. ...[More]
By Lola Boynton on Passage Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
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