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They followed the schedule they gave me exactly. The person who picked up and delivered our car was very nice. He was also very thoughtful and accommodating....[More]
By Jerry on Direct Express Auto Transport about 5 Hours Ago
Can't say enough about Everyones professionalism from day one. On point in every way, from their honesty to the details and timing. This included Walter, Kaly and Vladimir. I had one other conversation with another company which scared me silly. She was evasive, gave me the run around and refused to secure a quote until she "found a transporter". Walter quoted a price immediately and stuck to it. (Which btw was the best rate out there) We were picked up within one day of original date which worked perfectly. It arrived 1 day after our daughter landed in Miami. Kaly, the dispatcher always returned calls within minutes. VERY reliable company. We would definitely use them again. AND we got a $100 restaurant gift cert! What's not to like?' Lastly, received a very nice voicemail from Matthew, the owner to make sure we were happy with the service. Don't waste your time shopping around. Call MAS!...[More]
By Florence on MAS Auto Transport about 5 Hours Ago
i was told that it would cost me 350 to have my car towed to my house and i had to sign an agreement and the drive called and told me that it was going to cost me 400.. Anthony Amato told me 350 that did not include the150 i have already paid plus he put out a work order for 400..Anthony Amato told me 2 times he was going to call the driver and fix this but never did..he tries to put you off so he doesn't have to give your money back but if you try to cancel he gets mad and and tries to talk over you and starts yelling and hangs up on you..he tells you a price and on the website it reads that no price is guaranteed ..on agreement he said that every where you sign say charge is for broker but it reads total deposit but make sure you read the fine print that he said is not there..he told me that their was not any fine print when i started telling him i was going to dispute this charge to my bank..he is a ripoff and he gets made when you find out that he put a work order out for more then he tells make sure to talk to the drive first to get the correct price..if the driver charges more for pick up then you shouldn't have to pay for his service.. i told him that i was going to take the documents to my bank to prove it and he went in and changed the order..good thing i had coped it before he did it ..i wish i would have seen this before i called him..bad mistake never ever will i use them...i will put this out has fare has i can go with with it and i seen a bad score of a F on the BBB so i will be going there one should have to get ripped-off like that.. ...[More]
By Brandon on All Weather Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
I was going to drive from miami to los angeles but decided to check online first, I'm getting old:) I got 7 quotes, all similar but one stood out, Andrew Auto Transport I called them, they were the only company that did not call me 5x the first hour after sending the request. I like that. They told me how it works, how everyone was the same in a sense but that they choose the right drivers not just any driver. So I made the deposit and 8 days later my car was picked up. it was a day late but the driver got caught in traffic and I can understand....[More]
By Lee on Andrew Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
The experience I had on the phone with Joe was one of the worst experiences I have ever had in doing business with a company. Joe talks to you like he is talking to someone at a bar out in the middle of nowhere. Joe not only lied to me several times but he also cussed me up and down and made it out like it was my fault, and then tells me I will not get a refund and that I can go fxxx myself. Even the driver confirmed that Joe was lying to me because he had already told Joe when he would be available to pick up my vehicle. If this is how he does business I can't see him being in business in the future down the road....[More]
By Anthony on United Auto Movers about 8 Hours Ago
I've transported vehicles before, and Smooth Auto by far was the worst experience ever. There is a huge language barrier. Most importantly, the driver attempted delivery three days premature and refused to be accommodating with scheduling conflicts. I tried to offer multiple alternatives, but he refused and threatened to put the car in storage for 75.00/per day because I could not fit into a one hour window. Absolutely horrible customer service. I would never recommend their services. ...[More]
By Angelik on Smooth Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
I called on Wednesday and had to have the car picked up from Friday at 7am to 10am. 3 hour window. Wowwww they did it and it was delivered 2 days later. . This was an awesome experience and will never use anyone again beside Lance at auto shipping group inc. Thanks so much for the perfect transaction. Suv was brought from Arizona to Texas. ...[More]
By blake wolf on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 8 Hours Ago
Chell did a great job thoroughly explaining the process. She was friendly, helpful, and professional. My vehicle was picked up within the requested window, and it was delivered early. Vehicle arrived in excellent condition. I would work with Chell and Auto Shipping Group again. Highly recommended!...[More]
By Jessica on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 9 Hours Ago
Stephanie was attentive and reassuring. Made me feel comfortable with my move. Pick up driver was about an hour late (no problem); delivery driver was a little early (a day or two heads up would have helped securing payment check), but after considering all that could have happened shipping a car across country in winter, I consider this move a positive experience....[More]
By Jj Abrahamsen on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 9 Hours Ago
If you want an honest, stand up guy - this is the man ! He works with you in a very straight forward - old school way ! This was the first time I had time I had to have a vehicle transported _ Bill was the right choice. Don't be suckered in by some of the wanna-be types. Bill - Many Thanks Again ! ...[More]
By Panos on Transport Connection about 10 Hours Ago
I needed to ship my vehicle from NJ to NY and found numerous brokers looking to assist. I looked at reviews for most of the brokers and found many negative reviews that turned me off. I then found Excellent Auto Transport and spoke with Bernie. I was impressed by all their great reviews and decided to give her a call. She was wonderful to speak with and informed me of the whole process of transporting with a broker as this was my first time shipping a vehicle. She was very pleasant and descrbed the whole process. I decided to go with her company and soon after our first speaking and agreeing to the terms she was able to find a transport company to ship my vehicle within a few hours. Needless to say I was very impressed. The transport company she found communicated to me right away with expected pickup time and delivery. I had my vehicle back within 24 hours, exactly on time. Thanks Bernie!...[More]
By Brian on Excellent Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
I have used this company 6 times over the years and never had a problem. I like that I can pay for the full amount on my credit card. A lot of other companies will take your credit card and only charge their broker fee and leave you to figure it out at the end. That was my experience before using National Transport. They contact everyone via email informing them if they are going to be early. Drivers have been great. No complains here....[More]
By Aldo W on National Transport LLC about 10 Hours Ago
I was very pleased with the service Lilly gave me. She keep me updated on dates and times and would personally call....[More]
By Harris on Andrew Auto Transport about 11 Hours Ago
I was very satisfied with the experience and the sales rep and would use again in the future. The driver was very polite and courteous. Thank you Auto Transport 123....[More]
By T Mello on Auto Transport 123 about 11 Hours Ago
Contacted South Beach to move a 1965 Chevy C-10 truck from AZ to WI. Everything went great. I went with South Beach because they didn't require a deposit until the truck was picked up. Some brokers required a deposit upfront, which I didn't trust. Once I gave the OK to Lee to find a carrier, I had a carrier at my door within 2 days. The carrier picked up the truck and delivered it to WI in 48 hours. We were thrilled with the carrier....very nice, polite, clean cut guys. They called us twice during transit to give us an update on delivery time. ...[More]
By Jessica Durham on South Beach Transport about 11 Hours Ago
Lightning Auto Carriers did a great job for me. They were very prompt followed up & made sure I was happy with their services. I definitely plan on using them again in the future. My Jeep arrived on time in Salt Lake City UT with no damage. Over all experience is Excellent. Thank you, Levi P ...[More]
By Levi K Petersen on Lightning Auto Carriers about 11 Hours Ago
The price was slightly higher than some quotes but the professional attitude and honest answers made me comfortable and I was willing to pay it. Car had smashed bugs all over it but otherwise unscathed....[More]
By Jay on Ship a Car Direct about 11 Hours Ago
Best quote and very good communication. I shipped a large F-150 truck to my son in college, so it was important to accommodate his schedule. Always prompt in returning calls....[More]
By Bill Louis on Lightning Auto Carriers about 11 Hours Ago
Like many of you, I have never secured transport for a vehicle, so it was a little crazy. I finally decided to go with finding a company by utilizing this site, Better Business Bureau and phone calls. I found Auto Shipping Group and Malia was right away friendly, helpful, not pressuring and direct. I actually tried another transport company closer to my home state over Malia and that was a mistake; they were tentative and not realistic with me on what the amount would likely need to be to transport my car. I called Malia back today, and 2.5 hours later she finds me a transport carrier with good reviews for the price we agreed upon on. I should have worked with Malia to begin with and would strongly recommend her and the company to all of you! Excellent service, and delivers what she promised....[More]
By Eric C on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 11 Hours Ago
The car was picked up the night before the scheduled date based on a change requested by the driver who could find reasonable accommodations. The driver was very thorough, courteous and professional. He made sure I understood everything he was doing as we examined the card for dings, dents, scratches, etc. The car was delivered to my wife at her work of place a day earlier than the estimated time which was fantastic. She also reported that the driver was courteous and professional. I will admit to be skeptical about using a transport service after reading various reviews and stories. From the time I started the process until the car was delivered, I received excellent customer service. It felt like no-muss-no-fuss and the rate was very reasonable compared to other companies I investigated....[More]
By Dana W on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC about 11 Hours Ago
My friend had positive experience with you so I was completely confident in the ability of your organization to handle the transport of my car too. And actually I was not disappointed. Please keep your rank and you will get much more clients. Thank you ...[More]
By Brad on BWT Group LLC DBA about 12 Hours Ago
This company is great! Chell was sweet and incrediable! she was calling and texting me to make sure everything is okay, since the guy picked my car up till he dropped it off. She is absolutely the right person for this job. The price was reasonable and they also gave me $50 discount. ...[More]
By Ibrahim Alquayt on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 12 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 12 Hours Ago
Chell Hart **(360) 464-1039** Ibrahim! I had an absolute blast helping you get your vehicle out to Michigan! You ha...[More]
The total process could not have gone any better. In addition to everything being on time and as promised, Jason kept me well informed and educated on the process both at the beginning and throught the process....[More]
By Dave on Ship a Car Direct about 12 Hours Ago
As a military person, we got relocated and wanted to ship our SUV. We got a quote from Michael Rhine @ 775-537-3972 who assured us that they have a driver and will be able to pick it up on March 27 2015. On the 30th we still haven’t gotten any info, nor were our vehicle pick up. We called Dustin @ 760-985-7196 the supervisor according to Michael as there’s nothing he can do once the quote was placed. Mark you he didn’t have any issue collecting my down deposit of $225. After numerous call and cursing at Dustin, he’s like “ oh don’t cancel because it’s in processing and if you cancel now you can’t get a driver”. I ask for the driver info and #, Dustin said he can’t give it to me because if he does, I would have to work with the driver directly rather than them… THEY ARE SCAMMERS… I CANCELLED and call to get an update on my refund, he mention that the email will get to accounting in 3-days and DEPENDING on the situation they MIGHT BE ABLE to issue a REFUND……. THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!.. And we have shipped our vehicles numerous times across states boarders and NEVER RAN INTO A FRAUD/ SCAN COMPANY LIKE THIS….. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM…. DO NOT!! DON’T SIGN ANYTHING NOR GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO. WE ARE FILIING A CLAIM WITH OUR BANK TO SEE IF WE CAN RETIEVE THAT DEPOSIT, as services WERE NOT PROVIDED AND THEIR CONTACT IS NOT VALID DUE TO THE DATES PROVIDED… So this is a breech in CONTACT WHICH MAKES IT INVALID AND CANNOT STAND UP IN COURT!!... ...[More]
By Alicia on Transport King and Logistics LLC about 12 Hours Ago
After hearing stories from others about recent experiences with shipping their car I wanted to make sure I did my research before picking a provider. After searching locally, online, and through an online auction site I contacted Marie @ Eagle Auto Transport. She beat the lowest price I has gotten and was able to pick up the car withing 48 hours. I was skeptical about the place because it seemed a little too good to be true. So I looked up the company and this is what I found: Google - 5 star Uship - 5 star (90+ reviews) **note there was 1 negative review but the complaint seemed outside the pattern** BBB - no history or active cases Rip off report - no reports Angie's list (I belive it was this review site) - all positive reviews This is what I checked prior to accepting the contract. The car was picked up on Friday and I received the car on Monday without any issues. Marie seems to be the person in charge and is very nice. She gave me updates and returned calls as promised. I was given the driver's name and number once the car was picked up. The driver called 2 hours before pick up and before delivery as agreed. Upon arrival the driver was nice and allowed me to inspect the car unrushed and showed me the inspection sheet listing any damage that was on the car prior to pick up. I would use them again and also recommend them to others. You can verify the research I have done and I encourage you to do the same for any company you descide to go with. Cheers, SKD...[More]
By Shiv on Eagle Auto Transport about 12 Hours Ago
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