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Ship Your Car Now LLC.
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We had a very unexpected transmission malfunction on the way to a family reunion from North Carolina to Ohio. We broke down just past the Virginia border and were told by a mechanic that our van would not make it back to NC. After some research, we decided to go with Ship Your Car Now for auto transport. Our initial contact with Justin in customer service gave us a decent level of confidence that everything would go as smoothly as one can expect with this kind of unfortunate circumstance. Justin seemed knowledgable and the price (we were quoted $310 door-to-door for an inoperable vehicle) was less than we assumed we might pay for this kind of service. We signed paperwork seamlessly through email and expected our van to be picked up and dropped off on the following Monday (we made our arrangements by phone on a Friday). Once Monday came, things started to get fishy. Justin called back and said that the carrier would not be able to do the transport for less than $400 because the van was inoperable (we had disclosed this more than once in our conversations prior). After much discussion and frustration, Justin agreed to call the carrier and see if he would take $300 since our van would in fact operate long enough to be moved onto the truck for transport. After supposedly calling the carrier, he called us back and said the price would still have to be $400 since "it is a van". I was getting more leery by the minute. It seemed that no matter what we said they were going to try and raise the price $100 with no regard for the fact that we already had a signed contract for the quoted price of $300. He kept saying that we "wouldn't find anyone to do it for less" and if we tried it would delay us getting our car back by two or three days. He kept saying that "this never happens" and denied my accusations that this was a scam set-up. The more we talked, the more it seemed like their intention from the start was to initially quote us a price to get us roped in and then raise it once they had us cornered with no other options and signed paperwork. Only after having my husband call back and have another go at him did he say he would "talk to the supervisor" who apparently agreed that they would do the transport for $300 and "not make anything on the job". In the end, our van did make it to the final destination for the original quoted price of $300. However, I am fully convinced that this price change is a move that they most likely pull on many (if not all) of their customers because most people would not put up enough fight to get them to take the original price or would be too desperate to do the leg work to find another option once the arrangements had been made. I will never use "Ship Your Car Now" again or recommend them to a friend. ...[More]
By Alinna on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jul 31 2015 2:27AM
Good Afternoon, I shopped around and found this company called Dan my sales rep and had him set up a contract. After the original Quote of 400 dollars I was sent a contract and signed off for the deal for a pick up about 96 hours in advance. With in 24 hours of the contract being signed I was again called on my cell phone by Dan saying the driver wanted more money and could not honor the signed contract. I argued I already gave him the credit card information and we had a signed contract, plus the conformation email with the agreed upon total again for the 400 dollars. At this point I was given an option to pay an additional $75 dollars to keep the appointment, or cancel the order. I immediately got on the phone and found another company that was close to the original bid discussed their offer and told them I would be with them shortly. Called Dan up canceled with him and he apologized, saying it was a mistake on his end. I booked on the second carrier and thought this matter was closed. Apparently it was not, with in ten minuets I received another call from Dan saying this was a big issue and they dropped the carrier that had taken the bid for my bike and they were not allowed to ask for more money. I again informed him he was the one that went back on the contract and I had already found another company. At this point his manager gets on the phone and tries to get me to go back on their carrier but I calmly inform him as I did with Dan, you broke the contract I want nothing to do with your company or carrier. He tries to push me to allow them to get the bike and starts citing the " Fine print" that they can cancel any booking or raise the price if a driver can not be found to move the bike. Again I told them I had another carrier and he got irate and told Dan to hang up. That sales manager couldn't close a screen door, I wish the best to you two, and will be writing another review on how the other carrier turns out. I will do more research in the future and wish I would of found this website before I signed the contract with a company that brokers out their bids. ...[More]
By Richard A. on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jul 24 2015 9:08PM
I spoke to Thomas at ship your car now. He advise me that the price would be $800 and that it would be pick up the next day but didnt hear from him 4 days later to tell me that Its going to be an extra $200.00. When I told him that He gave me a price of 800.00 that's when he started to get rude with me and hung the phone up on me. I can't see how in the world they get to be a 5 star and there customer service is so bad....[More]
By kenny mcc on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Mar 31 2015 8:54PM
Everything looks good at first with this company, a good web page, nice people closing the business and fast response, but everything started to look dark taking a llok to the contract, I'll put it textually, "SYCN will no be responsable for any neglicence on the part of the contracted carrier" and A worse part of all "Any claims must be made with the carrier who actually performed the transport service" and the WORST part of all " The Shipper hereby WAIVES ANY CLAIM for damages AND AGREES TO DEFEND, indemnify, and hold harmless SYCN from against any any and all claims, losses, cost, damages including attorneys fees and expenses of every kind of nature arisig" Reading that contract that avoids any responsability to the carrier and leaves everything to the shipper after the truck picks up the car, made me deny to sign the contract and keep looking for another option, but without my consent SYCN, placed the order. I called them telling I want to cancel it, and Jay, didn't let me talked, got upset, start to shout me, and when I told him that I don't like his contract he insulted me with words I would like to avoid to write in my Gentleman Attitude I maintained in all the conversation. One more thing for, Jay told me that I cannot review them because I'm not a customer, well I'm happy I wasn't his customer because a gold rated company with that profile doesn't match. I'm happy to let you know and SYCN that my voice is gonna be heard, even when SYCN told me I cannot post here, well I'm thankful for being able, and be more careful with your company ratings. THANKS...[More]
By Paul on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Feb 16 2015 4:41PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Feb 17 2015 11:45PM
Mr. Becerra, You asked us to set up the order. So we sent the contract to you, to review and sign. You did not like the wording of our contract. Th...[More]
1968 Mustang NJ - MN. Quoted and contract for $1125. Found out after the car was on the truck and departed that it would be $1225. Was offered a free broker fee for my next transport but wont find out if that would be honored or not . At the end of the day the car was delivered on time and in good shape. The broker was prompt at returning and answering calls even at off hours. The two star review is a direct result of this site saying if you would not use them again that is the highest they can get. In reality they should probably have gotten a three. ...[More]
By Cameron on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jan 30 2015 7:24PM
You may not have time to read my entire post below, but let it be known this is what you will deal with if you do not provide an "approved" rating thru ShipYourCarNow (SYCN). After originally posting this review yesterday, I received a telephone call here in the UK from SYCN representative Rubin Milshtein stating that my rating was unfair, I got my car, I should be happy and remove the review all together or change the weighted average of the stars. I informed him I was not changing as this was my honest review of SYCN…and subsequently after what has happen would make me weigh it in negative stars if able. After that call my REVIEW WAS REMOVED from this site and I received an e-mail indicating the justification was that I was not even a valid customer….not true, I can provide invoices to prove otherwise. (This tactic has been used in other negative complaints lodged against SYCN.) What happens next further justifies my opinion of SYCN. After all this transpires, I start receiving HUNDREDS OF SHIPPING QUOTES to my personal e-mail address that they obviously have on file (I did not use my e-mail address to request such quotes). I have since lodged appropriate complaints with organizations in Florida where they are based and to the websites that host companies seeking legitimate shipping business and not wasting time with games they like to play when they are upset because of their own lack of BUSINESS ETHICS and CUSTOMER SERVICE. SO AGAIN…BE AWARE if you so chose to trust this company with your MONEY, VEHICLES and PERSONAL INFORMATION as they will use it against you should you cross them. So if I can better assist just ONE person with doing their research of reputable shipping companies typing this review was WORTH IT. Interesting enough, ask any of the representatives with SYCN why they are not accredited with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU???? BE AWARE, MAKE AN INFORMED CHOICE! I entrusted ShipYourCarNow (SYCN) to ship my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my 2013 Ford Mustang GT-500 Shelby from Pinehurst, NC to the United Kingdom. I had shopped around and did my research online with several different companies when all was said and done. I had received a call from Randle Ferrari after I submitted my information via a website that pushes your contact information out to several companies, to include brokers, that you are seeking transportation of your vehicles. I could write three pages on different interactions I had with Randle Ferrari and Rubin Milshtein the previous two-months while having possession of my vehicles, but I will stick to the facts of the condition of my cars instead. Before I give the details regarding the damage and the sheer disregard for my vehicles during this process, I would like to thank the CFO Anthony Pisano as he came in towards the end of the process and was reasonable to speak with and communicate with on the phone, but it doesn't take away from the fact the condition my vehicles were in upon taking delivery in Southampton, UK. My vehicles were picked up in front of my residence in NC by what appeared to me as a barely road worthy transport truck. This entire truck was filled with vehicles that were wrecked or damaged in one fashion or another. So, at first glance this really did not feel right and I called Randle to inform him of this situation to which he responded that their regular driver was unavailable for the timeframe I needed my vehicles picked up. The gentleman who picked my vehicles up did not put any protective plastics or covering over the seats or in the floor board…as is advertised. I actually offered up blankets of my own to protect the seats in both of my vehicles being that the driver was going to crawl from the front seat all the way thru the rear and exit out of the trunk when he pulled the car on his carrier. I am sure someone from SYCN will say this was an isolated incident and that they move million dollar cars on a frequent basis. My cars may not be worth millions, but they are mine and I have taken my time and efforts to keep them clean and in good working order mechanically. So the car carrier departs my house and he informed me that my cars would be headed to NJ, I was initially told Savannah, GA would be the port as they would accept my Lien Authorization letters more readily than any other port on the East Coast. Again, small detail that had changed unbeknownst to me. Once my vehicles arrived in NJ, I had received contact information of the warehouse agent there in NJ and wanted to ensure they had the correct paperwork to transport my vehicles to the UK. The warehouse agent indicated I would need to speak with the shipping agent regarding those details and she provided me her contact information. I contacted the shipping agent and she confirmed that the Lien Authorization letter from USAA would be sufficient in lieu of the title in shipping both of my vehicles. I asked her if she could provide pictures of my vehicles when they were received at the NJ port warehouse. She forwarded the pics to my e-mail and the warehouse staff that received the vehicle noted damage to the lower front air damn of the Mustang GT500. From the angle of the pictures, it appears that someone had run the Mustang on to a curb or something of that nature and actually ripped the plastic piece in the front. It took some going back and fourth with SYCN, the warehouse and the driver to figure out who was ultimately responsible for the damage. Ultimately, to this day I am not totally sure who caused the DAMAGE to my brand new vehicle. One kudo should be given to Mr. Anthony Pisano from SYCN, he actually ordered that plastic piece that was damaged and had it placed in the container to be shipped with my vehicles. It became tiring to deal with SYCN on most things that involved my vehicles, they actually beat you down to a point you just want to get your vehicles out of their possession so you learn to just deal with it towards the end. On 28 Oct 14, I drove three hours down to the port of Southampton UK to pick up my vehicles. That morning when we arrived, both vehicle were parked outside of the warehouse here and had a heavy layer of dew on them. Made for being impossible to truly inspect the vehicle without taking a chamois to dry it off…to which I did not bring with me. First I inspected the obvious damage of the lower front air splitter….damage was just how it was portrayed in the pictures. Secondly, the entire interior of both vehicles had a layer of dust/dirt over the entirety of the interior. My opinion, windows had to have remained down for an extended period of time to receive that level of dust/dirt in BOTH vehicles. Moving along, I could not spot any further damage at this point given the state of the dew all over the vehicles. I immediately drove 3+ hours back to my military base here in the UK and had both vehicles hand cleaned and detailed inside and out. After the cleaning, I began to take a closer look at the vehicles now that I could see them better. The Jeep Grand Cherokee had a scratch on the front edge of the hood and blemishes on both rear rims. Forgot to mention that the car carrier did not use the up and over straps on the tires, he used straps that went thru my rims to secure them to the trailer. So minor damage to the Jeep really and I think it can be professionally buffed out. As for the Mustang GT-500 Shelby, it did not fair as well. After closer inspection, the vehicle damage to the lower front was just the beginning. It appears that something was ran in to bluntly with the very front of the Mustang and left black blemishes to the front bumper/end cap. It appears something either slid up or down the hood. There is actual scratches thru the clear coat and a dent that is underneath the white stripe on the hood. Someone who had possession along the way tried to apply wax to this area to conceal it from my perspective. How do I know it was waxed, whoever did this left wax residue on the plastic piece that sits atop the hood of my car. So, the sum total is I had damage to the lower air splitter, scratches down the entire hood, small dent in the hood and damage to the front end cap. Interestingly enough, SYCN provided me an insurance policy at no cost to me prior to loading it in the container to be delivered. This policy has a $10,000 limit and $500 deductible I will have to pay for them so graciously allowing someone to damage my vehicle. My closing suggestions is that if you value your vehicle as I did mine, DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. I assure you I will never entrust this company to delivery ANYTHING for me in the future. Fact remains, I had two vehicles with NO DAMAGE when they were picked up at my residence in the US and now I have one vehicle that is going to cost ME additional money to repair all because of the neglect of someone else that was entrusted with the safe handling of my car. Thankfully I have two vehicles here as my Mustang will be in the shop until these repairs are complete. Should be referred to as ShipYourCar at some point and if you don't care about the condition it arrives in. Good luck to those of you shipping your vehicles! ...[More]
By Sam L. on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Nov 3 2014 4:49PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Nov 4 2014 9:21AM
Mr Laws, We are deeply disappointed in this outlandish review you have given Ship Your Car Now. This review has so many errors and omissions undou...[More]
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