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Ship Your Car Now LLC.
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Hah! Pride themselves on integrity and honesty? My reviews have been removed under the claim that I intended to review a different company. That was after I received a call from a manager at asking me to take down my review; when I refused, he claimed to the review site I had never worked with this company. It seems like these reviews vary widely based on what salesperson one is dealing with; regardless, do not do business with this company. If you must; DO NOT WORK WITH THEIR SALESPERSON ERIC! He will mislead you and not follow through with the understanding that was created in preliminary conversations. Once I decided to not do business with this company the managers and customer service reps were very helpful in getting me a refund and cutting of business. That said, after I thought all ties were cut ERIC has the nerve to call me back and tell me he has a truck all ready to go AFTER I had explicitly told him I was not working with him. He verbally abused me on the phone and at the finale of our conversation THANKED ME FOR PAYING HIM EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN'T HAVE TO SHIP MY CAR. Again, this was after I spoke with managers and the accounting department to confirm no charges would be sent through. One of the most unprofessional experiences I have ever had with a salesperson. Ended up getting in a yelling match with him when the problem should have just been resolved. Also, after this whole fiasco played out and I assumed I was done dealing with this company at all, I was called by a trucker and told he was coming to pick up my car because his dispatcher had been in touch with He was coming to pick up my car for a trucking fee of $1,300 when they had told me to begin with the whole shipping process would only cost $900. When I cut ties with a business, I expect them to stop trying to ship my car… Lastly, this company asked for my credit card information at the very start of the process which should have been another red flag. Through my research since the start of this process, it seems that YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE CREDIT CARD INFO TO A COMPANY UNTIL THEY HAVE PUT YOU IN TOUCH WITH A DRIVER AND CONFIRMED A PRICE. Otherwise, they will take their broker fee and hike up the price with truckers without telling you. This is most definitely what was doing and I feel very stupid for not listening to reviews I read before this process and giving them my credit card information way way way too early in the process. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get their broker fee and then screw you over. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I am a real customer and am trying to help future potential customers. Take note of my very negative experience and TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE! Questionable morals from the companies management down to the salespeople. Very sketchy company that has no problem lying to save face. I rarely leave online reviews but had such a negative experience with this company that I have spent a lot of time to ensure this review makes it online. For your own good learn from my mistakes and steer clear of this company. I hope this review is helpful to future first time car shippers in avoiding the scamming, hassle, and sleezyness that is abundant in the car shipping industry BUT SPECIFICALLY WITH THIS COMPANY! ...[More]
By sam on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jun 11 2014 12:20AM
I usually never leave reviews because I just don't find the time for them but I had to sit and write this one. After much searching of different transport companies I chose Ship Your Car Now to ship my car from Washington state to South Carolina. Despite the reviews I read I decided I would give these guys a try because some reviews that I read were decent. I must say this is the worst experience ever and cannot believe that anyone would thrive on the way these people run their business. I understand that they are a referral company but at the minimum they should have the courtesy of keeping their customers informed every step of the way. I was asked to pay $275 to secure a spot on a truck as I did. Ryan Serpa informed me that I would have someone at my house on the 18th and that the transporter would call me 24 hours before the date. Nevertheless I never received the call. I had to call Serpa several times and leave a undesired voicemail and then continue to call him even after the voicemail because I wasn't receiving a call back. Finally got him to answer my call only to hear him ask "did you not get the transporters information, I am out with my family". I was NEVER provided the information so I wouldn't have known who to call. Finally the transporter Alex called and said he would be at my home address at around 2pm and he didn't make it until 8pm. I never received a courtesy call along the way either. I had to call the guy back to see what was going on. My car should have made it within 7-10 days which would have made it the 19th of May at the latest. Never received a call to tell me that they weren't going to make it as promised by the company. Today is the 31st and they just dropped off my car. That makes it two weeks that I had to wait. On top of all this I had to call twice for two days in a row before anyone even contacted me to tell me the estimated arrival time. I was worried someone might have taken off with my car or that maybe something horrendous happened, such as an accident. We are talking about a CAR. Someone's means of transportation. We are not talking about transporting maybe a washer and dryer, a CAR!!!! And you have to do all the work to keep tabs on the process. Never again will I ever use this company for any of my transports!!! I will encourage friends and family to use another company as well even if it is a bit more pricey. It's worth the peace of mind. ...[More]
By Keilah on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on May 31 2014 9:51PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Jun 1 2014 10:33PM
I am completely shocked by this review. To know that a consumer would leave such incorrect information after receiving such excellent treatment is qui...[More]
The car was picked up 3/17/2014 and the estimated time of delivery was 3/27/2014 and as of 3/30/2014 the car still has not been delivered. Over this past week I have called and left several messages to the driver and ShipYourCarNow to get an update and no one ever called me back. It was only yesterday after I called ShipYourCarNow numerous times that I was able to get some sort of estimate time on delivery. Both the driver and ShipYourCarNow told me that it would be delivered that same night and +20 hours later I still don't have the car. I don't know what's going on with them, but you would think that ShipYourCarNow would know when the driver would be in the vicinity of the drop off location. To give such erroneous delivery dates (+3 days and still counting after estimated time of delivery) , not return any phone calls (+10 calls to ShipYourCarNow and to the driver), to say that the car will be dropped off last night (+20 hours ago), and not give any reason or update on why the delivery is late is unacceptable. I would never recommend ShipYourCarNow to anyone. Update: As of ~900PM Eastern Time, 3/30/2014 I have received the car. I am relieved that I have my car, but I am still frustrated about the service. I still do not recommend them. ...[More]
By Mark R on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Mar 30 2014 7:25PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Mar 31 2014 1:05PM
This review is just completely ridiculous. As you can see, most negative reviews have to do with delays on the drivers part. Delays are not something ...[More]
I originally talked to ShipYourCarNow when I was researching who to use to transport my vehicle. The final decision was made not to go with ShipYourCarNow but with another broker. The other broker explained to me how things work. To make it simple, what the broker does is put your car up on the Central Dispatch for truckers to bid on. They monitor this and get you a driver who can transport your vehicle. My broker noticed that SYCN had already listed my vehicle on the central dispatch without me signing or agreeing that I was going to use them. While on the phone with the broker I was using (we had a three way call with SYCN), they hung up on him twice when he stated the listing had to be taken down. With no success on his end, I called on my own and spoke to Mike. Mike seemed very annoyed but agreed to take down the listing. This was all done on March 18th. I called my broker today to follow-up and see how it was going. He checked the dispatch listings again and to his surprise, saw my car listed AGAIN by SYCN. They also listed my vehicle for $25 more than my broker. Basically what that does is screw my broker as a driver would not choose a lower bid for the same vehicle. We called again and were transferred to Mike who has yet to take down the listing. I am going to call once again to get the listing removed. I really need to get my vehicle shipped and am extremely upset over the antics that SYCN is pulling. I do have a screenshot of both listings as proof that the listing was up not once, but twice now. At this point I don't know why they keep listing my vehicle but hope that this review is enough that they will stop harassing me and take down the listing permanently....[More]
By Vincent Villella on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Mar 28 2014 1:05PM
WARNING !!! DO NOT DEAL WITH WWW.SHIPYOURCARNOW.COM There service is not reliable, there Customer service is very unprofessional. Specially Ryan Serpa Keep away from them they stole My money wouldn’t refund it And they were the ones that couldn’t complete the shipment. I Cancel the transaction and went with another shipping company instead . KEEP AWAY FROM THESE BROKER’S ...[More]
By Jose A on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Mar 18 2014 3:49PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Mar 18 2014 4:38PM
Mr. Alvarez has left a few major details out revolving around this situation. 1. This would have been the 2nd time Mr. Alvarez shipped through us. The...[More]
I hired them to move my antique car from MD to CA. I ship and receive 7-10 old cars and motorcycles a year so I'm very familiar with the process. The carrier they chose showed up 4 days late and failed to make pick up appointments on two occasions, failing to call on both occasions, then stood me up twice on the delivery and used profanity. Moreover he damaged my car on the rear qtr panel causing $1600 in damage, and refused to provide a copy of the bill of lading stating "he never gives copies on delivery and mails them later and had no copy". The pick up bill of lading did not reflect any damage I signed for the damage and made a copy in my house parking my car in front of his truck so he could not leave. When I submitted a claim with his insurance carrier Progressive, they admitted liability but stated I have to collect $1000 the deductible amount from the carrier. This was not in the contract and is not how reputable carriers operate. Steer clear of they use low quality carriers with substandard insurance. Worst experience in the 17 years I have been restoring and transporting vehicles. ...[More]
By Garrett G on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Feb 1 2014 9:54PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Feb 3 2014 12:37PM
As with all damage claims, a rigorous investigation is performed to validate the claim. After the insurance company completed its investigation, it w...[More]
I have a very bad experience dealing with the shipping company Ship Your car Now, Boca Raton, Florida. I wish no one endure this kind of experience. I strongly advise everyone to stay away from these car shipping companies Ship Your Car Now, Boca Raton, Florida (, their shipping carrier Mill Wright ( and their local agent in Dubai Fleet Line Shipping ( I cannot emphases enough, these companies must be avoided. They even tried to take is review off. We the people should stand united for such companies and their unprofessional practices. Contact me if you need further information. ...[More]
By Masood on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jan 24 2014 8:13AM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Jan 27 2014 10:43AM
We take these reviews very seriously. After investigating the customers claim it was uncovered that that the customer was not overcharged on destinat...[More]
they are a third partners that means they are just organizers they have no actual shipping vehicles they just arrange for shipment through other companies. my shipment (motorbike ) supposed to be from California to saudi arabia, in close packing all the time and i asks specifically for any extra payment at the time of pickup due to previous negative reviews, i was told there will be no extra payment by Mr. Ferrari. The shipment was transported in non-close cargo all the time. delayed for 3 weeks in the warehouse as they arrange with Schumacher transport company. I HAD TO PAY EXTRA 750$ AS THE DIDN'T PAY FOR THE PARTNERS IN SAUDI ARABIA FOR LANDING FEES. when i contacted Schumacher transports they referred me back to ship your car now. I CONTACTED MR. RANDEL FERRARI HE HANGED THE PHONE AND NEVER ANSWER ME BACK. the good things they do ship your car or bike, but they are not committed to the details in the agreement. you have to pay extra money at the time of delivery. and after that they just run away with your money. i dont recommend this company find a real company that has the facilities rather than arranging with others because you will face difficulties....[More]
By mohammed Qattan on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jan 23 2014 12:22PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Jan 27 2014 10:46AM
I am not sure why you would say this was not enclosed shipment as the motorbike was picked up in Lathrop, CA via an enclosed trailer and brought to a ...[More]
Do not use this company. I trusted this guy Danny Schriver to ship my vehicle to California. We had arranged for my vehicle to be picked up on or around the first of this year. I dropped of my vehicle at a safe location which cost me 30 dollars for storage and flew to California. I gave him 5 days before I even called to check on the delivery of my vehicle. BIG MISTAKE, he never answered or called back or repsonded to any of my emails. So far I have spent over 600 dollars out here in rental car fees plus storage on my vehicle. Words cannot describe my anger, finally they called me 8 days later to ask if I still wanted their services. Unbelievable, DO Not Trust "shipyourcarnow." Take your time and find the right company....[More]
By Travis on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jan 13 2014 3:23PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Jan 15 2014 1:23PM
Mr. Richardson set up this order on 12/28/2013. One thing we express to every customer that sets up an order between Christmas and New Years is that d...[More]
After dealing with another broker for my Jeep to be transported from Ca to Wa. I was made aware that Ship you car now posted a bid on "my behalf" even though I never talked to the company. I did not correspond to the company while looking for a shipper. Their post has caused issues with trying to find a shipper since their low balled price quote is drawing away people from the two bids on central dispatch. ...[More]
By Phil on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jan 2 2014 3:44PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Jan 15 2014 1:20PM
We did not put in an order for Mr. Christie. We only have a quote for him. He never booked with us and never signed a contract, therefore we would not...[More]
This was an international shipment so some of the questions above do not apply. Randle Ferrari hounded me for six months after I made first contact with him. I was thinking about shipping my car to the UK from the US because we are here for work temporarily. I finally decided to go ahead and ship the car using SYCN. Mr. Ferrari assured me that everything would be taken care of and he quoted me an all inclusive price. This was to include customs clearance, insurance, closed container shipping and all paperwork associated. They collected my car in the middle of August and the car is finally arriving in the UK on the 16th of November-three months later. The car has a lien on it and so I needed to have a release from my lienholder, but SYCN could not get their act together in two months to get paperwork to prove marine insurance. They continually claimed that until the car was assigned a ship they could not provide that information. Then, miraculously they produced a document that was signed by the finance officer of SYCN which satisfied the requirements of my lienholder. I was given a different story every time I contacted this company. I was treated very poorly and spoken to as if I was a moron. When the car was finally ready to be put on a ship I paid the balance due on my account (somewhere around $1500). I was then sent a bill for an additional $500. When I asked what the $500 was for Randle gave me an excuse about how disappointed he was to see that bill as well and that they had to take additional insurance out at the request of my lienholder. I called my lienholder and they said they never requested such insurance. I spoke with three people at SYCN that day and was talked down to and yelled at. I asked why they did not ever tell me that they were tacking an additional $500 on to my bill and nobody had an answer. The only thing I got was a change of subject and more yelling at me by Anthony Pisano, the finance guy. Finally, my husband emailed them to say that he would not pay. They cancelled this bogus policy and did not ask for the money anymore. I then saw the bill of lading and noticed that the car was sent to the wrong port. I sent an email to the carrier company to notify them that my car was not supposed to go to Southampton, but to Thamesport. I was notified by the carrier company that Thamesport had closed down. It took them SO long to get my car here that the port CLOSED DOWN!!!! The final nail in the cofffin is that they shipped my car RORO (roll-on, roll-off) after promising me over and over again that it would go in a container. I guess they skimmed their extra money off of me after all because it is cheaper to ship RORO than closed container. I have been notified now by many of their colleagues in the shipping industry that they are scam artists. BEWARE-they are not so cheap after all because they find ways to make their money off of you. If you want the job completed right and quickly and reasonably priced then steer clear of ship your car now. They would be more accurately called Ship Your Car....Eventually. **The company attempted to have this review removed by repeatedly claiming that I was never a customer of theirs. I sent forward some of the vicious emails from Mr. Paisano to get the review put back up. If I were him I would not want the truth out either....[More]
By LHK on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Nov 12 2013 1:59PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Nov 12 2013 2:40PM
We here at ship your car now are deeply disappointed at the inaccurate presentment of facts. Not once has this customer ever been spoken to in an unp...[More]
I had a broker.... Mr Parker didn't think My Broker he could ever get it done that cheap as to the quote of 400.00 so he took it on his own self to take over this other guys Deal and double the price as to where he could have the business..Lowest form of business 2 days later My broker came thru Do Not deal with this guy Nothing BuT a Lie...[More]
By Terry on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Nov 7 2013 4:05PM
Response from Ship Your Car Now LLC.
ShipYourCarNow%2C LLC on Nov 7 2013 4:13PM
We certainly appreciate any feedback, but lies and distortions of the truth will not be tolerated. Terry was a fake customer, whom we identified as a ...[More]
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