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Outstanding service! Very impressed with the communication. This is my third trip to hawaii, and I will use them for now on. The driver was on time to come and pick up my car. He was professional and got it loaded up quickly with no problems. Angels Moving and or the driver kept in contact with me every day my car was on the road till it arrived in California. Mattson was smooth as ever getting my car loaded up on the ship and getting it to Hawaii. I ham happy to report that there was no damage the my car. I am very pleased with this company....[More]
By Leo on Angels Moving Autos about 16 Hours Ago
Christopher was a great transporter. On time at both pick-up and drop-off locations which is great concerning the distance. Texted me pictures once it was loaded so I could see what enclosed trailer looked like and how vehicle was secured. Texted and called during transport with updates. Great job of taking care of the vehicle. Thanks !...[More]
By John on Montway Auto Transport about 17 Hours Ago
They did a good job moving my car across the country. Both the pickup and deliver drivers are courteous and professional. The trucking company is VNS Auto Transport Inc. I will hire them anytime. The communication with Ship A Car Direct is what I believe needs improvement. The form emails about what to pay attention and how to pay the final installment were all very helpful. The few form email from the contact person was ok, too. But the communication was really lacking when I needed to know the simple status of pickup or deliver time - delayed or not. The pickup driver called twice to delay the time which was ok with their scheduling and traffic situation. But he called me late in the night and 2 hours before pickup - not a day before as promised. So I was hanging there guessing (Stuck at home). On the deliver side, I had to email and call the contact person a few times to find out it was delayed. Unfortunately for me, the new date was a Sunday. The contact person didn't respond at all. I made 2 calls to the customer service center to get someone on the other end. The agent promised that he would track down the driver and call me back with the current status. He did not call back. The deliver driver finally called late in the night and committed to deliver the next morning. It was a very smooth and simple delivery. If I ever need another shipping, I will check if they have an online tracking system or a very simple and honest status report system. I don't ship my car across the country very often and it's not a very expensive car. But it's my car and I need it. To have clear and honest communication about the shipping status was all I needed - delayed or not....[More]
By Chris Tsai on Ship a Car Direct about 17 Hours Ago
The driver was very respectful . He acted so professional. It was pricey, but the service was great. The company was great too. I really had a food experience with the staff in Florida. My car arrived without any issues. I would use the company again tho I have to negotiate the price....[More]
By Ray on Auto Transport 123 about 17 Hours Ago
I received a quote for $850. I booked the shipment at $850. Dan Gibson sent me an email warning me of companies that lure you in with a low price and then raise rates on you. Then he said my price was $1150 not $850. He was doing the one thing he was warning me about. When I confronted him by email I got about very unprofessional response. Thanks for making this decision easy for me by revealing your deceitful marketing and business practices up front. First email from Dan Thank you for placing your order with us. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We understand that your 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited coming from San Diego,CA going to Jacksonville, FL for a total cost of $850 will be available for pickup on or after 10/17/15. You should hear from us soon to arrange for shipping, and we are here to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! *please note, THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT. If you have booked this order online, this order is not confirmed! You are required to give us a call to finalize your order. Sincerely, Dan Gibson Secure Auto Shipping Inc. 561-200-3777 x1 Second email from Dan Hello Nathan, this is Dan with Secure Auto Shipping. I was just wondering if you still need to transport a Jeep Wrangler from CA to FL. If you still do, there is a driver available that can have it picked up some time this week, if you're not in a rush, with my company you can place a reserve your spot in the truck in advance for free, we don't take money upfront. Our quotes are ALL INCLUSIVE with no hidden fees or pay upfront. The absolute best that I can offer you for this route and the type of vehicle you're shipping, without having any issue in the entire process, would be $1195. Bare in mind that if you go with the cheapest price, that company giving you that rate, could be just fishing for your business, and before you notice they will increase the price. If you receive a quote from us for less than $1195, that was an error that our system is responsible for and we have our tech guys working to solve that ASAP. That's why we always try to call any customer to explain how this all works and to warn them about the least reputable companies. Feel free to call me or simply reply this email. I'm here to help and to take out all the hassle that shipping a car could turn out to be. Kind regards. - Dan Gibson Logistics Coordinator Secure Auto Shipping, Inc. Our goal is your complete satisfaction! Free: 888-425-5340 ext 7013 Direct: 561-771.9244 Fax: 954 827-0804 I requested written confirmation that my shipment was canceled. Dan responded What shipment? There will be no driver for you with a low price. So if you're trying another company for the incorrect price, save yourself a lot of hassle and time. ...[More]
By nate on Secure Auto Transport about 17 Hours Ago
I dealt with vannessa for my auto moving experience and had a pain free time. I was an expecially difficult customer as im in the navy an doing a change of homeport where my pickup date had to be a certain date an time with no window for mess ups. The driver came early an had the car on the truck before the actual scheduled time. Overall Wonderful Experience!!!...[More]
By Dave Lynch on Navy Auto Transport about 17 Hours Ago
I've had my car transported cross country before so this isn't my first experience with this sort of business. The reason for my terrible experience is that the company that picked up my order, Ramaz Trans Inc, had a driver that demanded that the trunk of my car be opened or else he could not transport my car. Understandably, he needed to inspect the contents in my trunk for any dangerous or illegal items. The problem is that Direct Express Auto Transport never communicated to me that the driver would need to inspect the inside of my trunk. The trunk wasn't accessible to the driver because I had left only the valet key for my friends to give to him, which cannot open the trunk. Also, I had locked the trunk release inside my car (on the floor next to the driver's seat). Why would I make the trunk inaccessible? Because the contract stated that any loss or theft of the items in my car were not the responsibility of the transport company. So to ensure the safety of my personal belongings, I locked my trunk and the trunk release inside my car as anyone would. However, I was never told that the driver would need to open the trunk to inspect the contents. The driver who said he had 20+ years of experience said that it was protocol for all drivers across the board. I also want to mention that the driver said that I was supposed to keep the trunk empty but in the contract, it clearly stated that I could place items in my trunk up to 100 lbs worth of weight. I don't blame Ramaz Tran Inc (who tried their best to be helpful) so much as I blame Direct Express Auto Transport for not clearly communicating to me the need for my trunk to be accessible to the truck driver. This whole issue cost me extra money as well. Also, I don't know who to blame for this, except that I know I'm not at fault, but when I received my car, I unlocked the inside trunk lever, but it doesn't lift up to open my trunk. The trunk release is stuck meaning that it doesn't budge at all whether I unlock or lock it (of course, I used my master key to do it). Another problem I had was that the driver couldn't come to my home address to pick up my car. So my friends had to drive to a local store that had a big enough driveway for his truck. This was something that was unexpected. Direct Express Auto Transport never told me that I might need to meet the driver somewhere else. This caused a headache for me, too, because at first just one of my friends was supposed to meet the driver at my home. But I had to scramble to find two friends so that one could drive my car while the other drove their own car to be able to give a ride to the friend who was dropping off the car in the first place. I also place the blame for this on Direct Express Auto Transport. They should have known that my home street wasn't big enough for a truck and they should have told me ahead of time where an appropriately sized pick up location should be so that I could have planned it instead of scrambling last minute over the phone while I was making my cross country drive. For the reasons stated above, I will never use Direct Express Auto Transport again. Take heed and remember to leave the master key for the driver at pick up and keep in mind that you might need to meet the driver at a different location if your street isn't big enough for a car-carrying truck....[More]
By Daniel So on Direct Express Auto Transport about 17 Hours Ago
Response from Direct Express Auto Transport
Mike Rupers about 4 Hours Ago
Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers speak for itself. We are sorry that customer Daniel So is dissatisfied but this is the first time we have...[More]
I needed my truck shipped within a few days and Gregory Lee from ShipYourCarNow came through. He had a driver lined up the next day and promptly let me know all the necessary information. The driver was about 6 hours late but in his defense he had mechanical problems resulting from something flying off another vehicle. Once he arrived the driver was courteous and knowledgeable. He delivered the vehicle on time in Texas and everything went great. The price was reasonable compared to all the other quotes I as getting and Gregory explained the whole process to me since this was my first time shipping a vehicle. I would recommend ShipYourCarNow and will use them in the future....[More]
By Tracy Anderson on Ship Your Car Now LLC. about 18 Hours Ago
21 days to get my truck back. Seven days past ETA date, had to rent a car $384.00. Response from DAS was I should of spent to to get my truck on time. If you want to pay a high price and get poor service then DAS is great. If you don't want to feel used to some where else....[More]
By William Cody on Dependable Auto Shippers about 18 Hours Ago
I'm just extremely happy that I received my car as fast as I did, Richard got me a great deal compared to the other quotes I received. He kept me in the loop and made this a very simple and easy experience. I too received calls from some of the competitors stating that the price Richard gave me was too low, but before I could even worry Richard emailed me my drivers info. the driver was on time for both pickup and delivery we met at a gas station near my home because my street is very narrow and it all worked out great!. ...[More]
By David Roman on Andrew Auto Transport about 19 Hours Ago
By JOHN on Ship a Car Direct about 19 Hours Ago
The car was shipped without any incident and arrived in the same condition as it was at the start of the transport. The driver kept in touch throughout the day of arrival. The car was not picked up within the range of dates it was supposed to be (off by two days so that made the delivery later than expected (by three days). In our case it didn't cause any real problems. Our contact person from Auto Shipping, Justin Heller, was very helpful and courteous and I would refer friends/relatives to his company. An overall good experience doing business with Justin as well as the carrier/drivers. ...[More]
By P.M on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 19 Hours Ago
Price was quoted at $1150... and never went up. No hidden cost only room for improvement : Original quote was seven days actual delivery time was 12 days. returned my calls answered my questions Driver communication was professional , accurate and to the minute timely , Gave 24 hour notice of delivery. ...[More]
By Toyota Buyer on Saks Auto Trans about 19 Hours Ago
Everything went smooth and on time. The best part was the driver who picked up our cars was from my home town so it felt like we knew each other forever. The driver was friendly and professional and called to give updates as to when we could expect him. Our two cars were delivered on time and other than a few bugs from the road trip were just as they were when he picked them up. We were very satisfied with this experience and would use them again....[More]
By Scott on Direct Express Auto Transport about 19 Hours Ago
They made it very easy to move my car across the country. My car arrived before me and was waiting right where we set it up to be delivered. It was in perfect condition. I would use their services again if I needed to. They made the process very easy....[More]
By Jaime on Angels Moving Autos about 19 Hours Ago
Christian was beyond great in assisting me with the transport! The destination location made it a bit tricky, but he was able to pull it off and accomplish what I needed. He also was very kind, professional and patient with my constant communication. ...[More]
By Stacey on Olde Towne Logistics about 19 Hours Ago
Made transporting my truck simple .No worries. Calls to door to door were answered or with quick return calls. All question were answered. Door to door had the best price....[More]
By rick melendez on Door to Door Transport about 19 Hours Ago
I had a great customer service experience with PAM, & their service writer Will was simply the best! Very patient & easy going he helped me ship my vehicle very smoothly. I found the overall company support & driver who picked up my vehicle phenomenal as well. This is my go to company from now on....[More]
By Adrian Foster on Premium Auto Movers about 19 Hours Ago
I tried this guys after speaking to tons of companies and they brought my vehicle safe. Will use them again and also recommend to others to try them out. 3 days to get my car from Phoenix to Houston on the same condition...[More]
By Ryan Fisher on Liberty Auto Transport about 19 Hours Ago
These people are very nice to business, very friendly and prompt in response, Taken care of my car properly and delivered on right time. This is my second time using this service excellent service. I highly recommend them any time....[More]
By Lakshmi Narayana Gonugunta on Ship a Car Direct about 19 Hours Ago
GREAT COMPANY. 5 STARS ALL THE WAY. robert helped me from day 1 and walked me through the whole way. Paid exactly what he promised, which was a lot lower than the other two quotes i got that same day. Great prices and awesome service. Def will use again. ...[More]
By cesar gabriel on Dynamic Auto Movers about 20 Hours Ago
Let me just starting out by saying My son is in the Navy he found out that he will be getting deported in 2 weeks . He has 2 cars we going to drive them to fl but then he change his mine.So we started to looking into car haulers came across this company and a person name jason. He never put pressure on me i think i bothered him more the more i talked to other haulers i liked jason even more he seam to care about you as a person not just a customer.The price to move this car was cheap compare to the other haulers.Total cost was 1100.00 100.00 to the company and 1000 to the driver this all took place in 1 day and jason made it happen....[More]
By mike johnson on All Terrain Auto Transport about 20 Hours Ago
Great business transaction! Easy to use and there were no hidden charges. The driver arrived on-time and delivered on the agreed upon day. My truck arrived with no issues....[More]
By Forrest B James III on Auto Transport 123 about 20 Hours Ago
Low price and quick pickup and delivery. The delivery was assigned as soon as the reservation was made and the vehicle was picked the next day. Vehicle delivered as promised....[More]
By Venu on Direct Express Auto Transport about 20 Hours Ago
This was my first experience having a car transported. I purchased the vehicle on the Internet from a GM dealer in Georgia. At my request, the salesperson identified several possible transport companies that I might follow up with. After reviewing available information, I selected Priority Auto Relocations (a broker) to handle the transport. Michael DiBenedetto walked me through the process, explained that he was a broker and would be working with a transport company to move my car. Based on the driver's schedule of moving other vehicles, he narrowed the pickup to two days. He also estimated the delivery date to be a few days later. Although Michael provided me with the company's dispatch number and the driver's direct cell number, he took it upon himself to contact the driver each afternoon and get a progress report and sent me an email. This saved me time in making the call myself and also helped to reassure me my vehicle was on it's way. Although the GM dealer had cautioned me that the vehicle would arrive dirty after so many miles in an open transport, the vehicle arrived fairly clean. The driver called the day before and asked if I would be interested in receiving the car that evening instead of waiting until the next day. That worked for me. We agreed on a location and the driver was there at the time promised. I wouldn't hesitate to arrange transportation through Priority Auto Relocations again in the future....[More]
By Michael M on Priority Auto Relocations Inc. about 20 Hours Ago
By liel novak on All Terrain Auto Transport about 21 Hours Ago
hay I did this posted 3 times but not summited. I appreciate this company. carrier noted all scratched parts of car body. this is popular company I like it ....[More]
By Netra on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 21 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 21 Hours Ago
** Call FELICIA @ (602) 428-6872 on her direct line from 6-3pm PST or text her anytime , ** Auto Shipping Group is A+ Ra...[More]
This company is very reliable. I had many problems with another company and Reggie took care of me. They were very comforting, knowing I'm placing a lot of trust and faith for such a long transport from Georgia to Washington state. I will be using this company again. And thank you very much Reggie for your time! You are amazing! I will be recommending you to all my military friends and family! ...[More]
By Kaitlin on We Will Transport It Corp about 21 Hours Ago
I had to ship my sons new car from California to Massachusetts.Not having done this before I was a bit apprehensive. Nicole from Hilton Auto Transport was knowledgable and efficient. She secured a transport with IK transportation. Pick-up went smoothly on the day promised and car was delivered in 6 days to my sons college. The driver was great. I was amazed how quickly car arrived. I would recommend Hilton Auto Transport and Nicole....[More]
By cindy on Hilton Auto Transport about 21 Hours Ago
This was my second time shipping a car and the first time was very stressful because the contact person was very spotty in responding and the company that picked up my car was very unprofessional. This time around however, my contact person was very willing to help and to adjust my order around my schedule, and the person that picked up my car was very respectful and easy to communicate with!...[More]
By Mimi on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 21 Hours Ago
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 21 Hours Ago
For Discount Rates, Call Ali 678-608-0570...[More]
Todd was amazing, and truly worked hard to deliver my vehicle. He went above and beyond my expectation and hung in when others would have taken the comission and ran. The seller of my vehicle failed to ensure thSt the car was ready for delivery, and Todd stuck with me until the car was ready. I will be using Vanatge again shortly, I appreciate the time and energy Vantage put into delivering my vehicle....[More]
By LJ on Vantage Auto Movers about 21 Hours Ago
During a recent trip to Florida I purchased a truck, not in the best condition, and planned to drive it back to North Carolina. First contact with Craig was for a quote and I decided to fix the issues and drive it instead of transport. During the drive, 111 miles later, the front end began to vibrate and at slower speeds the front end began to bounce, which made it unsafe to drive. I contacted my insurance company to take advantage of my of roadside service and was amazed at the $2200 dollar quote. The next call was Craig who quoted me the same price, that was given during the quote and the vehicle is now safe in my driveway. Once we got passed the paperwork Craig tracked and kept me informed of and in contact with the driver, to include all the information of the driver and vehicle pick up time. Craig was also able to have the vehicle picked up a day earlier to avoid the vehicle sitting overnight off of I-4. This was all done in a matter of hours which speaks to Craig's resourcefulness and knowledge of the transport industry. The vehicle has sentimental value so it was hard to leave it and trust someone I have never met other than two phone interactions. I can't thank Craig enough for his assistance, honesty, and thoroughness throughout the transport process. This was my first vehicle transport experience and it was an excellent experience. I will recommend and be an advocate for Ship your car now. Thanks again Craig. ...[More]
By Rudy on Dedicated Vehicle Transport about 21 Hours Ago
I was trying to move my car from Michigan to Kansas, and Justin Peters made this process very easy for me. Of course the place I was shipping to wasn't around any major highway and was kinda out in the middle of nowhere, but Justin still worked with me the whole way and eventually found me a driver that could do it in 4 days. Everything was done on time and Justin never missed a beat, I was constantly getting checkup calls from him and he never missed a call from me when I had a question to ask. overall this was a pleasant experience that could have ended a lot worse if I went somewhere else, I would recommend anybody that needs to transport a car to Justin Peters....[More]
By Dante on Premium Auto Movers about 22 Hours Ago
Keith at first had trouble finding a carrier that would take our car from Maine to Texas, but it only took 1 day longer than he said. In the mean time others called and said Keith's company had priced too low and the car would sit. It did not and was delivered at a price and time as promised. Thank you Keith for staying on top of the arrangements....[More]
By Craig P. on Andrew Auto Transport about 22 Hours Ago
Henry helped me get the right quote and his promise about NO PAYMENT DUE UP FRONT until delivery. My car was delivered to St. Augustine on time for school. I thank my dad for picking Premium Auto as his service and Henry as the best....[More]
By Yahaira on Premium Auto Movers about 22 Hours Ago
Chell was WONDERFUL. She kept me informed every step of the way. It is not uncommon in this business to have people straight out lie to you and fail to return any phone numbers. She was the complete opposite. She set me up with a great truck driver that was also very friendly. I intend to keep her info for the next time we move....[More]
By JB on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 22 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 3 Hours Ago
**Chell Hart (360) 464-1039** Dear JB, I'm tickled my work ethic shines through to my customers! I try my hardest ...[More]
This was my first time shipping they made it extremely easy .Teddy contacted me on the 3rd and i had my driver info in front of me the next day.To top things off my car was delivered 2 days later.Shipping made easy!Thank you all...[More]
By Melony on State-By-State Transporters about 22 Hours Ago
Kevin was very flexible with the location change in both the pickup and dropoff states. The time between pickup and dropoff was very short which gave me peace of mind when my car arrived. Also, Aaron was very knowledgeable and helpful during the entire order process after an order from a different company did not go through....[More]
By Tess on Auto Transport 123 about 22 Hours Ago
I used 1-Flat-Rate to ship my car from Massachusetts to California, and it was a breeze. The 1-Flat-Rate representatives are extremely responsive to emails and phone calls. Both Ray and Stephanie were very nice, and they explained each step of the process. My driver was Cezar from An Accurate Auto Carrier, and he was wonderful too. The car was picked up on the day I had requested (Expedited Shipping Option) and was delivered in the window I was promised. Be aware that pickup and drop off will not happen at the requested addresses but at locations nearby. This is because the carrier cannot easily be parked in residential areas. Therefore, plan to use public transport or ask a friend/family member to drive you back from the pickup location or to the drop off location. The condition of the car at delivery was fine, but it was definitely dusty and dirty from traveling in the open-air carrier. Finally, the price is reasonable. Choosing a different shipping option or a different month to ship may have resulted in a lower price but those choices didn't apply to my situation. ...[More]
By Lv on 1Flat-Rate LLC about 22 Hours Ago
The drivers were very professional and the truck was clean. They handled the cars with great care. The girl on the phone took gray care of us and answered all of our questions. ...[More]
By Gunter on Auto Transport 123 about 22 Hours Ago
I went with Car Transport Express because in the quote I was emailed, it stated they were not just a broker, but had their own drivers. In setting things with César, he not only assured me but promised men that my car would be picked up between the 27-28th of August. The week of pickup (Monday), I began calling and again was promised and reassured my car would be picked up. Wednesday, I was told the truck would be in town Thursday evening and my car would be picked up Friday morning and Tom or César would call me Thursday afternoon. Nether one of them called in fact they began to not answer my calls. So my husband called from his cell phone and they answered right away, he passed me the phone and I spoke with Charlie (a supervisor) that's what he told me and I mentioned the fact my calls were being avoided and he said "oh your calling from the 281 area code. I have a lot of missed calls from that number." Friday comes and still nothing Charlie was going to talk to dispatch to see if there was a driver and call me back, he never did. Needless to say I want with another company, who found a driver within 2 hours and provided me the name and contact number for the driver who picked up my car the next day. I would say do not use this company their employees are liars and I would never call someone something that they are not. However, I have experienced first had the lies from this company's employees and their is no integrity there. Save your self alot of headache and trouble and bypass this company. To avoid a customer after promises are made because you have their deposit and not communicate anything but lies is not good business. ...[More]
By Theresa on Car Transport Express about 22 Hours Ago
Was quoted 675 through an email. Spoke with Tracy, she was initially very nice. Promised all kinds of stuff. Told me the driver would be picking up my car within 24 hours, which was needed to avoid storage fees. 4 days later, I get a call that they can not do it for the original quote, the driver needs more. What am I to do, Ive already wasted that time, and had to pay an extra 200 in storage fees. So i spoke with Jason. He assured me that the driver would be there first thing in the morning to pick the car up to avoid any more storage fees. Of course that didnt happen. Now after more money, more storage fees, finally the car is picked up. Lets just hope that the car gets here in one piece. The only person who has been truthful in this whole thing is the driver, who is contracted by All Terrain. So he is the only one i have confidence in. I will never ship with them again. I will do everything in my power to make sure my story is heard. Hopefully it encourages people to make a better decision than I did....[More]
By Jeremy on All Terrain Auto Transport about 22 Hours Ago
At first contact the company was taking my interest in shipping this scooter at the cheapest and most convenient way possible. From the quote to delivery every thing was excellent. The scooter was picked up faster than I thought and before I knew it they were on the way. Thanks to all that helped form the person making quote to the couple who delivered it. If you need a shipper this company is the one you need to use ...[More]
By Roger Miller on National Transport LLC on Sep 1 2015 7:58PM
Adam was quick and honest. Easy to work with and has any piece of information you need throughout the entire process. My car showed up as promised and I could not have a single complaint...[More]
By Austin on Passage Auto Transport on Sep 1 2015 7:51PM
Michael was honest from the very beginning. I went with another company and he was good enough to check on things and knew the other company had me priced too low. The other company never picked my car up and I called Michael back and he was gracious enough to still help me. Michael was able to get a driver within 2 hours to pick up my car. I recommend Seamless Auto Transport to anyone looking to move their vehicle. If you're looking for a company with integrity Seamless Auto is the place to call. Thank you Michael!...[More]
By Theresa on Seamless Auto Transport on Sep 1 2015 7:51PM
Janine was very helpful she was always polite and answer all my questions to her best knowledge. My car got here safe and on time.Thank you for all your help i will definitely use your service again if i need to move and i would definitely recommend your company to friends and family. ...[More]
By shannon yasin on Auto Transport 123 on Sep 1 2015 7:47PM
Service was excellent! Ali had great customer service and was very responsive and attentive to my questions and concerns. Most important was that the whole process was seamless and effortless on my part which was important to me with my hectic work schedule. I will definitely use them again!...[More]
By Cindy Hefner on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 1 2015 7:22PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 22 Hours Ago
For Discount Rates, Call Ali 678-608-0570...[More]
Finding a reliable carrier who could answer all out questions was invaluable. Greg Bailey was so helpful and it made our decision with peace of mind. The cost quoated was upheld, and delivery was on time. ...[More]
By C.T. on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 1 2015 7:12PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 22 Hours Ago
***GREG BAILEY (360) 464-2584*** Cathy...I really appreciate the review and enjoyed working with you. Would love to again i...[More]
We bought a pre-owned car in Seattle and needed to have it transported to East Washington to a small town. Some drivers did not want to take the route. Fortunately, Marie from Auto Star did a manual search and found the nicest carrier for us who delivered the car right to our driveway. Marie worked hard to find us someone. Someone from the company always kept us posted on the status of the order. They seemed to work as a team. One needs patience when having an auto transported and may have to add a bonus for the driver especially if the route is not a popular one. It was a week from signing of contract to delivery of car. Would recommend the company and Marie. ...[More]
By Claudia on AutoStar Transport Express on Sep 1 2015 7:10PM
Response from AutoStar Transport Express
Mike Cannon on Sep 1 2015 7:33PM
From: Marie 888-802-8250 Ext 2230: Thank you so much for the great review Claudia! Im very happy to hear that the transportation went smoothly and you...[More]
Great experience, my car was picked up and delivered exactly as planned. The truck arrived on time, without any delays. The driver was very friendly and informative. My car was delivered undamaged, and the driver was very prompt with updating me on the times he would be arriving. I highly recommend this service, great company....[More]
By MM on Priority Auto Relocations Inc. on Sep 1 2015 7:10PM
My experience with Auto Star was fantastic! I was very nervous about shipping my vehicle cross country and had read a ton of horror stories. Carlos and Sheldon put my mind at ease, and the whole process was smooth from start to finish. Best customer service experience evereverever!! Thanks!...[More]
By Christina on AutoStar Transport Express on Sep 1 2015 6:51PM
Response from AutoStar Transport Express
Mike Cannon about 22 Hours Ago
888-802-8250 EXT. 2252 SHELDON // WOW CHRISTINA! I AM SPEECHLESS. Thank you for taking the time of posting such a kind review! I am so glad we were ab...[More]
Fixed price was honored. They were not able to give 24 hour prior notice but likely due to driver availability. Overall a smooth experience. I would use them again. Staff was very friendly....[More]
By Joe Wagman on Auto Transport 123 on Sep 1 2015 6:45PM
Wonderful company. They got me a reasonable quote, and they stuck to it! The driver was courteous. The Honda got there in the exact same condition it left my in-laws. I was asked to move for my job. So when I started to look at moving my entire life, I felt overwhelmed. I am so glad I gave Auto Shipping Today a call, they handled everything for a very reasonable cost. Justin on the phone was so helpful explaining everything to me, and Joe set everything up. They were very honest and obviously reliable. ...[More]
By Vanessa Holbrook on Auto Shipping Today on Sep 1 2015 6:42PM
We were in need of an Auto transport for our client and Karen came through for us in one day. Excellent customer Serivce and a mind for our business need. ...[More]
By Lesley on Nationwide Transport Services on Sep 1 2015 6:38PM
I have done this once before six years ago, and to say I had a really bad experience is an understatement. But driving such a distance was not an option, so I entered my info to receive quotes since I knew I wouldn't be using the company that failed me in so many ways again. Richard at Andrew auto stood out to me from the rest from the very beginning. he communicated with me over email.. without ever calling with the pressure tactics so many of these companies use, and I was very impressed with the answers he gave to all of my questions. Richard was very honest about what I should expect as far as scheduling and pricing for my move and was much more engaged as far as providing me information as to how this crazy industry works, which made this whole process a day and night when compared to my pass experience. I would highly recommend Richard to any of my family and friends. ...[More]
By Deloris Firm on Andrew Auto Transport on Sep 1 2015 6:30PM
I made a desperate call to ASG after making a reservation with Car Delivery USA that fell through at the last minute. Between calling a bunch of companies and reading their mostly horrible reviews online, I was tearing my hair out. I had a unique situation where I needed to ship my car from LA to Buffalo, NY; fly to Buffalo myself, and pick it up the same day to drive it to Toronto. I was appalled by the unhelpful, disorganized, vague, and often condescending attitude of most of the brokers I spoke with, some of them even tried to convince me to get a hotel in for a few days in Buffalo to wait for the car because they refused to even try to guarantee a date of delivery. After all that headache, it was a breath of fresh air to reach Felicia Williams at ASG. Felicia was friendly, patient, helpful and communicative from the beginning. She was the only broker I talked to (out of at least 10) to who was knowledgeable about the drivers' routes. She pulled up the route info while I was on the phone with her, located a driver who was already shipping a car from LA to NY within the same timeframe, and gave me accurate dates. Whereas other brokers left me waiting for 2-3 days before I called to check if they found a driver yet, Felicia responded within an hour confirming that she had assigned the driver. The driver was set to arrive in Buffalo before my flight would, so Felicia helped find a terminal in Buffalo where the car could be stored until I picked it up. The day before pickup, the driver, Pavel called to confirm a time and mentioned he'd prefer to pick it up earlier if that worked for me, I took him up on it. He was understanding about the time-crucial nature of the shipment, and let me know exactly when he was planning on arriving in Buffalo. Because I wasn't going to be there to pay in person at the time the car arrived, we arranged it so I could pay his portion through paypal after he confirmed delivery. He gave me updates both the day before and right after the car arrived, even texted me a picture of the car after dropping it off at the terminal so I could travel in peace. I also spoke with the terminal attendant, John, before I arrived to confirm my pickup time would work out. Although they usually closed at 5, he agreed to stay until I could pick it up. Everything went smoothly and exactly as promised, I picked the car up and drove to Toronto before dinnertime. Cost-wise, it wasn't the cheapest option I considered, but not the most expensive either, worth it for the peace of mind. The quotes I got ranged from $990-$2000, $990 being the ill-fated one from Car Delivery USA. The total for ASG came out to $1299 ($1259 for the shipment itself + $30 for the paypal transaction + $10 for one day of storage in Buffalo). Felicia did an excellent job of coordinating the whole shipment, from giving me contact info for the driver and terminal owner, keeping them informed, and texting me at every step of the process. I would definitely call her first if I ever need to ship a car again!...[More]
By NZ on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 1 2015 6:15PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 1 2015 6:53PM
** Call FELICIA @ (602) 428-6872 on her direct line from 6-3pm PST or text her anytime , ** Auto Shipping Group is A+ Ra...[More]
i had a wonderful experience with ANGELS moving AUTOS! The personnel involved are like friends! They had a transport ordered the first time i spoke with them. The transport was loaded the next evening and delivered my truck in perfect condition, right at the door, early afternoon of the 3rd day. (They live in a cul da sac so i didn't think they could get to the door, but they did!) And, during the whole experience, the communication was excellent! They said when the truck would be there and it was there! The price was doable! IT WAS A PERFECT RELATIONSHIP. I will definitely use them the next time....[More]
By MARGE on Angels Moving Autos on Sep 1 2015 6:11PM
This is the sixth time I have called Krista at National Transport to have a car shipped. Each and every time I have been completely satisfied by the entire process start to finish. Krista is professional, knowledgable, efficient and delightful to work with. And I always feel like her most important customer!! She works scheduling miracles too. The drivers she has sent have always been on time, equally personable and professional. We have had the pleasure of finding Omar taking care of us on two occasions. He is awesome. The cars have all arrived in the same condition in which we sent them, albeit a bit dirty due to open transport and weather conditions which is to be expected. We have experienced absolutely no problems at all. I highly recommend National Transport and I commend them for their excellent customer service across the board. Five stars and two thumbs way up!!...[More]
By Susan Torrence on National Transport LLC on Sep 1 2015 6:08PM
This is the first time I have shipped a vehicle and was concerned about how things would go. I didn't give much notice as plans had changed. Lee was patient and answered all my questions. She provided detailed information and followed up with me each step of the journey. Promp, professional customer service. Highly recommend to anyone. ...[More]
By PMK on Auto Transport 123 on Sep 1 2015 5:49PM
We have been dealing with "Crystal" from this company since the 17 Aug 15. She has given us the run around AFTER taking our deposit of $200. We have rang numerous times getting the voice mail. Used a different phone number and she picked up. Told another run around story and now doesnt seem to respond to messages left. Its obvious she took our money. We are retired military and thought this was a respected company. No respected company should treat customers this way. I wouldnt waste my time with this company. There has to be a way to put them out of business for taking peoples' money without providing the service. FRAUD/DISHONEST. ...[More]
By VLucas on Around The World Auto Carriers on Sep 1 2015 5:39PM
EJW Trucking uses an old 18 wheel car carrier to transport cars long distance. They transported my vintage 1979 corvette on the lower level of the carrier from Boston to Florida. Above it they put an old SUV that leaked oil and gas all over my vette. The driver apologized but the company ignored my requests for their insurance carrier and would not take responsibility for the damaged paint. Not only did they pick the car up two days late and deliver it 13 days late (because they wait until they fill up their truck), they damaged my prized antique. Stay away from EJW Trucking!!!...[More]
By Robert Deblinger on EJW Trucking LLC on Sep 1 2015 5:34PM
Tara was great!!! Very knowledgeable and good phone etiquette. I was worried because it was my daughter's car going across country and everything worked out as planned. Even the driver from Sun Car Carriers was great. He kept in contact and delivered on time. I would def use them again!!!...[More]
By Carrie on Auto Transport 123 on Sep 1 2015 5:31PM
I had been trying to move my truck for 3 weeks with nothing but lies from another company and gave premium a shot and boy did they deliver. I couldn't be more thankful for Rene and those boys down at Premium for being honest with me and not only moving my vehicle but informing me exactly on what was really going on. Definitely would refer!...[More]
By Craig Rogers on Premium Auto Movers on Sep 1 2015 5:26PM
Nicole Carter was nice and informative. However, pickup date was 3 days later than I was informed. I would like a more accurate pickup date.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...[More]
By Aaron Millar on Auto Transport 123 on Sep 1 2015 5:23PM
My thanks to Justin. Great service, 1st time shipping my car and he made this very very easy. Def recommend if you need your car shipped. Excellent price and as promised didn't have to pay anything up front(Which was great). Got 2 other quotes and prices were a bit off, but the other companies requested payment upfront which was a deal breaker. ...[More]
By cesar hernandez on Premium Auto Movers on Sep 1 2015 5:23PM
I am a customer of Auto Transport 123. I experienced less than satisfactory service during the original transportation of my car from California to Utah. On learning about this, the customer service agent, Michelle, called from Auto Transport 123 to apologize about the transportation service. She felt compelled to offer a discount to compensate me for my inconvenience. I politely declined asking that it to be applied to their favorite charity. They mentioned that customer experience is extremely important to the success of their business. I found Michelle to be authentic and I wish to note that Auto Transport 123 genuinely care about their reputation in the auto transport business and will do what it takes to excel at customer satisfaction. I wish to give them 5 stars for their customer experience follow-up....[More]
By John on Auto Transport 123 on Sep 1 2015 5:11PM
Phenomenal service. Chell went above and beyond. I had to have my car transported from Southern CA to Western NC and she was so helpful and just amazing. The move was so stressful, but because of Chell, I had one less thing to worry about. Everything went smooth and she made sure all my needs were met. She's so understanding and so friendly. I cannot praise her enough. Thank you Chell!!...[More]
By ET on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 1 2015 5:07PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 2 Hours Ago
**Chell Hart (360) 464-1039** Dear ET, I can not begin to fathom the stress you've been under- having had to move...[More]
It was very smooth and I received my car just as scheduled. Dallas/Fort Worth area is a busy route and it contributed to the prompt pickup, which I was very happy with. ...[More]
By Yuko on Montway Auto Transport on Sep 1 2015 5:06PM
Tony delivered everything he promised. He kept in communication throughout. Driver was also excellent and called me throughout process as well as my son whom was contact person for pickup. My son in in the military and one of my requirements was that there be minimal disturbance or disruption to his day. Tony and the driver both delivered on this. Excellent service from start to finish...[More]
By Carlos Saniel on 7 Star Auto Transport on Sep 1 2015 5:02PM
I was scammed by a previous company and had two days to ship my car before I moved out of state, I called and Monique was a lifesaver, had a driver for me within two days. Great communication and customer service! Thanks again!...[More]
By Andrea on Auto Transport 123 on Sep 1 2015 5:00PM
My experience with Amerifreight was overall positive. As you might know, Amerifreight is a broker and will try to match you up with a carrier. Ali Miller had me matched within a week and was very professional with checking in and answering my questions honestly. One word of caution: the quote you receive is a low-percentile price. I ended up paying a price that was $150 more than the quoted price. However, the price was still very competitive and they were upfront about it in my first correspondence with them....[More]
By George Du on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 1 2015 5:00PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 1 2015 5:36PM
For Discount Rates, Call Ali 678-608-0570...[More]
My experience was great at Premium Auto Movers. The driver of this service were very nice. I would absolutely recommend their Service to everyone. It has everything I need in a car and had such a great service than other we were looking into. Thank you to Premium Auto Movers for a great experience!...[More]
By Lisa ann on Premium Auto Movers on Sep 1 2015 4:50PM
The Driver of the car carrier wouldn't have known this, but the car that he delivered for me has a key setting that is past the "off" stage that allows the key to be removed but leaves the electronics turned on. The setting is called "appliance" mode. This drained the battery out during the trip. Nevertheless, he was kind enough to help me jump start the car with his equipment and got me on my way. I'm very appreciative of his extra effort and would absolutely use his services again in the future! ...[More]
By Joseph Schafer on Ship a Car Direct on Sep 1 2015 4:50PM
Was referred to as a reputable transport company. Agreed upon price, set pick-up date, vehicle was never picked up, called my representative, got voicemail, left many messages, talked to other representatives and was told my representative was working on it, and never heard back from him. Will never do business with this company, as their customer service is awful. ...[More]
By P. Nichols - Tim Dahle Infiniti on Secure Auto Shipping Inc. on Sep 1 2015 4:50PM
I needed to ship my Honda Ridgeline from CA to NC. As a Very thorough shopper, I would tell you to look no further than AmeriFreight. From my first conversation with Graham, I was impressed with his professional manner and attention to detail. It took about eight days to find a driver. I would recommend not starting your bidding too low if you are in a hurry, final price was exactly where multiple bids suggested. Throughout the experience Graham kept checking in with us, and responded promptly to my calls. Even after a driver was contracted, he followed up to make sure all was well. The driver called me prior to arriving I liked him immediately. Very pleasant, competent and I felt safe handing the vehicle over to him right away. He was very accommodating at the delivery end as well. Vehicle was in excellent condition & he was a day earlier than expected. FYI, if your vehicle has a roof rack, disclose this up front! If I had to to this ever again, my only call would be to Graham. This company offers a small incentive to write these reviews, I would have written the same review for nothing. Very satisfied....[More]
By M. Twombly on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 1 2015 4:44PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 6 Hours Ago
For Discount Rates Call Graham 678-369-4122 ...[More]
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