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Pick up and delivery were on time. Maintained contact by phone. Had change at the delivery site. Customer service at was great at answering all our questions....[More]
By Chris Rodenbeck on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 20 2014 3:31PM
This is the third time we have used PDQ Auto Movers and Bruce over the years. We highly recommend them and would definitely use them again. We have a classic vehicle that was hauled using an enclosed truck. They were right on time and everything was hassle free....[More]
By Debi n Terry on PDQ Auto Movers Inc. on Dec 20 2014 2:58PM
Offered best price. Car delivered as promised. Driver was professional and courteous. Maintained communication throughout process. Transport equipment was good quality....[More]
By Chris on Able Auto Transport on Dec 20 2014 2:41PM
This was my 2nd time shipping a vehicle and it was MUCH MUCH better this time around! Note - previous shipment was NOT with ASG. I have been working with Kimberly for over a month on my shipment. She is knowledgeable, professional and flexible!! I actually changed my shipping date on short notice by over 30 days and she handled it effortlessly with ease. I contacted Kimberly weekly to check on my shipping status and she responded well within 24 hours, many times it was within 1-2 hours. Kimberly would not only provide an adequate update but also additional details I did not request, but were nice to haves. She is great at anticipating customer's questions. A person may think 30+ days is a long time to ship; however, I did ship 4,500 miles and during the holiday season. My car was in Long Beach, CA during all the torrential rain and mudslides last week and the carrier still made it there to pick up at promised time and my car actually arrived 2 days earlier than originally planned! My car was in great condition considering travel time. The vehicle was dusty; however, it was dusty when I dropped it off at the Hilo pier, so it did not get dirtier through its travels. Pier personnel as well as the carrier were prompt, professional and informative when needed and Kimberly was instrumental in this shipment being a total success!!! I will definitely call Kimberly for all my future shipping needs!...[More]
By Andrea Moore on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Dec 20 2014 2:02PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 6 Hours Ago 360-200-6854 CALL OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY GOING ON 9 YEARS NOW! Andrea, Where do...[More]
South Beach Transport was honest with me! They never made any false promises and and everything turned out just as they said it would! They even allowed me to make changes to the contract that i did not feel comfortable with! If I have transportation needs in the future they will be the first ones I call! ...[More]
By RYAN on South Beach Transport on Dec 20 2014 1:53PM
I contacted Mark at Dynamic Auto Movers, and explained to him that I needed my vehicle transported and needed it in Kansas City before Christmas. He had it picked up the same day I contacted him and I will be reeciving my BMW today. My hat goes off to Mark for the promptness and being able to execute this transport for me and my family. Thank you guys. I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. Thanks again Mark! Have a great Holidays...[More]
By Amy Perez on Dynamic Auto Movers on Dec 20 2014 1:28PM
My experience with Don was great! I had never shipped a car before and he spent so much time explaining the process to me. He made himself very accessible to me when I wanted to check in. He found me the BEST deal with an outstanding driver. Both of them communicated well with me and I would certainly go with Don at Motor Movers to ship a car again. Thanks Don!! ...[More]
By Nicole L on Motor Movers Auto Transport on Dec 20 2014 1:22PM
They were prompt and made the carrier available as soon as i placed the order. And the carrier are very prompt and reliable. Highly recommended. ...[More]
By Kumar on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 20 2014 1:07PM
Generally, our experience was very good given the issues in this industry. Emily at shipacardirect was excellent. She did her job very well. No complaints. We checked reviews and only contacted companies with excellent reviews. We contacted shipacardirect vs. them contacting us. ALL of the companies that contacted us were $200 to $1000 less than shipacardirect. After investigating how the industry works- brokers and transporters who bid on moves and the horror stories on no-shows, damage, etc.- we decided that we would minimize the risk of problems by going with a excellently reviewed company. So, we paid a slightly above average price for the move and deliberately did not "low ball" this move as we had to have the 2 cars moved within a set window and delivered within a window and could not have no-shows, damage, etc. Best Auto Transport was the carrier. They have a problem in that they had a full mailbox when we needed to get to them for confirmation, questions, and issues we had with timing. The mailbox was full for at least 4 days- Friday through Monday- so it was impossible to get to them. Shipacardirect could not get to them either. This did create anxiety as there was no one to talk with. Once we got the number of the driver himself, we were able to converse with him directly. The Best driver was excellent and professional. Given the horror stories in this industry, we are very satisfied even through there were a few slight hiccups on timing. This review is unaffected by any discount or incentive offered from shipacardirect. ...[More]
By Paul on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 20 2014 12:46PM
Sean was always there to take my calls and followed up with emails. I did have to wait several days to get something booked but that was due to the remoteness of the pick-up. Sean explained the process well and worked to find someone who was willing to make the haul. The driver was courteous and made the 1500 mile trip in 48 hours, delivering the car at least a day earlier than I expected....[More]
By Paul on Auto Guard Transport LLC on Dec 20 2014 12:45PM
My son wanted to ship his loved old 1998 Golf to LA from DC, which after debating, I said yes. What won't we do for our kids. I searched the web, read the stories and worried like everyone else. I got somehow in contact with Dave Fountain @ and he was very straightforward explaining the all process and giving me a quote between 1300 and 1400 hundred (we paid 2250 for the car). Again, we love our kids. He said he would be back to me in a couple of days, which he did, and found a carrier to deliver the car to LA for 1300, which really surprised me because he could have easily said 1400. My son met the driver just outside Washington, DC, and got his car after 5 or 6 days in LA. The driver was super pleasant as well. My son is only 18 years old, and he was very happy to have his car in LA. And I was happy he witnessed a good work done by people you don't know, who delivered what it was promised. Dave did what all of us should do when working with others, to look not to maximize the profits for a one time deal, but to do the right job for the client, for himself and the name of his company and to feel good at the end of the day. Thanks again Dave and have everyone a nice holiday season. massimo ...[More]
By massimo on Alpine Transport Inc. on Dec 20 2014 11:52AM
This was the first time I have ever shipped a car where I had to make my own arrangements. I was admittedly a bit nervous. Ben at Motor Movers did a great job at explaining the entire process to me and making sure I had answers to all my questions. The move went very smoothly. The pickup process was quick and easy as was the receiving process on the other end. We did have a bit of a hiccup with the transport company about how payment was to be made at the receiving end that differed from the original agreement. After having this conversation with the transport company, I got on the phone to Ben and he had it all straightened out by the end of the day. I had a 5 star experience using Motor Movers as my transport broker. I would gladly use them again for my future auto shipment needs and highly recommend them (and Ben) to anyone who needs to ship a vehicle. ...[More]
By George on Motor Movers Auto Transport on Dec 20 2014 9:49AM
This was our first time with a car carrier and we were blown away by the service. From beginning to end, everything was as promised. The time of three days from pickup to delivery was at my request. Matt was a delight to deal with and so was the carrier who picked up the car and delivered it. I would definitely use them again....[More]
By Richard Turner on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 20 2014 9:23AM
I thought the reason you used a broker so you didn't have to deal with everyone's ins . But they hired a trucking company to move 5 brand new chevy trucks and guy had false ins, papers and no ins. And hit a bridge with a new truck up in air to high and took top of cab off well just said it was my problem to work it out with driver that won't return calls stay away ...[More]
By Ot truck on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Dec 20 2014 7:57AM
Great service! I will definitely share this company to family and friends. They have a good reputation and are well trusted. The driver went out of his make to convince me and drove my car to me. All I can say is great service!...[More]
By Mo on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Dec 20 2014 12:34AM
I am very satisfied with this service, active communication with the transport-driver, my vehicle arrived as it was picked damages....[More]
By Carolina on DIY Transport Inc. on Dec 19 2014 11:51PM
Response from DIY Transport Inc.
Eric about 13 Hours Ago
We at DIY are so Glad you had a god experience with one of our Preferred drivers .We make sure we use only the best carriers and drivers .Call us for ...[More]
Chell was great. Had some issues with pick up in RI-driver said he would pick up on Thanksgiving Day so we had to shuffle cars a bit to accommodate holiday travel but then driver didn't show up until the next day. Also, car showed up early, which was great, but driver wanted us to pick up car late evening or very early next morning (before work at 5am) so that he could keep moving. We didn't expect car and didn't have our cashiers check ready at that point do couldn't accommodate request. Car ended up being delivered on small trailer by someone else....[More]
By Heather Carney on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Dec 19 2014 10:29PM
*****DO NOT USE MONTWAY AUTO TRANSPORT (December 2014)***** ****If you like long hold times, talk to different representatives EVERY time and having to explain your situation EVERY time. If you like the idea of them recording your call and twisting what was said to use it against you (without letting you hear it as well). If you like not getting a promised return phone calls or if you like catching them in lies and they won’t fess up to it…. THEN THIS IS THE AUTO SHIPPING COMPANY FOR YOU!!!***** I found Montway Auto Transport by doing a traditional Google search and began my search for a single car enclosed shipment from Oregon to Southern California on 12/8/2014. I had initially developed a good rapport with one salesman who advised that they would have shipment secured for me within 1-5 days from the time I gave them $199.00 deposit. Which, ultimately they did. But, this is where things went south. Montway Auto Transport dispatched a Single Haul Enclosed trailer from a single truck company. I was given their information including their business name, name of driver and telephone number. And, of course I made a phone call to them to confirm pickup date and time. During my phone call with said company the driver was very blunt and quite rude, there was also somebody in the background yelling, “Tell F- -ING Montway to pay us for our last load”. That same person was also yelling, “Put some God Damn oil in the F- -ING truck!” This was interesting to say the least. I put as much faith in the process as I could at that point and just confirmed that pick up would take place the very next morning before 10 am. The next morning, I tried to contact the truck driver via phone call, phone voice message and text message, with no response. Frustrations are mounting at this point… I called montway and they advised they would try and call the driver as well… They had no luck either. Ultimately, the driver never showed to pick up the vehicle. Later that evening the driver texted me, “cannot pick up until I get paid from montway”!!! Now is where things get very interesting, I made multiple calls to Montway to try and get answers regarding my no show driver. EVERY TIME you call you will get a different representative and they all will need to be filled in on your particular situation (which is incredibly frustrating), not to mention you will be on hold for a significant amount of time. They will all try to help, but I began to draw inconsistencies between the different representatives. This is where the lies began to happen. When they cannot help, they all will promise a return call to which most of them will not. I realized at this point that this service was not panning out as was previously described. In subsequent days I was given a phone call with the possibility of another single unit transport company to pick up and drop off my vehicle with a 4-day turn around!!! Medford, Oregon to Cucamonga, California is 725 miles and a 10:50 minute drive on the I-5!! When I advised that didn’t make sense to me, I was given the excuse from a Montway Rep that this particular company planned on dropping my vehicle in a lot for one day!!! HOW IS THIS OK?!?!?! I also advised that I work a 24-hour work day (I am a fireman) and the delivery date would not work for me, as I would be on duty. The Montway representative responded with, “Sir, you are going to need to be flexible with us to make this transaction work”!!!! At this point I was absolutely fed up with the Montway process and had requested a cancel of the entire process, to which I was advised I would need to email my request to a special refund team! (Which by the way has zero power to issue refunds!) It is just one big circle… I then requested a cancel and a refund of the original $199 deposit. This will need to be done via email to which you will have to wait an entire day to hear back from! When you hear back from them (a totally different person) you will have to explain yourself once again to which they will say that they will need to review the recorded phone calls!!!! When they return they will tell you a completely bogus story advising that I was the one who cancelled and they will NOT ISSUE A REFUND!!! If you ask to hear the recordings, THEY WONT LET YOU!!!! I then asked for copies of the log comments, as those should prove that a refund would be just. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN EITHER. I have made multiple email requests for the voice recordings; log comments and names of representatives who have tried to help. They will not provide them, and they will continue to tell you that they will not provide a refund, EVEN THOUGH they still haven’t provided ANY service!!! In total, I spoke with or emailed 10 different Montway representatives, at least made 20-25 calls over an 11-day period and still have not gotten my vehicle shipped! ...[More]
By BLAKE HUBMBLES on Montway Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 8:08PM
After speaking with several other companies, I ultimately went with Angels Moving Auto's due to the reviews and what I read on their website. If it is your first time to ship as the case with me, it can be so overwhelming. I was impressed with my very first contact with them. Miranda was so personable and just plain kind! I had a very good feeling about them and was very impressed with all the reviews as well as the fact that they ship for high end car dealers. From start to finish, they communicated and checked in with me at every step to make sure the carrier had contacted me, arranged the pick up and then contacted me to make sure the pick up went well and I was pleased with it. The same on the drop off end. The carrier, Nationwide Transport Inc., (Serg was the driver) was thorough, careful and professional. He even got in to the driveway at my sister's house that I wasn't sure he could. It was all so smooth start to finish! I highly recommend this company and would absolutely use them again! Thank you all so much for making this a stress free transport!!!...[More]
By Nyla on Angels Moving Autos on Dec 19 2014 8:02PM
Arranging transportation for the export of my vehicle was a nightmare until this company was recommended to me. Debbie took charge ensuring everything was efficiently coordinated, called (whomever) as often as was required, and literally took the stress away. I relaxed after our first conversation and just watched the transaction unfold before my eyes in days. She is serious about the business and professional in approach. She cares AND gets the job done. Definitely my first and only choice for future transactions (yes I will wait until she is available). ...[More]
By SW on Way To Go Auto Transport LLC on Dec 19 2014 7:51PM
Mechalia was absolutely wonderful to do business with. She made this experience of transporting my vehicles from California to Texas easy. Thank you....[More]
By Christopher Iverson on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 7:45PM
Bridgett showed great customer service stills she take the time to explain how everything works to me. She was able to get my vehicle pickup on time. I will use her and Motor Movers Auto Transport again. ...[More]
By Phyllis Koster on Motor Movers Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 7:09PM
I became very concerned about how this industry operated after I submitted an online quote with my info and started receiving tons of calls. The service I received was excellent and my car was delivered as is. It was picked up on time and I was kept in the loop about the status or at least I was given a satisfactory answer every time I called to get an update. Most of the quotes fell in the same range so I was more concerned about getting better service. I am happy I chose Number One Auto Transport. Special thanks to Joe Carter....[More]
By Meet Patel on Number 1 Auto Transport Inc. on Dec 19 2014 6:17PM
First, I would like to thank my husband for taking the initiative and planning everything early. I can honestly say I don't know where i'd be without him and I would also like to thank team all star for following up with us on the status of our Lexus and when we could pick it up b/c, well, u know trust and reliability seem to be getting more and more diffucult to find these days, anyhoo we have our car and everything arrived early and according to schedule. Thank you and will recommend to friends ...[More]
By Martin and Christopher on All Star Direct Auto Shipping on Dec 19 2014 5:06PM
It was my first time to deliver my car through a car delivery company...123 is very efficient and provides nice service ...alway reachable ...[More]
By Weiwei Chen on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 5:05PM
Thank you for an easy,pleasant transaction. First pick up & shipping!!!! & Great communication. A pleasure to do business with!!...[More]
By hide3678 on 7 Star Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 5:02PM
No one likes reading wordy reviews so let me cut the chase. I will definately recommend AmeriFreight to everyone. Shipped 2 cars from Dallas to Sacramento. Regular shipping. Pick up 12/8/14, drop off 12/13/14. Received cars on the promised date and no damage. The carrier person was also really good and professional, real friendly guy (Shipping Experts, Sacramento). Satisfied with the service provided. Keep up the good work! Now here is the more detailed version: After extensive research online, reading all those reviews (mostly bad ones or the ones where people are paid to write good) I was skeptical about using any car shipping service out there. But after reading AmeriFreight's reviews on Consumer affairs, transport reviews, yelp, I decided to place a blind bet. I called to book my pick up. Agent on the phone Josh, was professional and knowledgeable. Set up a date for pick up. shipping Carrier assigned was Shipping Experts. Gave credit card details - they charge on the day of ship and not before. You pay brokage fees to AmeriFreight and rest to the Carrier upon delivery, either cash or cashier's check. Here’s how it works - You call a broker (AmeriFreight) place your order. They post your order to dispatch. Carrier services (Shipping expert in this case, who have trailers and actually ship your cars), bid for the pickup and your car is shipped. So as one can see timely delivery depends on many factors. After booking my order and signing necessary paper work over email ( Josh sent everything timely) I received an email with the order confirmation, quote, carrier name and date of pick up. On the day of pick up 12/8/14, received call from the driver in the morning with enough heads-up that he will be at my apartment at 2.00 pm. He showed upon time. 2 guys very friendly and nice folks, explained everything and were understanding and professional. Inspected the cars, signed the Bill of lading and the cars were loaded (I made sure their efforts were rewarded by a tip). I explained to him that we would be flying into Sacramento on 12/13/14. On 13th as soon as I landed, received a call from the same guy that he would drop off my cars later today - 2.00 pm ( again he provided enough heads up). He was there on time. I inspected the cars, signed the Bill of lading and there it was, nicely done. Everything went smoothly, Thanks! ...[More]
By S.G on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Dec 19 2014 5:00PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Dec 20 2014 3:23AM
Call Josh 678-608-0557 BBB Accredited, Top Rated Agent...[More]
Christina at MVS understood the stress and concern of shipping a vehicle across the country and was excellent, thorough and prompt in responding to my every question. My car did sit in the lot in Ontario for a few days before making it onto the train, but once on, its trek across the Country went fairly quickly. Upon picking up the car there seemed to be a few minor scratches that were not there before but nothing that you could even tell by looking at the photos I took of the car prior to shipping as to whether or not they were there at that time. MVS was very professional to deal with and I would definitely use them again!...[More]
By Rachelle on MVS Canada Logistics on Dec 19 2014 4:58PM
The service from the company was awesome. Very polite service. My car was picked up and delivered in timely manner. Great Service....[More]
By Raju on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 4:38PM
JC was great, worked hard to get my car shipped from a remote area of Wisconsin, 1st driver broke down before collecting car but he found another driver at the same rate. Thanks JC. Paul in Ireland. ...[More]
By Paul Roche on Mercury Auto Transport LLC on Dec 19 2014 4:21PM
Very polite phone service and drivers at both ends of the trip. Car came out fast. Phone service helped me arrange an alternate pickup point 100 miles from my home that was still very convenient for me that saved me a lot of time and money. Great work in customer support!...[More]
By Jonathan on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 19 2014 4:09PM
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland on Dec 19 2014 8:10PM
Thanks so much for the great review, Jonathan! Happy to keep it quick and affordable for you!...[More]
The process went smoothly. I had no problems with them, all of my questions were answered and they responded pretty quickly to emails and phone calls. Will be using auto star transport again....[More]
By April Lagajeno on AutoStar Transport & Logistics on Dec 19 2014 3:56PM
I worked with bascha, my car was transported to it's location, in a timely manner. I would definitely use this company on my next future move....[More]
By Jonathan on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 3:56PM
I would use this company again if ever I need to ship my vehicle. I would definetly recommend this company to friends and family. ...[More]
By P. Cusi on Montway Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 3:56PM
I used another company to move my truck to Texas and it was damaged when i received. I went with your company to return to Arizona and the car arrived undamaged and early. I will use and recommend your company for future use. ...[More]
By Bj on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 3:45PM
When things go perfect there's really not a whole lot you can say! From the moment I made contact with Alex I was assured there would be no problems with the shipping transaction and he was right. The day before pickup the driver called and set up a time and place for pickup, one block away from my house and the next day away the car went! The next thing I know the cars delivered, no issues safe and sound. Excellent!...[More]
By Pat C on Lightning Auto Carriers on Dec 19 2014 3:37PM
This was my first time shipping a car and was very apprehensive . My car dealer recommended Chris and assured me he was a pro..From start to finish , it was a painless experience . He backed up the price quoted and was always available.....[More]
By Lara Dondero on Quality Car Move on Dec 19 2014 3:34PM
Response from Quality Car Move
Chris on Dec 19 2014 3:37PM
NO DEPOSIT UP FRONT.. Call Chris 954 281 9140 or go to the site and submit a quote , or[More]
I found ShipACarDirect online and priced around with a few others. My initial contact with Tom at the company was informative and helpful. We had a tight window to move the car during a time when capacity was tight. I was assured that the car would be picked up and delivered on time. They not only did that, they did so with a competitive rate. The driver who came was great and it was nice that it was the same person who picked up the car that delivered it (no shuttling or transfers). We will definitely use them again if we needed to and would recommend this company to anyone we know. ...[More]
By Ken on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 19 2014 3:08PM
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland on Dec 19 2014 8:11PM
Thanks for the great recommendation, Ken! Great to hear we met your timing needs affordably!...[More]
Gail was tremendously helpful on this move. I transfer a vehicle 2 times a year for many years now and I have never had a more helpful rep!...[More]
By Tim Berry on DIY Transport Inc. on Dec 19 2014 3:01PM
Response from DIY Transport Inc.
Eric on Dec 19 2014 3:13PM
We are so glad that Gail was such a tremendous help to you and we look forward to working with you again in the future.Rana...[More]
I was very skeptical to send my car, but the experience turned out to be great. The pick up and delivery was quick and on time. No issues....[More]
By AJ on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 19 2014 2:37PM
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland on Dec 19 2014 8:12PM
Thanks AJ! Happy to keep your transport issue-free!...[More]
The service was great, Driver went above the call of duty. Mechalia was a pleasure to work with and the communication was very good. I would recommend Auto Transport 123 for any car delivery. ...[More]
By jeff on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 2:27PM
We've used Montway twice, and both experiences were great. Excellent communication from start to finish. Best price by far. This time the transport was assigned to C&J Transport, and Troy was fantastic. We will absolutely go through Montway in the future if we need to transport a vehicle. Highly recommend....[More]
By Jennifer Cole on Montway Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 2:15PM
A good company to work with. They were late to pickup car, but a day early to deliver it, so were even....[More]
By Rick Y. on Montway Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 2:13PM
Good job. Professional. Good price and responsive. Best experience I have had yet. I would recommend them as I have used them twice now in December, 2014....[More]
By P Morris on Orange Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 2:11PM
Debbie will get your vehicle where it needs to go quickly. You can pay by cash or credit card. She's pleasant to speak with. She also serves as the liaison between you and the driver should challenges arise....[More]
By ND on Way To Go Auto Transport LLC on Dec 19 2014 2:03PM
They did a really great job with my family! My entire family had to leave and move to CA because the men all ran a business and they are moving the business to CA to make more of a profit. That meant that they had to complete 5 different moves (5 households) at around the same time. At first they were thinking about it but only because they wanted to get it right and they did! They could not promise all in one day but they could work with us in the matter of two weeks and they explained that by doing that it was less hectic and gave them time to get empty trucks to us! Well they did it in under 2 weeks and they were wonderful to work around. My husbands parents went first since they were the elders everyone after that and I was the last pick up. They were ready to work and excited to have such a big move at the same time. But they handled it like pros! I want to really give them a shoutout because they were very professional and knew what they were doing! ...[More]
By Harry Thomas on National Relocation Solutions on Dec 19 2014 1:38PM
I contacted Auto Express on December 10th to have a car, purchased on-line, shipped from Battle Creek MI to Akron, OH, 268 miles. The car was in rolling condition and I opted for the open trailer. After waiting four days, I started to panic upon seeing a number of negative entries from CA on Yelp. On the 15th I received an email that the carrier would pick up on the 15th and deliver it on the 16th. I called the seller and he said that the carrier had just called and was on his way. At 8:30am the next morning the carrier called to say that he was 30 minutes out. To my surprised the car came in a two car covered trailer. The carrier was obviously experienced and quite personable. He quickly set about moving the other car that he was transporting and rolled my car out, and helped me get it to it's final resting place. A very professional transaction, I'm quite pleased. Kevin McAlear...[More]
By KMcAlear on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 1:38PM
My experience with iMovers was fantastic. After receiving several emails with quotes, I call iMovers which had the LOWEST quote. Right from the start Samir Patel helped me with the process. I am in California and Samir was on the east coast. I call late and that did not matter. Samir was pleasant to work with start to finish. This is the first time I moved a vehicle halfway across country and was worried about the cost. I checked with U-haul to consider making the move myself. Just to move the truck would have cost twice what iMovers charged and they made the move in ONLY 2 days. Unreal!!! The truck driver John was also fantastic. He call when he picked up the truck, at the end of the first day drive, on the morning of the second day and one hour out from my home. Would I us and recommend iMovers again.......YES. Thanks Samir and John, Tony G....[More]
By Tony G. on iMovers on Dec 19 2014 1:35PM
Would I move with them again? In a heartbeat! They really took everything I said and needed and did it with no problem. They really cared about what I needed and came over prepared when I told them I wanted them to wrap my things up better then they wrap normally lol. I just love my things and wanted nothing to happen to the things that I work hard for. And they delivered! My things were perfect and nothing happened to them at all. I never heard excuses or complaints just saw them working productively. They were great and I would absolutely do it again! ...[More]
By Sam Lewis on National Relocation Solutions on Dec 19 2014 1:07PM
great service, would definitely use them again! shipped from Milwaukee Wisconsin all the way to Sunny California, during the winter time. Car made it on time, as is! ...[More]
By nate photavath on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 1:05PM
I am beyond pleased with the service I received from the company who transported my car from AZ to NY. The driver was punctual and honest! The price quote was the BEST period!!! I highly recommend this service. I was thrilled that I received my car in 6 days for only $675!!! Amazing and best deal EVER!!!!!...[More]
By Kristian on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 1:02PM
Mark provided excellent service throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend anyone to go with mark at dynamic auto movers!...[More]
By Martin brown on Dynamic Auto Movers on Dec 19 2014 1:02PM
It was a last minute deal but I was getting bull-shit from all these other companies. I was just worried that I would be down in Florida with out my car. But I got a phone call from Michelle Gonzalez and she told me that she would help me get my car there before thanksgiving and she made that happened I will totally be using them again when I need To. Thank you so much for everything. I trust them with having everything of mine. Packed in my car tv and all of it still was in my car just the way I left it thanks again... ...[More]
By Liz Streightiff on South Beach Transport on Dec 19 2014 12:20PM
I spent a lot of time researching a company I felt comfortable with and for me it wasn't about the cheapest price. Based on reviews I decided to call Angels Moving Autos to talk them. It was very apparent this was the right company after speaking with them on the phone a couple of times. Their rate was competitive for the service and speed with which I needed my car. They were not the cheapest but for sure they weren't the most expensive either. They picked up at my parent's house right as scheduled in Texas and delivered within an hour of when I was told in California. The entire process was seamless, easy and affordable. I would definitely use them again. ...[More]
By Patrick on Angels Moving Autos on Dec 19 2014 12:18PM
As an owner of a dealership, Mike Bonney handles all of our shipping to and from the dealership and at times directly to the buyer. We can always count on him to find a driver fast and at a great rate. He always handles any issues that arise professionally and quickly. I would recommend Mike and Secure Auto Shipping for any of your shipping needs. ...[More]
By Brady Mann on Secure Auto Shipping Inc. on Dec 19 2014 12:16PM
I am so glad I selected this company to transport my vehicle. Mark found us a driver in just 24 hrs ! Thank you Mark , you guys are the best! ...[More]
By Gloria Perez on Dynamic Auto Movers on Dec 19 2014 12:11PM
Great experience - Garth was very informative and attentive and called to find out things came out. I would use this company again....[More]
By PM on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 12:08PM
The old Bait and Switch I feel were used in this transaction. Dealership recommended this company and I got a quote. I bought the van based on that quote. They low balled the price so I would buy the van. Van never shipped and they wanted as much as $300.00 more. Very disappointed. Now I have no money and no van. ...[More]
By Damian on AAAll States Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 12:04PM
We shipped our Chevy Malibu from Santa Clara, CA to Austin, TX in 2011. Angel Moving assigned us to Gemmell Transport with Tim and Jennifer as the contacts from Gemmell. The entire process was very smooth, pick-up and drop-off dates were within the negotiated windows. Frequent status updates from Tim and Jennifer while the truck was on the road to Texas. My car arrived in a good shape - only needed a quick wash since I chose open carrier. Overall, I am very satisfied with the services that Angel Moving and Gemmell Transport provided. Highly recommended. (Honestly, if I hadn't agreed with their service quality, I wouldn't bother to write such a good review even though they offer a small amount of incentive - just thought good service should be better known to the public. By the way, I already wrote a good review back in 2011 without any incentive.)...[More]
By Wei on Angels Moving Autos on Dec 19 2014 12:01PM
When I first started researching transport companies to move a Vehicle from Calif. To Texas, I was shocked at the number of negative reports all over the Internet about being ripped off, having to pay more than the quoted price upon delivery, and lack of communications with the customer. I placed my listing on a few quote sites and within one minute my phone was ringing off the hook. I believe in free enterprise but some of the people sounded like they should be "Hawking" at a carnival or selling used cars. I found Auto Shipping Group Inc and spoke with Lance Staab. I hit him with numerous questions which he answered and was up front about being a broker. The quote was a little high so I asked to negotiate and he agreed but would have to communicate with the carrier. We settled on a price and within a few days my car was picked up and 3 days later as projected, I got a call from the driver and one hour later he was exactly where I asked to have the Veh delivered. The vehicle was in good condition and the delivery price was exactly what I was quoted. I will be using this company when I move my next vehicle. Pat Helotes Texas. ...[More]
By Pat Michalec on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Dec 19 2014 11:53AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Dec 19 2014 1:31PM
Lance Staab 360-408-4893 Pat It was a shear pleasure assisting you in the transport. I want to thank you for allowin...[More]
Casey at Auto Transport 123 was great, and the driver was very courteous, on-time and professional. I would definitely use Auto Transport 123 again....[More]
By Pete D on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 11:44AM
Constant correspondence, exactly received ETA updates. A company that cares about their customers. highly recommended....[More]
By Keith on Angels Moving Autos on Dec 19 2014 11:40AM
Had a shipment that needed immediate delivery and I was able to make arrangements with DIY very quickly and fortunately met the Customers expectations. Very easy time communicating with rep and getting answers for any concern I had....[More]
By Benjamin Rafferty on DIY Transport Inc. on Dec 19 2014 11:40AM
Response from DIY Transport Inc.
Eric on Dec 19 2014 3:11PM
We all here at DIY Transport strive to assist all of our Customers like family and answering any and all questions they may have and walk through the ...[More]
I've been working with Mark for years now, and everytime I call him to transport one of my vehicles, he calls me back the same day with all my drivers information. Even on short notice !!!!!!! He's great to work with and you pay nothing until delivery! I recommend Mark and dynamic auto movers to anyone who is looking for a Reliable and honest company....[More]
By Mr. Jones-drew on Dynamic Auto Movers on Dec 19 2014 11:36AM
Reached out to East West Auto Transport based on some reviews here on this site. Spoke with Alan Perry who was open, honest and easy to do business with. Told him my situation where I needed to move an in-op 1952 Ford F-1 P.U. from a storage unit in CT to a storage unit in VT. My window of opportunity to get this done was a bit small, and in order for the transporter to get the vehicle loaded I would have to have a smaller trailer or flatbed type service based on the storage unit driveways and accessibility. Alan took on the mission to find a transoprter to meet my needs and timetable. Just a few short hours later (maybe 2) he and I were speaking by phone again as he had the deal ready to be made. Alan and East West Auto Transport were easy to deal with, kept their word and the transporter did what they needed to do when I need them to do it. I give this company a good (strong/positive) review. Transporter was EWECT out of Springfield MA and they also did a good job....[More]
By Barry on East West Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 11:15AM
the delivery service was scheduled and delivered as proposed, the pick up and drop off times were within my requested times there were no additional charges...[More]
By GP on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 10:52AM
By NICOLE GRINKA on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 19 2014 10:48AM
I would use this service again, they were very nice, the car was picked up as promise, my driver was very nice, and he took care of my car....[More]
By Em on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 10:46AM
I had never needed to transport a vehicle before, but the reviews and information I accessed on the internet indicated that it is not a good idea to take the lowest bid. As a person who bids work for a living, I understand that concept. When the bids rolled in, I noticed that Mercury was a little higher then the others. I checked the Transport Reviews and found they had a good to great record. I contacted Lucy Ray. She led me through the process, found a transporter (VTA Transport) and set the agreement. VTA was a few hours late, but it was no big problem. The driver Visilli (I may have butchered the spelling) was very courteous and efficient. The ETA was for Monday the 21st. He made it to the destination on Friday the 19th. His dispatcher, Tatyana was also pleasant and friendly. I can't express how easy and supportive they have all been for my first experience with auto transport. I recommend Mercury and Lucy Ray completely....[More]
By Monte on Mercury Auto Transport LLC on Dec 19 2014 10:40AM
This company was considerate to my concerns and always responding to my calls promptly. This is the second time I have used Bulldog Transport. Both times the service was excellent and the cars arrived on time and in good condition. Would highly recommend. ...[More]
By Jon Connelly on BullDog Transport on Dec 19 2014 10:30AM
I was very pleased the service I received from Auto Transport 123. I will recommend this company to my friends and I would use them again....[More]
By Nina on Auto Transport 123 on Dec 19 2014 10:17AM
Broker was helpful. Driver had truck problems delaying the delivery. Spoke broken English and was hard to understand....[More]
By Mike on DIY Transport Inc. on Dec 19 2014 10:14AM
Hi, I shipped my car through this company. During our initial call Mike Bonney did an awesome job, hes like a person who can sell Comb to a Bald person and would do anything to get the business. He gave me reason why they are best in business , then he promised me that my Car will get picked up by Sunday evening or Monday morning, I went ahead and booked my air tickets for accordingly . But then the Truck Company called me and informed me that they will pickup the car by Monday evening or Tuesday morning which was a shocking. It seems that Truck Dirver's company was informed by Security Transport that its ok to pickup car by Monday evening or Tuesday morning.So I called and talked to Kevin though he could not do anything. Not sure why Mike would do such a thing..nyhow I end up cancelling my ticket which cost me a bit and had to book for next day. But I must salute to the Trucking company, the driver was nice and he did an amazing Job !! ...[More]
By VC on Secure Auto Shipping Inc. on Dec 19 2014 10:14AM
My experience started out great. Anthony did a great job setting me up and helping me. After that it went down hill fast. I have never been lied to or treated so badly in my life.t I originally tried for a month to have my car delivered by Premier Auto Shippers it never happened.They only returned my call one time. I called them many times. They lied to me 4 times about picking up my car. Lee is very rude and abusive on the phone. THANK YOU BERNIE at Excellent Auto Transport I called Bernie, at Excellent Auto Transport she helped me cancel my contract with them. She helped me step by step through the process of getting my car. She called me many times through the process. She had a carrier in 3 hours. The person I spoke to at the transport dispatch told me he had contacted Premier to pick up my car. They had it listed for 1200.00 cussed at him and told him they would not do it for that amount. They quoted me 805.00 Beware of companies that quote low and take a deposit in advance. I have asked for a refund of my deposit. Excellent Auto Transport only takes a deposit when they get you a transport company scheduled. The Transport company Excellent Auto Transport found for me was the same company that contacted Premier. They are a great company to work with. Early pickup and early delivery. No problems. Thanks Brian. ...[More]
By Randy on Premier Auto Shippers on Dec 19 2014 10:09AM
My driver lost the keys to a vehicle he delivered for us. We were given the run around, the dispatcher claimed she mailed the keys....but didn't have a tracking number. Once there was a "problem" she quickly stopped taking my calls. Long story short, i paid $700 for a transport and an additional $500 because their stupid driver took the key with him. STAY AWAY from this company. ...[More]
By Garrett on a to z global transport on Dec 19 2014 10:09AM
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