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As always, Nicki and the Intercity team did a tremendous job coordinating the shipment of my vehicle. The car was picked and delivered on time, and transported to and from my destinations without incident. Highly recommend Intercity Lines for vehicle transport....[More]
By Chris Robins on Intercity Lines Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
This is the first time we have used a auto transporter . We are shipping my wife's "baby" - a 1998 candy apple red Chrysler Sebring convertible in pristine condition. Malia was very thorough in her explanation of the entire process and the way the company does business. No question was a dumb question. She stayed on the phone with us until every question was answered. She also kept us updated on the status of our car shipping date and worked with us to get a reasonable price for the transport. I would definitely use Malia again if the need arises or recommend her to friends & family....[More]
By Ronald on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
Driver kept in constant contact during his drive. Arrived at my location in the time frame he stated. Very polite and pleasant to do business with. Mr White of the company was very helpful in determining best way to transport my vehicle. Would definitely do business with this company again. ...[More]
By Brent Histed on Horizon Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
This is a rebuttal review after Upscale Transport reported me as a non customer to if you check my review below, they reported me as non customer after replying to my review and giving explanations. In any case, I proved myself a genuine customer of upscale transport and now writing a rebuttal review for them I would like to tell you all how upscale auto transport deals with negative reviews after their horrible service. This is by far the most unprofessional company ever. After I posted my honest review about this company, their representative named Kay started calling me and leaving me voice messages asking me to delete my review, otherwise his managers would fire him. He even sent me emails to delete the review, otherwise he would be jobless right after Christmas. Obviously these were tactics thought about by him and his managers together to get the negative review deleted. Excerpt from his emails is as follows: ========================================== 1. Do you think you can help me in regards to the reviews and ratings? I still have management on my case and what I believe possible termination. I’m trying to make sure I’ll have a job after our holiday vacation. 2. Ok great thanks I hope someday you feel what’s its like to be in our shoes and someone denies you help… with time your review will pass no worries. Not every man backs up his word… God bless sir ====================================== Based on above, you guys can decide if you want to deal with this company or not. I am going to leave that up to your discretion. ORIGINAL REVIEW WITH UPSCALE"S RESPONSE IS AS FOLLOWS: I signed a contract with Upscale auto transport on October 3, 2014 to transport my car and motor bike from Seattle WA to Atlanta GA. The first pick up date as per the contract was Oct 30. I paid a deposit of 179.95 dollars on Oct 3 for my car and then $104.95 more on Oct 9 for my motor bike making it a total of 284.9 dollars . Total price quote for both vehicles as per contract was 1275 dollars . 2 days before the first pick up date, I got a call from one of their agents saying that the price now is 150 dollars more which was in violation of the contract. They were trying to mint extra money at the last minute as they knew that it would be hard for me to ship my car around Oct 30 and I was flying to Atlanta on Oct 31. The reason they gave me for jacking up the price at last moment was that their Sales person Henry who booked my order did it on a low price and now he is fired. Also, they told me that I'll have to pay extra because no driver to accept my order on such a low price. I asked them why telling me all this at the very last moment to which I was told nothing. I sensed their con means and figured how unethical and unreliable this company was. I immediately sent a cancellation email 24 hours prior to the first pick up date (I have all those emails saved for legal purposes). As per contract, if the order was cancelled 24 hours prior to the first pick up date, 100 percent refund is available with no questions asked. It has been more than a month since then and I haven't gotten my money back. One of their agents emailed back almost 24 days after the cancellation saying that it takes 7-14 business days. However, he didn't realize that he was emailing 24 days after. I have already reported this incident with BBB. I have called this business and even emailed them several times but in vain. In am in touch with my legal counsel to see what are my legal options in this case. In short please understand this auto transport business before you hire someone to ship your vehicles. I was warned by so many good brokers who kept on telling me that these guys would ditch me at the last moment. Unfortunately, I was too naive at that time as it was my first time shipping my vehicles. Fingers burnt, lessons learned. However, avoid this company. Spend some bucks extra to buy yourself some peace of mind and stay away from such scamsters. ======================================= we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you. Unfortunately our own carriers were not doing this particular route, we had to broker your vehicles to another carrier whose carrier needed maintenance done on his trailer in order to begin pickups, which did cause a major delay. we gave you the option of another driver that was asking for 150 more but would pick up that day, it is our job to relate the message to you, in and when we were a scam company we would of sent for the pick up with out you knowing of the extra price but we didnt we just made it an option please keep in mind a holiday ws coming up and driver CAN take off at any given moment. We apologize for the delay, but unfortunately in the transporting business delays may occur. Also, we did attempt to reach out to you several times to schedule with another carrier. It was until we realized this post was brought up onto transport reviews, that you no longer wanted the services to be completed by our company. We simply tried reaching out to recover the delay that occurred. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and as you know now our company went ahead and fully refunded you. Warm Regards, Upscale Auto Transport...[More]
By Jasbinder on Upscale Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
I had a great experience with the company the price was fair they keept thwir word on evrything they handle my car and the time pretty good I definitely would do business with the company again and recommend Thank you Auto Elite Transpoters for a great job...[More]
By Jaya rany on Auto Elite Transporters about 8 Hours Ago
I dealt with Kimberly who was very pleasant. She told me the car would probably be delivered on October 9th to Oregon, but the barge carrying the car was late coming into Tacoma, so the car will be picked up and is scheduled to be delivered on October 13th. Auto Shipping Group had no control over this barge so they could not be faulted for this. The October 13th date is acceptable, especially when one considers the original October 9th date is an approximate date based on everything proceeding as it should. The 13th is not here so I will give a follow-up when the car arrives, but up to now Kimberly has been outstanding in informing me of everything going on, and also by answering all of my questions....[More]
By Randy on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 8 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
By ALAN LEWIS MENKES MD on South Beach Transport about 8 Hours Ago
Hi everybody, This is the forth time i post my review here because VIM removed my first 3 reviews saying they cannot find my order. Now im writing this done, my order number is #SW855A42415. ShortVersion: -They took my car 5 months ago and walked away not shipping my car. -They removed my review saying I am not their customer while texting me not post bad review. -During The shipment i have to deal with drivers, ask for updates from drivers etc, by myself. ======= Full Story I shipped my car with VIM. My contact is Steven. First, about charge. When we settled the shipment, the price was $1700 CAD. 2015-04-24, they charged my credit card $1788CAD saying there is a 5% surcharge. Because they are charging from US dollars machine. Surcharge sometimes is reasonable, but it will be good if they mention it before and tell me it will be us dollars. PickUp The scheduled pick time is May-09-2015, and it was delayed by 1 day. This is a reasonable delay and I can accept that. Shipping. Today is oct-08-2015, 151-day after picked up. I have not received my vehicle yet. During the shipment, they had given me some very weird and illogic updates, including but not limited to: 2015-05-19: 'They are picking up 2 units for me today and should be on the road by morning, then it should only take 4-5 days' (and the truck is still in Toronto) 2015-05-28: 'It will be in Edmonton this weekend. Then going to vancouver, looking at next week delivery in Vancouver.' 2015-08-10: 'Yes. The driver said that hes leaving wed' I asked 'leaving From?' they said 'Ontario' etc. On 2015-09-27 night, i saw someone had same experience posted review on this website. so i wrote down my experience too. Next day,I got an email saying my review has been removed because the company cannot find I am their customer. Ironically, at almost the same time, i get a text message from them saying 'Posting bad review's on the internet is not helping.' And Then, they just walked away and saying they are not shipping my car anymore. Basically, they took my money and car and just leave. And one more thing, about the customer review on their own webpage. I dont know how they collect those customers' reviews but that webpage is only for their own company and i did not find a place to write my own review. I tend to not blame ppl, maybe it is just my bad luck to get delayed this time, but giving wrong updates, removing my reviews instead of apologize and walking away from the job is definitely not a good service provider will do. Till now, i dont know what to say. I have to go and find my car. Good luck everyone....[More]
By Jayson on Vehicles in Motion about 8 Hours Ago
This was my first time transporting a vehicle. Lightning Auto acted as the broker for the transport company. The entire transaction was efficient....<48 hours from first contact until pick-up of my vehicle. Communication was seamless. Would use this company again....[More]
By Arun Kori on Lightning Auto Carriers about 9 Hours Ago
I have shipped a vehicle once before through Red Carpet. Tige Was the one who helped me. So when i needed to ship a vehicle again, i wanted to use the same company, but it was now a part of Auto Shipping Group. So i decided to go with that company. Malia has been the one helping me through the process. I am shipping my car to Hawaii so some of the rules were a little more confusing. But she walked me through it all with prompt and clear responses. Since the shipping is off shores, i was unable to make the order online with the $25 discount, but she offered it to me anyway. ...[More]
By Nicole on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 9 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 6 Hours Ago 360-214-3671 - For excellent service, and competitive rates please call or email me. A+ Accredited with the BBB, and highe...[More]
I had a great experience. My schedule changed and I could not meet on the scheduled pickup date. The dispatcher worked with the driver to drop my vehicle off at a mutually convenient holding facility (tow yard). Then I was able to pickup my vehicle 3 days later. No extra cost!...[More]
By Frank on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 9 Hours Ago
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 9 Hours Ago
For Discount Rates Call Graham 678-369-4122...[More]
Excellent experience working with Stephanie and the carrier selected to get my oversize Silverado 2500 with 37" off-road tires to Southern California. Good communication and flexibility to accommodate my needs for delivery. ...[More]
By Tim on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 9 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 8 Hours Ago
Amerifreight did a great job working between me and the trucker. On the receiving end of the transaction I needed to change the delivery location due to a change in my schedule. I worked with the driver on a mutually convenient location and we were able to save each other time....[More]
By Frank on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 9 Hours Ago
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 9 Hours Ago
For Discount Rates Call Graham 678-369-4122...[More]
The problem with the auto transport business is you really can't compare prices. It's not a bidding war where you give you car to the lowest price. And the highest price doesn't really mean you will get great service. You have to have someone you trust who will get the car moving to its destination for a FAIR price. I was quoted from $725 up to $1400. But then I went to the BBB for South Florida and found Jerry. He explained how cars move. Call him and he will explain it to you. It's fascinating. Let me also say that the price he originally quoted me was higher then the price I paid. I guess he did some negotiations. Called on Monday. Car picked up Tuesday and 10 days later delivered. It all couldn't have gone any better. Mine was a one time move and he treated me like I was a long time customer. ...[More]
By Leslie on Auto Shipping TLC about 9 Hours Ago
Excellent company - very good customer service - did what they said they would do. Vehicle was picked up on time & delivered to my driveway on time. No damage to vehicle....[More]
By KEN GREENBERG on Affordable Auto Transportation Inc. about 9 Hours Ago
The work done by the broker to arrange the move was excellent. Unfortunately the trucker was not prompt on either end. The trucker had the incorrect city with the address. He called about 24 hours in advance and we confirmed the adDress multiple times. At the time he specified he called to say he could not find the address The address he could not find the address. The address he could not find was the house address in a different city. Another date was arranged. The driver finally arrived over 3 hours later than promised causing us to miss the passing on our house. In addition he caused me daughter to remain home several hours after the promised time to take delivery. ...[More]
By Dick J on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
I needed to ship my car from Florida to California and couldn't have been more impressed by TransNation. Chris was very knowledgeable, honest, and took care of me every step of the way. This was my first time shipping a car and I couldn't have been in better hands. My car arrived on time, in perfect condition, and Chris was available anytime I had a question about anything. I usually don't write reviews, but when shopping around, the customer service was nowhere near what I experienced at TransNation. I highly recommend this company and thank you again, Chris, for all your help!...[More]
By Ryan on TransNation about 10 Hours Ago
I had a great experience with ship a car direct. Gaby was extremely helpful and very easy to communicate with. The car was picked up and delivered on time with no problems. The price was reasonable....[More]
By Aleksandar Seizov on Ship a Car Direct about 10 Hours Ago
Placed the order with Candice.She nice,courteous,professional and very helpful with my questions for me being a first time user. Price was real reasonable .Car was picked up within three hours after order placed and delivered the next day....[More]
By Johnny Elkins on Truck It Transport Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
My husband was unable to get timely responses from the first line of contact. Customer Service Representatives did not communicate that a bidding process was necessary in order for our car to be finally picked up. After the first driver was a "no-show" the communication between myself and the Dispatch Coordinator essentially broke down. She was snippy and unprofessional and escalated her tone during the conversation. She did promise to contact myself or my husband the next day (a day after my car was to be picked up) with a resolution. She was late on calling. When my husband and I asked for a refund, the unprofessionalism continued and we were informed that we had to wait to get a check from the accounting department on Monday (Columbus Day) and were told that it was impossible to start a refund after the office closed at 3pm on Friday. Business hours listed on the website state the office closes at 8pm Monday through Friday. To recap: our car was never picked up, we were essentially told that if we wanted it picked up, we would need to escalate the price (which was the price that I agreed upon in the contract my husband originally signed) and that the refund wouldn't be able to be started immediately because the office was closed. We are a military family and are in need of two cars at our next duty station. I have never been so disappointed in a service in my life. I would definitely guard against using them again at all costs. ...[More]
By Mrs. Fiai on Precision Car Carriers about 10 Hours Ago
Number 1 Auto Transport completely delivered on their promise to deliver the vehicle ontime. Mickey Bar was great to work with - fast, knowledgable and he followed through on everything he said he would. I could not be happier with the experience I had with Number 1 Auto Transport....[More]
By Rick Kimminau on Number 1 Auto Transport Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY'S SERVICE. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS. THEY ARE DISHONEST AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL. THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL WHEN DEALING WITH PEOPLE. DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH YOUR CAR. It was my first time trying to ship my car and I feel completely taken advantage of. This company was not professional or honest, they were borderline deceitful with the way they handle business. I'm just trying to save someone else from going through what I went through. Abridged version of the story: Representative and I agreed to a price. She assured me it would not increase. CALLED ME LAST MINUTE ON THE DAY-OF AND TOLD ME THE PRICE INCREASED. Put me on the spot and in a vulnerable situation. And did not get my deposit back after canceling. I was trying to ship my car from Boston to LA. I shopped around for quotes and what drew me to car delivery USA was that they gave me the lowest quote of all the companies I talked to. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE. I talked to Sierra, the Car delivery USA representative, many times over the course of a month and I asked her specifically about these bad reviews claiming that the price was raised at the last minute. I was very hesitant and cautious but she assured me MULTIPLE TIMES on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS that the quoted price of $1,150 (broker's fee $290) WOULD NOT CHANGE. And she said if the driver did end up raising his price then SHE WOULD REDUCE THE BROKER'S FEE so that I would absolutely only pay $1,150 when all was said and done. BUT SHE DID NOT DO THIS. I was leaving the country for a week and needed my car shipped soon after I returned. Because I was coming back on a long weekend and there was a short time frame that I needed this done between, I called her before I left the country to put down my deposit to assure that everything was all set and would go smoothly when I came back. She took my deposit and assured me, again, that the price would be $1,150. She said she would email me while I was away to keep my informed on the process and let me know all the driver's information and pick up date. I DIDN'T RECEIVE ANY CORRESPONDENCE WHILE I WAS AWAY. SHE TOLD ME NOTHING. I got back to the country and emailed her -no response. I called her and left a message -no response. I called her again and left another message. I knew this would happen since I came back on a long weekend but she did not contact me in anyway to let me know what was going on. She called me THE DAY I NEEDED IT PICKED UP to tell me they would get it later that day and THE PRICE HAD GONE UP and the driver was asking for $1,050; an increase of $200. To go from $1,150 total ($290 broker's fee + $860 driver's fee) to $1,350. I asked her what happened to the price we agreed on and what happened to lowering her broker's fee to accommodate the price and she said because it was a long weekend things got hectic and last minute and this was the driver's price and she no control over it. So after days of trying to reach them and trying to make sure my car is going to make it to its destination, feeling anxious as it is about all the logistics of moving and being in a vulnerable position since this is the day I wanted my car shipped, she returns my call to tell me that THE PRICE IS HIGHER AND THERE'S NOTHING SHE CAN DO. After being very nonchalant and unapologetic about the price increase she asked me if I wanted to continue. Feeling anxious and put on the spot, I hesitated and said "sure" and hung up. After realizing what just happened I called her back to cancel and demanded my deposit back. She said to hold on and that she was going to transfer me to someone and then got directed to a voice mail. I hung up and called her direct line back to get her voicemail again. I DID THIS 3 TIMES AND SHE DID NOT PICK UP MY CALL RIGHT AFTER WE HAD JUST FINISHED TALKING. I finally got a hold of someone and told them I wanted to cancel and to get my deposit back and that they didn't handle things like they said they would. In the time it took me to call Sierra, immediately get her voicemail 3 times and finally get a hold of someone she had assigned a driver. This new person I talked to at Car Delivery USA canceled the services and he tried to renegotiate and "split the difference" by "paying" half of the $200 increase. I refused and said they will not be picking up my car today, my car will not be using their services and I want my $290 (+ an $8.99 transaction fee) back since I am not using any of their services. BUT THEY REFUSED TO GIVE ME MY DEPOSIT BACK. The guy explained that they are at the mercy of the driver's rate and it's up to the drivers to give the price etc. etc. But none of this was expressed to me during any of the multiple times I talked to Sierra. She never once told me that the price she gave me was so variable and unpredictable. I was told that my quote was concrete and she would go through the necessary steps to make sure I paid the price I wanted. She appeared to be very accommodating and understanding. SHE TOLD ME ONE PRICE. ASSURED ME THE PRICE WOULD NOT CHANGE. BUT AT THE LAST MINUTE, ON THE DAY I WANTED IT SHIPPED THEY INCREASED THE PRICE. THEY ARE NOT SHIPPING MY CAR FOR THE PRICE WE AGREED. SIERRA DID NOT REDUCE HER BROKER'S FEE LIKE SHE SAID SHE WOULD. THEY DID NOT DO ANYTHING THEY SAID THEY WOULD IN TERMS OF BEING IN CONTACT WITH ME AND KEEPING ME INFORMED. THEY ARE NOT SHIPPING MY CAR BUT THEY ARE KEEPING MY MONEY. I want to make sure no one else goes through what I had to go through. I know shipping your car can be a very stressful endeavor. Do yourself a favor and don't give yourself the extra headache of trying to work with these people. They appear to be courteous and kind in the beginning but they will lead you on and take your money with no remorse. Don't be fooled by all their talk and reassurance. I fell for it and in the end they raised the price and I'm picking a different company to ship my car. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. ...[More]
By Extremely Unhappy Customer on Car Delivery USA Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
My experience with All Terrain Auto Transport was extremely satisfactory. After doing an extensive research for a company to move my car from New Jersey to Florida, I decided to use this company because of their excellent customer service from the first call. They were very punctual and exact with their schedule; and most important, the cost was exactly as we agreed from the beginning. I totally will refer them for any transportation service, and keep them in mind for my personal use. ...[More]
By VALENTINA MEJIA on All Terrain Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
This company did a great job. I was nervous about finding a good, fair price, but they did the best. I love that there are no hidden fees. This company is very thorough, knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to use. I would definitely use them again. ...[More]
By Layne Lynch on Auto Transport 123 about 10 Hours Ago
Anthony was great to work with everything was on time very happy would use again everything on time easy no damage fast pickup and can call anytime i wouls use again if i have shipping needs and the cost was better then anyone else...[More]
By jack shea on Door to Door Transport about 10 Hours Ago
THE EXPERIENCE WAS A POSITIVE ONE . EVERYTHING. WENT as planned.the driver bob was also friendly and professional. The truck was deliverd in grants pass within 2 days. ...[More]
By Jacquie Serres on Auto Transport 123 about 11 Hours Ago
They understand how and can get and oversized vehicle transported without issue. A pleasure to work with. Will definitely use Door to Door for my next shipment....[More]
By Mark on Door to Door Transport about 11 Hours Ago
Wanted to transport a classic Beamer to Kansas for my dad on his birthday. I needed this car to get delivered ON TIME so everyone can witness my dad recieve his dream car! I thought 3 days was a bit of a long shot but I was wrong, Ray was my driver and always kept me updated day-by-day so I did not need to stress. Not only was his service great but i was even happier when he helped me out by delivering the car in a discreet spot so my dad does not notice! He was ecstatic!:) Thank you very much White Hawk!...[More]
By Jeff on White Hawks Auto LLC about 11 Hours Ago
My wife and I were moving across the country and chose to fly rather than drive with a cat and dog. Our first company vanished on us two weeks or so before the move. I was frantic and called Tara, hoping they could help. Tara not only got our contract done swiftly but she found us a driver within a few hours of my call. Within a half of a day I went from panic mode to confident that our car would get picked up on time. The driver was awesome, arriving on time and very pleasant to work with as he checked over the car and did his paperwork. He got the car to us the day after we arrived, saving us a ton of money on a rental that we had anticipated needing based on the first company's delivery estimate. From start to finish, this company was polite, compassionate, helpful, and kind. This is the kind of customer service we should see with everything and they really followed through for us! ...[More]
By Jeanine on Corporate Auto Transport about 12 Hours Ago
Graham was great to work with, professional and followed through on what was promised. Car was picked up and dropped off in timely manner without any issues and or problems. ...[More]
By Scott on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 12 Hours Ago
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 9 Hours Ago
For Discount Rates Call Graham 678-369-4122...[More]
Stefan kept in touch with me all through the process of shipping my car, I had never done this before so his prompt answers to my questions helped ease my stress and concerns. The car carrier itself was careful with my car as they loaded it up taking time to make sure it was secure. It was a very good experience....[More]
By Sharon O'Reilly on Ship a Car Direct about 12 Hours Ago
Excellent service & follow up by Tige Yeargin. Car was received in great condition. Only issue was Satellite XM radio was not operable upon pickup, & dealer nor XM radio don't know why?...[More]
By Michael Gurk on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 12 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 9 Hours Ago
TIGE YEARGIN 602-428-6882 TIGE@AUTOSHIPPINGGROUP.COM Thank you for allowing me to move your vehicle. We strive to make each move as smooth as possibl...[More]
This transporter broker made the car shipping process so smooth. John thoroughly walked me through the entire process and described the driver and my responsibilities. Since this was my first time transporting a vehicle I appreciated being warned about some of the issues that can arise and how to deal with them e.g. drivers being pushy when inspecting vehicle and drivers wanting to drop off outside of acceptable times. The driver who was contracted was fantastic and helped by walking me through the inspection. I reported this positive experience back to John I was told that Beacon takes extra steps to screen drivers to use drivers who are more professional than is typical of the industry. I highly recommend this transporter and would always use them in the future....[More]
By Gerald Holt on Beacon Shipping Logistics about 12 Hours Ago
Montway was great when I called them for information. It took them a little extra time to find a truck that could accommodate my large passenger van; not a problem for me. I had communication problems with the subcontractor, but each time I did, Montway stepped right up to the plate and contacted them for me. Vehicle arrived in great condition (except for "road dirt", which is to be expected on a 2,000 mile trip). Delivery right to my apartment complex!...[More]
By Marsha on Montway Auto Transport about 13 Hours Ago
I had a great experience. I'm assuming this is unusual or maybe not, the day I called Robert to get my car moved within 2 hours he had a truck to pick up my car. I then met Andy who loaded my car and took it to the Chicago area in just 4 days. I can't say enough about this duo, great service, great price! Thank you! Rick...[More]
By Rick C on Dynamic Auto Movers about 13 Hours Ago
Great experience for my first time shipping shipping was on time and fast.Made it on time to the buyer of the vhicle deffinetly will call for future pick up thank you for your help ...[More]
By Salvador Flores on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 13 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 13 Hours Ago
Good honest Other carriers may play around with the price this guys worked fast and kept the price low. Good customer service good communication will use again....[More]
By Fer on Montway Auto Transport about 13 Hours Ago
I am extremely pleased with how the transport of my truck was handled by Heidi and the Auto Transport Group. She was given a time frame for pickup and delivery, and she was able to meet this time frame. The truck was delivered one day earlier then the driver originally predicted, however, this was not an issue. I have used the Auto Transport Group in the past and will use them again should the need arise....[More]
By Doug White on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 13 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 10 Hours Ago
***HEIDI TAYLOR (360) 255-7438*** Thank you so much for the 5 STAR REVIEW Mr. White!!!! I appreciate your kind words an...[More]
Montway did everything they proposed in an efficient and professional manner. Pick-up was timely and we were contacted by telephone by the driver to report progress and arrival times. Delivery was actually a day earlier than initially promised, but we were so advised in advance or arrival. There was a communication issue with telephone numbers on the day of delivery, which resulted in our not being home when the car arrived at our home. Instead, it was delivered to a drop-off location about twenty minutes from our home where we had to go to retrieve the car. The car and contents were in perfect condition. We will definitely use Montway to transport the vehicle when we return to Wisconsin next spring....[More]
By Don Fritz on Montway Auto Transport about 13 Hours Ago
Overall experience was very good. Everything went smooth and it was hassle free. The AT123 representative was professional and the execution and process was exactly as initially described. The transporter was also very good. The pickup and drop-off was on schedule and he kept me abreast of the progress. The transport truck and storage on the truck was first rate. ...[More]
By Pete on Auto Transport 123 about 14 Hours Ago
It was the first time I have used a car transport service and I wasnt sure what to expect at first but Brandon called me and gave me a quote and explained everything in detail. the price was good, within my acceptable range. I received a call from the transport driver the same day and he said that he could also pick up the car the same day, earlier than i expected but fine with me. My vehicle arrived 8 days later and was in great condition other than some dust which is to be expected from driving across the country from California to Florida. Overall I was happy with the service and would use it again if I had to. I would recommend anyone else to use them. Your vehicle will be in good hands....[More]
By Adam on Auto Transport 123 about 14 Hours Ago
I was a little hesitant based on a few reviews but, I think people have to reasonably expect some delays so the company can fill a truck. I had absolutely no issues...Montway Auto Transport assigned my vehicle to a third party company and kept me notified. The driver and his wife were extremely pleasant and I felt comfortable they'd take care of my car as well as delivering it to my college son who really needed the car ASAP. The cost was extremely reasonable compared to other companies and I really liked that I didn't have to pay the remainder of the balance until delivery...gave me an extra sense of security....[More]
By V. Johnson on Montway Auto Transport about 14 Hours Ago
I contacted Jeff when I was attempting to get a car I had bought in Anchorage to an island in the Inside Passage of Alaska. He explained accurately the reason for the high cost of the barges, that the transportation ways are set by the government. I had heard this to be true from others. Then he tirelessly looked for what alternatives would work for me to get my car from Anchorage to my island through other means. He found someone who could drive my car to Haines and would put it on the ferry. I had already decided to drive to Haines myself, but I was amazed that he was still trying to find something that would work for me four days later. THAT is customer service!...[More]
By Mary C on Ship Your Car Now LLC. about 14 Hours Ago
Matt is very knowledgeable about the auto transport business. What impressed me the most is the fact that he considered my needs, finances, and importance of getting my car to the desired location. He is truly a customer oriented young man. If I was ever in need of shipping another vehicle, would definitely contact Matt. He is truly an asset to your organization. This is a Family owned and operated company and I am sure his Family members are proud of how he upholds his family values and the Company’s Brand. Great job Matt and thank you very much!...[More]
By Valerie on Auto Transport 123 about 14 Hours Ago
Dena was a great help in setting up transport for my 2007 Cayman S. She even pre-scheduled the pickup to expedite shipping before I could officially book the transport. This resulted in my car being picked up the day after purchase and delivered in just a few days (despite needing to be moved over 900 miles). I would highly recommend Angels Moving Autos transport service. They really do an excellent job!...[More]
By Josh K on Angels Moving Autos about 14 Hours Ago
Dave Fountain at Alpine Transport helped me transport of my brother’s 1984 Nissan pick-up from Oregon to South Carolina. This is a very special vehicle to me as my brother paid particular attention to its upkeep, and then he sadly suddenly died last November. As I felt a connection between this pick-up and my brother, it became important for me to keep it, even though it meant transporting it across country. So I entered into what seemed to be the wild west of auto transport. I had no idea about this industry, but once I put the request out-there, I became inundated with emails and phone calls about why I should choose ‘their’ transport company. Having a Ph.D. in microbiology I was aware of how to research a problem, but in this instance I found it difficult to acquire the facts I needed to make a wise decision about which transport company to use. Things I became alerted to were that up-front deposits and multiple transport vehicles were bad indicators, and they often coincided with cheaper transport costs. The most important big unknown for me was how my brother’s pick-up would be treated once it was in the hands of a transport company. My nephew who pays attention to cars recommended Alpine Transport to me, and this personal recommendation weighted heavily in my decision of transport companies in the absence of an understanding of what happens behind the scenes during the transport of a vehicle. Talking with Dave at Alpine was like talking with an old friend. Everything he said he would do, he did, and any time I wanted to check on my brother’s pick-up during transport, he immediately responded with a reassuring update. (I might note that this was in total contrast with United Moving and Storage, which was moving a few select items from my brother’s house. In the latter instance I was unable to contact the booking agent once the job was booked, and the shipped items arrived a month after the due date, were physically abused, and one item was destroyed during transport). Anyhow my brother’s pick-up arrived in perfect condition, on the day we requested, and it is now happily living at Folly Beach SC. While selecting Dave and Alpine was a ‘best guess’ decision at the time, it turned out to be an excellent choice, and I would highly recommend both Dave and Alpine Transport, particularly if you are a novice like me in vehicle transport, and you want to be assured that your vehicle will arrive in a safe, timely manner at its destination. ...[More]
By Joan on Alpine Transport Inc. about 14 Hours Ago
Brad was very honest and cooperative. His follow-up was excellent. Vehicle was pick-up and delivered as planned. Vehicle was delivered without and damage. ...[More]
By Kiran on Lightning Auto Carriers about 15 Hours Ago
Everything went perfectly & the customer service is second to none. I would recommend Auto Transport 123 to anyone and everything about the service was accurate, prompt & professional. ...[More]
By William on Auto Transport 123 about 15 Hours Ago
Auto Shipping Group has been very helpful, my broker was Tige and he was nothing but wonderful. He explained everything to me and made me feel more confident in shipping my truck since it was the first time we ever shipped a vehicle. I had a lot of questions and he did a great job at responding to every email i sent!! My truck was picked up/dropped off in the time frame i needed it to be there. I would for sure use this company again in the future and would recommend them to my family/friends....[More]
By Kendell on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 15 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 9 Hours Ago
TIGE YEARGIN 602-428-6882 TIGE@AUTOSHIPPINGGROUP.COM Thank you for allowing me to move your vehicle. We strive to make each move as smooth as possibl...[More]
They were a day late, but it was fine. Everything got there safe and sound. They also were able to adjust where they dropped it off. So, that was great! I appreciated the open communication throughout the entire process....[More]
By Nicole Helm on Montway Auto Transport about 15 Hours Ago
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